How to understand that the lawn mower has overheated. Stalls and does not work at idle

Why is a gasoline trimmer to heat up for grass

If the oil is not mixed with gasoline, then the lawn mower will quickly fail. Oil/gasoline is mixed in the proportion indicated in the instructions of the trimmer for grass.

This is usually 1:40 or 1:50. The question often arises: 1:50 proportion is how much oil and gasoline? Thus, you can calculate the composition of the fuel mixture (gasoline/oil) in any proportions. To add oil to gasoline, not “by eye”, you can advise you to take a medical syringe with 20 ml, dial it in it and “inject” into the container for the preparation of the fuel mixture.

A small amount of oil mixed with gasoline leads to increased wear of the cylinder.piston group. An excess of oil in the mixture, although not so fatal, is also harmful.

Cooking piston rings, rapid formation of soot in the combustion chamber, and a drop in engine power may occur. In addition, the mesh screen of the muffler is closed. Therefore, some users (after the end of the warranty period for a trimmer for grass) recommend it to be dismantled.

We diagnose the cause

As a rule, the answer to the question of why the vacuum cleaner is very hot, simple and logical. And the most common reasons for the possible problem are:

  • One of the filters of the device clogged;
  • In the hose or in the inlet of the vacuum cleaner, some object stuck;
  • The vacuumber was filled in excess of the norm;
  • The engine is faulty.

Understand what exactly causes heating, can be excluded. And act in this case is desirable in the next sequence.

First you should start a vacuum cleaner with a disabled hose. If he stopped basking, then the problem is either in the hose or in the nozzle. Then you need to inspect the input hole of the device. And if no extra barriers in it were noticed, then the vacuumor is further examined

It is important to gently extract a container or garbage bag. And check how the vacuum cleaner works in its absence. If the engine continues to heat up, then clean the device filters

In the same case, if none of the above brought the desired result, the answer to the question of why the vacuum cleaner is noisy and warming up, it should be sought in the operation of the engine.

The user of this type of technique should pay attention to the fact that, with some problems, he will be able to cope with a certain dexterity on his own. But in a number of situations, you still can not do without service intervention

And if the owner of the unit is not sure of his abilities, then it is better for him to immediately turn to experienced specialists who will help remove the breakdown.

Choosing a trimmer for the grass for giving. My experience

The coil of my “Alpina” exploded right under my feet when I mowed weeds by the fence. When searching for this spare part, I came across options for 1500-1800 (it was three years ago). Well, very expensive, as it seemed to me. Then a colleague told me that he had recently bought a powerful trimmer for Baikal 4500 grass for only 4900 (. The price for everything is very tempting.

I immediately called this company, but the manager upset me, saying that the same “Baikal” is no longer. However, he offered me a lawn mower of the Chinese Safun brand with a capacity of 2.5 kW for 4000. Getting stuck, in a word. And besides, I was pleased to buy a mitch for the price of two coils for a trimmer for Alpina grass. Among other things, I really wanted to check how long the cheap Chinese model will work and how much the engine power corresponds to the description in the description.

A trimmer for the grass that my colleague acquired, with a weight of slightly more than 5 kg and the engine volume 52 cm³ has a declared power of 5.5 kW. Just some kind of miracle! In the kit. two knives and a reel with a fishing line. The recommended fishing thickness is 2.4 mm, which seemed strange to me, because the engine power is twice as much as that of the Chinese Safun offered to me, and the recommended fishing line for a trimmer is thinner. “Baikal” we slightly shared the weeds in the far corner of the site. He cuts the grass well, but after half an hour of work I got the feeling that Safun copes with a similar task better, and this with the declared power of 2.5 kW.

trimmer for the grass “Baikal”, the declared capacity. 5.5 kW. Photo by the author when the ordered Safun was brought to the office, my other colleague became interested in my purchase. He had recently broken an electric trimmer for grass, which was fixed in the workshop in a couple of thousand, but after the repair he broke again, and finally. I told him about my trimmer purchased for mere pennies, he thought a little and acquired a similar, but more expensive-Procraft T-4350 for 6000. I was not too lazy and came to his cottage, helped to assemble the device, at the same time and tried to mow.

