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Trimmer instruction manual Articles about gardening equipment, Petrol. Huter GGT 1000S trimmer: description, features, operation. Despite the fact that lawn mowers differ in engine type: gasoline and.

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Petrol trimmer Bison, Operating Instructions for the ZTB-250 petrol trimmer (instructions); Operating Instructions; instructions for ept. 27, ept. 28 (hereinafter referred to as trimmers). With the gradual development of suburban construction, the popularity of trimmers. Compact lawn mowers, which are necessary for gardening, grass mowing and weed control. Is growing.This convenient device is very useful in caring for the site, as it can destroy excess vegetation in any amount, and protection against injuries and damage to the user will be able to guarantee the existence of several degrees of protection. The gas trimmer is essentially a compact lawn mower, operating with a gasoline engine, which has at the bottom of the device.

Mowing the grass is carried out using the working part, which is in the form of a fishing line, blade knife or other device. Besides gasoline, this device also requires motor oil to work. Among its advantages, it is easy to use, compact and light.

Next, we’ll talk about how to choose a gas trimmer and the main technical characteristics. Most often, using these devices, they mow ordinary grass that grows in each area in large quantities. These models are light in weight and have a two-stroke engine with a capacity of about 1 hp.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Most often, such trimmers have a flexible shaft and have a fairly compact size. Due to this, these devices provide high maneuverability, but their service life is quite short. The control keys are located on the bar, so to turn it off and on you have to reach for them, removing your hands from the handle. These trimmers are great for domestic needs, but when performing more serious tasks, they will not be able to help you.

Most often, these devices are equipped with such pleasant things as a mask and gloves. Such a trimmer can work without stopping for about 20-30 minutes, and then you need to take a short break to cool the engine. These trimmers have a reinforced engine, additional protection against contact with the working part and shoulder strap.

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Most often, these devices are equipped with such pleasant things as a mask and gloves. Such a trimmer can work without stopping for about 20-30 minutes, and then you need to take a short break to cool the engine. These trimmers have a reinforced engine, additional protection against contact with the working part and a shoulder strap. The power of such devices most often exceeds 3 hp, which leads to increased oil and fuel consumption. The working part uses not a nylon fishing line, but a screw knife, capable of not only mowing tr Wu, but also cut thick weeds and kusty.Nagruzka arms is significantly lower due to the presence of anti-vibration system, which helps protect them from over-voltage and other unpleasant sensations.

How to choose a trimmer, and most importantly, which gasoline or electric

The main disadvantage of such trimmers is the rather high price of the device. In addition, the motor requires increased attention, you should try not to overload the engine, since it may fail. It is advisable to clean the trimmer after each use, removing all traces of grass. Devices are an intermediate link between professional and household models.

Most often, these trimmers are equipped with engines with a power of about 1-3 hp.With it, you can not only mow unwanted grass, but also cut young weeds and thin bushes. The working part can have both a nylon fishing line and a three-blade knife.

Such devices are designed to care for a large area, but it is not suitable for professional work. At the same time, it is also necessary to take short breaks in the work, as with the use of household trimmers. The maintenance cost of such models is about the same as that of professional trimmers, but oil and fuel consumption is at an acceptable level, although they also need to be mixed in a certain proportion.

Trimmer carburetor adjustment

These are usually professional models that are adapted to perform serious tasks. They look almost indistinguishable from ordinary trimmers, but they can do very serious work. Cut young trees and thick bushes. This is made possible thanks to a powerful motor (more than 3 hp. ) and numerous nozzles, including a spool of polyamide thread and a metal knife. And the rest is almost an ordinary professional trimmer that has an anti-vibration system, control on the handle and shoulder girdle.

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But despite the large number of pluses, these devices have disadvantages. A very high price, rather expensive repairs and the need for periodic maintenance. These devices are suitable for the maintenance of large areas, and they can work for many hours without stopping.

To make the right choice of a gas trimmer, you need to clearly determine what you need it for: If you need a trimmer just for mowing the grass to maintain your lawn in good condition, then you better opt for a household model. A very large plot or you are going to do professional work, you will need either a lawn mowing machine with a powerful engine or a professional trimmer. If you have a limited budget, you can opt for three mmere, which costs much less than gasoline.

But if possible, be sure to purchase a professional trimmer that will work for a very long time and can be stored in almost any environment.

How to charge a fishing line into a trimmer. How to charge.

If the duration of your work with the lawn does not exceed a couple of hours a week, then you should choose a regular household trimmer, and if the work is typed for 3-4 hours a day, then you can not do without a professional device. To perform the most demanding and difficult tasks already a lawn mowing. The trimmer, which are household ones, has a rather small cost and low weight. It will be very difficult for a teenager or a woman to work with a lawn mowing or professional trimmer, as they create a strong vibration and have high power Tew.Instruction for running in gasoline trimmers Introductory instruction for running in gasoline trimmers.

(For the break-in of your model, use the manufacturer’s instructions) Before using any imported gasoline trimmer, a preliminary break-in is required. It is necessary, on the one hand, to extend the life of the gasoline engine. During the break-in phase, the moving parts must first be run into each other, i.E. K. In the drive mechanism there is an increased friction resistance. On the other hand, during the running-in, you can acquire the necessary skills for working with a gasoline trimmer.

Husqvarna Petrol Trimmer

This is especially important for those who are working with a gas trimmer for the first time. For working with a gas trimmer, use only branded oils when preparing the fuel mixture. The oil brands that can be used to prepare the fuel mixture are indicated in the instruction manual. Observe the correct proportions of oil and gasoline.

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The octane number of gasoline used must be at least 90 (except when specified in the operating instructions) in our country at least 95, otherwise the chainsaw’s service life decreases sharply, the operation of the saw is accompanied by overheating, unstable operation. Read the instructions carefully, those sections regarding starting a hot and a cold engine.

The principle of starting the engine in all gas trimmers is the same. Differences can only be in the arrangement of the saw controls (STOP button, choke lever). It is necessary to run in for 3-4 hours (cumulative operating time). It is forbidden to run the chainsaw for a long time in the mode idle move.

It is allowed to idle for no more than 15-20 minutes with periodic engine shutdown with an interval of 20-30 seconds. Then it is necessary to continue running in operating mode with a small load. This implies mowing “soft grass” with minimal effort from the operator. In 2.5 liters of AI-95 (we strongly recommend) add 100g. Mixing container preferably special plastic or aluminum, as Check and if necessary add grease to the lower gearbox, add periodically (1 time in 1-3 hours).9.

It is recommended that you periodically (about 1 time every six months) present the gas tool to a service center to carry out maintenance work and check the carburetor settings. We hope that the gas tool you purchased will serve you for many years and you will enjoy working with it. Similarly, in a nutshell (Use the manufacturer’s instructions to run your model around) Read the operating instructions. Rust is present in conventional cans, which may eventually build up in the carburetor and cause breakage (clogging).2. Mowing “soft grass” 5 minutes with an interval of 5-10 minutes. Break-in occurs with a total operating time of up to 3-4 hours. Check and, if necessary, add special grease to the lower gear. 3. In the instruction manual, the “factory” is painted for an ambient temperature of 10 20 gr. We recommend not to overheat the engine and lower gear, mowing time is not more than 10-15 minutes with a break of 15-20 minutes.

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