Huter gasoline trimmer care. Types and features of trimmers for grass

Trimmer care for grass: Rules and recommendations

A beautiful well.groomed lawn, a neatly trimmed lawn. this is the result of using a trimmer for grass for grass. Using this tool, you can quickly put the site in order. Unlike the lawn mower, a small and maneuverable tool easily penetrates into places (around trees, near the fence, benches). Like any other technique, a trimmer for grass needs competent care and maintenance.

The service life of the lawn mower depends on whether the user complies with the operating rules. All the information that may be required to the owner is posted in the leadership. Be sure to study this document before starting working with a trimmer. And in this article we will dwell on the consideration of the main issues regarding the use of the tool.

Preparation of gasoline-oil mixture

Most trimmers are equipped with two-stroke engines that work on a fuel mixture oil. To prepare it, gasoline with a suitable octane number and 2t oil should be used. It is necessary to observe the proportions specified in the leadership.

The mixture should be fresh, so do not cook with a margin and store it for a long time. In no case do not use car oil, as it contains additives that can lead to breakdown of the trimmer motor for grass. It is best to buy branded oils of famous manufacturers. As for the fuel, the AI-92 and AI-95 brands are suitable.

huter, gasoline, trimmer, care, features

Huter GGT 2500S

The Huter GGT 2500S lawn mower is a powerful equipment, the main purpose of which is work in the garden, on lawns in private houses and parks.

Trimmer for Hunter GGT 2500S grass

The device is designed specifically for high loads, has high power and good performance, the maximum working coverage is 800-100 kV.m. The gasoline mower has a collapsible bar, which is convenient for transporting equipment in a regular car or even manually carrying.

Trimmer for Hunter GGT 2500T grass

The 2500T lawn mower is a complete analogue of the described in this review, the exception is only a collapsible bar.

The target purpose of the Huter GGT 2500S lawn mower is this:

  • cutting large lawns;
  • work in public parks and gardens;
  • cleaning the territory from weeds, high grass;
  • thinning bushes;
  • giving the form to the bushes on landscape sites;
  • Work with grass under the trees, near the borders.

Какой триммер выбрать? Обзор Триммера HUTER на бензине.

The Huter GGT 2500S lawn mower is equipped with a two.stroke engine for two cylinders, the device can be turned on with a manual launch or using an electronic ignition.

Huter engine

The lawn mower has a number of unique features:

  • suppression of vibration during operation;
  • location of the control buttons on the handles;
  • non.slip coating on handles for better adhesion during operation;
  • weight convenient for handling;
  • compact dimensions and the possibility of analysis.

Advantages of a trimmer for grass Huter GGT 2500S

  • high power;
  • Light weight, conveniently tolerate, can be disassembled;
  • there is an anti.vibration system;
  • The motor cools effectively after work;
  • The rod of a trimmer for grass is covered with an anti.corrosion composition.

Trimmer for grass electric Huter Get-1200SL-mowing parameters

Among the advantages of this electric mower, high engine power, reliability and excellent quality of the factory assembly are released. The trimmer for the grass is equipped with a durable trigger system, an all.metal aluminum gearbox, as well as protection against arbitrary inclusion.

The force created by the engine is transmitted through a hard drive shaft, protected from damage by a direct chrome rod. The durable plastic handle is attached to the bar, which can be adjusted depending on the preferences of the operator.

  • The power of the engine is 1.2 kW at 800 rpm;
  • possible coverage when mowing with fishing line/knife. 42/23 cm;
  • maximum sound effect. 90 dB;
  • Weight. 5.3 kg.

This Huter electric mower can be equipped with plastic coil with a fishing line, up to 2 mm thick, as well as interchangeable metal knives.

How to refuel a trimmer for grass

The finished mixture of gasoline with butter can be stored for no more than 3 months (clean gasoline is stored less). Dilute the fuel in the quantity that is enough for several applications of the trimmer for the grass. In general, prepare:

  • gasoline and oil, which is suitable for two.stroke engines with an air cooling system;
  • metal canister and a mixture container;
  • respirator;
  • gloves.
  • Pour 1 l of gasoline into a suitable volume of 1 l of gasoline and add 1/2 of the desired amount of oil.
  • Mix carefully, being at a decent distance from the sources of open fire.
  • Add the rest of the oil to combustible and mix everything again.