ProCraft T-4350 lawn mower. Photo by the author

The declared capacity of the ProCraft T-4350 lawn mower engine is 4.35 kW, but when it is triggered by the difference with my own, I did not feel. Gasoline and fishing line consumption. The engine works quieter than Safun. In the first season of operation, this trimmer was dedicated to 100 acres in total. The engine started stably on cold and hot. The motor resource of the mowing is usually not indicated in the description. I could not find this information about my trimmer Safun. I had to evaluate it by the number of mowing per season. The mower worked out three seasons. I regularly open a summer area of ​​36 acres. To date, the “mileage” of the mower has amounted to 9-10 hectares.

Powerful Safun cuts fishing line and grass and weeds. Photo by the author

Next, I want to share the experience of operating a trimmer for grass, small errors and breakdowns that I have encountered over the past three years.

The wrong selection of cutting elements

As a rule, owners of gasoline braids are divided into two camps. Some mowing both grass and weeds only with fishing line. Others, faced with high grass, immediately install a metal disk. I belong to representatives of the first camp. On a powerful two-kilowatt lawn mower, I am just scared to put a disk: everything flies from under it like from a gun. And with a worthy power of a braid for grass and fishing line, it easily cuts everything from hogweed to small bushes.

A fishing line for 3.2 mm with a diameter of 3.2 mm is installed on the Safun mower. Even three.month.old weeds on her teeth. Photo by the author

Working with a disk knife. Bad experience

For a very long time, my and I put a disk on a powerful EFCO braid, she chopped bushes as in a fairy tale, which ended in the second season. They tore off the gearbox, and the workshop announced just an indecent amount for repairs. This case proves that the knife is not always the best option. When a metallic disk for a gearbox, an increased load, especially when the cutting part finds a stump or brick in the grass. Here the gearbox is overloaded, up to the breakdown of the teeth or jamming of the shaft.

Which line is it better for a trimmer

With a new trimmer, I began to experiment and tried a fishing line for a trimmer, which will be most effective. The instructions were allowed to install a fishing line for a trimmer with a thickness of 2 to 4 mm. For the first season I tried four species. a square 2.4 mm, a round 2.4 mm and 3.2 mm, a 2.4 mm twisted. With this power of the engine, I did not notice the difference. The consumption of thin fishing line was slightly larger, but for me it is not fundamentally. All fishing lines chopped thick weeds well.

Install a square fishing line for a trimmer on a “native” coil of a trimmer for grass. Photo by the author

I really felt the advantages of a square fishing line on a less powerful Honda. it cuts grass better at a lower engine power.

Good coil

The native coil of the new braid at first seemed to me flimsy, painfully thin walls! The forebodings did not deceive me: the first holes began to appear at the end of the second season, and finally it was rubbed after the first mowing in the third season. Replacement I found more reliable. The choice was small. you can buy the same, with thin walls, rubles for 300 or look more serious, which will live longer. I bought a more reliable coil with thick walls for 700. Everything is as usual: a good coil is more expensive and lasts longer. And there is no point in saving here.

The complete coil (left) did not last long. The new coil (right) has more reliable walls. Photo by the author

Other malfunctions and their causes

In this section you will find recommendations that will help you determine and eliminate the problem if the trimmer for the grass has stopped starting.

We have collected here the most common malfunctions, as well as a list of possible reasons that lead to them.

This will help you quickly conduct a check and determine the real reason why the lawn mower stopped starting.

There is a spark, and a candle is dry

If you checked the spark with a discharge and it pierced a distance of 1 cm, then change the candle, and if this does not help, look for why the fuel does not enter the combustion chamber.

After all, if it had been received, then the motor would work, and with an excess of fuel, the candle would be wet.

