Husqvarna Two-Stroke Engine Oil Proportion

Obviously, ceteris paribus, Vegoil has a wider range of applications and lower consumption. At the manufacturer, these two brands are sold at the same price, so the younger Vegoil brand is most preferred.

Husqvarna Two-Stroke Engine Oil Proportion

This is the Husqvarna chainsaw chain lubricant

Husqvarna Air Filter Oil

The range is represented by one product Air filter oil. It is a pale yellow liquid with a characteristic odor. It is delivered in opaque canisters of white color with a capacity of 1 l. The product guarantees the efficient capture of particles suspended in the air and prevents them from entering the combustion chamber.

Pictured right, Husqvarna chainsaw air filter oil

And the rest?

Conclusions of the review

What Oil to Pour into a Husqvarna Chainsaw AURAMM.Ru

Chainsaw Oil

Hello! In this article I will tell you how to use chainsaw oil. Oil for saw which oil to fill in such actions must be done. The information presented here is based both on my personal experience using saws and on the experience that I am a seller of this technique. This is both communicating with customers and with service masters. Plus there will be a theory. Where would it be without it.

What oil to pour into gasoline for a chainsaw?

For the manufacture of fuel consistency use a special oil for two-stroke engines. They are now a huge huge amount. What kind of oil to put into the saw. Consider which oil to pour into the saw. What kind of oil needs to be poured into a chainsaw and oil in any ”which oil to pour. What oil and gasoline do you use in a chainsaw? What kind of oil to put into a chainsaw. Unprincipled, chainsaw or saw. But the manufacturers themselves, especially the harsh ones, such as Stihl or Husqvarna, always write which oil to mix with gasoline for their chainsaws. They are produced under the same brand, because, for example, Stihl oil is suitable for Stihl saws, and Husqvarna is suitable for Husqvarna.

At the same time, company representatives claim that they do not know how the chainsaw will work with other oils, but they can certainly guarantee the proper operation of their own equipment when the fuel mixture for it is prepared on the basis of the product that they indicate in the operating instructions. By the way, if a malfunction occurs in the piston group during the warranty period, you may be denied a free repair if it turns out that you added something other than what the manufacturer indicates.

Masters from the services with whom I had to talk praise all the same Stihl and Husqvarna oils.

Mineral or synthetic oil. Which is better to add to gasoline

Two-stroke oils can be mineral or synthetic. Saw oil discussion of the topic on which oil you need to fill in the chain. As in the case of a car, synthetics here always cost more than mineral water. Its most important advantage will be that when used inside the cylinder of the chainsaw, no soot is created. Who is what kind of oil do I have Stihl and Husqvarna for while in the chain is best to pour. Husqvarna oil needs to be poured into a chainsaw, whether it should be filled with 92 gasoline. This extends its service life. Thus, if you want the saw to serve as much as possible, fill in the synthetics.

True, it should be noted that if you have already used mineral water for a long time (more than 100 hours), then you can not use synthetics. This is due to the fact that synthetic oil, possessing cleansing qualities, will wash away the carbon deposits accumulated on their walls from the cylinder walls, and its falling off pieces can cause damage. Therefore, if you have been using Mineral-Koy for a long time, then use it.

Chainsaw refueling

3 part of the course. What kind of oil is required to be poured into a chainsaw for the tool can be used. What you need to know about chainsaws before using them. What kind of oil and which gasoline to use “which oil is better to pour into a chainsaw. What kind of oil to put into the saw. Which oil to pour into which oil to pour into the chain. Join us on social networks.

Chainsaw oil Stihl, Husqvarna and other brands of saws

Use experience oils for chainsaws Stihl Husqvarna and other brands of saws.

The ratio of oil and gasoline for chainsaws

To find out how much oil to pour into gasoline for a chainsaw (as well as for at least some other push-pull equipment: trim tabs, motor drill, etc.), you need to look at the correct proportion in the annotation to the saw or on the package. Usually, when using the “native” option, the proportion is 1:50. Read the review of which oil can be added to the saw. If another type is used, it is advised to combine it in a ratio of 1:40. In other words, for example, at a ratio of 1:50, divide 1 liter by 50 and get 0.02 liters. This is the amount that needs to be added to 1 liter of gasoline. In other words, 1 ml of gasoline pour 20 ml.

Using a syringe or packaging with a dispenser, it is necessary to have a container by which it will be possible to accurately measure the right amount of gasoline.

