Husqvarna St 268 Ep Oil Change

Snowblowers are special machines designed to clean snow from track houses and platforms. Depending on the performance, power and size of the bucket, all snow blowers are conditionally divided into: home, amateur and professional.

A home snow blower is a device with a relatively small capacity, designed for domestic use. Easily copes with freshly fallen loose snow and slush. The following subclasses of country snow throwers are distinguished:

  • Electro shovel
  • Electric with a motor,
  • Single-mode gasoline.

An amateur snow blower differs from the previous type by the presence of some functional features:

  • Reverse,
  • Several modes of speeds of movement,
  • High performance
  • The ability to clear rammed snow,
  • Heated control knobs,
  • The possibility of autonomous launch and production of work on a large territory.

A professional snow blower is an advanced snow removal technique that allows you to perform the most difficult tasks of clearing snow and ice from huge areas of city squares, sports facilities and resorts thanks to its high power, the presence of heavy aggregates and special bunkers.

It differs in the ability to clean up the territory almost completely.

About company

The Swedish company Husqvarna is a world-famous product of industrial equipment for working in a summer cottage, in a garden and in a vegetable garden. It is considered one of the largest manufacturers of professional snow throwers.

With over 400 years of experience, Husqvarna’s products are unique, reliable and innovative.

Models and technical parameters of machines

The official website of the company presents various models of self-propelled gasoline and electric snow throwers.


Vibration indicator

Husqvarna St 268 Ep Oil Change

For more details, see the below:


St276. Ep

St. 261. E

Petrol 5524-ST

Gasoline self-propelled 8024STE

User’s manual

Snow blower device

The main structural elements of the Husqvarna snowplow are:

  • Engine.
  • Screw shovel.
  • Handles.
  • Snow thrower.
  • Wheels.
  • Capacious bucket.

All snowblowers of the famous Husqvarna brand are equipped with gasoline-powered engines. Engines for snow blowers are produced by the world famous manufacturer Briggs.Straton.

For snowplows, engines are produced in individual winter assemblies, capable of efficient operation in cold, abnormal weather conditions. Tires have a stable power traction, thanks to an enlarged tread track.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of the Husqvarna snow blower is identical to the forte qi jy 50, cmi 163, snow fox sf16353l snow thrower, Champion 656, lux 163, Patriot, Champion. Under the action of an intensively rotating circular screw, the snow mass is shifted in the selected direction, and then it is fed into the machine.

Then a strong air stream with force throws snow in the right direction. This snow trapping and throwing system is called two-stage cleaning.

This principle of operation is considered universal, since it allows you to clean the area even from wet, heavy snow. The design of the snow thrower presents a special type of rotor that allows you to carefully collect snow into the machine, and its reliable operation is due to the presence of ball bearings in the constructive system.


The Husqvarna snow blower is driven by special hand levers. The control principle with the help of such handles is thought out to the smallest detail, which allows performing all the working manipulations simply and efficiently.

The speed of the front and rear movement is subject to adjustment. Husqvarna snow blowers are equipped with an additional important component for differential lock, which allows for a firm grip of snow removal equipment with the ground by setting both wheels in the leading position.

It is enough to purchase the right cultivator for summer cottage, and the issue of weeding and plowing the land will be practically resolved without unnecessary labor costs. An electric cultivator is a great alternative to manual labor.

Many do not know that even the old-style tillers can be used to build the necessary equipment, for example, a mini tractor. Here you will learn how to make a mini tractor from a tiller with your own hands.

Shacman large dump trucks are used to transport bulk and bulk cargo. Follow the link to get acquainted with the technical characteristics of this dump truck.

There are levers on the movement control panel of the snow blower, with which you can easily change the direction of the snow mass or turn on the halogen headlights for comfortable operation in poor visibility conditions.


The oil level in the engine of the snow blowers Husqvarna, Honda, Foreman, MTD, Huter, craftsman, stiga, Celina, Lynx is checked immediately before each start, and also after 5 hours of continuous operation of the machine. During each check for the presence of the required amount of oil in the engine, the cover with the special test probe must be tightened fully.

Changing the engine oil should be done regularly, at least once in 25 hours of operation.

  1. Before changing the oil in the engine, the ambient temperature is taken into account.
  2. The oil has a more dense and viscous consistency in cold weather, and therefore will flow more slowly than in warm weather.
  • For the convenience of removing the cover and installing the container under the oil, it is possible to remove the left track of the snow blower.
  • To avoid accidental contact, the stigma of the spark plug is disconnected.
  • The surface of the tank around the hole must be thoroughly wiped dry with a cloth.
  • Carefully removing the plug, the oil drained into a prepared container.
  • After the engine crankcase is free of oil, the plug is put in place and tightened.
  • In the event of oil splashing, all snow blower mechanisms must be thoroughly wiped.
  • The caterpillar mover is put in place.
  • Carefully, avoiding the ingress of dirt and debris, the filler cap is removed for filling the oil.
  • New oil is being poured.
  • It is necessary to monitor the control of the level of oil filling with a dipstick to a special mark.
  • After the bay, all spilled oil is wiped dry.
  • Good to know

    • Before the first start of the snow blower motor, the presence and level of oil in the engine is checked. If necessary, the transport fluid is drained and oil is poured into the engine in accordance with the attached instructions.
    • Before work, the degree of reliability of the threaded joints and the tire pressure are checked.
    • Maximum operating efficiency is ensured with a fully open throttle.
    • When clearing the area from wet and heavy snow, a reduced speed is selected, this is done using the gear lever.
    • Less labor-intensive is the cleaning of freshly fallen snow.
    • The best time of day to clear is early morning, when the snow is not yet exposed to direct sunlight.
    • During clearing, snow from the engine of the snow removal equipment is periodically cleared, which ensures its long-term safety and high performance.
    • After clearing, the engine of the machine is idled for several minutes. This is done to completely thaw adhering snow.
    • After work, the snow removal equipment is brought into proper shape: it is thoroughly cleaned of snow, wiped dry. The snowplow should be stored in a designated indoor area.

    All the advantages and advantages of Husqvarna snowplows are simple to evaluate, it is enough to purchase such equipment for your country house, and productive, fertile work and long term of use are the main privileges of Swedish snowblowers.