Husqvarna Lawnmower Oil Change

The lawn mower is irreplaceable for those who have lawns or beds with constantly growing weeds. Of course, the choice of these units is very wide, but some of them are time-tested brands, for example, Makita. The devices of this company are characterized by high performance and excellent quality. However, even with all this in mind, mowers need proper care. Do not forget about periodic adjustments, oil changes and other points of maintenance, and then the service life of the tool will increase significantly.


The Makita brand came from Japan, and its activities began back in 1915. Since then, the company has produced many tools and equipment, including lawn mowers. Each brand product is characterized by ergonomics, simple and convenient design, high productivity.

Husqvarna Lawnmower Oil Change

All mowers are approximately arranged as follows. A cutting device with a drive is installed on the platform, as well as a bag where the mowed grass will be collected. There are models where, instead of a bag, a chopper and sprayer of grass pieces are installed. Push the mower, usually with a special handle. Makita also produces self-propelled lawn mowers with a seat.

Lawn mowers of this brand differ in power, grass capture strip, knives, wheel parameters, grass collector. The cost of the tool depends entirely on its equipment, the better it is and the price will be higher. Electric models are the cheapest, while gasoline-powered models are the most expensive.

Makita tools are characterized by a long service life and ease of operation. In the instruction manual, all the necessary points are perfectly described. At the same time, lawn mowers are aesthetically attractive and small in size, which is convenient for storage. The use of special substances for the processing of component parts of the units provides corrosion resistance.


Among the mowers under the Makita brand, everyone can choose the most suitable model for themselves. Given the different operating conditions, you can choose from the following varieties of lawn mowers.

Electric, mains powered

Their main disadvantage is the dependence on the location of the network and, as a result, low mobility. Of the advantages, it can be noted small size and weight, environmental friendliness, noiselessness. Great for mowing grass on small lawns. It is important that the cable does not tuck under the cutting device during operation.

Electric with battery

Their popularity is low, but its growth is gradually noticeable. Such mowers work due to the lithium-ion battery, which is removable. The unit’s operating time is approximately 60 minutes. Among the advantages are light weight, mobility, ease of use. The cordless mower is great for mowing grass on lawns and weeds on beds.

Gas powered

In such devices, four-stroke engines are installed. They are characterized by high performance and endurance. Cope well with medium and large areas. However, the terrain must be taken into account, since if the angle of inclination is more than 30 °, then the engine cylinders will be filled with oil. This can lead to serious malfunctions. The following types of gasoline models are distinguished:

Mechanical, running without fuel

Their work is based on the fact that the cylindrical knife moves due to the drive from the wheels. However, for this, those who mow will have to make a lot of effort. The main advantage of the models is low cost.

The lineup

Makita electric lawn mowers on the official website of the company are presented with the model range ELM 3300, ELM 3310, ELM 3311, ELM 3700, ELM 3710, ELM 3711, ELM 3800, ELM 4100, ELM 4110, ELM 4600, ELM 4601, ELM 4610, ELM 4611, ELM 4612, ELM 4613. Mowers of the UM 3830, UM 4030 and UR 3000 series are also currently in production.

Ur 3000

This model attracted users a number of advantages. Among them is an extra handle that can be adjusted depending on height. The bar can extend up to 2.4 meters. The engine is located below, and its body and mowing head can move 180 °, like a trimmer. This allows you to mow grass even on the very edge of the plot.

The mowing head can be easily removed or installed without the need for additional tools. The line is fed semi-automatically. The mower cannot accidentally start up thanks to a special lock key. The coil has a metal tip that is resistant to wear. The power of the unit is 450 watts. The width of the mowed strip reaches 30 cm. The mass of the tool does not exceed 2.3 kg.

Elm 3711

This mower has an advanced housing design that allows grass mowing even at the fence or wall. A 35 liter grass catcher made of polyamide and polypropylene is easy to install. There is an indicator indicating the filling of the container with vegetation.

The cable is easy to connect and the engine turns on safely. The front wheels reach a diameter of 12.7 cm, and the rear. 17.8 cm. Such a mower is capable of processing a plot of up to 500 square meters. M. The handle is adjustable and folds comfortably. The tool body is made of polypropylene and is not afraid of direct sunlight.

Impeller optimization provided better ventilation and cooling of the motor. Due to its compact dimensions, the unit is convenient to store. Better mowing of the grass is achieved through three levels of mowing (from 2 to 5.5 cm). The knife is capable of capturing a strip width of up to 37 cm.

The model range of gasoline lawn mowers is currently presented at Makita PLM 4100/4101/4110 /, PLM 4600/4601/4602/4603/4610/4611/4612/4616/4617/4618/4620/4621/4622, PLM 5100/5101 / 5102/5112/5113/5114/5115/5120/5121. Of all this diversity, the PLM4621 model is most popular.