General recommendations for refueling a trimmer for grass with a two-or four-stroke engine:

  • Place the fuel tank so that the cover is located on top, and then pour the required amount of fuel.
  • Do not overfill the fuel tank. This will lead to one of the problems: transferring into the intake pipe and fuel filter, flammable ignition or breakdown of the motor.
  • Try to fill the mixture so that it does not spill. To do this, you can use the watering can.
  • If you still poured fuel, then immediately wipe it. Put the wiping material, do not accumulate indoors. this is fire hazardous.
  • The launch of the device should begin after the canister with fuel is removed at a distance of more than 10 m.
  • If there was a long break between the operations of the mowing, then the remaining old fuel be sure to drain.

We proceed to running the lawn mower

After starting, do not rush to immediately run the trimmer for the grass. Let the engine idle for 5 minutes. While heating is going on, adjust the air supply to the air damper with a lever so that the rogue with a fishing line or with a knife does not rotate. As soon as the tool warmed up, we completely open the air supply to the corresponding lever to the “ON” position and squeeze the gas trigger for 1/2 and hold the seconds of seconds 30. Then we drop the gas, let the trimmer work on xx 30.40 seconds. In this mode we continue 10 minutes 15. Then we mock and let it rest for 15 20 minutes.

Having cooled the lawn mower, we continue to run the engine according to the previous scheme. Start a hot, a trimmer for grass should already be with an open air damper. Try not to hold the gas for a long time, since the movable details of the tool only rubbing each other. And do not let the engine work at idle for a long time as it can overheat.

The next stage is the a gas reducer gearbox for grass. To do this, select a plot with soft young grass. Kosim 5 10 minutes with 1/2 2/3 from full gas. After we take a break for 20 25 minutes. Repeat the cycle 3 4 times.

In general, therapist for the lawn mowing according to the described algorithm is carried out until the fuel mixture in the tank is fully generated. After which the tool is ready for long.term work. In the process, follow the temperature regime of the gearbox and the motor. They should not overheat.

Gasoline gas mowing gasoline with butter

Before mowing grass with a benzo.leggos, it is necessary to season the tool with fuel. As fuel, gasoline with butter is used. However, take into account that mixing gasoline with oil is needed only for two.stroke engines. Four.stroke engines operate on pure gasoline, since their design has a separate container. oil crankcase. There are no 2-stroke gas crankcases in the design of the 2-stroke gasolimers, so you need to pour exclusively gasoline with butter in the tank.

As gasoline, it is recommended to use AI-92 brand fuel. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, you need to read the instructions offered by the manufacturer. Often, most manufacturers recommend using the AI-92 brand fuel, and only some recommend filling AI-95.

Gasoline must be diluted with a small one in a proportion of 1 to 25. This means that 40 ml of two.stroke oil must be added per 1 liter of gasoline. However, not everything is so unambiguous here. The proportion 1 to 25 is universal, but each tool model has its own values. These values ​​are also indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions. details about how to properly dilute gasoline with butter into a lawn mower is described here. After breeding gasoline with butter, pour a full tank, and start work.

If a four.stroke lawn mower is refuel, then pure gasoline must be poured into the tank, and engine oil is added to the oil container to the maximum level.

Moto and electric cosmos: Design features

Trimmer for grass consists of two elements. engine and fasteners. The cutting part of the tool is driven by a gear shaft connected to the engine shaft. It consists of a rotating head with a fishing line mounted on it, less often. a special disk or several knives. The engine can be placed both from below, in the immediate vicinity of the cutting part, and at the top. Models of the second type are supplied with a more powerful, but heavy engine. Trammers for grass with the lower location of the motor are used to cut even lawns with thin and soft grass.