If there is a spark, and the candle of the lawn mower is dry, then to establish the cause, do the following:

  • Check the fuel hoses and filter;
  • Check the primer valve;
  • Check if the carburetor is clogged;
  • Look for air leaks.

Having discovered the problem, repair or replace the damaged part.

There is a spark, and the candle is wet

If the discharge showed that there is a spark of sufficient power, but the candle is wet, then there is too much gasoline or too little air in the combustion chamber of the lawn mower.

These are the possible causes of such a malfunction:

  • faulty candle;
  • exhausted gasoline;
  • Dirty air filter;
  • a layer of soot on a candle;
  • Air damper jam.

Conduct diagnostics as described above, then eliminate the problem.

understand, lawn, mower, stalls, does

The candle is wet

If there is nothing to check the spark, then to all the possible malfunctions described in the previous section, add the problems of the ignition system. Then conduct a full check of all the trimmer systems and devices for the grass, because the reason may be anywhere.

Do not start “on hot”

If a benzotrimer is poorly started or not started “on hot”, then possible reasons:

  • Dirty air filter;
  • the ventilation holes from the hand of the manual starter are clogged;
  • The wrong gap between the flywheel and the ignition coil.

Check all systems and details as described above, and also adjust the gap between the flywheel and the ignition unit.

Not starting “on cold”

These are the possible reasons why the benzotrimer is poorly started or not started by the “cold”:

  • fault of the air damper drive;
  • air leakage;
  • Primer faulty;
  • too much gap between the flywheel and the ignition unit;
  • scored sapunes;
  • Piston rings lay down.

Check everything as described above, then eliminate the cause.

Badly starts in all modes

  • Dirty Sapun;
  • old fuel;
  • air leakage;
  • dirty candle;
  • The wrong gap between the flywheel and the ignition unit.

Check everything as described above, then eliminate the cause.

There is no spark

If there is no spark, then the possible causes of the malfunction are the following:

Starts and stalls immediately

Check everything as described above, then eliminate the cause.

Useful videos

Below we bring to your attention several videos about the reasons why the lawn mower is not started, and about the ways to eliminate them.

The reasons why the lawn mower is not started or poorly starts “hot”, and what to do:

Another plot about why the lawn mower stalls or does not start “on hot”:

The lawn mower is poorly started or not starting “to cold”:

The Chinese lawn mower died down or stopped starting up:

The analysis of the situation when there is a spark, and the gasoline trimmer for the grass does not start:

Trammer algorithm for grass

After starting the engine, do not rush to immediately start intensive work. Let the tool warm up a couple of minutes. work at idle. During this time, adjust the position of the air damper lever. Now you can remove the gas trigger, detain for 20-30 seconds. After reset gas, let the tool work for another 15 minutes at idle.

After the first startup, the gasoline trimmer for the grass must be cooled. You can start the tool with an heated engine with an already open air damper. Now the gearbox should be run. We perform actions in the following sequence:

  • Select a plot on the territory on which low, soft grass grows;
  • mow for 5-10 minutes, regularly adding gas;
  • Stop the tool and let it cool;
  • Repeat the cycle 3-4 times.

During the running-in process, you must completely develop a fuel-oil mixture that is flooded into the tool. After the competent performance of the above actions, a gasoline trimmer can already fully mow grass.

Typical errors when running a trimmer for grass

Even experienced users often make mistakes, trying to run into a gasoline trimmer for grass, what can we say about newcomers. If you know the essence and specifics of errors, it will be easier for you to avoid them. Consider the most common.

