Husqvarna 137 Stalls When Pressed On Gas

Husqvarna 240 Stalls When Pressing Gas

What to do if a chainsaw dies

Husqvarna 137 Stalls When Pressed On Gas

Hello, dear subscribers are not readers of my blog! Online Andrey Noak. We continue the topic of chainsaws. What is needed, I have already said for 30 years that what should be checked in a chainsaw in order to know the cause of its malfunction. Today I’ll move on to more valuable instructions so that you don’t look for the cause of the problem for a long time and don’t know how to solve it. There are different cases, sometimes the chainsaw stalls when you press the gas, sometimes in the load. A chainsaw is not a very difficult tool, alas, you need to properly care for it. There are different cases, with a chainsaw stalls at pressed on gas, when under load, and when it does not idle at all. Let’s look at different situations together; we will not try to find the right solution.

If you find that the tool does not start at all, stalls, then you don’t need to rush right away in service center, There is an option to try to solve the problem yourself.

Checking the main chainsaw system

We consistently check each system:

  1. Fuel tank. There is not enough fuel for you, as it is also called low-quality.
  2. The next tested spark plug is not a high-voltage wire. Chainsaw stalls when you press the gas: causes and. Why does the Stihl 180 stall when pressed on gas or on. Take into account that the clearance of a candle normally does not exceed half a millimeter.
  3. If the above items are checked do not work correctly, go to the carburetor not the fuel filter. If a carburetor breaks down, contact a specialist.

Stalls at idle

When saw stalls at idle, a muffler is not a common cause of failure. Of course, it is easy to clean it yourself, for this purpose you do not need a high specialist.

In addition to cleaning, there is an option, but we use it very carefully so as not to harm the internal parts of the device.

To adjust the carburetor, you need to find two bolts with the letters L not H. The latter must be turned, a little, only half a turn. He is responsible for the revolutions of the tool if necessary, will raise idle.

Turns off when loaded

Chainsaw stalls at pressed on gas. Adjust THE CARBURETOR. Chainsaw stalls when pressing on gas

In the, a fairly frequent malfunction of chainsaws is considered not a 100% carb setting method. How is this done.

Often powerful chainsaws stall from the load. The chainsaw stalls when you press the gas. Mostly your fuel filter is clogged; it does not need to be replaced. If this does not help, then you need to check the quality of the fuel mixture and not prepare a new one.

The saw stops working when increasing speed

Localization of problem areas:

Filters are often clogged, especially when the chainsaw runs almost daily. Of course, disconnect the air filter and do not wash it under a stream of warm water. Dry thoroughly before sticking to the area.

If, after disconnecting the fuel hose from the carburetor with its use, no liquid escapes, then it has clogged. Of course, clean it, or replace it with a new one.

With frequent use of the tool, a gasoline pump may fail. The chainsaw stalls when you press the gas: what to do. Each item has its own expiration date. It should be replaced or contact a service center.

The saw turns off when turning

Horizontally, the fuel tube is at the bottom of the tank, if you tilt the tool, the fuel will not be able to completely cover it. This is the reason that the chainsaw stops working when tilted, since the tube levitates in the air and does not reach it the right amount of mixture.

Hot issues

If you notice that the chainsaw starts without effort without warming up, and after warming up stalls. Husqvarna 137 stalls when the Husqvarna 240 chainsaw is pressed: when gas is added. Do not start it until it cools, then here, you have several problems.

That’s all, somewhere, of course, you have a suction hose, an oil seal as it is also called gaskets. If, inspect the muffler for carbon deposits. The chainsaw stalls when you press the gas. The third reason is the cylinder-piston group (CPG), whether there are burrs there as it is also called irregularities.

When carburetor adjustment is required. An additional important cause of the malfunction is the ignition coil. Why does the lawn mowing or lawn mowing stall when you press the gas, at idle, when heating, and other causes of malfunctions of the gas trimmer. In cases where a similar oil burns out, the spark is lost, as it is also called, it becomes very weak, which is not enough to ignite the fuel mixture.

