How to wind a fishing line on an electric grass trimmer

How to change the line on a trimmer?

Grass trimmer line replacement with step-by-step instructions will allow even an inexperienced in such matters lawn mower owner to perform quite a difficult work.

But before you start work on changing a line on your trimmer, you need to make sure it is safe to do so. In particular, measures should be taken to protect against careless or unintentional activation of the lawnmower:

  • prevent unintentional start-up,
  • Remove the battery (if used),
  • Place the tool on a comfortable work site.

Grass trimmer line replacement work is convenient to perform when the mower is on the table, and the master, who performs the grass trimmer line replacement, is able to approach the tool from any side.

Grass trimmer head cover removal

The first stage of disassembly is to remove the grass trimmer head cover. Using “Black and Decker” trimmer models and others as an example, to remove the cover you usually need to apply some force to squeeze the latch-latch, which is located on the side of the head.

On some models of lawnmowers, the grass trimmer head is first removed using the hex wrench provided with the tool. The head is usually held by two or three screws, which can be accessed through the side holes of the back decorative cover.

The head cover where the filament spool is mounted is normally held in place by a clip tab. All you need to do is to press the latch with some effort and twist the cover slightly, after which the cover is easily removed

At the moment of squeezing the tongue-latch, you need to slightly turn and lift the cover of the grass trimmer head to remove the winding drum.

Step two: Removing the spool and fishing line

The next step in the process is to remove the reel with the line from the inner area of the head. The head must be turned on its open side so that you can see the line and spool. On the side of the head find the two recesses (eyelets) through which the line is led out.

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Release the line from the holes by turning the reel. Then carefully remove the spool from the head area. Some models have the spooling reel mounted on a spring. This point must be taken into account during the extraction operation.

Procedure for removing the line and grass trimmer spool from inside the head: 1. head and spool assembly; 2. gently withdrawing with slight axial movement; 3. extracted parts

The old line is completely removed from the spool. To perform the removal of the old grass trimmer line, you need to remove the line from the hinge locks and pull the free end. This technique removes all old thread. The same process is repeated on the second section of the drum. It is recommended that the operator wear gloves when working.

How to tuck the line into the grass trimmer

Thread adjustment

If the mowing performance decreases, the thread must be adjusted. The thread length can be optimally adjusted at any time during mowing by lightly touching (arrow) the thread head to the floor. However, this is only possible if the thread protrudes at least 3 cm. by at least 3 cm.

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Thread cutter (see “Thread cutter”). page. 8, D/8) automatically cuts the thread ends that are too long If the thread ends are shorter than 3 cm, the length of the thread must be adjusted manually To do so, press the button and pull the thread forcefully. WARNING: Clean the thread head, change the thread and manually adjust the thread length only when the motor is off and the mains plug is unplugged!

Inserting the new thread

Always turn off the motor and pull the mains plug before renewing the thread! Press locking (B/1) and turn housing cover (B/2) as far as it will go (keep the nose of the cover (B/3) in the centre of the locking) Remove cover (B/2) from housing (B/4) Remove spool (B/5) from housing and remove old thread residue.

Fibre. varieties and possibility of replacement with other material

Grass trimmer cords are available in various diameters (from 1,2 to 4 mm) and should be selected depending on what kind of vegetation you want to mow. the thicker the line, the coarser the grass it can handle. Experienced users recommend a 2mm line, which is the most universal.

The shape of the line can be round (for succulent grass) or with sharp edges in the form of a square or star (for mowing dry grass). The second type is less strong and wears out quicker than the round cord.

One of the popular questions regarding the operation of trimmers is whether the special mower cord can be replaced with other materials, such as metal or steel cables and strings, wire, etc.ะด. It is necessary to know that the installation of such items is not recommended, because together with them, the grass trimmer turns into a dangerous technique. During mowing, pieces of wire or metal will keep breaking off and flying all around, risking injury to the person working. And if they accidentally touch your limbs while you’re working, they can cause serious injury.

Owners of trimmers, wondering whether you can use fishing line, we answer. it is allowed, but it will tear and wear out much faster, and therefore require frequent replacement.

Tip! Fishing line is good for removing grass near a fence or metal mesh. instead of wasting an expensive trimmer cord, you can charge a large caliber (2-3 mm) tackle that costs much less.

How to properly wind the fishing line on the reel of the gasoline grass trimmer with your own hands

It is no secret that a normal lawnmower is not suitable for all areas. In contrast, the trimmer can handle even very difficult areas. This is especially true for those tools that have as a cutting element is not a knife, but a fishing line.

WARNING! Common problems with lines

It is not for nothing that they say: “Forewarned is forearmed

“. Being aware of possible problems and their causes, you can prevent them in time. We recommend to remember or leave a memo.

Problem The reason Solution
Breakage of the fishing line Stones, branches and hard objects in the grass Avoid collision
Poor quality filament Replace with an equivalent of high quality
Exit holes in head are worn out Part needs to be replaced
Fishing line is unwinding Spring in spool is loose Check spring and replace if damaged
The fishing line is sticking Fishing line is of poor quality and may melt if exposed to heat from heated rod head Wind less fishing line or replace it with a better consumable

RYOBI How to Re-Spool/Re-String 18V WEED WHACKER

For a better understanding of the mechanism of changing the filament in the bobbin with the video guide prepared by FUBAG specialists:

What to use instead of fishing line

Many trimmer users wonder how to replace the default cord in this kind of machine? They start to make unsafe experiments, installing metal or copper wire, metal cables or strings, as well as ordinary fishing line into the mowing head.