  • Lack of lubrication in the gearbox. Yes, people rarely check the state of this mechanism. It is a fact. But you need to do it. The gearbox should always be greased enough, otherwise. overheating and breaking the engine. Again, excess oil cannot be allowed, since it pollutes the channels and valves, which will then have to be cleaned.
  • Today’s benzotrimers are technologically complex devices that need competent maintenance and care. You can’t run the tool at idle, since the fuel does not completely burn out.
  • Sharp pressing of the gas button. Can lead to jamming the needle in the carburetor. The gas key must be burned slowly, confidently and smoothly.
  • Intensive work immediately after running. After completing the, pick up the hexagonal key and twist the bolts, screws, various screws.
  • Fuel storage in a gasoline tank. The time during which the diluted fuel mixture is suitable for use does not exceed 1 week. Gasoline loses its properties. The additives contained in oil are disintegrated, so the mixture cannot provide a full lubrication of the elements of the piston group. It is recommended immediately after completion of the work to drain the remaining fuel, if it was not possible to develop, make a motorcycle, work out until the tool is completely stopped.
  • Fuel use with additives. For a lawn mower, it is best to take ordinary AI-95 or AI-92 gasoline. Fuel with additives like Mustang, energy contains additives that soften the oil seals, as a result of which rubber elements lose their properties, begin to pass air.

Put on the tool correctly. Use high.quality fuel and oil, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the operation, maintenance and repair of a gasoline trimmer for grass. And then your technique will last a long time, regularly completing the tasks.

How to disassemble a gearbox of a trimmer for grass

In order to disassemble a trimmer gearbox for grass, you need.

  • Remove the gearbox from the pipe, loosening two conjugate bolt under the gearbox.
  • Wash the gearbox with a brush, for example, in gasoline without oil and dry.
  • Run the ends of the locking ring and take it out.
  • The second stop ring and the second.
  • Then it is necessary to heat the trimmer gearbox for grass, the motorcosa gearbox or the reducer of the lawn mower by an industrial (technical) hairdryer at the temperature of the outgoing air at 600 ° C.
  • After that, strong blows of a wooden bar on the upper part of the gearbox, knock out a driven shaft with a bearing and a gear (first you should try to knock out bearings without heating). It is only necessary to hit a wooden bar, since a metal, for example, with a hammer, can be broken down by the case.
  • In the same way we remove the leading shaft with a bearing and a gear (we strongly heat the place where the bearings are sitting and with the blows of the wooden bar on the body of the shaft, we knock out the shaft with two bearings and the gear). How to disassemble a trimmer gearbox for grass, gearbox gearboxes and gearbox motokos. In order not to heat, you can try to use the set.

The assembly of the gearbox of a trimmer for the grass is carried out in the reverse order of disassembly (assembly after buying and replacing spare parts). It is much easier to collect a gearbox than to disassemble. everything is going, literally, with fingers. Sometimes you need to gently take up something, install stop rings and check whether the driven shaft is spinning by hand.

If you decide to replace the trimmer gearbox for the grass with not original, then in the new gearbox you should pay attention to the diameter of the pipe for which the gearbox (more than 25.4 mm or 26 mm) is intended, the diameter of the drive shaft (more than 8 mm), the size of the square shaft square (more often 5 mm or a star for 9 teeth) and security mounting on the gearbox, as well as on a nut (with left thread, more often M10x1.25).

Law out.handies malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

At least what type of benzos has a half bar, in which the binding cable between the motor shaft and the lower gearbox is placed, which transfers rotation to the tool with cutting inventory. In the highest part there is a carburetor and a motor, a gearbox and a working tool closed by a casing are placed on the bottom. In the middle part there is a transverse handle when the control buttons are placed. To unload the hands, there is an unloading belt holding the bar with a torso of the operator.

In the process of choosing a lawn mower, a device with a two.stroke engine is better than a four.stroke. Two.stroke engine is more maneuverable and easier to repair. With a four.stroke node below the level of vibration.

This follows, repair of the lawn mower is to eliminate defects;

  • the engine does not start;
  • The cutting mechanism does not develop;
  • the engine stalls;
  • the gearbox is heated;
  • a knock, powerful vibration of the bar is heard.

For now, eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to diagnose, find a non.working node.

Know the point of lubrication of the tool in principle. Unchanged care, cleaning the device after work will allow you to extend its service life. Before starting work, you need to tighten the fasteners, cook fuel and season the tank.

