Husqvarna Gasoline Trimmer 128r Gas Consumption

The Swedish manufacturer of quality gardening equipment, Husqvarna, is one of the most famous and oldest in Europe. It is known that the company was created in a small Swedish city in 1689 with the aim of developing and producing weapons for soldiers. In this direction, she worked until 1970, and after her profile was completely changed.

Today, she focuses on building materials and garden equipment with a high level of productivity. The range also consists of diamond tools, which are excellent for high-quality processing of stones.

Not so long ago, the Husqvarna brand was not very popular, but the introduction of innovative technologies into production allowed us to move to a new level and turn the manufactured equipment into one of the best in Europe. Among a rather extensive assortment, it was Husqvarna gas trimmers that began to enjoy special demand, brief reviews of which will be presented below.

Husqvarna 545RX gas trimmer

Husqvarna Gasoline Trimmer 128r Gas Consumption

Lawn mowing is characterized by improved maneuverability, it is designed for professional use, as it has increased mechanical and motor resources. It is great not only for mowing soft (young) grass, but also for cutting more durable shrubbery.

Husqvarna 545RX can work for quite a while without the need for refueling and process sections up to 45 cm wide (fishing line) and 30 cm wide (cutters). A two-stroke gasoline engine (2.8 hp) guarantees high-quality performance of basic tasks.


  • Power. 2100 W;
  • Cutting system. Rotary plan;
  • Weight. 8.7 kg;
  • Head. Branded Tap&Go;
  • Noise. 101 dB.

Thanks to the special X-Torq technology, the toxicity of the exhaust is drastically reduced. The Husqvarna motor is also equipped with dampers that absorb vibration favorably. Special bicycle handles simplify the operation of the unit as much as possible.

For the technique, a special fuel-oil mixture is used, which is prepared with Husqvarna HP oil and AI-92 gasoline (50: 1). The straight bar is made of a durable alloy that will not break even under severe loads, and the cutting head will allow you to get to the most distant places that need to be cut vegetation.

Lawn mower Husqvarna 535RX

The Husqvarna 535RX is renowned for its versatility and fairly impressive performance. It is designed for long-term operation without pauses and is equipped with an engine capacity of 35 cubic meters. Cm.


  • Rod length. 1.48 m;
  • Power. 1.6 kW;
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 0.6 l;
  • Interelectrode gap. 0.5 mm;
  • Gearbox angle. 35 °.

The Husqvarna protection casing allows you to easily work with both the grass disc and the trimmer head.

The features of the model include:

  • X-Torq. The innovative engine allows the owner of the unit to save about 30% of fuel and reduce the amount of harmful emissions by 75%;
  • Balance 35. The specified belt equipment surprises with its ergonomics, it distributes the load between the back, arms and shoulders;
  • Fuel priming pump. With its help, the engine starts in just a few seconds;
  • Auto reset ignition switch. Turning off the Husqvarna motor is accompanied by the return of the button to the start position;
  • Lowvib Unique anti-vibration system reduces the load on the hands and arms in general;
  • Gearbox optimized plan. The increased torque guarantees high-quality cutting of plants and competent work parallel to the ground;
  • Adjustable grip. The specified part can be fully adapted to your own wishes;
  • Protection plate. The part protects the Husqvarna motor from the ingress of excess elements or from the negative effects of moisture.

The engine can reach a maximum speed of 8400 rpm. In the process, the T35 M12 trimmer head is used. You can get acquainted with the features of spare parts thanks to the diagram below.

Carburetor and air filter

An excellent assistant in mastering the operational aspects of the Husqvarna product will be the instruction presented on our website.

Lawn mower Husqvarna 327RX

The lightweight Husqvarna device does an excellent job of cutting grass in all conditions, which is why it is often used by public utilities to clean parks, the city and gardens. The unit is incredible endurance.


  • Rod length. 1.48 m;
  • Engine capacity. 24.5 cubic meters. Cm;
  • Spark Plug. Champion RCJ6Y;
  • Engine power. 1.2 liters. With.

Thanks to the installation of a fuel priming pump, it may take just a few seconds to start the engine. The housing of the Husqvarna unit is made of heavy-duty material, which is not amenable to the negative influence of various weather factors.