There are cases when the master is trying hard the engine, then cold, then hot, thereby pumping fuel. Here you need to pull yourself together, transfer the flap to the “hot start”, do not gradually start the tool. In this case, we turn down the speed to an almost idle level of not 40-45 seconds, like oil warms up.

Saw stalls after letting go of the “gas”

Here you need to adjust the carburetor to check if there is a powerful air leak.

The most common cases of chainsaw breakdowns we have already seen. It only remains to eat up that your saw will last without breakdowns. But sturdy models like Stihl have no Partner to fail.

Do not rush to immediately run into service center, First, take my advice, so you will avoid the high cost of money.

If the article seemed interesting. Share tips with friends through social networks. I say goodbye to you. Good luck not until new meetings in the blog!

Husqvarna 137 Stalls When Pressed On Gas

Why does a gasoline saw go out when I press on the gas: reasons and solutions

Often owners of chainsaws have to deal with their breakdown, and no matter what model of this type of equipment, because the nature of the failures is almost the same for everyone. Well, this chainsaw has stalled and what’s next? Sure, you can include the equipment in specialized services that will repair your “iron friend” for a fee. But as they say: why pay more?

In the end, you can personally disassemble the tool and repair it, since the breakdown can be insignificant, and for this you will have to pay a lot. But, of course, in order to bring the instrument back to life, you must be able to understand the reasons for its failure and how to eliminate it. So let’s learn! In this article you can find answers to questions about situations when the tool just throws after a direct touch of gas. So let’s get started.

The main elements of a chainsaw

Before we begin to sort out the problems with the breakdown and repair tools, let’s first find out what the chain came from. First of all, I would like to note that this tool belongs to the category of equipment, the operation of which directly depends on the internal combustion engine.

It is also important that Chainsaws equipped with a single cylinder engine, and whose work is done on fuels such as gasoline. It is worth noting that, despite the similarities with other tools, it does not have a gearbox. And it is replaced by a kind of chain single-stage gearbox through which the chain itself (saw) is moving.

In fact, a chainsaw is a fairly simple design, but this does not prevent it from being reliable, practical and able to fully provide immediate continuous and cyclic operation even in rather difficult conditions. This tool consists of a huge range of certain “vital” elements for proper and productive work. This carburetor, a device for direct chain tension, a tire equipped with a chain and other elements.

Before buying a chainsaw, be sure to study all the options and select the appropriate brand of chainsaw.

To simplify your choice, we have made a chainsaw rating for you for reliability.

If you have a limited budget, read the article on Russian chainsaw manufacturers.

Typical and possible causes of failure. Do it yourself

Chainsaws are a fairly reliable and simple design. Therefore, if you take good care of them and deal with them based on the recommendations of the manufacturer, then they fail, very rarely, and quite quickly, various types of failures are eliminated. But if you are faced with such a situation and want to repair your tool yourself, without resorting to professionals, check out the information presented below.

In fact, it is impossible to unambiguously and accurately determine the reason why the tool does not start or stalls when you press the gas, as many factors influence it. But do not forget that starting with the fact that the chainsaw is equipped with a simple two-stroke engine, conditions such as lubrication, fuel, spark and air are important for its effective operation.

Therefore, the carburetor is directly involved in the preparation of the fuel-air mixture, the filter cleans the air of dust, the ignition and spark plug create a spark, and the lubricant in gasoline.

Therefore, it is necessary to look for the causes of this kind of breakdown in a sequential order, starting with simple ones and gradually moving to complex ones. And this is an important factor in proper repair, since a person who, without taking this into account, begins to analyze the carburetor, puts it at risk. Since this kind The device must be repaired or adjusted directly in special workshops (read about carb setting).

    The important fact is that for trouble-free operation of the device, it is necessary to directly process the fuel. Because if such a mixture is not cooked correctly, most chainsaws simply will not start. Consequently, not every owner will guess the reason for the refusal of fuel. Therefore, in order for your tool to always work correctly, you need to use exclusively high-quality gasoline for the mixture.

