How to Wrap Fishing Line Coil Trimmer Correctly

How to Wrap Fishing Line Coil Trimmer Correctly

The trimmer will sooner or later require replacing the fishing line. But, as practice shows, few know how to do this correctly. In the article, we will talk about how to fill the fishing line into the trimmer coil yourself.

Preliminary preparation

It is impossible to wind the line unless you first remove the reel from the trimmer. But in different types of trimmers, the coils will disconnect differently.

If you are the owner of a small electric trimmer, and the coil of which is located below, you should look for side keys on the bobbin. It is very easy to remove the coil with this trimmer configuration. It is enough to press these keys. It is necessary to press at the same time.

This process is most convenient to deal with on a flat surface. This device has a spring, which is very easy to lose. Therefore, it is necessary to disassemble the trimmer very carefully.

Trimmers on which the knife can be mounted and having a straight bar must be considered more carefully. Under their bobbin you can find a small hole in which a screwdriver can easily enter. By inserting a screwdriver into the hole, we can fix the reel, after that, the coil housing must be carefully rotated clockwise and the housing will be removed.

There are models of trimmers where a lamb is simply twisted. In models where there are locking latches, they simply snap off. In this case, part of the coil must be disconnected. Sometimes, to connect the two parts of the spool, a thread is used and they are twisted. In order to separate them, it is enough to untwist them.

When disassembling the coil, it must be remembered that it has parts that can easily be lost. Therefore, it is necessary to disassemble carefully, without rushing.

How to refuel

If the preparatory work was done correctly, then you can start winding the fishing line onto the reel. Over, the winding technology will completely depend on how many antennae are in the device and on the configuration of the spool.

If the trimmer has only one antennae, then winding the line will be very simple. Most often, a fishing line with a length of 2.5 m is suitable for such bobbins. The end of the fishing line must be inserted into a special hole. Then the fishing line is wound on the drum in the reverse rotation of the spool. The direction of rotation is usually indicated by an arrow. In that direction where the arrow points and it is necessary to make winding.

The small end of the line must be free. It must be brought out. When replacing the old fishing line with a new one, it is fixed in a special hole, which is located on the inside of the Babin. This must be done so that the line does not change its position when assembling the reel. Then the bobbin is put on a bar.

If the coil has two antennae. The order of winding the fishing line depends on the availability of special grooves. The grooves are located on the inner surface of the spool, if the groove is only one, the winding of both antennae is made on one groove. For such trimmers, a fishing line from 2 to 3 meters long is needed. With one groove, the fishing line must be pulled into the hole, and the ends folded and aligned.

For replacement, it is best to take a denser fishing line from well-known manufacturers. Then you won’t have to replace it too often. But the main criterion when choosing a suitable fishing line is considered. Diameter. It can be different from 1.6 to 3.2 mm. Most often you have to wind a line with a diameter of 2 mm. In its shape, the cross section of the fishing line can be round, square, or resemble an asterisk. It is not difficult to refill the line, but this should be done very carefully.

You will find instructions on winding fishing lines in the following: