How to unscrew the drill in which direction. The main types of cartridges for a drill

In which direction the disk on the corner grinder is unscrewed

Sometimes, in the process of operation, the corner grinding is clamped with such force that it is not possible to unscrew it with a special device. This happens mainly due to “biting” or breakdown of a rotating disk. In such situations, it is useful to know how to unscrew the clamping clamping Corner grinder. There are many different ways and all of them are effective.

Rozhki key and end head

To dismantle the tightened fixer, the corner grinder can be applied to 17 and a 24 end head. However, they will have to finalize them before such non.standard use. The wrench must flow to a thickness of 4 mm, and braid the protrusions for holes on the head of the corner grinder on the head.

Dismantling is as follows. The key is inserted under the abrasive, and the end head is put on the flange. Further, both tools must be crank in the opposite direction from each other. After that, the nut should get out without any effort.

These devices often replace a special tool, or are used as an addition. They are many times easier to loosen the clamp of the abrasive disk than the standard option.

Types of cartridges

Cartridges for the drill differ in size of the muzzle. The designs of individual models themselves are also different. In total, 7 varieties of fittings are presented for the drilling tool.

Fist type

The tsang structure is distinguished by greater efficiency. Cartridges can be used to fix hexagonal or cylindrical modifications of the shanks. Rotation of the clamping coupling or sleeve is carried out on the surface. Fists boil down on the thread. Steel for the manufacture of spare parts should undergo heat treatment. Clime coupls are moved inside the mechanisms of the fist. Convergence is carried out by the movement of the adjusting wheel.


A common type of clamp. It is tightened with a separate key. It is strong enough. It is inexpensive. The key clamp serves much longer than other types. Disadvantages of this type:

Useful advice. It is recommended to fix the key on the tool cord. Thanks to this, the detail will cease to often get lost.


Differs in that it can be very easy to act. It is wrapped in a non.standard way.

How to Open a Black & Decker 18 pc Drill Bit Kit Case instruction How to correctly remove a threaded cartridge:

  • Open the inside of the element.
  • When spinning, turn the screw to the left.
  • Turn on the lamp to accurately determine which shape the hat.
  • The regulator indicator is changed to the final mode.
  • Disconnect the fitting from the drill.

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unscrew, drill, which, direction, main

Quickly sound

The second name is selfless. A fairly common look. Installed in the peorators of the brand of the bison, makita, diold. The absence of teeth reduces the likelihood of injuries. Squeeze or open the part of the palm. Disadvantages of fast.packed type:

Frequent replacement of drills or long.term operation becomes the cause of weakening fasteners. The result from using the device ceases to be effective. Performing work is often dangerous.


On these cartridges, the spindle blocking function should be provided. The fastening with one hand is wrapped in a part. The pressure force of this species provides a rather powerful. One.flame products are created from metal or solid plastic.

Note. Metal one.meofal cartridges are made for drilling devices of the highest class models.


Accommodate two couplings. They are tightened with both hands. Are considered less convenient when operating. Give less effort. Cartridges of this type are created from metal or plastic.

Type SDS

Most often found in the design of various modifications of Metabo. Fixation of the tool is more reliable. 90 % of all peorators are equipped precisely by these products. The design of the spare parts is simple. The tool should be lubricated every time after using.

Removal devices

You can remove the cartridge with a cross blade. Masters often replace it with a flat. Metal vice is used for fixation. Sometimes the cartridge is twisted with a plumbing key.

First, the drill is removed. Key can be replaced if the shank is inserted correctly inside. The key itself is not used for this.

Dismantling for cone conjugation

There are no difficulties in disassembly. First of all, the existing fixing screw is turned off. The drill must be turned down the drill. Remove the cartridge with light beats of the hammer on the body.

Note. The easiest option is to use a special device for removing bearings.

If there is a threaded conjugation

Advice. You can use two keys. The face fixes the spindle. Gas is twisting the spare part. The use of a hexagon is also quite acceptable.

The direction of unscrewing

Before changing the cartridge on a damaged drill, it is unscrewed from the tool strictly clockwise.

How to install a new cartridge

We twist with the help of hands, rotating to the right, a new cartridge on the thread of the spindle of the drill, until he with his Donets rises into the clamping nut. We fix the hexagon in it and pour its free end in a vice. Then, with the help of an aniletor, we tighten the clamping nut to the right until it stops and remove the hexagonal key from the cartridge.