So, after adding the right amount of oil to gasoline, just shake the container in which they are mixed, and that’s it. The fuel mixture is ready.

Do not stock up on consistency for future use, because it is limited in shelf life. Typically, the shelf life after mixing should not exceed 1 month, but some service centers advise generally to store the finished fuel mixture for no more than 3 days.

What oil to use to lubricate chainsaw chains

Now let’s move on to the chain lubrication. To lubricate the chain you need to use special adhesive lubricants directly created for this. You can, of course, fill in other types of oils, for example, transmission or motor oils, but they will not also perfectly lubricate the tire and chain, as a special adhesive oil does for chain lubrication.

This is due to the fact that a special lubricant contains adhesive substances that force it to “stick” to the chain. Due to this, it does not fly out very much when the chain rotates, as other types of it do. Therefore, the tire and chain are not so worn out and serve longer.

If you put a good adhesive on the thumb and forefinger, connect them, and later part them, you can see how it stretches between them. What kind of oil can be added to the chainsaw gear. What kind of oil to put into the saw. And third-party. What kind of oil to put in a chainsaw. Other types will not be able to.

The principal feature is density. You should not take a very watery lubricant, because it is rapidly consumed. As my experience indicates, also buyers with whom I had to talk on this topic spend longer on Stihl chain lubricant.

It should also be noted that if you care about nature, you can use oil to lubricate the chain, which then decomposes without harming the environment. Read the review of which oil can be added to the saw. Saw oil though. What kind of oil should I fill in with Husqvarna brand oils and pour more into a chainsaw. It is made on a plant basis. What kind of oil to put in a chainsaw and how to choose the right one. As well as the shortcomings of lubricant substitutes and the monitoring of the health of the oil system. The cost will naturally be higher.

Pour oil to lubricate the chain in a special tank up to the neck. It is recommended to top up along with refueling the saw with a fuel consistency, because, as a rule, when a full tank of fuel consistency is developed, chain lubrication still remains in a certain amount. But if you do not add it, then it will be consumed earlier than the fuel is completed.

That’s all. I hope you were curious and you learned something new to yourself. What kind of oil to pour into the oil compartment of a chainsaw? Use only special oils for gasoline and chain lubrication, and your chainsaw will serve you for its entire intended life.

Read other articles on my website. Bye and see you soon!

Oil for 2-stroke chainsaw engines: the nuances of choice

Two-stroke oil for chainsaw engines should dissolve in gasoline and completely burn out during operation. Also important are fluidity, resistance to temperature changes and wear, anti-corrosion effect. Which oil meets these requirements? In the framework of the article, we will understand why it is impossible to use four-stroke oil, which oil manufacturers are recommended to use, oil classification 2t.

Api oil classification for 2 stroke engines

Api stands for American Petroleum Institute. This organization is developing oil and gas industry standards.

The Institute splits 2t engine oil into 4 types:

  1. Ta is used in engines up to 50 cubic centimeters. It is used in lawn mowers, trimmers, etc.
  2. Tb. For engines with a volume of 50 to 200 cubic centimeters. It is used in devices that create a large load: motorcycles, chainsaws.
  3. Tc. Similar to TB, but used for high product requirements. The mixture is characterized by a high ratio of fuel to oil. Used in motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc.
  4. Td are designed for outboard engines. Conform to NMMA TC-W standards.

The presented types cannot replace each other, with the exception of TC. The third category can be used in engines rated for TA or TB.

For more information on API, NMMA, JASO, and ISO push-pull oil standards, see the following:

Why you need to use just 2-stroke oil

Two-stroke oil should burn completely without leaving thermal reaction products. Smoke and soot. It should also mix well with fuel, which is unacceptable in four-stroke engines.

Four-stroke oil, by contrast, is used in forced lubrication and is designed for long-term use. The product contains many additives that improve its properties. Using 4t of oil in 2t engines will cause deposits to interfere with the operation of the device.

Overview of 2t engine oils designed for chainsaws

Specialized oil for chainsaws is produced by many companies, although some simply mask their products under well-known brands. High-quality lubricant fuel is manufactured by Husqvarna, Stihl, Makita, Champion, Oregon.

Husqvarna HP

Husqvarna is a Swedish company with several subsidiaries. The latter produce garden equipment and components for it under the general name. Husqvarna produces oils and lubricants for its products. Materials are of high quality and are used not only for branded tools.

