How to unscrew the trimmer line on a trimmer.

Repair of the grass trimmer spool with their own hands: how to remove, disassemble, change the line for the trimmer, assemble and install back

If the trimmer line is not extended by lightly striking the grass trimmer reel button on the ground, the prerequisites are usually.

Option 1. overbite, t.Е. Clamping cord between bends. This problem usually occurs if the user winds the line for the trimmer on the spool unevenly, crossing the windings or winding it without tension. In the latter case, when the mower rotates at high speeds under the influence of centrifugal force, the cord begins to tighten, under the influence of which intervital clamping of the mowing line may occur. To remove the obstacle, you need to disassemble the spool on the trimmer and properly rewind the cord, in other words, even rotates with good tension.

Option 2.4. very short ends sticking out of the head. When hitting the ground, the rod may not fall out if the ends protruding from the head are not long enough (short). Then the centrifugal force is not enough to stretch the line for the trimmer. Therefore, you need to suspend the unit (in other words, turn off the engine, disconnect the electric grass trimmer from the mains) and pull the line for the trimmer manually, first pressing the button.

Variant 3. the trimmer line is sealed inside the mower. This causes the reel to stop and not even spin when the button is pressed. This is mainly due to several reasons: poor quality cord, overheating of the spool during prolonged use of the machine, and exposure of the mowing line to hard objects.

  • First, the third-party cord that you like is made of low-quality and fusible materials that do not withstand mechanical and thermal loads. Therefore, it is necessary to give preference to “branded” fishing line.
  • If you have an unknown owner’s trimmer line and it often solders during operation, certainly follow the example of some users who, after filling the cord in the spool, wet it with either silicone grease (from a can) or mineral oil. This procedure significantly reduces the possibility of soldering the coils of the mowing line.
  • The line for the trimmer may also be soldered if it hits a hard object while mowing (a rock, a fence, a dry branch, etc.). Д.). During this time, it stretches a little and pulls to the head with great speed. The cord gets hot from friction, and its spools stick together. The only thing that will be done to fix this problem is to open the grass trimmer reel and rewind the trimmer line.

There are situations when the grass trimmer user notices a very fast consumption of fishing line. Here he never pressed a button with a button to lengthen the line for the trimmer. The prerequisite for spontaneously lengthening the line by cutting a special knife on the machine body is the lack of spring in the mowing head. Often beginners mower users, trying to load the trimmer line into the reel, forget to install the compressed spring in the head, in other words, they completely lose it when opening the cover, and then they do not even know about its existence.

The trimmer line also extends without using the button if the spring is loose. If the spring check confirmed this fact, you need to insert some washers under it to increase the pressing characteristics.

Trimmer owners, mostly beginners, are confused, near panic when they have to change the cutting tool or trimmer line. Often when trying to unscrew the head of the lawnmower, users simply make it unusable, unaware that it unscrews in the opposite direction To prevent this, if you need to change the tool, we recommend that you join the step-by-step annotation below.

  • Before pouring the rod into the spool, turn off the motor shrub cutter, as it is also called, de-energize the electric grass trimmer to avoid injury from accidental rotation of the cutting tool.
  • Unscrew the attached transmission shaft nozzle. To do this, you need to secure the shaft by aligning the holes on the washer and inserting an iron bar or screwdriver there.
  • Unscrew the nozzle. You should know that the threads on the shaft remain. Therefore, turn the grass trimmer reel to the right, in other words, clockwise.
  • Disassemble the mowing head. In most cases, the main cover is attached at the clips. To remove it, you will need to lower these clips onto the body, squeezing the edges of the cover. If there is an aisle, if your grass trimmer has an automatic mower with a button at the bottom, disassemble the head with care, as there is a chance of losing the spring, which sometimes flies out when you remove the cover. ,
  • Cut the necessary amount of fishing line. It is usually 5 meters long. Use a cord of the same diameter as indicated in the note to the tool. It is not recommended to exceed the largest diameter of the mowing line, as this will increase the load on the motor and increase the gas mileage.
  • Find the middle of a piece of cord by folding it in half. You will get a loop.
  • Coils are cut inside special grooves (there are holes). Insert the line loop into this groove.
  • Wind the trimmer line onto the spool by turning it counterclockwise. The cord must be filled very evenly, the coils must not overlap and with good tension. When you have finished winding, leave the loose ends of the line about 20 cm long and secure them in the slots on the sides of the spool.
  • Reassemble the mowing head. Remember to fully assemble the spring and washer assembly (if available). Insert the spool into the housing and run the ends of the cord through the holes or eyelets.
  • Put on the cover and secure it with the latches.
  • Screw the nozzle back onto the reducer shaft, also securing it with a screwdriver. Turn the grass trimmer reel to the left (counterclockwise).