The most common reasons

Before we talk about the most common reasons why the gasoline trimmer stalls for the grass, we recommend reading this article in which we talked about why motorcycles do not come to the engine.

Thanks to it, you can figure out the operation of the motor and the fuel system of the gasoline trimmer for the grass, which means it will be easier for you to understand why the device suddenly stopped functioning.

These are the main reasons why the lawn mower stalls:

Stall at idle only

  • a saapun or its valve is clogged;
  • damaged fuel hoses or a filter is clogged;
  • low.quality or covered with a candle;
  • old exhausted gasoline;
  • air leakage;
  • carburetor malfunction;
  • a vacuum hose connecting the carburetor with the engine card is damaged;
  • Braced gasoline in a carburetor;
  • From heating, the work of the coil or other ignition parts is disturbed;
  • Piston rings lay down.

Scored a saapun or its valve

This malfunction is the most common, and the main sign is the stop of the trimmer motor for grass through the same or arbitrary intervals. It looks like this: the operator starts a trimmer for grass without problems, then begins to mow grass, and after some time the motor suddenly stalls.

The operator is trying to immediately start it, but there is no result and he puts it aside, and after a few minutes an attempt to start Motokos suddenly turns out to be successful. But after some time, the motor suddenly stalls again and it is impossible to start it for several minutes, while the power and maximum speed does not decrease.

The sapun is on the gas tank cover, and its task is to align the pressure in the tank, because during operation the motor sucks fuel from it, which leads to the appearance of discharge. In addition, the soundtrack prevents gasoline from flowing out.

The swing valve is made of rubber, and its shape is such that, in the absence of discharge in the tank, it is closed, so it does not pass neither air nor gasoline, and when the discharge occurs, it opens, starting the atmospheric air.

To check the bacon, disassemble it and see if the hole appears in the valve when compressed, and whether its hose is also clogged? If the valve or hose is clogged, clean them with any suitable tool (it is easiest to blow out with compressed air).

Damaged fuel hoses or filter clogged

The main feature of this problem is unstable work of motorcycles when loading at high speeds, as well as turning off the engine when pressing the gas trigger, the reason for this behavior lies in a decrease in the capacity of the filter, as well as in violation of the tightness of the fuel system, which leads to an air leakage (about this We will tell further).

For diagnosis, remove both tubes (supplier and reverse) from the primer, then pull them out of the fuel tank along with the rubber seal.

If the hoses are in cracks or stiff, as well as if the filter is clogged, then replace the entire kit, that is:

Do not confuse the supply and reverse hoses, otherwise the trimmer for the grass will not work.

Faulty or covered with soot candle

Signs of such a malfunction are:

To check the candle, remove the plastic casing, which closes it, then unscrew the part using the standard key and inspect. If the contacts are covered with soot, the candle must be cleaned or replaced.

However, without a reason, the candle is not covered with plaque, so we recommend checking:

  • air filter condition;
  • the state and operation of the ignition system;
  • the correct compilation of the fuel mixture (for two.stroke engines);
  • quality of gasoline (pour really high.quality fuel with a proven refueling);
  • The gap between the electrodes (must comply with the specified instructions).

To clean the candle, use one of the following methods:

  • soaking in acetic acid, followed by sprinkling with caustic soda and flushing under running water;
  • soaking in any tool for cleaning plumbing or removing blockages with subsequent flushing water;
  • removal of soot with sandpaper;
  • calcination.

Remember, if after 10-15 hours of work or earlier the candle will be covered with a soil again, it must be replaced. And only if a new candle with the correct gap between the electrodes will also be covered with a soil, look for other causes of incomplete combustion of fuel.

understand, lawn, mower, stalls, does

One of the most common reasons is the improper breeding of the mixture. If on a container with butter it is written that you need to dilute 1:40, then for one share there should be exactly 40 shares of gasoline, not less.

Another common cause is a dirty air filter. If the fuel is prepared correctly, and the filter is clean, check the condition of the carburetor and ignition system.