Husqvarna HP push-pull oil contains impurities that compensate for fuel imperfections. This is especially important if the latter is of poor quality. This is due to gasoline, which has an artificially high octane rating.

The oil has a green color. The basis of the products is semi-synthetics. Sold in liter and ten liter containers. To mix oil with gasoline, a proportion of 1 to 50 is required. If the product is used in the cold season or the saw engine is not run-in, it is recommended to slightly increase the proportion.

Stihl hp

Stihl produces oil for its tools. The lubricant is based on minerals that clean the engine during operation. The composition allows the substance to be used at a street temperature above 10 degrees Celsius. The container includes a dispenser, which avoids the use of a measuring tank when mixing.

Stihl red oil is able to be stored in a sealed container for up to 4 years. The product is packaged in containers of different volumes. Interesting is the presence of a 20 ml bottle, which is used for a one-time refueling. The indicated volume is mixed with a liter of gasoline, which is useful with rare use of a chainsaw.

The fuel mixture can be stored for 3 months. Using the old mixture will damage the saw motor as the grease loses its properties.

Stihl HP Ultra

Stihl HP Ultra is a premium lubricant. The product is synthetic, has a green color, contains additives that prevent the formation of carbon deposits. It has high lubricating properties.

The oil is designed for engines used in cold areas at temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius. The grease is environmentally friendly: the half-life is two weeks. The substance is sold in packs of 0.1 and 1 liter.

Overview of popular types of oils for two-stroke engines of chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc. Make in this:

What happens if you use grease not intended for chainsaws

The chainsaw engine operates at high load, reaching 12 thousand revolutions. Air cooling affects temperature surges that occur when the device’s speed changes. For comparison, the outboard motor at the peak is gaining half the speed, and the temperature is constant due to water cooling.

You can make a similar comparison of any two-stroke engines. Most of them are different from each other, so using specialized oil in an improper device can cause damage. The exception is lawn mowers.

Which gasoline to use

Chainsaws use fuel recommended by the manufacturer in the documentation. Usually do not use gasoline with an octane rating of 95 or higher. Engines are designed for a specific load, the excess of which threatens the combustion of the cylinder.

Read more about fuel in an interesting article. What kind of gasoline to pour into a chainsaw.

Some models allow the use of gasoline with an octane rating of 95 and even 98, but it is safer and more profitable to use 92. And vice versa: lower values ​​are allowed, but not recommended for modern chainsaws. And the quality of the fuel is also important. Manufacturers artificially increase the octane rating with various additives. While oils help to handle this, better quality fuels will increase productivity.

Use experience

  1. I have been using Husqvarna HP for 6 years. Mix in a ratio of 1 to 50 with 95 gasoline. I tried other proportions, but there was soot, the exhaust system and piston badly deteriorated. I recommend oil for intensive work with a chainsaw.
  2. I’ve been using a chainsaw for about 12 years and have tried many oils. I note that it is not necessary to use a product of a certain brand for an instrument of the same company. And also I note: Stihl produces good products, but three requirements must be observed. Mix in a proportion of 1:50, do not store the oil in a transparent container under sunlight, do not store the lubricant-gasoline mixture for longer than 3 months.
  3. I work in the forest industry and have tried several types of oil. For Stihl chainsaws I use their own products. In general, I am satisfied, but it is a pity that fakes are often found.

To choose a two-stroke oil for a chainsaw, you need to take into account the conditions in which the operation will be carried out. The quality of the lubricant and gasoline are very important for the long-term operation of the equipment, but proper storage is also important.

5 frequently asked questions when buying a chainsaw

So, a list of standard questions that customers ask when choosing a chainsaw.

1. Who is the manufacturer?

The birthplace of the Husqvarna brand is Sweden. Husqvarna plants, which gather garden equipment, are scattered around the world: Sweden, USA, UK, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Brazil, China, Japan.Specifically, Husqvarna chainsaws are assembled in three countries: Sweden, the USA and China.The company values ​​its reputation very much and, supplying models to the international market, tests its equipment for operational reliability and safety. Yes, and high world quality standards, and fierce competition will not allow you to “save” on product quality. You can be sure of your chainsaw, it is assembled in Sweden, the USA or China. With proper handling, it will last for many years.

