How To Unscrew A Stuck Nut On An Angle Grinder

How to Unscrew an Angle Grinder If Bitten

How to unscrew a disc (nut) on an angle grinder, if bitten, jammed, does not unscrew

angle grinder, as it is also called as it is called more popularly and in the folk way, the angle grinder, today an irreplaceable and very necessary tool. Without him, neither here nor there! If it suddenly fails, then you have to dodge in every possible way, find candidates and think about restoring the instrument. With all this, it is impossible to use an angle grinder for its own intended purpose because of what seems to be a regular pad, when the disc does not unscrew. precisely, the nut that holds this common rumor disk is not unscrewed. Here you can “break the wood”, and specifically bend or break the key, destroy the lock button, break the case, but do not unscrew that ill-fated nut. So, we will immediately warn you, if it is not too late. If you suddenly do not unscrew the nut holding the disc with a wrench, then you need to change your strategy. Our article will be devoted to the cardinal method of unscrewing.

What to do if you lost your open-end wrench?

precisely, how to unscrew a disc on an angle grinder without a key? There are three ways:

  • Make a bracket from a bar of a suitable diameter (a nail will do). This device can be used to loosen the flange using hand force. If the tightening is too strong, insert the lever into the bracket.
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  • Use the gas key. Grasping the outer radius of the threaded flange, it is enough to remove the nut, and then it will be unscrewed by hand.
  • Tap the thread with precise tangential strokes. To do this, you can take a core or punch, install it in the hole for an open-end wrench, and with light hammer blows, turn the flange.

All manipulations for changing the nozzle are carried out after disconnecting the power cord.

With a gas wrench

The shoulder when using the gas wrench increases, therefore, the moment of force also increases. It is easier to unscrew stuck joints with such a tool. But if you try too hard, you risk crushing the flange or breaking the spindle rotation lock.

How to remove jam STUCK nut of angle grinder. 100% working फसा हुआ ग्राइण्डर नट कैसे निकाले- hindi

How to unscrew a disc on an angle grinder. novaso

A jammed nut on an angle grinder (angle grinder) is a fairly common problem that everyone solves in their own way, but the fact that this is an annoying (albeit logical!) Misunderstanding takes a lot of time and effort, that’s for sure.

First, determine the direction of rotation of the disc, because the nut will need to be unscrewed in exactly the same direction. If we went to the Internet, it means that by means of a stationary key, it was not possible to unscrew the nut. it is either broken or bent.

There are some ways to unscrew a jammed nut on an angle grinder.

  • With a gas wrench with good jaws, the flange nut on the angle grinder is quite narrow, and a pretty good grip is required. Often the nut can be unscrewed in this way, but you should not make great efforts. you can break the lock button (if it is still intact!), Its design is designed to apply the force possible when using only a stationary key.
  • If the lock button on the angle grinder is already broken, then you will have to remove the gear cover. these are three or four bolts under the disc. The disc usually breaks off to nuts. The cover is unscrewed, the gear is removed from the gearbox and clamped between the aluminum jaws in the testes and the nut is unscrewed using the methods indicated here.
  • A drill is clamped into the perforator, only the slotting mode is set (without rotation), and an effort is applied to unscrew the nut (to the edge of the nut or into the hole for the key pin).
  • The nut is heated with a hot air gun (gas torch, blowtorch) and unscrewed much easier, with the same stationary wrench or gas.
  • If the disc is broken off, you need to remove its remnants with pliers to the very radius of the nuts (well, or break the whole disc, if not a pity) Clamp sheet metal in a yew with a thickness equal to the thickness of the disc or slightly less. Turn on the angle grinder and literally “exude” the disc on the edge of the iron clamped in the yew. When the remnants of the abrasive disc between the washers grind off with a diameter less than the diameter of the clamped planes, the nut will also be unscrewed by hand.
  • This method is the same as only instead of a piece of metal, the same abrasive disc is clamped into the yew. the process is faster, but you need to be careful so as not to spoil the geometry of the nuts on the stationary disc clamped in the yew. Otherwise, then you will have to trim the planes.
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Well, now let’s try to protect ourselves from unnecessary gestures in the future to unscrew a jammed nut and possible damage to the tool.

  • I advise you to tighten the disk nut to almost no effort on the stationary wrench. during rotation, the nut tightens itself, as much as necessary to hold the disk.
  • After the nut is unscrewed, you can weld on the flange an ordinary nut with faces for an open-end wrench (which one to choose depends on the diameter of the shaft thread)
  • Do not neglect placing cardboard shims under the angle grinder nut, this will reduce seizure.
  • After the cardboard gaskets supplied with the angle grinder run out, you can cut out the gaskets from a thin nylon (old plastic canisters) In case of jamming, you can simply melt it with a regular burner or blowtorch and the nut will be unscrewed by hand.
  • And finally, one more basic advice, I thought that everyone knew him, but as it turns out, no. All discs have glued paper on one side with the characteristics of the abrasive fraction and purpose. On the same side (paper side), the inner disc washer has a wide ring. So place the abrasive disc with this “paper” side to the gearbox. A wide washer on this side prevents biting, and when unscrewing it, it will slide along the fixed (inner flange), making it easier to unscrew the nut. As the manufacturer does it (photo).