Fixing A 6.25EX Mower from surgingUp and DownUp and Down

Old exhausted gasoline

If the trimmer for grass was stored in winter with the fuel, then it could exhale in a few months, which is why its energy value fell greatly. The main sign that gasoline was exhausted is the unstable work of the motor at any speed after the opening of the air damper.

Therefore, we recommend draining gasoline before sending motorcycles for conservation before storage, as well as filling new fuel before the first launch.

Remember, the old fuel mixture not only leads to unstable operation of the power unit, but also deprives its lubrication details, because gasoline and oil have stained over the winter, which means that you bear the crankshaft bearing the risk of overheating and jamming.

Air leaks

Effective operation of the gasoline engine is possible only when fuel and air flow through the holes intended for this and in a strictly dosed amount, and both substances are drawn into the combustion chamber created by the piston.

At the same time, air pressure inside the preparation system of the fuel mixture is noticeably lower than outside, which is why any leaky leads the air pump.

Why the motor stalls?

We made a brief review of situations when the lawn mower stalls in certain conditions, as well as a list of possible reasons.

In the vast majority of cases, it is possible to eliminate the causes of an unplanned stop of motorcycles only in the workshop, even if it is located in your garage, but even understanding the correct order of action will help to quickly find the source of the problem.

When pressing gas

To determine the reason why the benzotrimer does not start or stall when you press the gas, act like this:

  • Check the condition of the saapun;
  • Check the condition of the fuel hoses and filter;
  • Try to adjust the fuel supply at high speeds using the corresponding screw.

If all this did not help, it is necessary to disassemble and rinse the carburetor, as well as look for an air leak.

At high speeds

To determine the reason, act like this:

  • Make sure the soundtress works fine;
  • Check the hoses and the fuel filter, perhaps they are clogged with dirt;
  • Increase the fuel supply using the corresponding bolt on the carburetor;
  • Check the condition of the candle;

If these actions did not help find the cause, look for air leaks and check the carburetor, maybe it works incorrectly or clogged with dirt.

On idle

If a trimmer for grass stalls in idle, but gains momentum and mows grass, then there are only two possible reasons:

To check and exclude the first malfunction, try to increase the fuel supply with an idle screw, if the adjustment does not give a result, remove the carburetor and look for the air leakage site.

Does not gain momentum and stalls

Here is a list of possible reasons that the device is not gaining momentum:

  • old exhausted gasoline;
  • Dirty air filter;
  • clogged sapun;
  • clogged fuel hoses and filter;
  • faulty or dirty candle;
  • Air suction between the carburetor and the engine.

Starts and stalls immediately

The reasons that the benzotrimer starts up and stalls immediately: can be:

  • Dirty fuel filter;
  • clogged sapun;
  • clogged with mud or damaged carburetor;
  • damaged vacuum hose connecting the engine carder or carburetor.

After warming up

If the lawn mower stalls a few minutes after the start of work, then most likely the reason is:

Under load

Sometimes the lawn mower stalls under load, that is, in the process of work, here is a list of possible reasons for such a malfunction:

  • clogged gasoline hoses or fuel filter;
  • Dirty air filter;
  • Coopy covered with soot;
  • exhausted fuel;
  • air leakage;
  • clogged with mud or a resolved carburetor.

How to clean and store a tool?

During the operation of the lawn mower, monitor the state of the engine cooling system. The channels available in the starter housing, as well as the cylinder ribs, should always be clean. If you ignore this requirement and continue to operate the motorcycle, then you can disable the engine due to overheating.

Competent care of gasoline scythe during operation allows you to use it for several seasons in a row without serious repair

Before cleaning, let the engine cool down. Take a brush with a soft pile and clean the outer surface from dirt. Cleaning plastic parts is carried out by solvents, including kerosene, or special detergents.

After the summer season, the lawn mower should be prepared for long.term storage. To do this, the fuel mixture is drained from the tank. Then the engine is launched in order to develop fuel residues in a carburetor. The entire tool is well cleaned of pollution and sent to “hibernation”.

