Husqvarna 128r Carburetor Adjustment

Description and characteristics of lawn mowers 128R

Husqvarna 128r Carburetor Adjustment

The Husqvarna 128R petrol trimmer is designed for small to medium sized areas, and is also suitable for cutting grass near hard-to-reach areas (flower beds, curbs). The tool is equipped with a two-stroke engine with a power of 0.8 kW or 1.1 hp. The rotation speed of the Husqvarna 128R lawnmower reaches 11,000 rpm. The engine is designed with E-Tech 2 technology, which significantly reduces the amount of exhaust gas produced by the trimmer. Its volume is 28 cm 3.

To help the tool turn on quickly even after a long period of inactivity, it has a built-in primer for priming fuel and a Smart Start system. The maximum working width is 45 cm. The Husqvarna 128R lawn mower is a petrol trimmer with a straight bar and professional handles, made in the shape of a bicycle. This allows much better control over the work process and the direction of the tool. Straight boom designs are considered more reliable than curved ones. The bike handles can be folded to make it easier to transport lawn mowers.

The weight of the tool is 4.8 kg without filled with fuel, installed cutting parts and guard. This allows the 128R version of the Husqvarna lawnmower to be used for a long time without interruption. The fuel tank of the petrol trimmer is made of white plastic to make it easier to control the amount of fuel remaining in it. The capacity for gasoline has a volume of 400 ml. To start the lawn mower, it is enough to gently pull on the cord, since the required starting force has been reduced by 40%.

The tool kit includes:

  • Knife with 4 blades for hard and tall grass or bushes;
  • Trimmer head (semi-automatic);
  • Harness for 2 shoulders;
  • A set of keys;
  • Bicycle handle;
  • Operation and maintenance manual;
  • Protective cover;
  • Non-separable rod.

The Husqvarna lawn mower start button automatically returns to the home position for easier and faster re-engagement of the trimmer. The special blade for cutting the grass does not crush it, but puts it in the windrows. The blade guard and the line trimmer are the same cover and do not need to be removed when changing the rig.

Technical data sheet for Husqvarna 128R lawn mowers:

Description of characteristics Model 128R
power, kWt 0.8
Maximum recommended speed, rpm 11000
Working volume of the cylinder, cm 3 28
Gasoline tank capacity, ml 400
Fuel consumption, g / kWh 507
Muffler with catalyst
The presence of a speed limiter in the ignition system
Weight (without installed casing, blades and filled fuel), kg 4.8
Noise power level, dB 109-114
Rod length, cm 145
Knife diameter with 4 blades, cm 25.5

Husqvarna lawn mowers can also be repaired by hand, such as replacing a clogged air filter. over, it is located in a convenient and easily accessible place under the cover. No tools are needed to replace it. In the event of a breakdown, it is better to take the equipment to the service center, since ignorance of the principles of operation of individual parts can only aggravate the situation.

The most common failures on Husqvarna 128R lawn mowers are ignition or fuel supply problems. In the first case, the petrol trimmer either stalls after a few tens of seconds, or does not start at all. To do this, inspect the condition of the spark plug. If it is wet, you will most likely need to adjust the carburetor correctly. Or the problem arises due to incorrect startup, then you should carefully study the instructions.

If the spark plug is dry, it means that the fuel mixture does not flow. This is most often due to a clogged fuel filter or hose. The filter should be replaced (it is better to do this every 3 months), and the hose just needs to be cleaned.

A gasoline trimmer of this model can last for many years, the main thing is to follow the operating rules and timely inspect and replace the necessary parts. over, the price of the Husqvarna 128R lawn mowers fully corresponds to its quality and performance.

The Husqvarna 128R lawn mower is worth your attention

Husqvarna is engaged in the production of various equipment and tools for the home, garden, forest and construction. Husqvarna chainsaws, cultivators, shears, riders, Husqvarna lawn mowers and all other products are manufactured using only the latest developments and high quality materials. It is thanks to the unrivaled reliability of the tools that Husqvarna is known worldwide and in high demand.