Features of trimmers

Grass trimmer mowing with fishing line can be used near: houses and other buildings, fences and hedges, trees and shrubs, beds and flowerbeds, row-spacing in the garden.

Such a convenient, and most importantly, effective device as a grass trimmer exists in several variations:

As is clear from the names, the types of grass trimmer noticeably differ from one another. But regardless of the type of this tool, its cutting element may be a line for a trimmer. Of course, the line set in the grass trimmer reel is not endless. And sooner or later it will be necessary to replace it with a new one.

Line consumption depends on how often you use the device and the amount of work you do. The more grass is cut and the more often it is trimmed with the grass trimmer, the more the trimmer line is consumed. And, consequently, the faster it will run out. This raises the question: How do you insert a line for your trimmer into the grass trimmer reel??

Not everyone knows the answer to this question. And after all, the winding of the line on the reel plays an important role in the work of the grass trimmer. In order for the device to function properly, it is very important to wind a new trimmer line correctly on the reel. On how to change the line for the trimmer on the trimmer, and will be discussed in this article.

Removing and disassembling the coil

The grass trimmer head consists of a casing, a spring (not every model has one), a bobbin with cord, and a cover. Before proceeding to disassemble the reel of the electric unit, be sure to unplug the grass trimmer. Disassembly method depends on the attachment mowing head. First option:

  • To remove the cover that covers the inside of the head, press on the latches (catches) located on both sides of the head.
  • Remove the cover, under which you will see the bobbin. remove it from the body. Some trimmers have a spring underneath the bobbin and this should also be gently removed.
  • When you remove the bobbin, you will see a screw in the center of the housing. Unscrew it with a screwdriver.
  • After taking out the fasteners, take hold of the body of the part and, shaking it in different directions, remove the reducer from the shaft.

In the second version, the grass trimmer head is screwed on the gear shaft. To remove it, you need to fix the shaft. To do this, such devices have a hole, through which a thin screwdriver or a metal rod is inserted. Quick instruction:

  • Insert a screwdriver in the hole, and then lock the shaft.
  • Take hold of the head body and start twisting it. This should be done in a clockwise direction, t. к. shaft thread left.

trimmer line. Variety and possibility of replacement with other material

Grass trimmer line cord can be different diameters (from 1.2 to 4 mm), and you need to choose it depending on what kind of vegetation you want to mow. the thicker the trimmer line, the coarser the grass it can handle. Experienced users recommend a 2 mm trimmer line, which is universal.

The line shape can be round (for succulent grass) or with sharp edges in the form of a square or star (for mowing dry grass). The second type is less durable and wears out faster than round cord.

One of the popular questions about the operation of trimmers is whether the special mower cord can be replaced with other materials, such as metal or steel cables and strings, wire, etc.д. You should know that the installation of such items is not recommended, because together with them, the grass trimmer turns into a dangerous technique. When mowing, pieces of wire or metal will constantly break off and fly in different directions, risking injury to the worker. And if you accidentally touch your extremities during work, you will be seriously injured.

Owners of trimmers, wondering whether it is possible to use fishing line for trimmer, we answer. it is allowed, but it will tear and wear out much faster, and therefore require frequent replacement.

Tip! Fishing line for trimmer is good for cleaning grass near the fence or metal mesh. instead of wasting expensive trimmer cord, you can charge a tackle of large caliber (2-3 mm), which is much cheaper.

What you need to change the filament

During constant use of the grass trimmer for grass the discs get blunt, but they can be sharpened and continue to work. line for trimmer

in the spool tends to run out, so there is a need to fill the new one, why it is necessary to find the type of head and prepare the cord of the right thickness and length.

