Huter benzotrimmer stalls when you press the gas. Stalls a trimmer for grass on idle…

Trimmer for grass gasoline stalls with an open air damper

If the step-by-step algorithm for searching for a malfunction has not given a result, and your braid for grass still does not start or stalls, it is worth examining the carburetor and the engine itself. A clogged carburetor can become one of the reasons, unstable operation of the tool. Three main problems can be distinguished here:

  • Clogging of channels or nozzles. All this is cleaned with special flushing or blown by a powerful stream of compressed air from the compressor. Do not use needles and wire, so the passing sections can be damaged;
  • Wear of the carburetor laying. Output. replacing the failed laying;
  • Violation of tightness. To check this indicator, you can use the usual household tonometer, replacing the pressure gauge on it with the right. Follow the testimony: if they do not change, everything is fine, and since the pressure will begin to fall, then some part of the carburetor is faulty. Will have to find it and replace it with a new.

If everything is in order with the carburetor, then the gasoline trimmer for the grass may not be launched due to wear of the piston group. If chips, scratches or bully are found, on the piston or cylinder they should be replaced. Piston rings are subject to mandatory verification. A small rally piston when swaying the connecting rod indicates that the time has come to change the rings. This procedure is best entrusted to the specialists of the service center.

Why stalls the chainsaw

If the chainsaws start and stall, the reasons can be different. An external inspection should be carried out before attempts to fix the tool.

If the saw stalled during operation, you should check the presence of a mixture of oil with gasoline in the tank. If the fuel mixture is over, the device will not work. In those situations where gasoline still remained, the quality of the tool should be evaluated until the moment of is turned off. The occurrence of extraneous sounds and the subsequent sharp stop should alert.

The formation of soot on electrodes can also cause difficulties in the operation of the tool. Carefully inspect the device, clean if necessary.

When pressing gas

In cases where the chainsaw stalls when you press the gas, you should check the silencer and the fuel filter. A possible cause of problem is a violation of the tightness of the fuel hoses. In some cases, the addition of revolutions helps.

Sometimes checking all the details does not give a result, the tool is suffocating, zooiling when gas is added. If the device stalls when a person presses gas, it is possible to supply fuel in insufficient amount for normal operation. This phenomenon occurs due to clogging of the carburetor or filter.

Damage can occur due to clogging with air filter dust. When you give gas, the device stops working. Do not eliminate the problem yourself, since each model has individual characteristics.

Calling may cause failure or lack of lubrication on the chain of the chainsaw. If the circuit is dry, the channels should be cleaned through which the oil is supplied to the device tire. If the oil proceeds, the presence of cracks, defects on the pipes is noted, you need to treat them with sealant.

Under load

In situations where the device stalls at load, the problem can be with a gas tank or filters. Check the quality of the fuel and change the filter.

Often the saw does not gain momentum due to the fact that the mixture flooded in the gas tank has a low octane number. There is not enough power, sufficient heating does not work, the chainsaw stalls under load.

Often, malfunctions of the component parts lead to the fact that the device stalls under load. You should check for the presence of a sucker hoses, seals, gaskets. If the details are faulty, you can try to fix them or replace them.

In cases where the chainsaw is started and immediately stalls, the fuel is not enough, the device does not heat up. Turn the device

It is important to use a suitable mixture. Different types of fuel are better suited for different models

It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instructions, recommendations, reviews of people whose device works normally

It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instructions, recommendations, reviews of people whose device works normally.

At idle

In those situations where the chainsaw stalls at idle speeds, it is necessary to examine the state of the muffler. If the part is polluted, the spent gases are poorly displayed, the engine cannot continue to work, stops.

The saw stalls idle and in cases where the carburetor is incorrectly configured. It is better for beginners to fix the repair to specialists, since there is a chance of incorrect setup, because of which the tool will not be able to work. Tachometer is required to adjust the carburetor.

At high speeds

If the device stalls at high speeds, pay attention to the state of gasoline and air filters, the serviceability of the fuel hoses

Polluted air filter can be washed under warm running water

It is important to thoroughly dry the part before installing it so that the water does not violate the serviceability of the tool

If the liquid stops flowing through the fuel hose, it clogged. You can clean the part or replace with a new.

In cases where the saw stalls at large speeds, but the liquid flows through the hose, and the air filter is clean and working, look for the cause of the breakdown in the fuel filter. Install a new one in its place or clean.