If you install a metal cable instead of a fishing line, the grass trimmer turns into a dangerous device not only for the user, but also for those around. This fact is explained by the fact that during the operation of the machine, the steel wire will gradually be triggered, its ends will unravel, and small pieces of wire will fly in different directions at high speed.

Similar to wire or copper wire, but with the difference that the pieces that break off are larger, and can cause serious injury.

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And if you accidentally snag your or someone else’s leg while working with a unit with a steel cord (wire), you will get a strong and deep tissue incision, and in some cases amputation of toes. The manufacturer does not use nylon for nothing, because it is light and strong enough, and when torn away, it does not fly away and can not cause injury.

You can, of course, use fishing line instead of a standard line in your trimmer, but it’s too much trouble because it wears out, tears, mows slowly and won’t cut through tough grass. In addition, a lot of time is lost in carrying out the work to replace the broken tool more than once.

In practice, the installation of a normal fishing line is justified if the user is going to mow grass near the fence, especially if it is made of Rabitz chain-link. In this case, in order to save the standard, and sometimes expensive cord from wear and tear, it is replaced by fishing line, which is not sorry. Usually, in order to change the cord to a fishing line, it should be the thickest. 2-3 mm.

How to wind fishing line correctly on a grass trimmer reel?

Despite the fact that the garden equipment has been used for quite some time, for some owners of private houses it is still a novelty. That’s why questions often arise about how to correctly wind fishing line on an electric or gasoline grass trimmer.

It is, in essence, an uncomplicated operation, but all of its steps must be performed competently in order to achieve the desired result. The more so that in the instructions for use only a few manufacturers give an answer to this burning question. Study the article and find out how to wind the fishing line on the grass trimmer spool.

How to wind the line on the grass trimmer reel

First of all, you should know that grass trimmers have different working heads. The reel can be designed for different lengths and thicknesses of fishing line. this point should be taken into account when purchasing consumables.

wind, fishing, line, electric, grass, trimmer

So, how to load the line into the grass trimmer reel? The whole work is divided into several stages:

  • First you need to disassemble the grass trimmer head.
  • Unscrew the nozzle by turning the drum to the right.
  • Press with your fingers on the two latches on opposite sides of the flying leads and remove the top cover of the nozzle. You can pick up the cover with a screwdriver. This should be done carefully: reels with automatic line feed have a spring that can forcefully discard the cover along with all the contents of the spool.
  • Remove the pieces of the old line.
  • Now you need to find the middle of the line. To do this, coil it to the required length (e.g. 10m), cut it off and fold it in half.
  • Hook the middle of the line in the existing notch or insert it through the hole provided. And start winding. The direction is indicated by the arrow on the grass trimmer reel body (usually against the rotation of the reel). Some models have a double-sided reel, in which case you wind the line in different directions: one end goes one way, the other end goes the other, and the line loop must be wound into the separating slot in the middle.
  • Leave the loose ends of the line about 20 cm long each. Later, they must be fixed in the recesses.
  • The final step is to assemble the reel. Refit the washers and the spring. On the top ring of the spool there are two notches, where you need to tuck the tendrils of fishing line. Thread them through the holes and put the reel in the reel, trying to pull the line without displacing the spring.
  • Place the reel cover on top and close it with the force of your fingers. The catches will click into place.
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When you turn on the grass trimmer, the excess fishing line will cut off by itself with the trimmer blade.

As you can see, winding the line on the grass trimmer reel is not difficult: the main thing is to do it right. Here are a few more tips to help you choose the right fishing line, wind it up and spool it afterward:

What is the best line for a grass trimmer?? How to wind a fishing line onto a brushcutter reel?

With the grass trimmer performs lawn mowing and clearing various areas of excess vegetation. The technique is suitable for domestic and professional use. Electric grass trimmers work with a fishing line and a knife. Before buying a grass mower, evaluate all the components of the device, including the choice of line.

How to insert a fishing line into the grass trimmer?

Filling the mowing spool with cutting filament for the grass trimmer is not a difficult task, but beginner gardeners will have to practice a little to be able to quickly insert the cord into the existing household grass trimmer in the future.

There are only a few ways to thread the grass trimmer‘s mowing head. The first method is the easiest, and will work well for beginner gardeners.

In this case, the cord is inserted into the reel in this sequence:

  • First, you will need to unwind about 6 m of line from the total spool for grass trimmer, and then cut the resulting segment in half. The result should be two strands of line, each 3 m long;
  • Then, at one end of the first segment will need to make a kind of hook, and insert it into one of the through holes located at the top of the bobbin;
  • Next, you need to start winding the line onto the spool in the direction of the arrow. During winding, it is necessary to make sure that the line lies evenly on the surface of the bobbin, and does not go beyond its upper section. Until the end to wind a segment is not necessary, in the hands should remain about 15 cm of thread;
  • The remaining loose end of the wound cord should be inserted into one of the notches located at the top of the bobbin;
  • Next, the same procedure should be done with the second piece of fishing line. It will be necessary to wind it on the lower section of the bobbin;
  • As in the first case, it is not necessary to wind the fishing line all the way around the lower section. The remaining piece of thread will need to be inserted into the second slot of the bobbin.

After you have performed the operation, you will need to install the spool on the grass trimmer and wind it. To check the reliability of thread fastening, you need to press the throttle lever all the way down so that the engine reaches maximum rpm. If the line does not fly out of the head it means the line is well secured and will not fly out of the spool while mowing.