Chainsaws stop when you press the gas. We adjust the carburetor. Chainsaws when you press the gas

The discusses a fairly common chainsaw malfunction and a method for setting 100% carburetor. How is this done.

Husqvarna.Poho works, bangs. An interesting case

Chainsaw Repair Husqvarna.Bad job,stalls.Interesting case.

And just use the oil that is made by the manufacturer of your tool. In addition, it is important to prepare this type of mixture in an amount that you use for one or two weeks, but no more (see the Proportion of gasoline and chainsaw oil).

Since otherwise the excess content of the mixture directly in the canister will lead to the fact that it will lose all its octane properties, and this will lead to significant problems with the tool.

In addition, the cause of the violation may be a direct filling the candle mixture during the operation of the mechanism

Do not forget that, having studied the candle, you can get important information about the breakdown of the chainsaw. Since if its surface is dry, the reason for this is a cylinder that does not directly supply fuel. That is why you should step by step check the whole range of your ideas. If the candle is in black carbon, this means that the carburetor is not working properly, that is, it delivers a lot of fuel or pours oil directly into gasoline.

  • If the chainsaw stops when gas is added, it means that insufficient fuel supply for full operation of the chainsaw. This can be caused by clogging of the carburetor (its stream) and contamination of the filter itself (fuel). Remember that the first node should be checked exclusively by professionals, but you can clean the second.
  • In addition, the cause of the breakdown may be filter (air) if it is contaminated with dust. But do not forget that each model has its own easily removable and characteristic features. For this reason, do not rush to disassemble and repair the tool, but it is best to “go” through the forums, where a large number of links are given by different owners, so as not to aggravate the situation.
  • As, for example, a chainsaw calms down when you press the gas for a simple reason, namely a simple clogging of a direct respite.

    To solve this problem, all you have to do is remove the hose (fuel) from the carburetor and pay attention to whether fuel flows out of it. Since, if the mixture flows with a full stream, this means that the septum is not dirty, and if on the contrary, the cause of the breakdown.

  • Here’s another reason why the chainsaw nods when you press the gas. Muffler. It is this part that can interfere with the full operation of the tool in those cases when it is contaminated directly with exhaust resinous sediments. To do this, you just need to clean it.
  • Quite often Partner chainsaw snuggles, and the reason for this piston cylinder group. Since by inspecting them, namely the piston and cylinder, it is easy to determine the cause of the malfunction of the tool directly by replacing it. You can also do a direct drilling of the cylinder itself relative to the dimensions of the new piston. Pistol gun
  • But if after inspection you find that the piston and cylinder are not damaged, in this case the cause can be covered directly in the rings (piston). For this type of inspection, it is necessary to insert the piston into the cylinder and carefully fit it with a connecting rod. If you suddenly feel a backlash, then the rings need to be replaced, as they are already worn out.

    Many people ask themselves: why does a chainsaw fall when I press gas? The answer can also be found in insufficient chain lubrication (see chain saw oil), as the oil line may leak or the direct channels may simply be clogged. This is why pay attention to the chain, because if it is dry, do not delay cleaning the channels that are involved in the oil supply directly to the tool bar. After that, carefully check the parts where the oil pump connections to the pipes are connected. But if you notice that the oil in the joints is leaking or there are cracks in the pipes themselves, then in the first case, seal the leak points with a sealant, and the pipes must be replaced.

    Additional tips

    The first thing you should remember when buying such a tool is that some parts of the saw must be replaced with new ones after the end of their service life (passport). For this reason, the instruction should always be at your fingertips, as it is described in detail here.

    Such details include: asterisk (drive), bus, part of the system (anti-vibration), as well as a chain. Since we must not forget that if this “filling” is not changed to a new one at the right time, then these worn parts will negatively affect the rest of the chainsaw. It is for this reason that you often check the depth of the immediate development of teeth. Remember that it should not be higher than 0.5 mm.

    To summarize.