Now it remains into the hole in the center of the bottom of the screw with left.handed thread, using a screwdriver with the corresponding bat for this. The cartridge must first be squeezed in a vice, and the cams should be removed as much as possible.

In order to make sure that the cartridge is replaced correctly, we check if it is sitting on the tool, and the drill is simply and firmly fixed. Trial drilling showed that the tool works like a newcomer. So it is completely put in order and can work for its intended purpose.

How to replace the cartridge. we update the drill

Most often, the first cartridge is the first to go into the drill. It is not easy to dismantle it at home, but it is possible! The fasteners are wound on the spindle itself, but in addition to this, it is still fixed with a bolt with left.sided thread. In order to get it, you need to completely unclench the cartridge. it is inside. The whole difficulty of unscrewing it is that many do not know about left.handed carvings, and trying to unscrew it, twist it even more, tear off the hat and eventually carry it to the service.

By unscrewing the bolt, you can unscrew the cartridge itself, however, and this is not so easy to do. In some models, the base of the thread has recesses for the wrench. in this case you can fix the spindle and unscrew the fasteners, using a lot of effort. Real complexity arises when there are no slices under the wrench. Will have to remove the case cover to fix the spindle inside the drill. Difficult, but feasible.

Remove the cartridge is one thing. Choosing a new one is completely different. In addition to the methods of squeezing the drill, which are described above, different cartridges also have different threads! The most true way to not confuse anything is to take an old cartridge with you and demonstrate it to the seller, or to choose the right one by the layout. When you coped with this task, all that remains for you is to wind the cartridge on the spindle and screw the bolt, which in our case is twisted counterclockwise.

How to determine the method of fastening on your tool

In order to determine the method of attaching the cartridge in a fragmentation, it is recommended to consider the mechanism. On the products where the Morse cone is installed, there is a marking of the type of 1-6V10, where the number to the letter is the diameter of the shank, and the indicators after the letter are the size of the cone size.

For products with a threaded connection, the marking will be slightly different, for example, 1.0–11 m12 × 125, where the last numbers are the size of the metric thread.

unscrew, drill, which, direction, main

Important! If the device was made in the wrong indicators in inches.

How to remove and change the cartridge

Know how to unscrew the cartridge on an electric screwdriver is necessary not only for repair, but also for servicing the device. Periodic cleaning will increase the life of the device. Methods depend on each specific manufacturer. However, there is one most popular option.

For the procedure, you need to choose a hexagonal key. The analysis process is as follows:

  • The key end is well clamped in the cartridge.
  • Turn on an electric screwdriver so that it works until the key hit the table.
  • The cartridge rotates through the internal thread on which it is fixed on the shaft.

How to open a drill cartridge?

The purpose of the cartridge on the drill is a reliable fastening of the drill or other nozzles (construction mixer, grinding circle, etc. D.). Fixation is carried out by three mechanical “fingers”, which are reduced and divorced using a threaded mechanism.

There are two main varieties of cartridge:

  • A non.closing variety. To open such a design, it is enough to grab the body with your fingers and, turning on the reverse rotation, briefly press the trigger of the tool. The drill itself will test the shaft, diluting the “fingers” fixing the drill. Such a cartridge is easier in work, but the reliability of fixing the tool will be slightly lower.
  • A variety equipped with a key. The key is a T-shaped device, at one end of which a conical gear-shaped gear is placed. Two other ends serve as a handle for rotation. To promote or tighten the cartridge, the key is inserted into the hole on the body and rotated, holding the body with the other hand.

As a rule, the key is included in the supply of power tools. It either lies in the box or attached to the power cord with a special mount.

What to do if the key is lost?

If the key is gone, it will be quite difficult to remove the drill. The easiest option is to cope with the problem of gross force. Parts of the clamping device are held with the right and left hand and rotated in opposite directions. However, if the cartridge is covered too much or used for a long time, it is unlikely that you can unscrew the thread.

When working, part of the power tool is heated, and the metal expands. This leads to jamming. It was easier to let go of the cartridge, wait until the tool has completely cooled.