Gasoline lawn mower Husqvarna 323R

Even girls and schoolchildren will like the Husqvarna model, because the light weight and significant power of the device will allow you to quickly and effortlessly clean the area from excess vegetation or trim the lawn. The unit is considered professional, but is often used by private owners who prefer comfort and excellent quality.

The mower is characterized not only by its small weight, but also by a transparent fuel tank, thanks to which you do not have to constantly remove the cover and check the gasoline level. The combined protective casing will allow the operator to competently protect against grass and dangerous objects getting on his clothes.


  • Weight. 4.5 kg;
  • Engine power. 1.2 liters. With.;
  • Noise. 90 dB;
  • Type of ICE. Push-pull;
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 0.5 l.

Modern belt equipment DuoBalance 35 will allow you to work with the gas device for more than one hour without a feeling of fatigue. The bicycle handle and the presence of special vibration-absorbing elements on the Husqvarna handles are also positively displayed on the operational characteristics of the model.

Gas Spit Husqvarna 224L

The Husqvarna model is equipped with a direct bar of increased rigidity. Features include the installation of a four-stroke engine running on clean gasoline. That is, for correct operation, you do not need to mix oil and fuel.

The unit has all the branded “buns” of the brand, therefore it is known for its reduced level of harmful emissions, quick start-up, semi-automatic supply of fishing line and durable materials that guarantee a long working life. A power of 0.8 kW is enough to put in order even the most abandoned area.


  • Fuel consumption. 510 g / kWh;
  • The working volume of the cylinder is 25 cm;
  • Type of shaft. Hard;
  • Cord length. 2 mm;
  • Weight. 5.1 kg.

Husqvarna cutting elements will be able to cope even with large and slightly dried weeds, and a rod with a length of 1483 mm will allow you to reach even the most inaccessible places.

Husqvarna 133 R gas trimmer

The device is suitable for daily use in high-intensity environments. It is quite lightweight and has a robust design that does not allow internal elements to overheat even after hours of operation.

The Husqvarna mower is complemented by a durable casing, which not only allows a person to keep their clothes relatively clean, but also protect them from accidentally getting different objects on the cutting element. The fuel priming pump speeds up the start-up process.

The design features and the specifics of the repair work can be dealt with quite simply. The operating instructions presented on our portal will help with this.

Husqvarna 128R trimmer

For home use, the Husqvarna 128R is just perfect, because the existing flexible shaft is highly durable, and the primer and auxiliary starter spring will allow you to quickly and easily start the unit.

The model is complemented by a well-known to many belt equipment on two shoulders, thanks to which the load on the back is distributed. After pressing and stopping the machine, the ignition switch returns to its original position, preparing the “basis” for the next start.


  • Weight. 5 kg;
  • The capacity of the tank with gasoline is 0.4 l;
  • Engine capacity. 28 cubic meters. Cm;
  • Power. 1.1 liters. With.;
  • The cutting system is a knife / fishing line.

The Champion RCJ6Y quality spark plug is considered one of the best among modern Husqvarna trimmers, and gasoline consumption does not exceed 507 g / kWh, which is an excellent indicator of savings.

Husqvarna Scythe 125R

Swedish brand lawnmower runs on gasoline. This type of technique is famous for its mobility, power and endurance. Naturally, the Husqvarna 125R was no exception, because an engine containing 1.1 liters. With. Will qualitatively clean the territory of the average area from excess thickets.


  • Engine. Internal combustion, 28 cm3;
  • Barbell. Straight;
  • Case. Steel;
  • Fuel pump. Present;
  • The handle is asymmetric double.

Husqvarna weighs only 5 kg, so there will be no problems with carrying, and specially designed belts will reduce tension on the arms and shoulders, getting a lot of pleasure from working with the machine. As a cutting part, both fishing line (for soft vegetation) and knives (for dry bushes and old stems) can be used

Despite the fact that all the models discussed above operate on gasoline, Husqvarna electric trimmers, which are environmentally friendly, even more light, low noise and affordable cost, are also quite popular among fans of the brand’s equipment. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages, which are determined by each person individually.