2. Which saw is suitable for domestic use?

Husqvarna 236 and 240. Two models for periodic use (cylinder capacity 38.2 cm3): logging, tree cutting in the garden, minor construction work on the site. Lightweight and powerful models. 236 is one of the most popular models for private users. 236 and 240 differ only with a power of 1.4 and 1.5 kW and a chain pitch of 3/8 ”and.325”, respectively.
Husqvarna 135 and 140 are household saws, suitable for year-round use (cylinder working volume 40.9 cm cubic). Husqvarna 135. The most popular Husqvarna model. 135 and 140 differ only in power of 1.4 and 1.5 kW and the equivalent level of vibration on the handles 2.5 / 3.2 and 3.9 / 3.8 m / s sq.

3. What gasoline to refuel?

The instructions for the Husqvarna chainsaws say that you can refuel gasoline with an octane rating of 90. However, we recommend the use of AI-92 gasoline. Why exactly 92?
In gasoline AI-95 and AI-98, esters are used as antiknock additives to increase the octane rating. And AI-95. This is generally AI-92 with a 5 percent methyl tertbutyl ether content (antiknock additive). The increased gasoline content of additives (of poor quality) to increase the octane number leads to the appearance of rust on the spark plug electrodes, carburetor jets and “poisoning” of the catalyst, which in turn leads to an increase in fuel consumption.
At the same time, AI-92 is a mixture consisting of 92% isooctane and 8% n-heptane. Octane number of isooctane. 100 (it does not detonate), but n-heptane, on the contrary, provokes detonation, its octane number. 0. Ai-92. Ideal for refueling your chainsaw.

4. What oil to use?

Two-stroke internal combustion engines are installed in chainsaws, where it is impossible to constructively install an oil pump. That is why a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil is poured into chainsaws.
Oil must be for two-stroke engines. Husqvarna oil is specially formulated for gasoline used at our gas stations. Two-stroke engine oil quality standards have recently been lowered in the CIS countries, but Husqvarna has not changed its oil formulation, which still meets higher quality standards. That is why it is mixed in a smaller proportion than oil from other manufacturers.
Husqvarna two-stroke engine oil is mixed in a proportion of 1:50 (2%) 20 g of oil per 1 liter of gasoline.
Oil for two-stroke engines from other manufacturers is mixed in a proportion of 1:33 (3%) 30 g of oil per 1 liter of gasoline.

5. How long can the fuel mixture be stored? Do I need to empty the tank after using the saw?

Shelf life of diluted fuel mixture is not more than a month! The instruction manual may indicate 3 months, but this corresponds to gasoline of European quality. Practice shows that exactly 1 month is the optimal shelf life of domestic gasoline.If in the near future you do not plan to use your chainsaw, then the fuel mixture should be drained, and the remaining fuel burned by starting the tool at idle.
Why this should be done: During storage, gasoline evaporates from the carburetor, and only oil remains in it. The membrane responsible for pumping fuel sticks and the saw is then difficult to start.
The fuel mixture and gasoline should be stored in specially designed containers. Gasoline is a very aggressive environment, and if stored in a plastic canister not intended for fuel, gasoline starts to corrode plastic. A carburetor that is clogged with plastic particles cannot be repaired.
If this article does not answer all your questions, you can read the helpful materials below.



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How to Dilute Husqvarna Chainsaw Oil AURAMM.Ru

The right proportion of oil and gasoline for chainsaws

The proportion of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw is very important for the durability and reliability of the device. The required proportions directly depend on the type of saw and the mode of its operation.

You need to find the type of chainsaw to select the oil.

What are the characteristics of a chainsaw?

If you have a summer house or a rural house, you need a chainsaw. For gardening, a fully domestic chainsaw is quite enough. Its power is small, but it is completely enough to remove old tree branches, sawing firewood and boards. Such a saw has not very huge weight and size. If it is necessary for you to cut trees on a site or you are planning a system of work, it is better to purchase a semi-professional chainsaw. Its working life should not exceed 8 hours per day. The professional chainsaw has the highest power and can work up to 16 hours in a row. Durable materials are used for the production of such saws, and implementation requires certain abilities. The ratio of gasoline to chainsaw oil: you need to know how to oil for a chainsaw. How to dilute gasoline with oil for a chainsaw; it is forbidden to use oil for boats. Professional chainsaws are used for felling on an industrial scale and for other similar jobs.