To strengthen the attached effect, use various tools or homemade devices. Here are several ways:

  • Experienced craftsmen weaken the mounting of the cartridge with several tangent blows by the edge of the right hand. The drill is held by the left hand in a position by a drill from itself. The lack of the method. from the habit, you can injure the palm. And with a tightly protracted (and even more so spoken or jammed) mechanism in this way not to manage.
  • Select a metal shaft, the diameter of which allows you to insert it into the hole on the cartridge. In this capacity, you can use a nail, an old drill, a hairpin. The main thing is that the metal is strong enough and not bent from the effort. The screwdriver is introduced into the slot of the cartridge and act as a lever (the support goes to the shaft). Slightly lightly release the thread, and you can pull out the drill by promoting the mechanism with your hands.
  • The cartridge is clamped in a vise or held tightly with a gas key. The shaft is inserted into the hole, and then, by applying the muscular force, the mechanism is unwound or twisted.

The second method can help if the cartridge is clogged with particles of chips. Then its case is clamped in a vice, and a lever is slightly tapped with a hammer. Vibration causes a displacement of parts, and the mechanism is blabbed.

The effectiveness of the described folk methods is significantly less than when using a factory turntable. But once or twice, tighten or loosen the fixing mechanism in this way it is possible to. After finishing work, you need to purchase a new key in the store.

How to remove a drill with a good cartridge

If everything is regular, then there should not be problems with the idea in theory. Therefore, this section is rather devoted to the completely ignorant of anything in the power tool to users, since the operation itself is elementary. But still there are many people, so perhaps someone will need this information.

In this situation, a special key will be required to solve the key cartridge, or straight hands for relaxing its rapidly prisoner analogue.

In the first case, you need to insert the key into one of the recesses on the cartridge, and start rotating it counterclockwise. Promotion occurs due to existing cloves on both objects.

In the second, the drill should be included in the reverse mode (reverse rotation). With one hand, hold the outer body of the cartridge, and click on the start button. If your machine is not equipped with a reverse, then this is not very good-this should not be this, since only key cartridges are placed on such devices. But still, if this happens, then it is necessary to fix the drill axis (for example, with an open key) and rotate the outer body of the cartridge counterclockwise. In general, it will be better to remove such a cartridge and put a key.


Разновидности патронов Сверла подразделяются на применяемые по:

Разновидности сверл

  • Spiral. They are universal and are used to drill a variety of materials.
  • Crowned. If you need to adjust the depth, then this drill is used, which can make the hole with a large.
  • Feather. These drills make holes in wooden products.
  • Stepped. They are used for drilling in ondulin, gland and metal tile.
  • Milling.
  • Ruffled and so on.

The drills are also different and their tip differ. They are specially made for a shock and ordinary drill, and in shape resemble a cylinder.

As for the cartridges themselves, there are also differences here. For example, some are used for a shock drill, while others for a conventional drill or a penetrator. In each individual case, you can fix the drill in different ways.

Патрон кулачковый для дрели

Cartridges, in turn, can also be two types:

The key cartridge requires a special key to install the drill. The cartridge is clamped by the key, which is inserted into its hole and spins clockwise. So, the drill is securely fixed. As for the fast.packed, it is divided into two types: one.button and two.button.

The technique of replacing the cartridge is presented in the video material:

The two.tick cartridge has two couplings, one of them is clamped, the other coupling is spinning with the second hand. If we talk about one.meofal cartridges, then the cartridge is clamped with one hand. Replacing drills in such a cartridge is much faster, unlike the key. But as for the fixation of the drill, it holds much weaker with this option.

Устройство патрона

So, how to insert a drill into a peorator or drill correctly?

unscrew, drill, which, direction, main

Drill device and varieties of cartridges for it

Before you find out how to remove the cartridge from the drill, we will find out what they are. the algorithm of action depends on it.

The most familiar toadfet-cage. To fix it, a special toothed key is used, inserted into the hole on the cartridge. Key teeth enter into a cloth with the teeth of the crown of the cartridge and when rotating the key enhance or weaken the clamping of the sponge (cams) of the cartridge.

Otherwise, such a cartridge is called the clamping drill, and is considered one of the oldest of the now used mechanisms of the clip of the drill.