So, the mowing head is a cylindrical body, which houses the bobbin and line for the trimmer. Such detail is on electronic trimmers, as well as on gasoline mowers of all brands, whether Bosch, Makita, STIHL or other brands. Depending on the method of refueling and filing line there are three types of heads.

unscrew, trimmer, line
  • The mechanism of work of the heads of the automatic group consists that they feed the line for the trimmer without help of others, when the mower reduces the revolutions of the motor. Such designs are comfortable when working on huge areas, but have a drawback. high cord consumption.
  • Automatic mowing heads are easy to operate. Automatic line feed at highest motor speed. To clear a cord blockage, gently tap the tool on the ground, then the unblocked thread will be pushed out of the spool. Cutting to the desired length is done with a knife attached to the protective cover.
  • Grass trimmers with a manual cord feed must first be disconnected, and then take out the line for the trimmer without the aid of others.

Reels for electronic and gasoline braid can be with one or 2 strings. The 1st are used for cutting low grass, the 2nd. for cutting tall grass and small bushes.

Malfunctions and troubleshooting

Naturally, the owners of trimmers face certain mowing head failures during exploitation. However, most often they are associated with certain difficulties in pulling (lengthening) the cutting cord from the spool. The most common causes for a non-feeding line are line “bites” between coils or line sticking.

If the line is not fed

In this case the fault is caused by incorrectly wound filament. The line may not be wound with sufficient tension, which causes the lines to cross over and entangle with each other. As the spool rotates, the cutting filament is drawn in by the centrifugal force produced, which in turn causes the free end of the line to be squeezed between the coils. To correct this problem, you need to dismantle the spool, disassemble it and rewind the string so that the turns lie in even rows, tightly pressed against each other.

If the line is sticking together

Jamming of the line coils directly in the mowing head can be the cause:

Tip! To avoid the adhesion of the cord inside the mowing head, experts recommend applying a thin layer of silicone grease on its surface after inserting the string in the spool. In addition, it is better not to use fishing line for the trimmer from unknown manufacturers.

If the user is still unable to avoid the adhesion of the fishing line, the grass trimmer reel must be removed and replaced with a better quality cord.

If the line consumption is too high

If semi-automatic mowing heads are used, the user may detect an accelerated consumption of the cutting line because of spontaneous lengthening. This is usually caused by a slackening of the spring inside the reel. It is possible to remedy the problem by putting some washers under the spring.

If the bobbin does not spin

Failure of the semi-automatic grass trimmer reel can also be caused by frequent collision of its head with hard objects (dry branches, soil, stones, etc.).). In this situation the line is slightly stretched and then quickly pulled inside the bobbin. Because of the strong friction, the cord gets hot, which can cause its coils to stick together. To correct the fault, the stringline must be rewound.

If the string feeds spontaneously

Unintentional lengthening of the filament and subsequent cutting off of the ends can be caused by incorrect assembly of the head after the cutting filament has been replaced. Inexperienced users often forget to install the compression spring inside the head, causing premature activation of the line feed mechanism.

Dismantling the mowing head

Proceeding to the repair of the trimmer head for grass, the owner must protect himself from injury if the engine is accidentally started, for which it is imperative to completely de-energize the electric garden tool or to shut down the engine of the brushcutter. The grass trimmer owner is most often faced with the need to replace the cutting filament. This procedure should be carried out after you have removed the head from the shaft. Do it with care to avoid damaging it.

Important! Gear shaft, which the grass trimmer is equipped with, has a left-hand thread at the end, so the mowing head is unscrewed in a clockwise direction when removing.

Dismantle the spool in the following order:

  • aligning the holes on the shaft and the washer, fix the mower shaft firmly with a screwdriver or a metal bar;
  • unscrew the actuator by turning its housing in clockwise direction.
unscrew, trimmer, line

Having removed the mowing head, proceed to its disassembly, which requires carefully opening the lid, which is often fastened by specially provided plastic locks. To do this, press the edges of the cover and at the same time push in the body of the latch.