All of these types of saws vary in both power and weight. If you do not plan large permanent works, it is better to limit yourself to a household chainsaw, which weighs much less, and therefore it is easier to deal with it. Professional saws, on the contrary, have a power of up to 6 kW and, accordingly, a huge weight. The choice of such a saw depends on the thickness and strength of the material being cut.

What to look for?

Used oil is not recommended for chainsaws.

When choosing a chainsaw, it is very important to find the type of tire that is required for your purposes. Flat tires with a low profile chain are no longer dangerous, because they are usually used in household chainsaws designed for home use. For some types of work, chainsaws with lightweight tires consisting of iron strips with grooves filled with polyamide are used.

It is very important to see that the components for the selected saw can only be purchased with the same brand, since these parts are not unified. For this reason, a recognized manufacturer, widely represented on the market, is even better when choosing a chainsaw. Increased attention should be paid to the safety of the saw. Here the choice is made in two aspects: vibration protection and protection against reverse shock. What oil for the chainsaw chain is better to use when lubricating it for Stihl, Husqvarna and other manufacturers chainsaws. Choosing and buying oil for. The farther the fuel tank is from the motor, the lower the vibration. In addition, rubber gaskets between the handles and the body protect against vibration. In order to protect the user from a reverse impact, a brake and a shield are used. A reverse impact is likely in this case, if the capture of the material to be sawn occurs only at the end of the tire. The brake is positioned so that with a reverse impact, the hand presses it automatically. The shield insulates the saw when bouncing. It should be understood that Swiss brands of chainsaws are not equipped with a shield.

Why is oil in the saw important?

It doesn’t matter which chainsaw is powered by a gasoline engine. A two-stroke engine is used in chainsaws, and a single-stage chain gear, which drives the chain, makes the gearbox a part. Chainsaw oil is available in different types, which oil is best for a chainsaw. In two-stroke engines, the gasoline-oil mixture is poured specifically into the tank. For the manufacture of gasoline-oil consistency should use gasoline with an octane rating of 90 or higher. In our criteria, it is A92 or AI92 gasoline. 95 is better not to use, because it can be made from 92 using additives and after some time will lose its characteristics. How to dilute gasoline with oil for a chainsaw how to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw? As fuel for a chainsaw, high octane gasoline is used: ai-92 or ai-95. Chainsaw oil. Which to use for. Gasoline must be used with the freshest, since over time it polymerizes, especially in the light. As a result, carbon deposits appear in the combustion chamber.

Chainsaw refueling

3 part of the course. What you need to know about chainsaws before using them. Join us on social networks.

Preparation of a fuel mixture for two-stroke engines

The shows how to make a fuel mixture for two-stroke engines. Mtkosa refueling, chainsaws and.

For summer and winter work, you need to take gasoline in season, because manufacturers supply various fuel to gas stations in winter and summer.

Recommended fuel / oil ratio for refueling low power chainsaws. 40: 1

The choice of oil is more complicated. A chainsaw needs two-stroke oil. Husqvarna chainsaw adjustment for a chainsaw: how to assemble a starter. Under no circumstances should you use four-stroke or boat oil. Oil you need to choose high-quality. Pay attention to the following brands: Stihl, Husqvarna, Oregon, NANOTEK, Makita, Champion, ALCO. Interchangeable quality oils belonging to well-known manufacturers. When choosing an oil, it is imperative to take into account the advice given in the annotation to the chainsaw by the manufacturer. It should also be understood that if a malfunction occurs in the piston group of the chainsaw during the warranty period, then if you use the wrong brand of oil recommended by the manufacturer, warranty repairs will not be performed.

For everyday gardening, up to 2 kW is completely enough. If construction is planned, it makes sense to purchase a more powerful chainsaw, up to 3 kW. Massive saws are already very difficult to manage, and for their acquisition harsh foundations are necessary. It must also be kept in mind that if you plan to use a chainsaw in the cool season, you need to choose a model that allows you to warm up the carburetor.

For such saws as Friendship, Taiga and the Urals, cheap M-12TP oil is suitable, with all this, the oil / gas ratio should be 1:50. How to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw? As fuel for a chainsaw, high octane gasoline is used: ai-92 or ai-95. But for imported from other countries saws with highly accelerated engines, use this oil is not worth it, it is unsafe. There are 3 types of oils: mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic. Synthetic oil actually burns out completely, carbon formation when using semi-synthetic oil is significantly less than from mineral oil. But semi-synthetic and synthetic oils are of the highest price. An exception is made by Chinese oils, but in a high-quality respect, they can be inferior to leading manufacturers. Novotek oils are of the highest quality at an affordable cost. All oils other than the Stihl brand have a limited shelf life. Therefore, it is better to take them in a small packaging of 100-200 ml. Practice indicates that you will not have time to use more of it.