Motokosa bar can be both detachable and unusable and is supplied with handles, belts and emphasis. The choice of a particular model depends on the individual preferences of the user. As for the dimensions, the weight and configuration of the tool, it should be suitable both in height and by weight and be “hand”, that is, as convenient as possible in work.

Typical errors when running a trimmer for grass

Even experienced users often make mistakes, trying to run into a gasoline trimmer for grass, what can we say about newcomers. If you know the essence and specifics of errors, it will be easier for you to avoid them. Consider the most common.

  • Lack of lubrication in the gearbox. Yes, people rarely check the state of this mechanism. It is a fact. But you need to do it. The gearbox should always be greased enough, otherwise. overheating and breaking the engine. Again, excess oil cannot be allowed, since it pollutes the channels and valves, which will then have to be cleaned.
  • Today’s benzotrimers are technologically complex devices that need competent maintenance and care. You can’t run the tool at idle, since the fuel does not completely burn out.
  • Sharp pressing of the gas button. Can lead to jamming the needle in the carburetor. The gas key must be burned slowly, confidently and smoothly.
  • Intensive work immediately after running. After completing the, pick up the hexagonal key and twist the bolts, screws, various screws.
  • Fuel storage in a gasoline tank. The time during which the diluted fuel mixture is suitable for use does not exceed 1 week. Gasoline loses its properties. The additives contained in oil are disintegrated, so the mixture cannot provide a full lubrication of the elements of the piston group. It is recommended immediately after completion of the work to drain the remaining fuel, if it was not possible to develop, make a motorcycle, work out until the tool is completely stopped.
  • Fuel use with additives. For a lawn mower, it is best to take ordinary AI-95 or AI-92 gasoline. Fuel with additives like Mustang, energy contains additives that soften the oil seals, as a result of which rubber elements lose their properties, begin to pass air.

Put on the tool correctly. Use high.quality fuel and oil, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the operation, maintenance and repair of a gasoline trimmer for grass. And then your technique will last a long time, regularly completing the tasks.

How to use a trimmer: use, proper care, lubrication

The beard in men does not go out of fashion, unless of course, well.groomed, brutal. Have a good high.quality trimmer for grass in the arsenal will not be superfluous.

A mustache and beard cutting machine quickly converts the external image of the face and is quite simple to use. It is enough to make a lubrication of blades in a timely manner and replace the nozzles to enjoy shaving in a matter of minutes.

What is a trimmer for grass?

Trimmer for grass. a compact car for a beard and mustache. But, the design has some features, thanks to which the removal of hairs is possible from open, closed, inaccessible, sensitive sections of the face, neck.

The number of operations ongoing depends on the device, the presence of nozzles in the kit. Regardless of the configuration, any model quickly, carefully:

  • will haircut a beard and mustache;
  • will put the bikini zone in order;
  • will remove hairs from the nasal sinuses, ear shells;
  • levens a fishing line for a trimmer of eyebrows if necessary.

Modern models have a wider functionality: self.substituting knives, a vacuum system for absorption of cut hairs.

Huter GGT 800S

Huter offers a very large range of products. Trimmer for grass gasoline GGT 800S is reliability and high performance. Among the features of this model you can distinguish a protective casing that prevents the spread of mowed grass, a translucent fuel tank, which allows you to track its number, a convenient handle and a collapsible design that simplifies the transportation. The advantages of Huter technology are obvious.

This is a light launch, a system of extinguishing vibrations and the ability to cope even with dense shoots. The power of the trimmer for the grass is 1.1 liters. With., or 0.8 kW. It has a two.stroke gasoline engine. As a cutting tool, you can use a knife or fishing line for a trimmer. Tank holds 0.7 liters of fuel. The weight of the trimmer for grass is 7 kilograms. This is a technique for real men. Quality and reliability is Huter. Trimmer for grass gasoline is equipped with a flexible drive shaft. Working with this technique is easy and convenient.

huter, gasoline, trimmer, care, features

Trimmer for Huter GGT-1000

This is a more advanced model of Huter garden technology. The GGT-1000T trimmer is equipped with a two-stroke air cooled engine. Its upper location allows you to cut even moist grass with a high degree of safety. Electronic ignition makes the launch smooth. This model provides for a gas.trigger lock.

