How to Wind a Line on a Bosch Trimmer Bobbin


Attention! Read the following instructions carefully. Carefully read the trimmer controls and the rules for its proper use.

Explanation of characters printed on the trimmer:

Care must be taken to ensure that people nearby are not injured by foreign bodies scattered by the trimmer.

Unauthorized persons must be at a safe distance from the operating device.

How to Wind a Line on a Bosch Trimmer Bobbin
  • In no case should you operate the trimmer with damaged or dismantled covers or protective devices.
  • Before starting work, the device’s electrical cable and extension cable should be checked for signs of damage or aging. If the cable is damaged during operation, you must immediately unplug its plug from the outlet. Do NOT TOUCH THE CABLE BEFORE THE TIME UNTIL IT IS DISCONNECTED. Do not use the trimmer if the cable is damaged or frayed.
  • You can not mow barefoot or in open summer shoes, you must always wear strong, closed shoes and long trousers.
  • Never allow children or persons who are not familiar with this manual to use the trimmer. Allowed user age may be limited by national regulations. During breaks in operation, keep the trimmer out of the reach of children.
  • Never mow grass when people (especially children) and pets are in the immediate vicinity.
  • The user or owner of the device is responsible for possible accidents and damage that may be caused to unauthorized persons or their property.
  • Before touching the fishing line, wait until its rotation stops completely. The fishing line continues to rotate for some time after turning off the engine and may result in personal injury.
  • Mowing should only be done in daylight or with sufficient artificial light.
  • If possible, do not use a grass trimmer.
  • During the transition from one work site to another, the trimmer should be turned off.
  • Before turning on, it is necessary to remove arms and legs from a rotating fishing line.
  • During operation, it is necessary to exclude the presence of arms and legs in the area of ​​the rotating fishing line.
  • In no case is it allowed to use a metal thread in this trimmer.
  • The trimmer requires regular monitoring and maintenance.
  • Trimmer repair should only be performed by an authorized service workshop.
  • Ventilation slots should be kept clean at all times, freeing them from grass residues.
  • Beware of injury from a knife to shorten fishing line. Before you turn on the trimmer after releasing the fishing line, you must always bring it first to its normal working position.
  • Turn off the trimmer and unplug the plug:
  • In all cases when you leave the device unattended,
  • Before checking or manually extending the fishing line (ART 23 G),
  • Before replacing the bobbin with fishing line,
  • In case of cable tangling,
  • Before cleaning or servicing the trimmer.
  • For safety reasons, worn or damaged parts must be replaced in a timely manner.
  • Before replacing, be sure to use genuine Bosch replacement parts.