Hyundai Trimmer Air Filter Cleaning

Hyundai car list: ix20, Azera (Azera), ix35, Accent (Accent), Terracan (Terracan), Avante (Avante), NF, Santa Fe (Santa Fe), Solaris (Solaris), H100, Lavita (Lavita), Tucson (Tucson), Galloper (Galloper), ix55, Veracruz (Veracruz), i30, i40, Elantra (Elantra), Grandeur (Grander), HB20, Genesis (Genesis), XG, Equus (Ekus), i10, Marcia (Marcia), Eon (Еон ), Trajet (Trajet), Veloster (Veloster), Santamo (Santamo), Pony (Pony), Dynasty (Dynasty), Atos (Athos), Porter (Porter), H-1 / Starex (Starex), Entourage (Entourage) , Coupe (Coupe), Centennial (Centennial), Getz (Goetz), Tiburon (Tiburon), Verna (Verna), Matrix (Matrix), Sonata (Sonata), i20 and others.

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Hyundai repair services in Minsk from our company

  • Power steering (GUR) Hyundai (replacement, diagnostics, repair);
  • Hyundai starter and generator (replacement, diagnostics, repair, all work on starters and alternators: checking the operability of the starter or generator, removing and installing, measuring electric power, diagnosing the generator or starter, checking the generator or starter electrical circuits, removing (installing) the starter and generator);
  • Hyundai steering (replacement, diagnostics, repair, types of work: removal and installation of steering rack anthers, steering rods, power steering, power steering pump, steering rack, restoration of the steering rack, steering tips);
  • Oil change in the engine, automatic transmission, manual transmission and other technical fluids (full or partial replacement, types of work: oil in the transmission, servo-controlled fluids, oil in the transfer case (transfer case), clutch fluid, power steering fluid, rear differential oil, air filter, antifreeze, in the front differential, engine oil, brake fluid, in-cabin filter, coolant, automatic transmission and manual transmission oils, gearbox oils, engine oil, compressor oil);
  • Replacing bearings
  • Hyundai car diagnostics (list of works: engine, diesel engines, injection pump diagnostics, manual transmission diagnostics, electrical equipment, suspension, fuel system, gearbox control unit flushing, hybrid engines, computer diagnostics, glow plugs, electronic diagnostics of automatic transmissions, turbochargers, gasoline engines, full diagnostics air conditioning systems, malfunctions of the brake system, transmission, internal combustion engine diagnostics, automatic transmission diagnostics, four-wheel drive, chassis, turbines);
  • Installation of alarms, car radios and;
  • Diagnostics and repair of a steering rack Hyundai (adjustment of the handbrake, generator belt);
  • Wheel alignment;
  • Repair of electrical equipment for Hyundai cars;
  • Rear and front suspension of Hyundai cars (repair, diagnostics, replacement, all works: restoration of tips, cardan shafts, stabilizer struts and bushings, restoration of ball and jet traction, removal and installation of a lever, removal and installation of a spring, shock test of shock absorbers, collapse toe-in, shock absorber, measurement of dynamic landing height, rear and front beams, measurement of alignment of vehicle axles, arm silent block);
  • Hyundai car maintenance;
  • Automatic transmission and manual transmission of Hyundai cars (repair, replacement, diagnostics, list of works: automatic transmission filters, manual transmission, gearboxes, driveshafts, transfer case, automatic transmission);
  • Hyundai turbine (partial restoration of turbines, full restoration of the turbine, turbine repair);
  • Muffler repair and replacement;
  • Hyundai brake system (repair, replacement, diagnostics, types of work: adjusting the hand brake, brake disk, hand brake cable, bleeding the brake system, working brake cylinder, vacuum, brake hose, calipers, master brake cylinder, brake pipes and hoses, brake shoes , groove of brake discs, clutch cylinder, brake pads and discs);
  • Hyundai car chassis (diagnostics, repair, replacement, types of work: removing and installing the strut, removing and installing the shock absorber, preventing the parking brake, cleaning the vacuum system, bleeding the brake system, removing and installing the rear bushings of the stabilizer, cartridge, half shaft, shaft seal, bearings axle shafts, steering shaft, grenades, springs, removing and installing the front-wheel drive mounting beams, drive oil seal, drive shaft axle guide, removing and installing the rear brake pads, removing and installing the upper arm, axle shaft axle bearing, drive repair, gur tank, diagnostics of running gear, steering tip, parking brake cable, removal and installation of anther drive, removal and installation of the hub bearing, rear springs, outboard bearing, removal and installation of front stabilizer bushings, steering tie rods, removing and installing front brake pads, adjusting the parking brake, removing and installing brake hoses, ball bearings);
  • Welding work;
  • Replacing Hyundai rear and front silent blocks (list of works: rear axle gearbox, steering column, steering column oil seal, ball bearing, steering rod boot, wheel bearing, front suspension arm, steering tip, universal joint crosspiece, removing and installing the stabilizer, stabilizer bushings, steering boot anther, removal and installation of jet rods);
  • Hyundai clutch replacement (clutch master cylinder, clutch pedal and clutch cable, clutch disc);
  • Hyundai car engine (diagnostics, repair, replacement, list of works: installing the SZMO motor protection, laying the manifold, removing and installing the pan, injectors, windshield seal, glow plugs, drilling the nozzle, nozzle, oil pump, o-rings, oil pressure sensor, piston rings, valve oil seals, main oil seal, removal and installation of cylinder head, valve adjustment, oil pressure measurements, removal and installation of nozzles, engine mountings, hybrid engines, turbochargers, spark plugs, heads b lock, compression measurements, engine overhaul (ICE), engine overhaul, calibrator, prevention of front-wheel drive clutches, removal and installation of the engine, clutch cable, CO adjustment, drilling a glow plug, chain tensioner, camshaft oil seal, timing belt, multi-V-belt, corrugations, cooling systems, gasoline engines, valve adjustment, viscous couplings, diesel engines);
  • Replacing the timing belt, rollers.
Hyundai Trimmer Air Filter Cleaning