Anyone who has worked with this power tool. an angle grinder, has probably encountered the problem of a jammed nut, with which the abrasive disc is tightened. This usually happens during operation, at the moment when the disc clamps in the part, it stops or collapses, and the motor of the angle grinder is still rotating, tightens the nut with force.

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In the future, you have to be smart, since the nut with a standard wrench can hardly be unscrewed. They solve the problem in different ways, everyone has their own methods and secrets, let’s share. I will share the first, reliable and easy way to unscrew a jammed disc on an angle grinder.
To begin with, you should decide in which direction to unscrew, depending on the setting of the angle grinder for cutting from yourself or towards yourself, the definition clockwise and counterclockwise is not suitable. It is easier to remember that the nut should be unscrewed in the direction of the disc rotation.!

Well, the method itself, for this you need a gas wrench and holding a nut with it. unscrew.

You need to know that sometimes, without calculating the forces, you can break the stopper that blocks the disc.
To avoid this, you will need 2 gas wrenches or clamps, break the remnants of the disk, and with one key we hold the washer located behind the disk, with the other we unscrew the nut.
There is another way, but this is probably for the most difficult cases: lock the disc with a button and point the puncher in the desired direction on the nut, turn it on in shock mode. The hammer drill will hit and thereby unscrew the nut.
Before tightening the nut, I recommend that you put a paper gasket under it, although not necessarily a paper one, you can, for example, made of tin. With it, there is less chance that after the disc is jammed, the nut will jam, or rather, it does not wedge, but tightens strongly.

Manufacturers for example interskol complete their angle grinder with similar gaskets.

But of course, the purchase of a composite nut will help to get rid of the problem discussed in this topic forever.
You just need to heat the nut a little by gas welding and it will unscrew by hand. You just need to heat the nut a little by gas welding and it will unscrew by hand.
Thanks, I’ll take note of the ways. I myself faced this problem, the circle in the angle grinder was clamped so that it flew to the side, and the disk shattered into pieces. No matter how I tried to unscrew it, it didn’t work. And the key broke and the button, and in the end he sawed off the nut with a hacksaw for metal. Then I just bought a new nut. I confess after that incident I began to be afraid of this dope.
A large angle grinder (230 circle) flew away from me more than once, once even cut its wire on the fly in flight.
Then I turned the direction, sparks on myself, although you can burn your pants, but it’s safer if it flies only from me. To admit in this direction of rotation of the disk, I have never flown away.
absolutely correct. with a metal knife. Only it was not necessary to cut the nut, but the rest of the jammed circle. It happened to me. This method was suggested to me by a good master. And I checked it personally. The only absolutely safe way to remove the remnants of a jammed circle is to slowly cut it out with a hacksaw. This procedure can take more than an hour of work and several (depending on their quality) canvases. But then you are not risking anything. All other methods are fraught with damage to the angle grinder, and even if it is under warranty, you will not be able to return anything.
there is still not a bad way. personally applied and everything worked out !! sprinkle VD-40, wait 5 minutes and unscrew with a key. It helped me (but I made a lot of effort!
I wonder if you lubricate the thread immediately when screwing, maybe you can unscrew it without effort?
No need to be smart. Everything is done simply and quickly. Break the disc, take a bayonet or iron sheet, turn on the angle grinder and grind the rest of the disc on the edge of the shovel or iron. Works for three minutes.
If a disc with teeth that you don’t want to break is jammed into an angle grinder, then you need to carefully drive the teeth of the disc into some piece of wood, ideally a stump of a tree. Then, lengthening the handle of the wrench with a pipe of a suitable diameter, take the nut for a jerk. The disc in the angle grinder is immobilized, and lengthening the lever even by 20-30 cm increases your strength at times.
The most reliable and simple thing is to take a steel tape, it remains after unfastening all sorts of boxes, etc. and cut out the rest of the circle. success is 100%, it gets reddened, but the effect is what you need and it is safe, you only need to move along the tape as you select it. and unscrews with a key!
sprinkle and unscrew.
The disc is broken off by hand, and the inside is cut off with a universal tool with a vibrating semicircle. Everything takes 5 minutes.!
Thanks for answers! I followed the advice on metalwork! He clamped the vice and turned on the angle grinder and sawed off the blade for 3 minutes and you’re done.
The easy way. Take a metal strip and cut the disc to the end. Remains of the disc between the washers. Unscrew by hand. It is much more difficult to remove the diamond disc.
Often asked and once you are interested in this topic, you probably also encountered this problem, for what reason, when working with an angle grinder, it clamps the circle in the part and, accordingly, the nut.

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How To Free Up An Angle Grinder Disc That’s REALLY Stuck

I’ll try to explain with an example why it happens and how to avoid it.

Warming up

The clamping nut must be heated with a hot air gun or gas torch to make the metal more pliable. Then unscrew it with the universal wrench or by hand. But the risk of this method is that you can spoil plastic parts and gear elements.

How to unscrew the nut on an angle grinder with a jammed disc

An angle grinder is a multifunctional but capricious tool that does not tolerate haste and negligence. Breakdowns and breakdowns are the result of careless handling or safety violations. And the most common problem when working with an angle grinder is a jam of the abrasive tool between the support flange and the clamping nut. How to unscrew a disc on an angle grinder without damaging parts and the tool itself?