In some cases, the problem is hidden in a gasoline pump. With the wear of the component part, the fuel begins to flow through the walls. If this phenomenon is noted, a new pump should be installed.

When tilted

If the saw does not develop speed when tilted, turns off, stops working, you need to check the fuel level in the tank. If it is not too high, the device is not supplied in an inclined position is not supplied with a sufficient amount of fuel, since the fuel tube is above the mixture level.

What could break

Malfunctions with a benzocosa associated with the fact that this device is not started, in a certain way are classified by specialists of service services. They stand out malfunctions with the following nodes of the mechanism:

  • the engine in which the piston and bearings can be worn out or fail to crack the crankcase;
  • the fuel supply system, while it is possible to clog the filter or problems with the carburetor;
  • mechanical damage to wires, tubes, hoses;
  • The ignition chain.

To correctly determine the knot where the breakdown occurred, it is necessary to pay attention to the circumstances of the trimmer stalls for the grass.

Ways to eliminate breakdowns

Subsequent work is likely on the carburetor:

  • cleaning and adjustment of the fuel supply valve;
  • similar work with a valve producing redesigned gases and pairs (after burning fuel);
  • replacement of the spring more weak on the entrance valve;
  • restoration of the tension of the carburetor cable;
  • replacement of the fuel leaks hose, verification and strengthening of a weakened connection;
  • changing the rotor damper disk;.
  • Change of faulty wire or ignition coil.

Immediately after the start

Smelting Motokos or a trimmer for the grass after starting is justified by subsequent reasons:

  • impressive of previously adjusted valves;
  • first the wrong settings of the valve mechanism;
  • clogging with deposits of the fuel supply valve;
  • the hose is worn or poorly annexed.

Due to the violated method of injection of a fuel, a lawn mower or a trimmer for grass is very vibrated in work.

Asseting device and common malfunctions

The easiest way to give the lawn mower for repairs, allocating a certain amount of funds from the family budget, operational and high.quality repair with your own hands is no less simple and convenient to understand the design of the lawn mower and fix all the problems.

The massive and piece manufacture of trimmers is based on the use of generally accepted technology, the typical design scheme consists of certain elements and parts, it is important to know them when carrying out independent repair work:

  • top part. The basis of the entire structure, where all important elements are collected, such as the starter, carburetor and the engine of the lawn mower;
  • middle part. Hollow rod, inside it is a cable connecting the engine and gearbox, which sets the cutting fishing line for the trimmer. In this part there are mounts for the distribution of weight of the entire structure and a belt for fixing a trimmer for grass on a belt of a person using a trimmer for grass for its intended purpose;
  • Bottom part. It has a gearbox and cutting elements that are hidden under a practical casing, which protects the user. The casing provides an increased level of safety, preventing large fractions of garbage, pebbles and glass in a person while working with a gas station.

The most common and often encountered, subject to independent correction of the breakdown of the unit can be called the following problems:

  • engine malfunction, due to which the lawn mower is not started and does not work;
  • enhanced vibration of the bar motorcosa, which complicates its targeted use;
  • increased overheating of the gearbox, its accelerated heating during operation;
  • slow and weak functioning of the cutting fishing line at insufficient speeds;
  • the clogging of the starter grill causing the engine overheating and its refusal to work;
  • rapid and frequent clogging of the carburetor due to the use of poor.quality fuel;
  • clogging of the air filter in case of non.compliance with measures to care for the device.

All these problems can lead to the fact that the device will lose its ability to work before ordering the necessary spare parts for non.bosomeds should be carried out by a visual inspection and diagnosis of the device.

Special attention is required by individual spare parts and assemblies of the device, to verify them, you will not have to turn to a professional master, a complex of diagnostic measures will help to identify a consequence of the occurrence of a loss of performance.

The lawn mower stalls

When purchasing a lawn mower, you need to be prepared for the fact that, as in all other similar tools, it may also have breakdowns that will require repairs.

However, do not immediately run to the service center and pay a lot of money to the masters who convince you of a serious malfunction in the device.

The lawn mower stalls at high speeds

Perhaps the most common complaint related to gasoline trimmers sounds like this: “The lawn mower stalls”.

Of course, the reason for this may be a rather serious malfunction. However, most often the situation is much simpler than it seems at first glance.