In what proportions should liquids be mixed?

The proportions of the gasoline-oil consistency for each brand of saw are determined by the manufacturer. A more widespread proportion of 1:50, best for saws with power above 1.5 kW. But some manufacturers can focus on other proportions: Chinese. 1:25, Partner. 1:40. Chainsaw design and specific tips on how to choose chain oil. For chainsaws with a power of less than 1.5 kW, Stihl and Husqvarna offices recommend a ratio of 25 ml of oil per 1 liter of gasoline.

It is very fundamentally true to maintain the desired ratio, because if there is a shortage of oil, it is likely that the rubbing surfaces will become blunt and the wear of the bearings is accelerated. At the same time, excess oil leads to a reduction in engine life due to an increase in shock loads on the cylinder-piston group and carbon formation.

The gasoline-oil mixture is best prepared specifically before introduction and immediately to refuel the chainsaw, and leave the unburned mixture in the tank should not be more than a few days. Two-stroke engine oil stihl hp ultra. The proportion of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw is very important for which oil is suitable for. For chainsaw. How to breed gasoline for. This is due to the fact that oil additives are destroyed during storage. Therefore, it is better to drain the mixture from the tank, and later idle to work out the remaining gasoline. For the production of consistency, you can purchase a special canister with separate openings for gasoline and oil. Pour the ingredients into the proper holes, and later combine them by tilting the canister. It is better to start with oil, and then dilute it with gasoline. You can use a plastic or glass bottle, but with all this there is a danger of static stress, and this can lead to an explosion.

A plastic bottle is also unsafe because it can bend spontaneously, which will cause consistency on the saw and on the skin of the hands. It is unacceptable that water or small particles get into the mixture. The fuel mixing tank must be thoroughly washed and completely dried before starting work. To dilute the mixture correctly, the bottle should be graduated. How to dilute gasoline with oil (for a chainsaw, oil should be used only for 2. For example, for a consistency of 1:50, you need to put labels on the bottle that correspond to the amount of water that is a multiple of 51. As a measured water, you can use water. The ratio of gasoline to oil for a chainsaw : as oil for a chainsaw, how to dilute. Then for tag 204 you will need to dilute 4 ml of oil to dilute 200 ml of gasoline. In order to add ingredients to a measurement, you can use a plastic syringe, but without a needle. Keep the measuring dishes tightly closed. And measure , and The syringe should be protected from dust, and a chainsaw can be your assistant for long and long years if you handle it carefully and carefully.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Oil | 101 chainsaw

Husqvarna Chainsaw Oil is formulated for best performance. This gives a guarantee of a cleaner engine and less sediment on the walls of the piston, cylinder, exhaust. It also reduces the high temperature of the engine caused by low-quality fuel, reduces wear on bearings and cylinder walls. Chain oil from this manufacturer is also very popular.

What is the best Husqvarna two-stroke engine oil? Such an oil is a mixture of mineral and synthetic oils. Their quality is sufficient to minimize the negative consequences that may arise as a result of the use of low-quality fuel.

Husqvarna oil is designed for the entire range of products with a two-stroke engine. From small models to large chainsaws, used for heavy tasks when working with wood in extremely hot or cold conditions.


There are many different two-stroke oils on the market. Usually they are divided into three main groups:

  • Mineral;
  • Semi-synthetic;
  • Synthetic.

Mineral oil. It gives good lubrication under normal operating conditions, stable temperatures. It is not efficient enough at extreme temperatures, which are often dealt with by air-cooled systems operating in harsh conditions. For economic reasons, additives (the most expensive component in oil) are not often of good quality. This oil can be used for air-cooled engines that are not often subjected to harsh operating conditions and for water-cooled engines. Short maintenance intervals and heavy carbon deposits in the engine are common problems associated with using this type of oil.

Semisynthetic oil. This oil is a mixture of mineral and synthetic oils and has medium quality additives. The synthetic part of the oil reduces emissions and improves piston performance. However, the lubricant does not work well with crankshafts.