Then there are fast.sounding cartridges. with one, two couplings, fixing the ring. They use tsangs. conical elements consisting of three or more details. Moving along the tsing axis, the coupling squeezes the “petals”, thereby fixing the drill in them.

The couplings (clips) are metal and plastic, ordinary or reinforced, with automatic locking and without.

In fact, a drill cartridge is a separate block associated with the main mechanism of the drill with a shaft. The connection is carried out using a thread or instrumental cone (the so.called “Morse cone”).

An indication of a particular type of mount can be found in the instructions and/or on the drill housing. For example, the designation is 1.5-15M13x1.2-the first two digits mean the permissible diameter of the shank of the drill (or the other tool inserted into the cartridge), M13 is the diameter of the thread (metric) connecting the cartridge with the shaft, but 1.2 is the step of this thread. If the designation looks like 1.5-15 unf 1/2 ”-we are talking about an inch thread. In domestic drones, a metric thread is used, in imported (not all, of course). inch.

unscrew, drill, which, direction, main

If a cone is used to connect the shaft with the cartridge, the letter B is present in the label (for example, B10. a tool cone, the diameter of the shank 10 mm).

Given the fact that different companies mark their products differently, it is worth considering this difference. So, for a drill-electrical screwdriver Makita, the marking will look like this: BDF456. It is present, that is, the cartridge is fixed on the cone, D is the type of tool, drill, and F. additional opportunities, in this case, an electric screwdriver.

Consider the models of the most significant manufacturers on the market. Bosh, Makita, Interskol. what cartridges they use and how these cartridges are removed.

How to remove a fast.packed cartridge from a threaded drill

A feature of the threaded connection of the cartridge with the shaft is the left thread of the fixing screw. This is done so that, rotating the drill and “biting” into the material, the shaft simultaneously tightened the fastening of the cartridge. Consequently, the answer to the question of how to remove the selfless cartridge from a drill of this type, simple. it is necessary to rotate the cartridge, tightly holding the body, clockwise.

Typically, simple rotation is not enough, you have to tapping at the place of connection, so that a strongly tightened thread is slightly dispersed and makes it possible to freely scroll through the connection.

In more detail, the process of how to remove the self.loading cartridge from the drill is shown in the video.

  • Since there is a fixing screw inside the cartridge, it must be accessed. For this, the sponges (fists) of the cartridge are diluted as widely, a screwdriver is inserted inside. Moves clockwise from the nest. It is impossible to determine the type of hat, so it is necessary to first illuminate the cartridge and, most likely, try two or three different battles of screwdrivers.
  • After removing the screw, the cartridge easily leads from the shaft.

Some models of a fixing screw do not. Then the cartridge is just leading, but the efforts will have to be made more. It is necessary to fix the key or other part convenient for work in the lips, and use the rock key to fix the shaft.

Next, we rotate the tools in different directions (as shown in the photo).

It helps a lot in WD40. they spray both the shaft and the fixing screw inside the cartridge. This is especially useful if the screw hat is clogged and its type (cross, straight slalit) is not determined. After processing WD40, the slots are easily cleaned, and the thread goes better.

Using a vise

The coupl or elements can be unscrewed using a vice. To do this, you need to firmly fix the vice, then tighten the clutch in them (s).

If the drill is switched and there is the opportunity to twist the other way, then starting to twist the power slowly, and with a slight probability the cartridge may change.

Когда дрель крутиться только в одну сторону, нужно расклинивать вручную, руками или сантех. keys.

note! You can’t immediately disperse the drill to maximum speed, because there is a chance to break a vice or break up the cartridge.

Using spring wire

The opposite problem may also happen when the drill stuck in the workpiece. In this case, it is not too difficult to twist the drill, but there may be problems with improvised tools. You need to take a few steps:

  • With the help of a welding machine, heat the stuck part.
  • At the opposite ends make grooves.
  • Place the spring wire in a spiral groove.
  • Start twisting a stuck drill until it starts to unscrew.
  • Start extracting the drill.

It is worth noting that you need to get a drill slowly and slowly, since the work requires accuracy.

In order not to fall into such situations and not ask the question of how to remove the drill from the stuck drill cartridge, you need to use the tool according to the instructions and follow all the rules. Well, if such a situation happened, you can the article again and not ask the question anymore: the drill stuck in a drill, how to pull out.