Husqvarna 128R lawn mowers overview

I have been working with Husgwarna 128R for seven seasons on hay making. The volume of work is approximately 2-3 hectares per year. The positive aspects of this lawn mower: it is the design of the clutch, like that of a chainsaw, allows for re-gasification when mowing (gas release when retracted). For seven years, the circular spring has stretched a little and the inclusion occurs at lower speeds, but this does not affect work and safety. The most important thing is never to burst or jam the clutch (unlike Chinese ones). Unmatched profitability per 1 hectare does not exceed 10 liters of AI92 and depends only on the density of the grass and the correctly selected disc. Reliability speaks for itself 7 seasons without repairs, even the candle with which it was sold. The shape of the casing and its location to the disc ensures that the grass is laid into the swath when the handle is correctly adjusted and attached to the knapsack suspension. Ergonomics and lightness make work a pleasure. Carburetor adjustment is simple and straightforward. When mowing lawns, three-blade discs with pointed blades with a diameter of 255 to 360 mm (the size is taken depending on the evenness of the lawn surface) are excellent, while the quality and performance are not comparable to the work of fishing line. Disadvantages: Fastening the handle bar to the bar will force it to be remade immediately does not hold, when tightened, the thread breaks. I drilled holes through and bolted them, but this season I replaced them with a calm one. The supplied Gross 255-4 disc should not be used on all herbs. Exclusively only on heavy thick, dense and tall grass. On light grasses, he begins, like a flywheel, to spin the scythe to unnecessary turns. But there is not a word about this in the instructions. Well, there is one more thing this is the growth of the mower, its maximum height is 180-182 cm. With a greater height and with correct adjustment, you will warm your back with the engine or you will not be able to adjust the correct angle of the knives at all. The line cutting on this braid is not impressive. When working with a knife on a lawn, the effect is many times better, but to reduce the cutting height on flat lawns, instead of the native support cup, I put a smaller one from the Chinese lawn mowers. Well, actually, all the disadvantages.

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Great machine. Once started to stall, but cleaning the flame carrier fixed everything.

Further carburetor adjustment do it yourself lawn mowers performed by adjusting screws. There are three of them:

Right (L) fuel mixture adjustment for low rpm.

You need to find the maximum idle speed. To do this, slowly unscrew the screw (L) to the right and left.

To adjust, turn the screw a quarter turn counterclockwise.

Lower (T) responsible for adjusting the engine at idle.

  • Clockwise increase;
  • Counterclockwise decrease.

For the correct adjustment of the idle speed, it is characteristic:

  • Stable operation of a cold engine;
  • Not overestimated speed of a hot engine;
  • A large reserve of turns for the trimmer head;
  • Stable operation of the engine when changing position (sharp lifting or lowering of the knife).

Left (H) mixture adjustment at high speeds. (The screw is adjusted last).

The left screw (H) determines the general adjustment of maximum speed, engine power, temperature and gasoline consumption.

Setting up carburetor lawn mowers with the last screw is done like this:

  1. Open the throttle to full, while at the same time give full throttle. Turn the screw clockwise until the speed drops (in this case, orientate by ear).
  2. Turn the screw counterclockwise as slowly as possible until the engine runs unevenly.
  3. Then turn back quite a bit, barely hearing a stable, even operation.
  4. For a more visual use of skills, it is more convenient to consider the work of an experienced user:

Interestingly, from the point of view of the author, the setting (its correctness) is determined by the color of the plug, and not only by the speed and stability of the engine.

Correct adjustment of the carburetor with your own hands in this case, the combustion of the fuel mixture without residue, the color of the candle should be light brown.

Husqvarna 125R carburetor tuning without tachometer (workaround)

How to adjust carburetor,if you need to work, and the service with a tachometer is far away.

Carburetor lawn mowers Stihl, Makita, Husqvarna and others are adjusted with adjusting screws. Sometimes the reason for the malfunction is a violation of fixation due to vibration or damage to the protective cap. Such a breakdown can be detected by simply trying to turn the screw slightly: if the fixation is not rigid, it is worth checking the setting.

Do-it-yourself carburetor repair Husqvarna 125, 128 lawn mowers

If in the course of carrying out a complete diagnosis of a Husqvarna chainsaw, carburetor defects were found, then some of them can be repaired without contacting a Husqvarna AB service center. For example, you can independently:

  • Change the gaskets under the covers of the main chamber and the fuel pump;
  • Clean or replace the mesh filter;
  • Replace the diaphragm or needle valve of the main chamber;
  • Troubleshoot the fuel pump diaphragm.