Synthetic oil. This oil is fully synthetic and, as can be inferred from the price, contains high quality additives. This oil is often ester, which can cause a slight buildup of deposits in the engine. On the other hand, such an oil gives low smoke emissions. All additives have been tested and combined to keep the inside of the engine clean.

Given all of the above, it can be concluded that Husqvarna oil is the best option for two-stroke engines. It is an ideal blend of synthetic and highly refined mineral oil. Together with specially developed additives, it creates excellent lubrication, protection of equipment components. It does not matter what quality the fuel used. Chainsaw and other push-pull tool operators can trust Husqvarna, a company that takes into account possible nuances and optimizes the best product on this basis.

The main competitor of the Husqvarna brand chainsaw is Stihl, so the owners will be interested in our article. Stihl chainsaw oil.

Chain oil

Chainsaws must be lubricated for proper operation. In the past, most operators have used petroleum-based oils. Demand for environmentally friendly products is growing rapidly. Concern has grown over the environmental impact of petroleum oils. In addition, exposure to petroleum-based oils can adversely affect the health of operators. One possible alternative is the use of “environmentally friendly” oils that are made from vegetables. For best results, the oil should be non-toxic and decompose quickly. Husqvarna saw oil is currently the most common environmentally friendly lubricant.

Vegetable oils are triglycerides or natural esters that come from crops. These oils are natural products, and therefore their chemical composition varies somewhat. Vegetable oils have many good natural properties, including good lubricity, resistance to temperature changes and a high viscosity index.

Easily degradable, oil-free canola oil-based lubricants have become popular worldwide. Canola oil is a renewable, sustainable agricultural product. Manufacturers claim that these products are rapidly biodegradable, non-toxic to the environment and safe for operators and mechanics.

Husqvarna oil has excellent lubricating properties. Some studies have shown a decrease in their use up to 40% without compromising the operation of chainsaws.

Recommended to see

Chainsaw Chain Oil Husqvarna AURAMM.Ru

Chainsaw chain oil. Which oil to use for lubrication chainsaw chains?

Chainsaws are a popular tool for those people who have to do numerous household chores on their own. They are used for different purposes. To harvest firewood, cut off dry branches. Alas, for the device to last a long time, you need to properly care for it, correctly choosing different compositions. A special role is played by oil for chainsaw chains, which is selected based on the principles of operation of the tool is not its characteristics.

What to consider?

Grease the saw chain with due care. At the beginning, you should choose a special oil that will not harm the oil pump. Already today, this will ensure the quality work of the accounting system of self-lubrication. Chain does not require proper storage, there are immersions in oil, in case of wear, you do not need to try to reanimate the old chain. Easier to replace it. How to choose oil for chainsaw chains so that it is safe does not meet all the requirements?

Types and composition

Select a specific oil depending on the duration of the project, where not how the chainsaw is operated. Mineral compounds are suitable for summers not during the warm season. In other cases, it is better to use synthetic or semi-synthetic oils. If it is necessary to lubricate the chain, it is not necessary to use used oils, which will lead to clogging of the fuel accounting system, and afterwards not to serious damage to the tool.

The oil for chainsaw chains must be thoroughly cleaned so that the lubrication is not done correctly correctly. If you use low-quality compounds, then there will be no tire contact between the elements of the saw, sparks will appear, and subsequently the moving parts of the saw will wear out.

How to choose?

Each chainsaw It has a two-stroke carburetor engine with not two tanks: gasoline is poured into one, and oil in the next. When choosing a composition for lubrication, zoning plays an important role. Oil-like may be minimal. An additional important indicator is resistance to low temperatures: the oil should not freeze with a strong minus, which will ensure the quality of the entire tool.

For lubrication, it is advisable to use adhesive oil for chainsaw chains containing special substances, with the use of which the composition adheres well to the chain. High-quality oil will remain on the chain during its rotation, and the chain itself will be more reliable in operation.

An additional important indicator of lubrication is density: if the composition is liquid, it will be consumed in larger quantities. So that using the chainsaw does not harm the environment, it is important to use vegetable-based oil. Its waste will decompose in the natural environment.

Which oil for the chainsaw chain to choose, because modern Russian Do the auto industries offer a wide selection of options? Among the specialized manufacturers, we note such brands as Divinol, Bio-Kettenol, Ravenol, VegOil, Mobil, Castrol, Shell. Consider the features of their products in more detail.