To cope with such a problem, first of all, try to deal with its causes on your own, because, having found out the reason, it is much easier to fight the problem, and sometimes it is even self.destructive.

In fact, the reasons are when the lawn mower stalls at high speeds, there are quite a lot of these reasons.

Another, this is the presence of malfunctions in the power system.

In this case, the lawn mower will stall at idle. The problems with the power system may lead to a drainage or incorrect carburetor adjustment.

Vibrations that take place in the process of operation of the lawn mower can lead to a reservoir.

Incorrect adjustment of the lawn mower can be fixed by simply adjusting it in accordance with the requirements specified in the operating instructions.

In addition, sometimes gasoline trimmers for grass can stall due to the fact that the valve located in the gas tank lid just clogged or sticks.

To find out, try using a braid by loosening the gas tank cover.

If in this mode the device works properly, clean the valve.

over, the lawn mower can stall due to poor fuel flow into the carburetor

Why then the device starts up, ask you?

The reason for this is that at first the fuel gradually falls into the carburetor and is enough for work with increased power.

However, then it is produced and at large speeds the engine begins to stall.

As for the carburetor, here the problem may also be that its body is too pulled.

The reason that the lawn mower stalls at high gas speeds may also be an air leak.

We are talking about the possible presence of a place through which air can pass during the heating process of the engine.

Among other things, do not forget to check the fuel intake hose. The problem may be that it is weak or cracked at all.

These are the main reasons why the gas mowl can stall.

Why is the lawn mower stall at idle

Users have repeatedly ask about stopping the braids for the grass “on hot”, that is, when the mechanism started, worked a little, and then took it. and stopped, stalled. The reasons for this situation are the following:

  • problems with the carburetor damper;
  • Gasoline in a carbe can even boil;
  • If the ignition is damaged, then the trimmer for the grass will also heat up and stall.

In each of the situations, check the details for strength, and if they have already outlined their own, order new ones from specialists. We will call one of the most popular situations: the lawn mower stalls at idle. This happens for reasons:

  • The carburetor was diluted himself, or was illiterately adjusted;
  • the carburetor is contaminated;
  • The air filter is very contaminated;
  • The use of inappropriate fuel can cause a reduction in the gearbox revolutions;
  • At idle, your trimmer for grass can stall if the throttle closed;
  • Air fell into the carba system;
  • The lawn mower receives a missing portion of gasoline to work fully, and therefore stalls.

We are sure that you received the maximum of useful information, and found a way out of your individual situation through our technical councils. Any spare parts, like a starter, motorcycles, its components and accessories are located at the lowest value in the country. Hurry up!

The trimmer for grass stalls. how to eliminate the problem

A gasoline trimmer for grass is a useful tool for cleaning from unnecessary grass of house territories and large area lawns. The design of this technique is quite complicated, therefore, if the device breaks, there may be several reasons. The most likely factors that have caught a breakdown are usually described in the user guide. Knowing why a trimmer for grass stalls, you can try to independently eliminate the defect. The most common malfunctions provoking the motorcycle stops, and the ability to repair them with your own hands is in the material further.

In order to most accurately determine the cause of the trimmer malfunction for grass of any brand (for example, echo) and find out the possibility of eliminating it, you need to install, when performing what action the device stalls. The engine can turn off both at idle and at high speeds, heated under load or immediately after starting and t.D.

If you stalled after gas supply

Owners of gasoline braids often mention that the lawn mower stalls when you press the gas. Usually such a breakdown occurs due to problems in the carburetor. A failure in his work can occur due to long-term storage, use in difficult conditions, significant overload of the motor. The symptom of such a breakdown will be vibrating movements of the device during operation.

On a note! Users familiar with the repair of a car carburetor can try to restore this important node of the trimmer for the grass on their own, using the instructions for operating. Otherwise, the correct decision will be to seek help from the service center representatives.

Sometimes a trimmer for grass stalls when you give gas because the fuel valve is clogged. This interferes with the supply of gasoline. To eliminate the problem, it is enough to loosen the valve. Thus, normal supply of carburetor fuel will be restored.

Another possible reason why the lawn mower stalls when gas is supplied is pollution of the soundtress (check valve). This detail prevents the appearance of a vacuum in a gas tank. If it is clogged, the air does not flow, which means that fuel does not go to the carburetor. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to clean this element.

