How to Use a Bosch Tassimo Coffee Machine

Capsule coffee machine Bosch Tassimo Vivy II. Occupies a leading position in the technology market. But Bosch Tassimo devices differ in their control from other brands. Not all users can quickly understand the instructions, even in Russian.

How to Use a Bosch Tassimo Coffee Machine

Bosch Tassimo Vivy Coffee Machine

The principle of operation of coffee machines Boch

To use the Bosch Tassivo coffee maker, purchase special capsules with bar codes on the surface. One code contains service information that the coffee machine automatically determines: what type of coffee you need to prepare, temperature and the amount of water in the tank.

When the automatic operation of the machine ends, the program switches to manual control. This makes it possible to add water to the cups at the discretion of the user. This is done to adjust the strength of the drink and its temperature.

Coffee in good company

The Bosch Tassimo Vivo II coffee machine, like the other models from this manufacturer, operates under a pressure of 3.3 bar. Many coffee lovers find this pressure low to brew a delicious treat. This is an erroneous opinion. Since Vivy 2 brews coffee using sealed capsules with an uncompressed product inside.

Benefits of Vivy II

  1. It has a memory that preserves the volume, strength and temperature of drinks.
  2. Built-in ceramic millstones are adjusted to the required grinding mode. Grind grains qualitatively.
  3. Many people enjoy using the Boch because of its silent operation.
  4. Special technology for perfect milk foam.
  5. Details are trimmed by stainless steel. This ensures durability of the structure.
  6. Fast boiler heating.

Variety of coffee

Instructions for use

The Bosch Tassimo Vivy 2 coffee machine in the configuration has instructions for use in several languages, including Russian. But people who are not dealing with coffee machines are often not able to understand the intricacies of management. Do not be afraid: the built-in display will help the beginner.

In the latest models, the display has become improved. It displays all the information for easy management. A text indicator and icons simplify the use of the coffee maker.

It is recommended that after each use, remove drops of milk from the inside of the jug. This is done by elementary pressing the corresponding button. Everything is quick and easy! And the circuit is washed by automatic technology: before starting the machine and after cooking. And the fact that the time has come to clear the machine of scale, the system will inform you with an appropriate signal.