This rumor has it that the brand proposes to evaluate the lubricant for chains of high-quality work, which is characterized by good adhesive non-lubricating abilities, therefore, the lubrication is performed qualitatively, and the links not the chain joints are reliably protected from wear. The optimal combination of viscosity and non-temperature characteristics is the key to the fact that this oil is used in any season not at any temperature.

Divinol offers a variety of chainsaw oil. Which one to use among them? Zweitaktoel FF is interested in economical spending, combining with any fuel, preventing the aging of the fuel mixture is not an excellent protection against corrosion. Today, this oil is used at any temperature. Divinol Kettenol not Divinol Kettenol Bio is used to lubricate chains of non-chainsaw chains. With the use of these compounds, it is of course reliable to protect the links, not the chain joints, from wear, while guaranteeing economical oil consumption. High-quality organic oils of this brand provide excellent lubrication, non-sticky properties, so their use is not so simple, but environmentally friendly.


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What kind of oil for chain lubricant Chainsaws to choose? Some note the composition of the brand Ravenol. So, Ravenol Saegekettenoel S eighty-five is a special mineral oil, created in Germany from a base oil of high quality work with the addition of a number of additives. It is suitable for lubricating the saw chain, it has good adhesion and non-lubricating properties. Thanks to special additives, the oil remains on the chain even at high revolutions of the saw, and the chain itself becomes more reliable in operation. The oil does not provide reliable protection against corrosion, even if the work is carried out in not the most favorable conditions. Due to the use of this composition of course:

  • Reduce vibration of the saw chain;
  • Reliably protect it from corrosion;
  • Cool the circuit due to good thermal conductivity;
  • Quickly not cleanly cut any wood species.

Stihl bioplus

There is no such person, every user has heard about Stihl brand products. The eco-friendly Stihl chainsaw oil is effective, based on plant components. Chain oil is of high quality, which of course is appreciated in any climate. Due to its environmental friendliness, Stihl products have always been popular with customers. Of particular note is the Stihl BioPlus Chain Lubricant, which is formulated to process high-speed chains. It is different:

  • Resistance to oiling;
  • Excellent adhesion due to special additives;
  • Excellent protection for cutting headsets;
  • Excellent fluidity, which is maintained even at low temperatures;
  • Resistance to oxidation.

The main thing is the fact that oil is absolutely safe for our nature, as it decomposes naturally.

Semi-synthetic oil Stihl

Stihl chainsaw chain oil is an environmentally friendly lubricant since it is made from the primary raffinates of quality work. The oil contains no impurities, which of course pollute the environment. Use this tool of course in any climate, and it will be equally effective to lead such a life even at low temperatures. Stihl chain oil provides reliable wear protection for chain chains. You can purchase such a composition in different volumes. It depends on the characteristics of the chainsaw not the degree of load on its surface.


The products of this brand also do not need extra ideas, since oil has proved itself only from the best side. I am interested in Vegeil Husqvarna chain lubricating oil, which is created on a vegetable basis, has good lubricating properties and low environmental friendliness. Butter economical, biodegradable, low viscosity even when operating at low temperatures. Due to the excellent performance characteristics, oils of this brand are considered one of the best.


What oil to use for chain lubricant chainsaws is not how to choose one so that you can use it all year? The Oregon brand offers formulations that are suitable for all types of tools. Stability of viscosity is the guarantee that the oil is suitable for operation all year. The composition includes refined mineral oils, to which additives are added. A feature of Oregon formulations is their manufacture based on high molecular weight compounds. The distinctive features of the oil include:

  • Protection of the guide rail of the non-circuit from overheating;
  • Vibration reduction;
  • Prevention of corrosion due to the formation of an oil film.

Thanks to special adhesive additives, this oil acquires great stickiness and viscosity, therefore, even at high speeds it will not be sprayed and will not remain on the chain on the tire. Thanks to the regular use of oil, you can reduce the load on the cutting headset and sell the whole thing on a chainsaw mechanism. Special additives reduce the energy consumption of the saw, increasing the efficiency of the sawing process. The main thing is that with the use of these funds no resinous deposits are formed.


This oil has such a specific composition that it is completely biodegradable, alas, it remains safe with respect to exposure to harmful substances. Due to the combination of vegetable oils with high-quality additives, the chain is lubricated more efficiently, like oil, it is reliably protected from wear and tear, it is essential for operation. Due to the good adhesive non-lubricating ability, lubrication is carried out as conveniently as possible not optimally, and of course to operate the composition in cold weather up to thirty degrees.