As you can see, it is possible to repair the malfunctions of the household lawn mowed on their own. Service services should be contacted in case of serious breakdowns. In this case, the cost of repairs with the price of a new lawn mower should be correlated. Perhaps it will be more advisable to buy a new tool.

Why the lawn mower is not started: frequent reasons

The most common problems that can be eliminated with your own hands are:

  • a malfunction of the power unit, as a result of which it will not start;
  • Vibration of the bar, complicating normal work with the tool;
  • overheating of the gearbox leading to emergency shutdown;
  • a decrease in revolutions, as a result of which a braid for grass will cease to perform its functions;
  • pollution of the starter grille, causing an increase in the temperature of the power part and the engine is turned off;
  • clogging of the carburetor, leading to the early exit of the device;
  • clogging an air filter, due to which the engine will constantly stall.

The above breakdown can be eliminated independently during the inspection of the tool.

REPAIR LABING THE LAW: What can be done with your own hands

Когда силовой агрегат не заводится, глохнет сразу же после запуска, в процессе работы слышны посторонние звуки, ощущается вибрация или перегрев, нужно понять, какая часть инструмента находится в нерабочем состоянии. Diagnostics can be performed independently. There is nothing complicated about it. The inspection process is divided into stages, during which it is checked:

understand, lawn, mower, stalls, does
  • lubrication of working elements and the presence of gasoline in the tank;
  • serviceability of the spark plug;
  • the condition of the fuel and air filters of the unit;
  • graduation collector and sapunes;
  • gasoline and lubrication quality.

Further, depending on the results of the diagnosis, you can either independently start repairing or call the master.

Checking and repairing the spark plug

If the fuel tucked into the tank is not in doubt, and the tool refuses to start when starting, possible, the cause of the breakdown is a candle.

  • We twist and wipe the candle, then you need to dry it;
  • We drain excess fuel from the chamber through the hole formed after twisting the candle;
  • We dry the camera (about 40 minutes);
  • we clean the twisted element from the carbon (for this you can use the file);
  • We set a gap of 1 millimeter;
  • Twist the candle in place and try to start the motor.
understand, lawn, mower, stalls, does

If after that the candle gives out a spark, but the engine does not want to start, you need to lubricate the thread of the candle with gasoline a little. If this does not help, then the cause of the breakdown is something else.

In the absence of a spark, there is a high probability of failure of the ignition unit. With such a breakdown, it will not work to carry out repairs, so you have to change the whole knot.

Filter malfunction

The lawn mower can also stall due to the clogged air filter. To identify this reason for the failure, you need to pull out the cartridge itself from the filter housing and start the tool. If a braid for grass works as usual, then the filter is subject to replacement or thorough cleaning.

In addition to air, the fuel filter can be closed. The check process is similar: we take out the cartridge and for a short time we start the tool.

Important! The work of a power unit without a filter element is fraught with an expensive engine repair. Such a check can only be carried out in exceptional cases and for the minimum periods.

Correction of problems with the saapoon and graduation channel

The saapun is designed to align the pressure in the gas tank. The most common breakdown of this element is clogging, as a result of which the tool begins to stall. Its repair is banal cleaning. For these purposes, you can use a regular needle.

The muffler is also at risk of clogging, which is often clogged due to dirt. In this case, the exhaust manifold is subject to cleaning, in which you can also remove an anti.icter net.

Repair of the carburetor

When checking the carburetor, you need to pay attention to its tightness. Diagnosis of this node is carried out in three stages:

  • To exclude possible blockage in the fuel hose, it needs to be blown;
  • In the case of a leakage of the unit, the replacement is subject to laying between the engine and the carburetor;
  • Then the assembly and testing of the tightness of the system follows.

You can also disassemble the knot and clean all its elements with gasoline and compressed air.