Attention! If the grass trimmer is equipped with a semi-automatic head with a button at the bottom, then it must be opened with extreme caution. when removing the cover may fly out and lose the clamping spring.

Charging the string in the bobbin

To charge the line for the trimmer correctly, it is necessary to act according to the instruction manual that comes with the trimmer. As a rule, carry out this operation as follows:

  • cut the necessary amount of cord and fold it in half;
  • the resulting loop is inserted into one of the specially provided slots (holes) of the bobbin;
  • pulling line for the trimmer, several times turn the bobbin counterclockwise, with the coils of cord should be stacked tightly (one to another), avoiding overlap;
  • having finished winding, leave the ends of the line free (about 20 cm), which are fixed in the grooves available on the sides of the bobbin;
  • reassemble the mechanism in its place by putting all the parts (spring, washers, etc.) back in their original position.), and place the spool with the string in the head housing;
  • the loose ends of the cord are passed through the available eyelets (holes), and then the body is closed with a cover, which is fixed with latches.

This is the end of charging the mowing head with filament. The coil is screwed on the shaft of the grass trimmer, preliminarily fixing it rigidly. How to do it, described above. To see if the reel is still working, you can mow a small patch of grass.

Tip! In cases where the owner of the grass trimmer prefers to replace the failed head with a new one, experts recommend avoiding the purchase of cheap non-original coils imported from China.

How to remove the trimmer line from a grass trimmer. video

For maximum clarity we suggest reading the video instruction. Izhmash lawnmower is taken as an example.

Grass trimmer. a necessary and useful tool for the suburban area and private home. Many people own and actively use it, but not everyone knows how to replace the line for the trimmer in the trimmer, especially, at first.

In this instruction, we will analyze the entire replacement process step by step. Looking ahead, there are two ways to charge the trimmer spool with fishing line. There is no fundamental difference. the difference lies in the fact that in the first case, you would fill up will be one piece of fishing line for the trimmer, folded in half, but the second such forest will be two segments.

HOW-TO. Stihl String Trimmer Head Replacement. Video

How to change the line for the trimmer in the trimmer and what is the best choice

Since the choice of trimmer for grass, we looked in the previous article, now we will tell you how to correctly fill the trimmer for grass fishing line, and what better to choose based on the criteria of work.

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Stihl Trimmer Line Replacement

After you have purchased a trimmer for grass and started to use it intensively, at some point there will be a question of replacing the fishing line, as it is the most wearing element in the tool, the intense use of trimmer for grass will lead to frequent substitution of expendable material.

Tips and advice on how to wind the line for your trimmer and what you need to know

There are some useful tips and recommendations, which will be useful to learn not only for beginners, but also for the experienced masters of trimmers. These tips will help prevent negative consequences in the form of injuries and malfunctioning of the mechanism. These guidelines state the following

  • Do not close the cover until it clicks into place. And it is 2 or more clicks, which depends on the number of locks. If one latch does not click into place, the reel may pop out and injure a person when starting the tool
  • Do not coil up the line for the trimmer with a strong retraction, and also in an amount greater than can be inserted in its place. It is better not to wind up the fishing line, than more of it, as this will lead to negative consequences in the form of inability to unwind it if necessary
  • If you own the tool not with two line outputs, and with one (usually these are low-powered units), then the winding process is performed in a similar sequence as described above, only with the difference in the absence of the middle rim between the extreme bases of the spool
  • After changing the material you need to first check that the tool functions correctly and then start mowing. If not checked beforehand, the fishing line may unravel and injure a person

This is interesting!Choose the right quality material so you don’t get injured when working with gasoline mowers, trimmers, and brushcutters. In the process of cutting the grass, small stones and other materials fall under the rotating parts, which can fly long distances so, despite the fact that the line for the trimmer is not a knife, work with the tool should be carried out in protective special outfit. The result of the work done is the following. after the replacement of the new material the ordinary material is enough for an area of up to 600 square meters, but taking into account the presence of a reinforcing layer on the line. Regular nylon materials do not last as long and this is important to keep in mind when working. Do not try to mow thick-stemmed grass with a fishing line, as special metal discs or blades are available for this purpose.