How to use a STIHL chain saw. How to use a STIHL chain saw

STIHL MS-660 China chain saw: Instruction manual, STIHL MS-660 specifications. how to use

Today we’ve made a lot of progress to simplify our lives. Because now we don’t spend so much time on work that used to take twice as long, and it saves us a lot of effort. And we have also seen a great leap forward in the development of power tools.

Read here how to choose the right chainsaw for your home.

We have acquired a chainsaw as an indispensable helper, with the help of which it is possible to saw large logs with ease and with minimum effort and already with pleasure to prepare firewood for the winter. Ease of use and practicality are the main advantages of this “helper”.

This article is dedicated to one of the models, which enjoys overwhelming popularity and demand among Russian consumers, but what about domestic consumers, the whole world enjoys its work and unique characteristics. Here you will be able to get acquainted with a chainsaw from the Chinese manufacturer STIHL 660. The STIHL ms 180 chainsaw is exactly what you need, and when you consider its price it is hard to find fault with it.

STIHL chain saw oil

STIHL makes some oils that are good for the machine.

The lubricant line for chainsaw engines consists of the following models:

  • STIHL HP. low-emission, mineral-based;
  • STIHL HP Ultra. synthetic oil, recommended for semi-professional and professional models;
  • STIHL HP S. used for high-performance engines.

You can use any STIHL chainsaw oil, but it is best to stick to the recommendations in the instruction manual.

You also need to lubricate the chain. You can use such brands of oil for it:

  • ForestPlus is a mineral oil;
  • BioPlus is an environmentally friendly, vegetable-based product;
  • SynthPlus. a semi-synthetic product is able to hold its own even in extreme conditions.

When mixing STIHL chain saw oil and gasoline, maintain a mixing ratio of 1:50. For example, 20 ml lubricant is added to 1 litre of fuel. oil may be added during the running-in period.

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Performance and technical features

When it comes to the technical and performance characteristics of this chainsaw, it is in many ways superior to all modern market counterparts. For information on how to run the chainsaw properly, see here.

The STIHL chain saw 180 is engineered to let you get the best performance out of your machine without making you feel uncomfortable at all. The machine is completely vibration-free and doesn’t tire the operator’s hands.

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The handle, which girdles this tool, sits tightly on 3 shock absorbing blocks made of rubber, which is also very convenient for using the chainsaw.

The STIHL ms 180 chainsaw has the following specific characteristics:

  • The maximum working volume is 31.8 cc³;
  • Nominal weight is only 3900g.;
  • Power level is 1.5 kW / 2.0 hp.с.;
  • Busbar length of 0.35 м.;
  • Characteristic Oilomatic type chain with 3/8″ pitch (PMC3)
  • Tank volume of 250 cm³;
  • Idle speed is 2800 rpm;
  • Specific weight is 2600 g/kW;
  • Permissible vibration level is 6.6 to the left and 7.8 m/s2 to the right;
  • Sound pressure is 97.0 dB;
  • Sound power. 106.0 dB.

Easy to use, requires no additional maintenance other than timely lubrication (if you do not follow the lubrication in time, it is possible to “kill” both the tire and the chain itself).

It is worth noting that the two-stroke engine of this unit is designed in such a way that it runs on a gasoline-oil mixture. Only high-quality STIHL chain saw oil should be added to the fuel. Read which STIHL chain saw oil to use here.

STIHL Safety. How to use a chainsaw

Use STIHL gasoline of brands A92 or 95 and STIHL engine oil.

The quality of these operating elements will have a major impact on the function and longevity of the entire system.

STIHL 180 chain saw instruction manual requires that you must follow all the rules in the instruction manual. This is important for warranty repairs as well as extending chain saw life. It’s important to use good chain oil for chainsaws.

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Chain saws

Features of foreign chain saws

The most popular today are chainsaws “Husqvarna” and “STIHL” brands. Their structure is similar to the domestic varieties of tools. However, their construction has several features. They should be studied before using a STIHL or Husqvarna chainsaw.

Presented equipment of foreign companies is characterized by relatively low weight. This makes the work much more comfortable. Husqvarna has a gasoline suction function. It is very convenient if the situation occurs when the gasoline ran out and the engine stalled. The next time you refuel, this feature allows the saw to start immediately.

“STIHL has a quick-release cap, which is very handy in case the spark plug is filled with gasoline. Devices with a lid on the bolts cause certain difficulties. In this case, the attachment must be made with only one screw. Foreign equipment is distinguished by a large set of additional functions. However, there are no rules of thumb for any chain saw.