Gaskets, diaphragms and a rocker needle valve can be found in the repair kit provided for each Husqvarna chainsaw carburetor model.

Also, if you have some experience, you can try to restore a faulty injector valve, but you cannot guarantee a positive result when trying to restore an injector, if it is faulty, manufacturers recommend changing the carburetor completely.

The first thing to do before removing the carburetor from Husqvarna is to clean the saw with a compressor, since dirt can interfere with a quality repair. Next, you need to open the top cover of the chainsaw, remove the air filter, disconnect the rods from the control levers of the air and throttle valves. Then unscrew the carburetor fixing screws.

It is quite easy to disassemble the carburetor body for repair. The main chamber cover is held in place by four screws that can be removed with a regular screw, the fuel pump cover is secured with one wide screw.

Below is a look at which it will become clear exactly how you can repair the carburetor without contacting a Husqvarna service center.

DIY lawn mowers carburetor adjustment

Setting up the module does not apply to repair and replacement of spare parts is not required. Honda lawn mower carburetor cleaning. In this case, the lawn mowers carburetor repair kit will not be needed.

Three screws are provided for debugging:

  • L is regulated first, as it is responsible for the fuel supply at low revs;
  • H he is responsible for the supply of gasoline at high rpm, as well as for fuel consumption and temperature;
  • T use it to debug idle.

There are options, as a rule, this is the carburetor of a Chinese lawn mower, when only one screw remains on the body for debugging to adjust the idle speed. This does not mean that the module is configured automatically, it means that it will be difficult to carry out even such a type of repair as debugging. In the photo, adjusting the carburetor of a Chinese lawn mower.

  1. The module is configured only when the engine is warm: for this, the device is pre-switched on for 10 minutes. Adjusting the carburetor lawn mowers cedar. If the mowing head rotates at idle speed, the debugging is started immediately: turn the screw T counterclockwise until the rotation stops.
  2. Adjustment begins with screw L. The screw is turned to the right and left until it finds such a position at which idle speed does not become maximum.
  3. Then the screw is turned on ¼ turnover counter-clockwise. This will be his working position.
  4. Idle speed must be adjusted by turning counterclockwise to increase the number of revolutions and clockwise to decrease it. Its debugging consists in achieving such a mode in which a sufficient number of revolutions are made before the start of rotation of the mowing head. In this case, the engine must work stably at different positions.
  5. The position of screw L is determined by the latter at maximum speed, the trimmer should not work for more than 10 seconds. The throttle opens, the screw turns clockwise, very slowly, until a decrease in the number of revolutions is audible.
  6. Then, also slowly, the screw rotates counterclockwise until the motor begins to malfunction. Then the screw is turned back clockwise until the engine starts working normally again.
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If there is a tanometer, and if the recommended rpm values ​​are indicated in the product passport, the correction can be made more accurate, focusing not on hearing, but on the readings of the device.

6 comments per post Adjustment and carburetor repair lawn mowers

Please clarify. In the adjustment section, item 5, screw L error? Should you read screw A? Thank you.

Prompt the initial position of the screws H L LA


Prompt the initial position of the screws H L LA

Husqvarna 125R carburetor tune without tachometer (workaround) [del]

Husqvarna 128r carburetor adjustment

The first question worth answering in the title topic overview Why is it necessary to adjust the carburetor of the 128th streamer? It’s all about European fuel standards for the 128R lawnmower is tuned to EU fuel standards. We have lower quality fuel (we are discussing AI-92 gasoline), which necessitates this adjustment.

Husqvarna 128R carburetor adjustment procedure is easy.
What you need for its production is a tachometer of turns, adjusting screwdrivers.

1. We set the line out of the trimmer head 15 cm long on each side (this significantly affects the speed).

2. We dilute AI-92 gasoline with Husqvarna engine oil for two-stroke engines in a ratio of 1:50 (one part oil to 50 parts gasoline). For ease of calculation, we recommend a ratio per 1 liter of fuel x 20 milliliters of oil. For the first start of the streamer, we recommend the ratio of 1 liter of fuel x 23 milliliters of oil (the ratio for running in the engine). Strict adherence to these ratios and the use of only Husqvarna two-stroke oils is the key to long engine life and the supplier’s warranty in the event of a warranty claim.