Types of engines for Hyundai cars. Accent, Trajet, ix55, XG, Getz (Getz), Azera (Azera), Genesis (Genesis), Santamo (Santamo), Verna (Verna), Matrix (Matrix), Terracan (Terracan), NF , Pony (Pony), H100, HB20, i40, Tiburon (Tiburon), i10, ix35, Tucson (Tucson), Centennial (Centennial), Veracruz (Veracruz), Veloster (Veloster), Coupe (Coupe), Porter (Porter) , Eon (Еон), Lavita (Lavita), Entourage (Entourage), H-1 / Starex (Stareks), Grandeur (Grander), Solaris (Solaris), Equus (Ekus), i30, Avante (Avante), Galloper (Galloper ), Sonata (Sonata), ix20, Atos (Athos), Dynasty (Dynasty), i20, Elantra (Elantra), Marcia (Marcia), Santa Fe (Santa Fe) and others:

  • Hyundai Diesel Engine (D; TD): 5.2; 5.5; 4.5; 5.9; 0.7; 3.8; 2.6; 6.0; 5.8; 2.0; 4.2; 0.6; 4.0; 3.7; 1.2; 3.5; 5.6; 5.3; 3.0; 1.4; 2.9; 5.0; 3.2; 4.9; 1.8; 1.7; 2.2; 2.4; 3.6; 3.4; 4.6; 3.3; 1.1; 1.0; 4.8; 2.7; 4.7; 2.8; 5.7; 1.5; 3.1; 1.3; 0.8; 2.5; 3.9; 2.1; 4.1; 0.9; 1.9; 4.4; 1.6; 2.3; 5.1; 5.4; 4.3.
  • Hyundai gasoline engine: 4.6; 0.8; 4.2; 2.7; 1.7; 1.2; 4.5; 3.1; 5.2; 4.8; 3.7; 3.3; 2.6; 3.9; 3.5; 2.2; 4.9; 3.2; 5.6; 4.1; 2.1; 6.0; 5.5; 1.4; 1.6; 3.0; 0.9; 4.0; 3.8; 0.6; 5.7; 2.8; 5.8; 2.5; 1.9; 0.7; 2.9; 1.8; 3.4; 5.4; 5.0; 4.3; 3.6; 1.5; 5.3; 2.3; 4.7; 5.1; 1.0; 1.1; 2.0; 2.4; 1.3; 4.4; 5.9.
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