If it stalled at high speeds

If the carburetor stalls at high speeds, this means that in idle and small there are enough incoming fuel, and to work on high is not enough. Then it is necessary to check the serviceability of the following nodes of the trimmer for the grass.

  • Fuel hose. its integrity could be violated as a result of cracking. In this case, you need to replace the part. Or maybe you just need to tighten the clamps.
  • A filter network between a carburetor and a hose for supplying a gasoline mixture-it could clog. In this situation, it is necessary to clean the detail.
  • The valve on the gas tank cover. he could stick or clog with garbage. Cleaning is also necessary.
  • Carburetor. perhaps as a result of constant vibration, it was resolved. This is usually characteristic of cheap Chinese details. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to set up according to the instructions. In some cases, it is enough to only weaken the tightening of the carburetor case. If the adjustment is not possible, it is necessary to install a new element.
  • Additionally, check the air filter. Perhaps it will need to be washed and cleaned or replaced with a new one, as he could clog with dirt and particles of grass when tilted technology, when the user mowed in places.

If you stalled during work idle

If the lawn mower stalls, working idle, there may be several factors reasons.

  • First you need to check the prepared fuel solution, when it comes to a four-stroke trimmer working on a gasoline-oil mixture. There is a chance that it is made incorrectly. the proportions are not withstanded. Because of this, the gearbox is warming up, and the revolutions on the drum are lowering.
  • Another probable cause is blockage of elements such as a throttle, air filter or carburetor. You need to clean the indicated details.
  • Another possible factor is to resolve or incorrectly carried out carburetor adjustment. You need to adjust the setting according to the instructions.
  • Observe this problem mono and when opening the air damper. In this situation, the lack of fuel for a trimmer for grass occurs through the fault of the air flow.

If the device does not have enough fuel, it works properly at high speeds or when they increase, but stalls at idle. If the root of the problem consists in the carburetor, the lawn mower will be disconnected both with cold startup and hot.

If you stalled after starting

If the technique starts and stalls immediately after starting, this indicates the wrong settings or deducting the device. As a result of this, the fuel enters the engine unevenly, which leads to significant vibration and disconnecting the trimmer for the grass. To fix the breakdown, it is necessary to reconfigure the device according to the user management.

Another probable problem is the blockage of the valve supplying the gasoline mixture. It must be cleaned.

On a note! If the trimmer for the grass starts, but immediately stalls, it may also mean that the fuel is moving to the carburetor with difficulty. Weakening the valve will help to eliminate the problem. this will provide uniform and free circulation of fuel in the device.

Another possible reason is the damaged fuel intake hose. Air can penetrate through cracks and holes into the system. To solve the problem, you need to increase the engine speed in order to get rid of air bubbles that have penetrated the device.

If you stalled when opening the damper

If the technique works properly at idle, but stalls when opening an air damper, this reports about the penetration of air into the system through cracks in the fuel supply hose or damaged oil seals. To fix the breakdown and establish the work of the tool without driving air from the atmosphere, it is necessary to replace damaged parts.

#Husqvarna Очистка мотокосы после работы

Preventive measures and operating rules

So that the lawn mower does not work and does not stall when starting, it must be correctly stored and operated. Compliance with the following simple recommendations will forget about problems.

  • When begging the grass, you need to monitor the state of the cooling system. It is also necessary to regularly clean the channels in the case and starter’s ribs.
  • To clean the tool, you should use kerosene, solvent, or other washing tools.
  • You can not clean a hot tool. it must cool before washing.
  • It is important to observe the recommended working mode. this will avoid overheating of the engine.
  • If a braid for grass is not used over the next thirty days, the fuel must be drained, otherwise it will fall into heavy components that can score the channels of the carburetor.
  • After the fuel is merged, the trimmer for the grass should work at idle for some time until it turns off. This will allow you to completely get rid of the rest inside the working mixture.

To store the tool in cold weather, you need:

  • completely drain the fuel;
  • disassemble the lawn mower, wash and clean all available components;
  • inspect the condition of the parts, eliminate all defects that can be corrected;
  • pour the required amount of oil into the gearbox;
  • Clean the air filter;
  • perform partial disassembly of the engine, wash all moving parts, blow and lubricate thoroughly;
  • To lubricate the piston, unscrew the candle, then raise the piston to the upper dead point by the starter, pour a small amount of oil into the hole for the candle and do the crankshaft several times.