This mower features an updated steel casing design and an optional grass mulching function. The 60 liter grass collector is made of modern materials and is easy to install. Engine BRIGGS STRATTON provides a speed of 3.6 km / h. The unit is equipped with a function of self-propelled movement and a manual non-battery starter. The width of the mowing strip can reach 46 cm, and the height varies from 2 to 7.5 cm. The lawn mower can cope with grass on a plot of up to 1,400 square meters. M. The weight of the unit is 32.5 kg.

Terms of use

To ensure that the lawn is always pleasing with its pleasant appearance, the lawn mower should be used correctly. Before starting work, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the device of the unit, its technical characteristics, and safety requirements.

It is also better to look in advance at the manual and read how to prepare the tool for work, how to properly care for it. There are a number of points that owners should pay special attention to.

First start

Before starting the Makita for the first time, prepare it for use. Start by inspecting the tool to reveal its integrity. If everything is in order, then you can begin to check the availability of fuel for gasoline models. In case of absence, it must be filled.

Checking the oil level is performed for all models, including gasoline and electric. Over, it is desirable to use those types of oils that are given in the instructions. Next, you must definitely check whether the fasteners are tight. If necessary, they must be tightened. Contact on the spark plug also needs to be checked.

The operation of the mower begins with a break-in. This process is the operation of the unit, but only with small loads. It is necessary that all parts of the motor are run in. As a rule, running takes about 4-5 hours. Upon completion, it is important to drain the used oil and replace it with a new one.

Special attention deserves adjustment. It is carried out during the run-in, according to the recommendations contained in the instruction manual.

Change of oil

Oil for lawn mowers is very important, because thanks to it, the device is air-cooled. As a result, the engine can operate at very high speeds. In addition, due to the oil in winter, the mower parts are protected from the effects of negative factors.

Periodically, the oil must be changed, but when it is done exactly, the motor can tell, or rather, the state in which it is. On new lawn mowers or after replacing the engine, it is advisable to change the oil immediately after the break-in has been done. It is recommended to replace the fluid after 5-10 hours of engine operation. This will prevent various debris particles from accumulating inside the motor.

On engines that have already worked decently, oil is replaced after 25-45 hours of operation, that is, once every 2-3 months. It is worth noting that it is important to pay attention to the condition of the oil itself, and not just the working hours. For example, it’s time to fill in the liquid with a new one, if the old one has already turned black. If this is not done, then a motor breakdown may occur. Do-it-yourself step-by-step oil change in a lawn mower is as follows.

First drain the old oil.

Next, you need to turn the tool with the drain hole to the side so that the mining can all drain. It is advisable to prepare in advance a container where the old liquid will merge.

Then the unit returns to its normal position.

New oil is poured through the neck to the mark that is on the crankcase. The device is now ready for use again.

For different temperature conditions, it is recommended to use different oils. This is due to the fact that he has a different viscosity. For example, SAE-30 is suitable for warm days, 10W-30 for cool spring and autumn weather, and 5W-30 for winter time. Only when using the right oil will the mower serve for many years.


Maintenance of the mower is an important step. Each time after work, the tool must be cleaned of dirt and residues of grass, leaves or branches. Before proceeding with the maintenance of the unit, it is important to drain the engine oil. Otherwise, do not tilt the device.

It is worth knowing that grass collector may wear out over time. Therefore, you should periodically check its condition. As for the candles, they must be changed every 100 hours of operation. Each season, it is imperative that the parts are lubricated with oil, such as wheel bearings, cables, joints. After 25-30 hours of operation, clean the air filter. If it is evident that it has worn out, then you must immediately replace it with a new one.

The knife also needs attention. Indeed, over time, its sharpening may weaken. It should also be inspected from time to time for cracks or chips. Recommendations for servicing the engine are given in the instructions and may have nuances depending on the specific model.

Possible malfunctions

The instructions for lawn mowers, as a rule, describe possible malfunctions, as well as methods for eliminating them. If the engine running on gasoline does not start, then you need to start with a fuel check. Also in this case, you should check the level and quality of the oil. It will also be useful to inspect the spark plug and replace it if necessary. It happens that everything seems to be in order, perhaps just a candle needs to be tightened or it is worth inserting the ignition wire into a special mount.

In electric lawn mowers with the engine off, you need to start by checking the cable, or rather, its integrity. Then make sure that the electricity is supplied to the outlet. If the device is wireless, you need to check if the battery is charged. In the event that the power sags, it is first worth replacing the fuel. Often this happens due to poor fuel quality. Sometimes you just need to replace or clean the air filter.

If the engine does not turn on, then it is worth disassembling and inspecting the carburetor, as it clearly needs adjustment. If the fuel line becomes clogged, the engine may run unevenly. When the mower overheats, pay attention to the condition of the bearing and the oil level. In mechanical mowers, quite often the cause of the breakdown is garbage. It is enough to remove the wheel and clean everything that prevents the drive from moving normally.