3. We launch the scythe and bring it to the maximum with the throttle

Revolutions. Using the right adjusting screw H, adjust the speed to the level of 8500 8800 by the tachometer.

4. We release the throttle stick. At idle, on top of the carburetor, with the adjusting screw T, we bring the idle speed to the level of 3000 3200 on the tachometer. At the same time, the motor should run smoothly, without jerking. The trimmer head must stop turning.

Five. In case of visible smoke from the exhaust gases or unstable idling at the set idle speed, adjust the “mixture quality” with the left carburetor adjusting screw L.

Have trouble adjusting carburetor for Husqvarna 128R Lawn Mowers?
Bring it to our service center We will help you.

The tool, in spite of its small dimensions, is a complex technical device. If you study the annotation for operation, it turns out that the prerequisites are why it does not start lawn mower, known and disposable. It is necessary to eliminate one by one the reasons that make it difficult to start the tool. Usually start with more accessible nodes with an easy health check.

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Our client is left with the prerequisites why it won’t start lawn mower, of course, systematize according to the specifics of the work of individual nodes. In the service, malfunctions are systematized:

  • Motor malfunction (piston wear, bearing malfunction, crankcase crack);
  • Malfunction of the fuel consistency supply, clogged pores of the air filter or malfunction of the carburetor;
  • The ignition system does not work;
  • Malfunction of the mechanical nature, leaking hoses, broken wires under the braid, ruptured pipes.

The user first needs to check if there is fuel in the tank. Carry out the start-up in accordance with the annotation, putting the saw on its side. Set the air damper to the closed position, pump up fuel, turn on the ignition and make 3-4 sharp jerks with the starter. If the engine is running, open the air damper. Does not start lawn mower repeat operations with a slightly open air damper.

Husqvarna 125R carburetor tuning without tachometer (workaround)

How to adjust carburetor,if you need to work, and service with a tachometer is far away.

We run over to the main working part of the tool.

The working part is covered with a protective cover.

Despite the fact that an iron disc for grass is included with the trimmer, in addition to the trimmer head, I prefer to mow specifically with the trimmer head, fishing line.

To extend the fishing line to the desired length, you need to press the blue button and pull the fishing line.

Changing the line is easy. To do this, press the 2 latches on the sides of the disk and drown them a little.

Remove the head body and change the line. The back case is simply put on until it clicks.

If you accidentally stretched the fishing line to a huge length, it’s okay: there is a knife on the body of the protective casing that will cut off excess fishing line at the first revolutions of the engine.

Let’s continue. For hanging the trimmer on the harness, a loop is attached to the bar in a comfortable place. Adjustment of its position can be carried out in place, after putting on the ammunition.

Carburetor adjustment lawn mowers Husqvarna 125, 128

How to adjust carburetor lawn mowers Husqvarna 125, 128 (without tachometer) Part number: 5450818-48.

Husqvarna 128R in February! ,, Single ,, GUT! ,, Tax ,, Yok! Carburetor?

  • Clean the removed candle from carbon and dirt, dry it, set a gap of 1 mm;
  • Connect to a high-voltage wire and check for a spark by pulling the starter a couple of times;
  • If the passage of the absence of a spark, check the high-voltage wire for integrity;
  • Change the candle;
  • Dry the candle channel;
  • The operation of the ignition coil is immediately checked, it is faulty if the working plug does not spark.
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Specifically if the passage of the ignition coil lawn mower does not start on a hot, stalls, works intermittently.

Cleaning, in other words, changing the air and fuel filter will ensure the required consumption of ingredients entering the carburetor. There is an option to wash the air filter in soapy water or change it differently. If nylon cloth is used, it is washed, the porous felt filler is replaced. Change the fuel filter carefully without leaving the intake manifold open. Whether it is necessary to change the air filter is determined if the engine starts with the air cleaner removed. Is it necessary to change the grid on the fuel supply if it does not start lawn mower, will give a hint dry candle.

Breather, gas tank air inlet. If it gets clogged, a vacuum is created in the tank and the mixture does not enter the carburetor. Of course, blow the hole with air or clean it with a needle. Clean the exhaust duct, remove the anti-spark screen of the muffler.

