Husqvarna 240 Stalls When Pressing Gas

Hello! If you are on this page, then, most likely, your chainsaw stalls when you press the gas, and you want to know what it is happening with and what to do about it. Well, I’ll try to help you in this problem by analyzing the most common causes of such a misfortune, as well as methods for eliminating them.

To begin with, I’ll immediately write for novice users that many chainsaws require an engine to warm up at idle for about one minute before operation. Until the engine warms up, the saw may stall when gas is added.

So, if a heated chainsaw can idle, but stalls when loaded, then this means that:

  • Incorrectly tuned or clogged carburetor. The most common case;
  • It lacks air, the consumption of which increases sharply with increasing revolutions. This means that the air filter is dirty (a rare case, since the filter is dirty gradually, so the user first notice a loss of power);
  • She lacks fuel, the consumption of which also increases with increasing speed. This means that the fuel filter is dirty (also an infrequent case);
  • Well, and the most unpleasant case, if there is excessive friction between the piston and the cylinder wall due to a lack of oil in the fuel mixture. After this operation of the chainsaw, you will most likely fly into repair of the piston group, because on the piston and cylinder walls there are seizures that prevent the work of the saw.

We will analyze these cases separately.

Not enough oil in the fuel mixture

First, we will analyze the most unpleasant case. Why? Because before doing manipulations with the filters it is better to make sure that your oil and gasoline are mixed in the correct ratio.

Here, however, it is worth noting that if your saw has already been started many times (for example, about ten times), but it continues to start, and then stalls again with an increase in speed, then everything is apparently in order with the fuel. Otherwise, it would have simply stopped starting up at all.

But still, I recommend immediately dispelling the slightest doubt about the quality of the fuel, as soon as the saw you stalled when you set speed for the first time. Because, if the reason is in fuel, then, as already mentioned above, you can get into expensive repairs. And so, it can still do. To dispel doubts is to drain the old fuel from the tank and pour freshly prepared, in which the oil and gasoline are mixed in the correct proportion.

The correct ratio is best seen in the instructions for the saw. If you have lost it, then look at the ratio on the package of oil. Usually it is 1:50 or 1:40. If the oil is “non-native” (well, for example, Stihl will also have little Stihl for the Stihl chainsaws), then I recommend using a ratio of 1:40, even if 1:50 is written on the package with the oil.

For an accurate dosage, I personally use a medical syringe and a measuring container in which one liter of gasoline can be clearly measured. I pour a liter of gasoline into a container, fill in a syringe with 25 (at 1:40) or 20 (at 1:50) cubes of oil and add it to gasoline.

After preparing a new mixture, merge the previous mixture from the tank, in which we are unsure, and fill in the freshly prepared one.

Now that you’ve done everything to dispel any doubts about the quality of the fuel, we proceed to further steps.

As I wrote above, with a lack of oil on the piston and cylinder walls, seizures can form. And almost always form. If you are lucky and there are no badasses, then with a new fuel mixture prepared in the correct ratio, the chainsaw should start working normally.

If teasing has appeared, then the saw may start and stall several more times, after which it will cease to start at all. In this situation, I sympathize with you, since, most likely, now you will need to make a replacement piston group, which will cost a lot of money.

If the saw, as before, starts and stalls at high speeds, then we carry out manipulations with the filters.

Air filter is dirty

Making sure the air filter is dirty is pretty easy. You just need to remove it and start a chainsaw without it. If the saw is working properly, it means the matter is in it and it just needs to be changed or washed, depending on its type. And do not be afraid that the chainsaw will work for some time without dust protection. If there is no dust cloud around you, then everything is in order.

So, remove the air filter. To do this, you need to remove the cover from the upper back of the chainsaw, which can be fastened either with screws, or simply with some kind of lock, which you just need to turn or snap off.

If the saw is working properly after removing the filter after starting, it means that it is dirty.

The air filter is either felt or nylon. The first resembles cotton wool or synthetic winterizer, and the second looks like a fine mesh of nylon threads stretched on a plastic case. Felt need to be replaced with a new one, but nylon can simply be washed in soapy water, dried and put in place.

Husqvarna 240 Stalls When Pressing Gas

Nylon filter

Felt filter

Well, then we calmly use a chainsaw.

Fuel filter is dirty

If the option with an air filter does not suit you, then try to change the fuel. It is located in the gas tank and is attached to a hose through which fuel is taken from the tank.

This hose must be gently pry off with something and remove from the gas tank its edge, on which the filter is fixed. Here, the option of working without a filter, as in the case of air, is better not to use, since you cannot know for sure whether there are any unnecessary impurities in the fuel.

Fuel filter

So just change the fuel filter to a new one and try to work. If everything is fine, then congratulations. You have found a reason.

Carburetor Cleaning and Tuning

If all of the above did not help, then, apparently, tuning or cleaning the carburetor is required. It is not recommended to do these procedures on your own, since most often such attempts still end with a trip to the service. So it’s better to immediately go there and not disassemble anything yourself. But if you still want to dig deeper into it yourself, then it’s best to watch a that shows how experts do it:

On this I will end. Thank you for attention! Read other articles on this site! See you soon!