    Of course, every thing we bought has an expiration date, and sooner or later it breaks and how insulting it becomes when its degree of destruction is so great that it cannot be restored. But you will agree that often we just neglect the technology, and when it stops working, we try to find opportunities to eliminate failures by accessing a huge number of services.

    But remember that even if the technology breaks down, but we can extend our “life”,. All you need to do is just keep an eye on it and keep your spare parts clean and tidy. And then, undoubtedly, it will continue for many more years. Equally important is the use of exclusively high-quality spare parts and “additives” (see. Nozzles for chainsaws). Then your equipment will run smoothly, and you just forget what repair is.

    We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Stil ms 180 chainsaw.

    Why the chainsaw stalls when gas is supplied,, Husqvarna 240 does not develop speed

    What to do if a chainsaw stalls? Many owners of chainsaws know the most weak points of their tool, however, a situation may arise when the cause could not be found right away.

    Also, this manual will be useful to those who have recently purchased a chainsaw.

    So, the chainsaw stalled. The reasons can be quite a lot, because although it’s not a saw and a Formula 1 car, it is a technical device. Here, the main condition for a successful repair will be an accurate diagnosis of the malfunction.

    Do not immediately start disassembling the chainsaw, first you need to check the simplest possible causes of the malfunction. Consider the sample steps to verify the possible cause of the malfunction.

    Check fuel mixture. Firstly, it must be prepared according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and using quality components. Secondly, run the tank completely or empty the fuel mixture before long downtime or conservation between seasons. Read more about fuel here: Gasoline for a chainsaw: which one to pour Gasoline for a chainsaw: which one to pour?

    Clean the air filter or change it.

    Check out the candle. There may also be several subitems. The first step is to unscrew the chainsaw candle and check if it was flooded during launch attempts. Especially often this occurs when a chainsaw is started by inexperienced users who do not follow the sequence to start the saw in the cold. In this case, you need to dry the candle or screw in a new one and try again according to the instructions. The tip of the candle may fail.

    What should I do if a chainsaw dies when I press the gas?

    You can check this by unscrewing the candle and inserting it into the tip, put it on the block and pull the starter cord a couple of times. If there is a spark, then the candle and other electrics are in order.

    Another step in checking a candle is to check the clearance on the candle and for carbon deposits. See the manufacturer’s recommendations for clearance. As a rule, this is from 0.5 to 0.65 mm.

    Carbon from a candle is cleaned with fine-grained emery paper or a metal brush.

    If the chainsaw stalls when you press the gas, then the fuel does not flow in the proper amount. This serves as the basis for checking the fuel filter.

    Also, in this case, the cause may be an incorrectly configured carburetor. About setting the carburetor, read here: Setting the carburetor

    Another cause of unstable operation of the chainsaw may be a muffler clogged with soot. We remove the muffler and wash it using SMS, after it dries, set it back.

    If the chainsaw stalls when you press the gas, then the reason may also be: oil seals on the crankshaft (suck in air), a spacer between the carburetor and the cylinder.

    A very unpleasant reason for the poor performance of the saw may be the failure of the piston group. This can happen if the fuel mixture was improperly prepared and the saw was overheated. In this case, the replacement of expensive parts is necessary. Therefore, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations!

    Here are perhaps the main reasons why a chainsaw can stall. In case these recommendations did not help you, then describe the symptoms in the comments. We will help!

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    Vasil Tkachuk: There is still an accelerator in McCulk cs340

    Kostyantin and Petro Oleshki: Hello masters! Please tell me, in carburetors with access to the primer, a non-return valve common for idle nozzles and the main nozzle (i.E., cameras are arranged in series) or only for idle nozzles (cameras are parallel)? Thanks.