Convenient handle, shoulder belt, anti.vibration system and protective casing make the work comfortable and safe. The technique has protection against accidental inclusion. Engine power is 1.35 l. With., or 1 kW. Fuel tank has a volume of 1 liter. Speasing width is 25.5 centimeters. This unit weighs 8.8 kilograms.

To increase the convenience of control, the presence of a bicycle handle is provided, on which all the necessary control buttons are located. This equipment, according to buyers, is used to cut grass in personal plots. The design is durable, it is designed for intensive and long.term operation.

Reviews about the main features and advantages of the model

If you are considering a trimmer for the Huter grass, the reviews of which were presented above, then you should also pay attention to the opinion of users regarding operational features. Of these, you can find out that the tool provides accuracy, comfort, safe operation, and also guarantees strong retention of the device. The control is that the fuel tank is made of translucent material, thus, the consumer can monitor fuel consumption. But the comfortable holding of the tool is guaranteed by a bicycle handle, which consumers really like. She, according to their words, provides long and comfortable work. Safety is provided by a protective casing, which eliminates the entry of mowing grass in the operator.

This trimmer for the Huter grass, the reviews of which are often the most positive enough, has, according to consumers, and other advantages, among them should be highlighted:

  • vibration extinguishing system;
  • design strength;
  • long service life;
  • the location of the control elements on the handle;
  • Light start.

The Huter 1900 trimmer has a fairly impressive power, which is 1.9 kW. As a cutting element, a knife or fishing line for a trimmer is used. The tank capacity is 0.7 l, and the thickness of the fishing line is 2 mm. Before acquiring this equipment, you must consider that its weight is quite impressive. This is claimed by many novice users. The mass of equipment is 7 kg.

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Why is a gas cocker?

The reasons why the trimmer for grass does not start can be a lot.

Most often, the reasons for the difficult launch are:

  • Fuel quality problems;
  • candy malfunction;
  • pollution of air and fuel filters;
  • problems with leveling pressure in the gas tank;
  • Falf in the graduation channel.

Most often these malfunctions are not critical and they can be eliminated independently. Let’s consider in more detail how to do it.


Do not save on combustible for your technique, use only high.quality gasoline and oil. Strictly adhere to the recommended proportions for the fuel mixture. Also, you should not leave fuel in the tank for a long time. it over time is flooded and loses its properties.

Candles and candle channel

If you suspect a malfunction of the spark plugs, you should immediately unscrew the old candle and replace it with a new. If there is no possibility to instantly install a new candle. thoroughly clean and dry the old. Drain excess fuel through the candle channel and dry it thoroughly. After that, plunge the candle into place, set the gap of 1 mm and try to start the braid again.

If the proposed manipulations did not give the desired result. check the contact of the candle. Also, the reason for the lack of a spark may be a faulty ignition unit, which is unlikely to repair it independently.

Air and fuel filter

Pollution of these assemblies of the lawn mower is fraught with either their complete replacement, or thorough cleaning. When replacing the fuel filter, do not leave a suction pipe without protection. this can provoke a breakdown in the piston system of the engine.

Problems with leveling pressure in the gas tank

This malfunction is associated with the contamination of the soundtress. When this part is salted, a vacuum forms in the gas tank, which prevents fuel supply. You can clean the soundtress using a conventional needle.

If, after checking the data of the trimmer systems for the grass, he did not start, most likely, the reason for problems with the carburetor (clogged nozzles, disturbed tightness) or engine (wear of piston rings, chips on the cylinder). Repair of this type can also be carried out independently, but it is better to trust the specialists of the service center.

How to get a lawn mower?

Start the lawn mower according to this algorithm:

It is not recommended to adjust the carburetor screws on their own, since in most cases they are already in the optimal position. If necessary, you can adjust the screw responsible for the idle course: