How To Unscrew The Clutch On A Stihl 180 Chainsaw

How to unscrew the clutch on a Stihl 180 chainsaw

Often faced with breakdowns caused by improper actions of the owners of the tool when unscrewing the clutch. How this is done is described in general terms in the article.

This task is faced every time there is a need to remove the drive sprocket and (or) the chainsaw clutch.

On the web, you can find a lot of textual material on this issue. If desired, all this is easy to find. It is always a good idea to look up the information you need in the tool’s user guide.

Each saw model has its own characteristics in performing this procedure. Therefore, we will describe this process from a general ideological position.

1. Remove the chain brake cover. First, pull the brake lever towards you. This must be done so that the brake band does not touch the clutch cup. Then loosen the two nuts holding the cover. Loosen the mechanical chain tensioner. Loosen the tension on the chain and bar. Then finally unscrew the two nuts and remove the chain brake cover.

2. Remove the bar and chain, remove any dirt, if any.

3. Remove the spark plug from the spark plug hole of the cylinder.

4. Next, you need to fix the piston in the cylinder. To do this, rotating the clutch, we observe the upward movement of the piston. In most cases, once the piston closes the exhaust port, lower any suitable rope into the spark plug hole just enough to prevent the piston from moving further up. You can tie simple knots on the rope to enhance the effect. Remember that the rope will have to be pulled back later. So don’t miss the second end of it;)

5. Now you can unscrew the nut on the clutch. The most important thing to remember: the thread is left, to unscrew it you need to turn the key clockwise. The key that comes with the saw is suitable as a tool. It is not recommended to unscrew the clutch with a chisel and hammer. Knock off the edges. This is an extreme measure.

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6. Next, remove the clutch and drum with a drive sprocket.

7. Assess the condition of the needle bearing.

Assembly is carried out in reverse order.

Some nuances to be aware of:

Repair kit, required tool

In order to remove, disassemble or adjust the clutch, we need the following tools:

Dismantling the chainsaw clutch:

How to remove and replace a clutch on a chainsaw. Repair and adjustment

One of the most important parts of a chainsaw is the clutch or clutch mechanism. During the operation of the tool, this part may fail, which will entail the impossibility of carrying out work on sawing wood. If the clutch mechanism is out of order, then the question immediately arises of how to remove the clutch on the chainsaw. This need arises when you need to repair or replace the device. How to do this is described in the material.

When to remove the clutch

Disassembly of the clutch for the purpose of removal is carried out in such cases:

  • When the spring has burst (the chain turns, the engine runs intermittently);
  • The spring has flown;
  • A piece of the drum has broken off (in this case, noise will be heard, the chainsaw chain will also spin);
  • Temporary wear (it’s time to remove and change the clutch due to resource depletion).

Modern chainsaws operate on two-stroke engines, which are connected by a gearbox to the saw chain. The chain moves along the tire, and according to the centrifugal principle, idling must remain stationary, that is, it must be safe for the person holding the chainsaw.

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If the load on the tool exceeds the recommended load, the clutch will weaken or completely stop transmitting torque to the tire. This will stop the engine. If such situations arise, the clutch wears out, so it needs to be replaced over time. In the instruction manual for the chainsaw, some manufacturers have information that the clutch is a consumable part, that is, it must be periodically replaced.

. How to remove the clutch on a chainsaw:

Replacing the clutch

When replacing the clutch, we do not recommend using metal or plastic objects as a stopper. The former can scratch the cylinder, the latter can litter it.

We disassemble the clutch:

  • Turn on the chain stop brake, remove the protective cover and dismantle the saw headset;
  • We remove dirt, sawdust, dried grease, if any;
  • Remove the air filter and candlestick;
  • Unscrew the candle using a candle wrench;
  • Rotating the crankshaft, we bring the piston to the top point, then set it back by 6-9 mm;
  • With a rope, 7-8 mm in diameter, we lock the piston in the upper position;
  • Unscrew the nut on the clutch with a special key-puller.

Most of the moving parts of the chainsaw have right-hand rotation. Therefore, the nut on the clutch has a left-hand thread. It is necessary to remove the cover by turning the key clockwise. It is forbidden to carry out this operation with a hammer and chisel. You will knock the edges!

  • Remove the cover and drive sprocket. We diagnose faults and assess the wear of parts. Assessing the condition of the needle bearing;
  • If necessary, we replace parts with new ones (most often the leading sprocket needs it);
How To Unscrew The Clutch On A Stihl 180 Chainsaw

The installation of the chainsaw clutch system is carried out in the reverse order, however, you should pay attention to some features.

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How to remove the clutch on a Stihl 180 chainsaw. Assembling a Stihl 180 chainsaw

Assembling the stihl ms 180 saw back is quite simple, the main thing is to adhere to the following algorithm:

  1. Install the piston on the connecting rod, the arrow on the piston should point in the direction of the Stihl 180 chainsaw, and the side of the crankshaft, which is intended for installing the flywheel, is located to the left of the piston;
  2. Carefully insert the piston back into the cylinder, the place for mounting the coil should be on the side where the flywheel is installed on the crankshaft;
  3. Install the bearings, oil seals, circlip on the shaft and lower the entire assembly into the seat in the cylinder;
  4. Next, degrease the crankcase installation site and the crankcase itself, then grease with sealant and, setting in place, tighten the 4 fastening screws;

To reassemble the Stihl 180 saw after the engine is assembled, the reverse sequence of disassembly must be followed. It is important to treat the process carefully and do not forget to install the rods on the carburetor, and connect the ignition wire.

Below you can see the disassembly of Stihl 180 on, it is made for inexperienced users, it shows the whole process in detail.

Dismantling the Stihl 180 chainsaw and assembling it, with some experience, is quite simple, the main thing is to thoroughly clean the saw before work and not rush. In order that small parts are not lost, you need to use containers in which, in the process, you should lay out the parts.