Instruction manual

To keep your STIHL STIHL 180 ms in working condition, follow these basic rules of thumb:

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  • Always use the tools supplied with the saw when assembling it, and then run it in for a test run;
  • run-in time at least 5 hours;
  • If the saw is under warranty, have complex faults repaired by a service center;
  • Never dismantle your chain saw yourself;
  • Wear safety glasses, hard hat, gloves and ear protectors;
  • do not use the chainsaw as an angle grinder. the tool is designed for woodworking only, not for cutting metal!
  • The maximum time you can use your chain saw without shutting it off is 120 minutes;
  • Always choose quality oil and gasoline to fill your chain saw;
  • disassembly of the saw at home, as well as adjustment of the carburetor can not be done if the saw is under warranty;
  • STIHL mc 180 chain saw oil should be used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the instructions do not specify the exact oil type, use only genuine oils and greases;
  • What kind of gasoline to fill STIHL 180 chain saw. a question for beginners, experienced users know that the recommended type of gasoline is AI-92;
  • You can only adjust the carburetor yourself after the 12-month warranty has expired;
  • replacement and maintenance of spark plugs. as required, as wear, fouling;
  • Clean filter frequently. once a month or less, depending on how often you use your chain saw;
  • Watch chain tension: for correct tensioning, use chain adjustment screw on side of chain saw;
  • Chain lubrication is a regular process. every time you use your STIHL chain saw.

STIHL chain saw range

STIHL chain saws are divided into several major categories: home and household chainsaws, tree saws, chainsaws for gardening and agriculture, forestry chainsaws.

STIHL chain saws for domestic use

    kW power 1,3/1,8 l.с;. kW 1.5 l / 2.7 kW.с;

  • MS 180 C BE, kW 1.5/2 l.с;
  • MS 181, kWhp 1.5/2 l.с;
  • MS 181 C BE, kW 1.5 / 2 HP.с;. kW power1,7/2,3 l.с;
  • MS 211 C BE, kW 1.7 / 2.3 l.с;. kW 2 / 2.7 l.с;
  • MS 230 C BE, kW power 2/2.7 l.с;. kW power 2,3/3,1 l.с;
  • MS 250 C BE, kW 2.3/3.1 l.с. (model sold without cutting attachments).
stihl, chain

STIHL chain saws for forestry applications

  • STIHL MS 241 C M, kW 2.3/3.1 l.с;. kW 2.6/3.5 HP.с;
  • STIHL MS 261 C MQ, kW 3/4.1 l.с;. kW 3.2-3.4 l.с. or kW 4,4-4,6 hp.s C M, kW 3.5/4.8 hp.с;
  • STIHL MS 441 C M, kW 4.2/5.7 HP.с;. kW 4.4/6 hp.s (new from STIHL);
  • STIHL MS 462 C M, kW 4.4/6 l.с;
  • STIHL MS 651, 5/6.8 kW.с;
  • STIHL MS 661, kW 5.4/7.3 l.с;
  • STIHL MS 661 C M, kW 5,4/7,3L.с;
  • STIHL MS 880, kW 6,4/8,7L.с.

Top of the range STIHL chainsaws

Due to the wide range of STIHL chain saws, it is difficult to name the most popular ones. According to the reviews of owners, we can conclude that the deserved recognition are the chainsaws of such models:

  • ms 271 STIHL;
  • STIHL ms 880;
  • STIHL 120;
  • STIHL chainsaw ms 210;
  • STIHL ms 291 saw;
  • STIHL 220;
  • STIHL 450;
  • STIHL 350;
  • STIHL 440;
  • ms 5200 STIHL;
  • STIHL chainsaw 108;
  • STIHL ms 241 c m;
  • STIHL 200;
  • STIHL 290;
  • STIHL ms 341 saw;
  • STIHL 181.

How to cut down a tree with a chainsaw

Now let’s see how to cut a tree with a chainsaw. The first thing to start with is to clean up the small growth around the trunk. This is a necessary procedure, t. к. Small branches not only impede access to the tree, but can also cause the operator to fall, which is quite dangerous when you have a chain saw in operation.

Next, you must decide on the direction in which you want to fell. Determining the direction to fell a tree on a slope is easy, because the. к. It’s almost always laid in the direction in which the center of gravity is shifted.

interesting: in order to cut a tree to the opposite side of the slope professional woodcutters use special heavy equipment, or a rope is tied to the top of the tree and a winch is used to pull the trunk in the right direction.

A upright tree can be felled in any direction, but you should take into account the position of the branches. It is a little easier to fell on the side with the most branches than on the opposite side.

The next step is to make a felling notch in the felling direction. The felling notch is in the form of a wedge. The depth of the felling not be more than 1/3 of the trunk diameter, otherwise there is a risk that the bar will be caught, i.e. к. The trunk will weaken and tilt in the direction of the cut. A correct sawing should not cause the wood to lean.

Next, a straight cut is made on the opposite side of the cut and 3-5 cm above it. The chainsaw must be pointed in such a way that the risk of the felling direction on the chainsaw is directed towards the place where the tree would fall. After that with the wedge, fork or felling blade set into the cut the tree is helped to start falling in the planned direction.

It is important, when making the cut, which should cause the tree to fall, the operator must be as careful as possible. It allows you to get to a safe distance in time if the tree has started to fall without the additional use of a fork, wedge, or spatula.

Below is a video on how to cut down a tree.


A chainsaw always comes in handy at home. It is a multifunctional device that comes in handy when you need to cut the trunk for firewood or boards, as well as when sawing gas and foam block. I even go fishing with it in the winter, as it easily cuts through 50 cm of ice. thickness.

Starting a Stihl Chainsaw the correct way. NEVER flood it Again!