Launcher of the starter and gearbox

The purpose of the gearbox is the transfer of the rotational moment from the shaft to the working part of the tool. The mechanism should be kept in complete cleanliness, as well as in a timely manner. It is possible to diagnose the correctness of this node if you check the tension of the cord, which is in the coupling with teeth of the gear ratio of the starter coil mechanism. These teeth tend to collapse at a sharp start.

The starter of the starter is and must be replaced. From such situations in most cases, timely inspection and lubrication of the rubbing parts can save. To put such events is enough once a season.

Also, special attention should be paid to cutting elements. After completing the work, they need to be cleaned of dirt and grass. Regular inspection of the tool before use will maintain its performance for a long time.

The reasons that the trimmer for the grass does not develop momentum

External signs

The reasons are that the lawn mower is not gaining momentum, vary. Some are not even related to the breakdown of the device, for example:

  • Getting on the filter of dirt or dust.
  • Pouring low.quality fuel mixture.
  • Using poor gasoline or overdue oil.
  • Pollution of the engine components, which does not allow the instrument to gain momentum.

In the case of pollution on the carburetor, he sees a lot of soot. It is the reason that the trimmer for the grass does not gain momentum.

Internal problems that the gasoline trimmer for grass does not develop momentum

Technical malfunctions are manifested in both old and new devices. Do not be surprised. even a new trimmer engine for grass may not develop revolutions. Check the ignition system and supply of the mixture for serviceability:

  • Когда коса для травы заводится и тормозит или даже не заводится, то проблема может быть в свече. A dark carrion appears on it. a sign of poor.quality gasoline and poor carburetor work.
  • A flooded fuel hose is another problem due to which STIHL is not gaining momentum.
  • With prolonged work without cleaning parts, a muffler can clog. Check the system for the presence of dark particles and clean the pipe, then the motor will start and start working as a new.

If the problem is in the motor itself and you do not know what else to do, be sure to take it to any master. You are unlikely to do something inside the motor, all the more right. And you will always have time to harm the device.

Serving parts of a benzotrimmer to prevent a problem

In order not to in vain to disassemble the motokos, it is worth diagnosing each zone separately. the problem can be in both one and several parts. Where to look and what to check.


One of the main nodes of the correct work of the trimmer for grass. So that the part functions as necessary, adhere to the conditions:

  • Each month to remove and clean the part;
  • Configure idle, according to the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • If you yourself cannot set up. take the master.

One of the popular reasons for the breakdown of the motor. the carburetor cable is not pulled. To eliminate the problem, you need to disassemble the carburetor first, clean it, and only then tighten the cable. Just do not overdo it so that it does not pull like a string.

It is worth checking additionally: an intake needle, a membrane, a setting lever, a damper and other components of a carburetor. They may also have problems that interfere with the correct work of motorcycles.

Spark plug

Even if you don’t know what a normally working candle should look like, just remove it, dry it and clean it with sandpaper. Return the part to the place.

You can also check the distance on the main part. Maximum. 1 mm gap between parts of the fabric.

If the candle is too black, then there is no point in cleaning it. just buy a new one and install it on the motor. Then the whole system will work with new forces.

Filtering system

The blocking of an air filter can sometimes affect work even more than problems with the candle. To check if it is a problem. run the engine with the filter removed. If you started, rinse the filtration sponge in gasoline or other moisture. And you can buy a new one. this will only benefit your trimmer.

The clogged filters do not let the fuel mixture into the motor, so it stalls or does not start. The lack of gasoline can be fixed with banal cleaning: both a filter under the lid and the filter of the fuel hose (located inside the plastic tank for fuel).

Motor malfunctions

Internal combustion engine. the basis of the operation of the gasoline apparatus. What may be wrong with him if the motor does not gain power:

  • The fuel mixture is incorrectly prepared, or its expiration date has long been released;
  • The piston rings broke;
  • Cylinder or piston in scratches and cracks;
  • The device is used without breaks.

With the repair of the motor should be careful. This is because if you incorrect all the details, then you can stay like without a trimmer for grass, and also with injuries. Trust the case to a specialist!