Important! If there is no way to store a trimmer for grass in a warm dry room, you must first wrap the motor with an embarrassed rag.

Only by observing these rules, you can be sure that the lawn mower will work properly and will not stall for a number of seasons.

As you can see, stopping the work of a trimmer for grass can be caused by many reasons. Most of them can be fixed independently using the user instructions. In cases where there is no self.confidence, the equipment is recommended to be attributed to repairs. It is worth remembering that incorrect actions can cause even greater harm to the trimmer. As a result, the repair of Motokos will cost a much larger amount than it would be initially, and in the worst case, it may be necessary to buy a new unit.

What to do if the lawn mower or saw stalls at high speeds (under load)

Group for repairing garden equipment Video about the reasons for the sudden stop of a two.stroke.

The lawn mower does not start hot. press the gas trigger and pull the cord abruptly several times until the engine earns, then lower the trigger. Not starting. specialized repair is required.

Checking the ignition system, if the lawn mower is not started, is carried out sequentially:

  • Clean the removed candle from soot and dirt, dry, set a gap of 1 mm;
  • Connect to a high.voltage wire and check on a spark, twitching a few times;
  • In the absence of a spark, check the high.voltage wire for integrity;
  • replace the candle;
  • dry the candle channel;
  • At the same time, the operation of the ignition coil is checked, it is faulty if the working candle does not spark.

It is in the case of a malfunction of the ignition coil that the lawn mower does not start hot, stalls, works with interruptions.

Cleaning or replacing the air and fuel filter will provide the necessary consumption of ingredients entering the carburetor. Air filter can be washed in soapy water or replaced. If the nylon canvas is used, it is washed, the porous felt filler is replaced. Why does the lawn mower stall when you press the gas: the causes and their solutions. The lawn mower stalls (trimmer for grass): the fuel filter is carefully changed, without leaving an open suction pipe. Whether the replacement of the air filter is needed, it is possible to determine if the engine with the air purifier removed is launched. Whether it is necessary to change the grid on the fuel supply, if the lawn mower is not started, a dry candle will tell.

Sapun, a hole for air intake into a gas tank. If it is clogged, discharge is created in the tank and the mixture does not enter the carburetor. The hole can be blown with air or cleaned with a needle. Clean the exhaust channel, remove the anti.icper mesh of the muffler.

What to do if the engine does not start?

If the lawn mower fails is not possible, then the first thing is to check the presence of fuel in the tank and its quality. For refueling the tool, it is recommended to use high-quality gasoline purchased at gas stations, the brand of which should not be lower than the AI-92. Savings on cheap fuel can lead to a breakdown of the cylinder-piston group, for the repair of which a third of the cost of Motokosa itself can take. It is equally important and correctly preparing a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil. The proportional ratio of these components of the mixture is indicated by the manufacturer in the manual. Do not prepare the fuel mixture in large volumes, since during long storage its properties are lost. It is better to use a freshly prepared mixture.

When preparing the fuel mixture, pour the oil into gasoline using a medical syringe that allows you to accurately comply with the necessary proportion of the components

Fuel filter pollution in the tank may also prevent the operation of the lawn mower engine. Therefore, when problems with the launch of the motor, check the condition of the filter. If necessary, replace the filter. It is forbidden to leave the incoming pipe without a fuel filter.

The air filter also needs to be in the test. During contamination, the part is removed, in the field is washed in gasoline and put in place. In the country or at home, the filter can be washed in water using detergents. After that, the filter rinses, squeezes and dries. The dried filter is moistened with a small amount of oil used to prepare the fuel mixture. Excess oils are removed by compressing the filter with hands. Then the part is installed in place. The removed cover is placed back and fixed with screws.

The air filter washed in the fuel mixture, squeezed and dried, is installed in place in the plastic case and covered with a lid

How this procedure is done in more detail you can look at

If all of the above procedures are carried out, and the engine is not started, then adjust its revolutions at idle, twisting the carburetor screw. In the video posted at the beginning of the article, attention is paid to this issue.