    Potemkin Hedrey: I’ll throw a candle at 135 hunskvarne. I unscrewed the jerk for the starter from the cylinder gasoline flies in a stream help advice in advance thank you very much

    Sasha Samodelkin: help me please ! Send in an ordinary envelope such a rubber band to the village of Yelan in the Volgograd region! I’ll put the phone on the account. We don’t have such

    Cho’gall: What at the beginning, that at the end the primer is pumped the same way, only at the beginning the bubbles disappeared for a long time

    Cho’gall: I changed the stuffing box bearings and the inlet hose. At first the full revolutions go smoothly, and when it gets very hot, they start to swim, 11500-13000. The piston has mechanical narrow scratches on both sides (they did not change the filter). And the owner disappeared somewhere

    Vladimir Nekrylov: I have 236 with such a carburetor I’ve washed everything, but they’ll fill the pear badly and it starts to work, it dies and everything and then it fills the candle and the piston does not start, I looked through the exhaust there are a couple of strips and everything seems to be

    Vova bereznev: I bought these rubber bands in auto parts for foreign cars, like relatives.

    Tiller World: And if you close the hole tightly accelerator, as in the case of a calm, will a chainsaw work?

    Oleg Surkov: one fig is sucking air in a pipette did everything as in the one dick

    Victor waders: sos.Wound up and immediately scream. 2-3 seconds. And stalls. Disassembled carb fuel does not pass under the needle valve. Purge did not give results. What should I do? 240

    Aydar Muratov: I have the same saw. Husqvarna 240 worked without an air cleaner (with a rag) and not a native primer, disassembled the carburetor, thought it was cleaned, assembled
    with a new primer cut the gasket between the carburetor and the collector does not start, with its gasket breaks
    Anna was gaining momentum and the gloh worked only on the suction help that there you can clean change ?!

    So Sokich: in general, the gum came from the carburetor of the VAZ 2108. But the saw did not work better!

    So Sokich: all is well only the ring size is not said and not written. And I think it probably should be persistent gas oil. A bunch of them from pneumatic tools, I will hold in gasoline and see if they are suitable.

    When you press the gas, the chainsaw stalls

    Ring size what?

    Oleg Shevchenko: similar crap on 181 calm, the whole brain broke with this primer

    Evgeny radaykin: tell me what can be. The homelite sang 4518 the problem is that the singing does not start, the candle is sparking there is a carburetor set a new one but worked for a week without power and stopped starting.

    Evgeny radaykin: guys, the question is, Huzqvarna 240 pump gasoline into the carburetor, it starts and works while there is gasoline in the carburetor and then it dies. Whether to put a plug in place of the valves. And then the cuff is unrealistic to find. Or which carburetor can be selected single-chamber.

    Roman Romanovich: need rubber rings for 236 chainsaw can not find

    Andrey Kuzmin: I almost did not buy the diaphragm of the float chamber because of these bubbles. Well done. Tomorrow I will sort carburets !! The benefit of gum oil benzo resistant wagon !!

    The reason for the absence of a spark can also be a faulty ignition module or a violation of the gap between it and the flywheel magnetic circuit. It should be 0.2 mm. Violation of the gap becomes especially likely if before that the saw was disassembled with the removal of the flywheel and the ignition module. The clearance is set using a 0.2 mm thick gasket placed between the flywheel boss and the ignition module. Defective ignition module must be replaced.

    Having checked the ignition system in this way and not having detected a malfunction, we can proceed to the fuel mixture supply system.

    Fuel supply system. If inspection of the spark plugs found that fuel does not enter the cylinder, you need to consider all the possible reasons for this. It could be:

    Non-receipt of fuel from the tank due to a clogged hole in its cap (breather), while a vacuum is created in the tank that prevents fuel from flowing out; contamination of the fuel filter installed in the tank; not receipt or insufficient supply of fuel mixture from the carburetor to the cylinder. To diagnose the first two reasons, it is enough to disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor and see if fuel flows out of it or not. If it flows in full stream, the breather and filter can not be checked, if it does not flow or flows weakly, we can assume that the cause of the malfunction is found. The breather is cleaned with a needle.

    Chainsaw is not gaining momentum: a review of the causes and DIY repair

    The fuel filter is removed through the filler hole of the empty fuel tank with a wire hook, together with a suction hose, from which the filter is disconnected and cleaned or replaced with a new one. Chainsaw manufacturers recommend changing the fuel filter every 3 months.

