How To Trim Wooden Skirting Corners


The fillet is not just a corner strip covering the joint. It can be of various widths, thicknesses, and most importantly, have a variety of patterns and even come in color or with different effects. But you need to know that the price of the skirting board also depends on this. In the photo examples, you can see how, with the help of this element, the rooms are given a different look and complemented by a different direction in design.

Corner trim

First you need to take a couple of blanks, then cut them at right angles. Pushing the end of the plank against the perpendicular wall, apply one plank. We outline the fishing line on the ceiling along the contour of the plinth. We remove the first bar, then, in the same way, resting the butt against the wall, we apply the counter bar. In the same way, mark the line along the contour.

trim, wooden, skirting, corners

The intersection point of the two separate lines is the mark at which the workpiece is cut. Each plank is applied to the surface again, on both the point of the future cut is marked. From the found point to the other edge of the plinth plank, draw a line. We cut the skirting boards according to the previously made outlines, carefully join them, place them in the place of their installation.

How To Cut Baseboard Corners That Look Great

This method allows for more accurate processing of inner corners.

trim, wooden, skirting, corners

Recommendations of the masters

Experienced carpenters, joiners and builders know best how to cut ceiling plinths in corners. Most advise you to make cuts on the side and try on the strips to the ceiling, if necessary. cut in the direction of the part adjoining the surface.

How to cut an external mitre / outside corner on skirting boards / baseboards.

Having made a rough docking, the finally finished fillets are screwed to the wall. The seams are sealed. the installation of the skirting board is complete.

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Ceiling markings

In all other respects, using this method, you will be able to mark the angle for cutting even more accurately than others.

When the skirting board is applied to the intended installation site, all dimensional deviations and inaccuracies are noticeable and immediately taken into account.

trim, wooden, skirting, corners

How to trim a ceiling plinth with a miter box template

Something resembling a miter box can be done by applying the required cut angles to paper, cardboard or wood. Draw two parallel mowing lines, locate the center, and then set the required angles with a protractor. The advantage of this method is that you can postpone any angle, including more than 90 degrees. Of course, before cutting the corners of the ceiling plinth, you must first check the angle between the walls using a corner and measure with a protractor.

The technique for cutting a ceiling plinth using a painted miter box is exactly the same as using the miter box itself. We press the plinth plinth to one of the parallel lines, then set the hacksaw at the desired angle, which is already outlined, and cut off.


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Tips for cutting ceiling plinths

Rules for cutting skirting boards in a miter box

When working with a miter box, there are two points to consider:

  • The inner corner of the ceiling plinth is formed from two elements: the first one we put on the right in the miter box and cut from right to left, the second we start from the left and cut from left to right.
  • We start the first part of the outer corner from the left and cut from right to left, the second we start from the right and cut from left to right.
  • In addition, you need to know the following nuances before cutting the skirting board:

    • Before you start cutting a baguette with a miter box, try cutting a test strip to avoid mistakes.
  • You can correctly make measurements by measuring the length of the inner corners of the plank on the inner side, and the outer ones from the point of the inner corner to the width of the fillet deep into the room.
  • If the baguette is installed under a stretch ceiling, then it should be attached only to the wall. The adhesive composition should never get onto the vinyl sheet.
  • The final fixing of the skirting board should be carried out only after the exact fit of the plank.
  • If the corners and walls in the room are even, then the fitting can be done on the floor.
  • When installing baguettes, it may be necessary to adjust them several times, therefore, stock up on tools and patience.
  • Instead of a template and a miter box, you can cut in the corner between the wall and the floor, or by moving the table against the wall. In this case, on the wall, ceiling and baguette, you need to mark the cutting angle of the end.
  • If you are interested in the question of how to cut a ceiling plinth without a miter box, and you do not have time to use templates, then you can purchase special corner inserts in advance. They will hide gaps, but will protrude and stand out on the surface.
  • If you have a skirting board made of valuable wood species, then you need to cut and install it very carefully, since a large amount of putty for sealing joints will be too noticeable, and painting over a baguette is an inappropriate solution, because this way you hide the natural texture of the solid wood.
  • Polystyrene foam products do not have to fit close to each other due to the soft texture, but wooden and plastic models should be well docked.
  • If the trapezoidal niches on the wall need to be bypassed from above with a plinth, then we join the piers at an angle different from the straight.
    In this case, cut the plinth at an angle equal to half the joint. For example, if the walls are joined at an angle of 120 degrees, then we cut the fillet at an angle of 60 degrees.
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    How to cut a ceiling plinth. look at

    We got acquainted with the question of how to cut the corners of the ceiling plinth with a miter box, using a template or using the marking method. Of course, you can try cropping by eye, but then the result will be appropriate. By adhering to the instructions we have proposed, you will quickly and correctly cut the fillet at the desired angle.

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