  • Put the tool on the side so that the air filter is at the top. With this location of the chainsaw, the fuel mixture is ensured exactly into the bottom of the carburetor. On the first attempt, the engine will start if you remove the air filter before starting and pour a few drops of the mixture into the carburetor, and then install the dismantled parts to the place. The method is tested in practice.
  • If the first advice does not give a result, then, most likely, the problem in the spark plug. In this case, unscrew the candle and check its performance, as well as dry the combustion chamber. A candle that does not show signs of life, replace the new.
  • If the spark plug is in good condition, the filters are clean and fuel mixture, then you can use the universal way of starting the engine. Close the carburetor air damper and pull the starter handle once. Then open the damper and pull the starter 2-3 times. Repeat the procedure from three to five times. The engine will surely start.

Some pull the pen with such force that it is necessary to repair the starter of the lawn mowed with their own hands. This is possible only in the case of a gust of a cable or breakdown of the cable handle. In other cases, it is recommended to replace the starter. This node is sold in the collection.

The lawn mower stalls in other words suffocates when pressing the gas

If the inconsistent is associated with the carburetor node, then it can be recognized when the lawn mowing appears when the vibrations appear. When a hose bursts or a cable stretches, a change of data data is made.

When a braid for grass stalls at large speeds, this is due to the following problems:

Fixing an Echo trimmer that starts but dies.

  • clogging or clutching the valve placed on the gas tank lid;
  • The carburetor was drained under the influence of vibrations that occur during the operation of the mechanism;
  • obstacles with the circulation of fuel consistency;
  • atmospheric air
  • The hose created to fuel fuel cracked or slightly connected.

The carburetor is regulated by focusing on the operational annotation to the trimmer. For the option, it is often enough to weaken the tightness of its body. If there are problematic issues with the circulation of the fuel consistency, then it can gradually enter the carburetor. After its production, the engine stalls at huge speeds.

At single speeds, all.fought trimmer stopping the grass are subsequent:

  • pollution, drainage in another incorrectly configured adjustment of the carburetor;
  • clogging of the air filter;
  • reducing the speed of the gearbox when heating it, which is a consequence of the use of inappropriate fuel consistency;
  • clogging of the throttle;
  • air entering the system;
  • insufficiently fuel at the work of a lawn mower.

If a carburetor is a problem place, then the technique will stop at the “cold” and with a “hot” launch.

The unit can stall immediately after starting, if the carburetor is resolved as it was also called incorrectly configured. this causes an uneven supply of fuel. The result will be that the device begins to vibrate clearly. To eliminate problems, the carburetor is reconfigured, acting by annotation to the mechanism.


Blocking air filter ─ another reason for the unreliable operation of the device. To check the involvement of this element in the malfunction, you need to start the lawn mower without it. The contaminated filter can be washed in gasoline, dried or replaced with new.

The clogged fuel filter does not let the fuel into the cylinder, and the engine with full gas stalls due to elementary lack of gasoline. This element is located inside the tank on a fence hose. To eliminate the problem, instead of the old filter, put on the new hose or rinse carefully the one that was removed.

Advice! When trying to pull out a cork in the tank, the hose along with the filter can fall into the tank. You can get them with tweezers.

What to do if the lawn mower starts and stalls?

Now we will consider all the above problems described in more detail.

In principle, the reasons why the engine of motorcycles stops working when pressing gas can be a huge number. Here we will consider only the most common.

Perhaps the air damper just clogged. And to eliminate the problem, it will be enough to simply clean the air damper. The engine also stalls due to the clogged air filter. To clean it, the filter should first be washed in the solvent, and then blow the stream of compressed air.

A similar procedure should be carried out with the clogged fuel filter, which prevents the intake of the fuel in the proper volume with an increase in engine speed.

The engine can stall for other reasons. Firstly, the spacer is worn between the cylinder and the carburetor, and secondly, the crankshaft oil seals began to suck in air.

We have already indicated that in this case the problem is in the carburetor. In it, due to increased temperatures, gasoline begins to boil, which is why the air-fuel mixture ceases to form or its quality is critically reduced.

In addition, this problem may arise due to the fact that the carburetor is equipped with a rotary rather than a disk damper. If the problem has acquired a chronic character, then it should be solved radically. by buying a new carburetor with a disk barrier.

Most likely, access to the fuel tank is difficult or completely absent, which is why a reduced pressure zone is formed in it, due to which the engine stops receiving fuel in the required amount and because of this you stop working.