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The highest and low engine speeds, smooth idle speed are controlled by the carburetor. The stable operation of the lawn mower depends on the amount of the supplied combustible consistency and air, their ratio. Lawn mower does not start when the carburetor is not adjusted correctly. The order of the option of the device for supplying fuel at low speed (L), high speed (H) and idle (T) is regulated by the screws of the same name:

  1. The chainsaw must be running for at least 10 minutes, because adjustment held on a hot.
  2. Screw H is turned smoothly to the highest speed, then turned on ¼, counterclockwise, decreasing the speed of rotation of the motor shaft.
  3. Idling is adjusted with a screw T, making sure that the braid does not spin.
  4. The screw L is adjusted, firstly opening the throttle very much, and at the end it gradually decreases the speed to stable low.

After adjustment, a serviceable one with cleaned filters, a tested ignition must ensure the operation of the engine. If the passage of a carburetor malfunction, after its repair and again, it will be necessary to configure the supply that allows accounting (software) before starting the lawn mower.

The rarest breakdowns that prevent lawn mowers from working are:

  • Rewind spring failure;
  • Broken or stuck starter pulley;
  • Faulty starter assembly.

The most important malfunction, the elimination of which is required, is associated with a change in the motor and possibly a breakdown of the piston group of the motor. The repair cost will cost approximately 70% of the product price. Understand the reasons why it won’t start lawn mower, will help :

There are no unnecessary phrases in the operation annotation, everything that is offered is focused on the trouble-free operation of lawn mowers. Cleaning of all parts after each work cycle facilitates the easy removal of uncured residues and dirt. It is necessary to clean only the cooled nodes. This technique contributes to the quality of the air cooling of the motor and gearbox.

For refueling, you need to use fuel with the oil recommended in the annotation. If the combustible mixture is left in the fuel tank, the oil will float up and, when started, will land on the damper, impairing its adjustment. The mixture sediment and clog the fuel supply in the carburetor.

When preserving the equipment for the winter, conduct an audit, lubricate the gearbox and piston system, Wrap the entire saw in oiled rags and store in a dry place.

It is impossible, unsafe for the tool and the health of the mower, to use an iron cable instead of fishing line. It cuts more efficiently, but the load on the gearbox and engine increases. A worn-out piece of wire, when it comes off, flies with the movement of a bullet. Effective mowing leads to early wear of the piston group of the motor. For greater mowing efficiency, it is suggested to use an asterisk line profile.

Adjusting the carburetor Husqvarna 128r lawn mowers photo

Testimonial: Husqvarna 128 R petrol trimmer. Mow grass without excessive body movements? Just!

Hello, honored readers of the Otzovik!

In our polar regions there is a widespread joke “with a beard”: “Our northern summer is short and with little snow.” That, nevertheless, there is a bit of truth in this: summer comes much later in our country, and ends much earlier than in the middle zone of Russia. Well, frosts with snowfall, say, in August, are not uncommon. Therefore, as the temperature becomes stably positive, the vegetation starts to grow violently, trying to have time to spread the seeds as quickly as possible.

For us, the time is coming for “haymaking”: since the yard is almost overgrown with dandelion, timothy grass, wheatgrass and other weeds in almost a certain number of days, we have to pick up a braid and try to make something similar to a lawn. Carburettor adjustment Husqvarna 137, carburetor is like Husqvarna 240 or 260. This was until last year.

This past summer I decided to keep up with the times and get a trimmer. I dismissed the electronic options outright. The prospect of carrying a 30-meter extension cord did not smile at me. From gasoline trimmers, he braked at Husqvarna, known for the quality and reliability of its own products.

Little about properties. 2-stroke engine, volume 28 cm3, power 0.8 kW (1.1 l / s).
Engine speed. Up to 10,000 rpm.

The gas tank (more precisely, the gas tank) has a volume of 400 ml.

The trimmer engine is equipped with a Zama carburetor. Smart Start system provides an easy and quick start of the motor.

On the lid carburetor a plate with a sequence of actions when starting a cool engine was pasted. For the very forgetful.

The muffler is covered with a casing, which prevents accidental contact with heated parts.

The trimmer handle is asymmetrical, it can be moved along the bar to fit a specific person.