    An insufficient supply of the fuel mixture from the carburetor to the cylinder or a violation of the correct ratio between the fuel and air mixed in the carburetor can occur for several reasons: due to clogging of the air filter, unregulated carburetor, clogging of its channels or mesh filter.

    As a rule, repair of chainsaws is not complete without cleaning the air filter, since it is contaminated

    Pretty fast. When this happens, air intake to the carburetor decreases, the fuel mixture at the outlet of it turns out to be too enriched, which disrupts the normal operation of the engine. It is necessary to remove the dirty filter for cleaning carefully so that dirt from it does not get into the carburetor. The filter should be cleaned or washed in water with some detergent, dried and installed again.

    Carburetor misregistration is eliminated by its adjustment. Usually this is done with three screws. Maximum and minimum speed and idle screw. Adjustment must be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions, non-observance of which can lead to engine damage. Some manufacturers of saws leave only one adjustment screw (idle speed). In order to exclude unwanted interference of inexperienced users in the operation of the carburetor. For an example of adjusting the carburetor of a chainsaw, see the article Working with a chainsaw.

    If the carburetor adjustment did not help, you need to clean its channels and filter mesh, and at the same time check the integrity of the membrane. The carburetor is one of the most complex chainsaw devices, therefore, it is necessary to start disassembling and cleaning it with a full understanding of the responsibility of this operation. It consists of many small parts that have the peculiarity of quietly popping out of their seats and irretrievably lost, so that, having disassembled this capricious device, you can not assemble it.

    A chainsaw has long been not a luxury, but a necessary tool for anyone who has at least some suburban area. With its help, you can carry out gardening, harvesting firewood, finalizing lumber and much more. There are a lot of chainsaw models on sale, differing in both power and overall quality of performance. You can verify this here. E-katalog.Ru.

    However, any technique can be moody, and chainsaws are no exception. Consider the most common problems.

    The tool stalls immediately after starting

    One possible reason is lack of fuel. Check the amount of fuel in the gas tank, and add if necessary. In this case, you should strictly follow the recommendations of the instructions, especially regarding the quality of gasoline and oil.

    The chainsaw stalls or does not start when you press the gas: the main causes and methods of eliminating them

    We often ignore such subtleties, refueling the saw as necessary, which causes accelerated engine wear and leads to failures.

    Also, the saw may stall due to deterioration of the contact of the spark plug with the high-voltage wire. This can be caused by mechanical shear or carbon deposits. Sometimes it is recommended to periodically replace the candle with a new one, even if the old one did not show any problems in operation.

    A chainsaw can work normally, being in a straight horizontal position, but stalls with lateral inclinations. As a rule, this is also associated with a shortage of fuel: the fuel pipe rises when tilted, and if there is little fuel, it rises above the fuel level.

    Chainsaw idles

    Firstly, it is recommended to check the muffler, as its pollution can lead to deterioration of the exhaust gas output, because of which the engine stops.

    If cleaning the muffler did not solve the problem, and the engine of your saw is carbureted, then you can try to configure it. Most engine models have coarse and fine adjustment bolts (H and L, respectively). By increasing their speed the engine can eliminate the problem. Keep in mind that adjusting the carburetor is a rather delicate process that requires the use of a tachometer.

    Engine does not withstand loads

    If the chainsaw stops just in the middle of a particularly thick log, then the problem can be caused by malfunctions in the fuel supply system or problems with the air filter. The engine simply does not receive enough combustible mixture to work with a heavy load, and stops.

    The usual solutions to these problems are replacing the fuel in strict accordance with the recommendations in the instructions (we already talked about this) and cleaning (replacing) the air filter.

    Chainsaw stalls with increasing speed

    The reasons for this phenomenon are similar to the previous ones: either the problem is in the fuel system or in the air filter. Try to disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor. If gasoline does not flow well (but you know for sure that there is fuel in the tank), then the reason is in the gasoline filter. You can, at the same time, check the fuel pump. Fuel should not leak through it. If this happens, then it is advisable to replace the pump.