The engine at idle can stall for the following reasons:


LSI and began to prepare not quite normal gasoline solution, which is why they began to fall on the drum;

You will need spare parts to eliminate most problems, and the Well Part will be ready to provide them with the best cost to you.

How to run a stihl mitch

The main steps to launch Stihl mowel:

  • Before using the gas trimmer for the grass, read the instructions and check the trimmer for STIHL grass for each part. After you can collect it.
  • An important step is fuel preparation and refueling. Prepare the mixture in a measured container. Gasoline and oil are poured into it in the indicated ratio. Using a funnel, the mixture is poured into a fuel tank.
  • At the first launch, turn on the ignition without opening the air damper. Place the device on a flat and smooth surface for stability. Now you need to sharply pull the cord from 3 to 5 times. The air damper can be open in any case: the engine is launched or not.

The first launch may require up to 15 jerks. After starting the engine, turn on the non.working refrigerator to warm up. After a while, it stops the button.

The note! This is a universal leadership, since you need to do the same to start Stihl.

In the case of launching an electric trimmer for grass, everything is much easier: you need to read the instructions and act accordingly. Instead of fuel. Electricity

The device is powered by the network, so it is important to provide a sufficient amount of energy so that the trimmer for the grass can get power

After each operation, gasoline and electric trimmers for grass require a thorough examination.

Following the instructions, you can quickly eliminate any minor damage yourself. But sometimes you cannot start the device with your own hands. In this case, it is better to seek help from a professional, especially if it concerns the problem with the engine and the development of speed in the trimmer or lawn mower.

The reasons for the weak.speed trimmer for grass

If users complain to the trimmer for grass, which does not gain momentum, this means that it works normally on idle, and when pressing gas does not develop the necessary power. This can happen as a result of a long downtime of the apparatus without activity. These problems are typical for gasoline devices, including the Husqvarna 128R, STIHL FS 38 and Hitachi different modifications.

Working with a trimmer, you need to monitor its behavior all the time. a drop in revolutions and unusual noises signal the malfunctions in the aggregate. Sometimes you give gas, and the trimmer for the grass swims. In such cases, the work should immediately be suspended, let the mechanism cool and start searching for possible problems. They can be of a different nature of both the technological plan and external factors related to the conditions and features of the operation of the device.

What to do if a trimmer for grass stalls when you press the gas?

So why is a trimmer stall for grass when pressing for gas ? There may be several reasons for this problem.

  • The carburetor was resolved after an unsuccessful wintering or after too intense use of motorcycles. The gasoline trimmer for the grass operates on the air-fuel mixture that the carburetor prepares it. With improper adjustment, this mechanism prepares a depleted mixture that is not capable of providing the engine with quite high speeds. You can understand about the problem with the carburetor by the characteristic vibrations of the lawn mower.
  • You will learn about the clogging of the fuel filter by the fact that the trimmer for the grass starts and stalls. In other words, the flow of fuel is enough to start a motorcycle, but is no longer enough to maintain the engine in work. It may be possible to solve the problem with weakening valves on the filter. If not, you should rinse the filter in solvents and blow it with compressed air. If after and this is not solved the problem, then you should purchase a new fuel filter.
  • If the engine stalls at speeds close to maximum, then perhaps the problem with the saope that regulates air access to the gas tank. If the fuel consumption is too fast, characteristic when you give gas, rarefied pressure is formed in the gas tank, due to which the fuel flow into the engine is reduced.
  • The engine stalls when opening the damper. The problem, again, is associated with a carburetor, which, due to an excess of air, prepares a depleted air-fuel mixture, which is not capable of ensuring engine operation.

Useful tips from Kosi-Kosa specialists

If you already understood the reason why your saw stalls at idle, but do not yet know how to go to disassemble or remove a separate part, say, carburetor. watch a video from other articles from our specialists, read instructions in articles

We also recommend that all moving elements be treated with particular caution to avoid injuries. We include other important recommendations:

  • mandatory drainage of gasoline before disassembling even external elements;
  • close the hole in the engine with a rag so as not to clog it;
  • Disassemble the carburetor on a dry clean surface, and pre.write the number of revolutions of other screws so as not to knock down all the settings;
  • collect everything in the exact order, as they analyzed, even putting bolts on their “native” place.

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At idle, your saw will not stall anymore if you conduct the procedure competently. What to do when the gas tools stall in other situations. the Kosikosa benzo.tool store will definitely tell in our articles.

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