Ignition Installation From Chainsaw To Ant Scooter

Ignition Installation From Chainsaw To Ant Scooter

Contactless electronic ignition system Ant, Tula.

The optimal solution for high-quality engine operation is the use of so-called non-contact electronic ignition systems (BESZ).

The most important advantage of a non-contact ignition system, compared with a contact one, is the supply of much more energy to the spark plug, which significantly increases the spark, so necessary for fuel combustion. Thus, the combustion of the air-fuel mixture is improved, which affects the engine power.

Equally important is the fact that the shape and stability of pulses on all ranges of the engine is significantly improved. This is achieved by the fact that instead of a contact ignition system, an optical sensor is used, which is needed to generate control pulses for the electronic switch. Thus, not only engine power and throttle response is improved, but fuel consumption is also reduced.

The third advantage and advantage of a contactless ignition system is its unpretentiousness and low need for maintenance. It needs to be configured once and that’s it. While the contact system is demanding maintenance and configuration.

Kit Composition Contactless electronic ignition systems Ant, Tula.

Electronic switch 76.3734

Ignition coil 027.3705

High voltage silicone wire

High voltage candle cap

M6 hex bolt

Washer Grover M4

Washer Grover M5

Instruction with color photo (3 sheets)

Attention! The completeness of the configuration is respected, but the shape and color of the elements, wires, terminals may vary depending on the party, which does not violate the performance and purpose.

Ignition timing Contactless electronic ignition systems Ant, Tula.

Ignition advance is a specific time interval from the moment a spark jumps between the spark plug electrodes until the piston arrives at top dead center (hereinafter TDC).

Ignition Installation From Chainsaw To Ant Scooter

Since the air-fuel mixture does not burn instantly and this process is stretched in time, it is necessary to prepare the combustion conditions in such a way that the maximum pressure is created above the piston at the moment when it arrives at TDC and just begins to move down.

The following describes the ignition timing installation mechanism for the scooter engine Muravei, Tula when using BESZ.

1. Using the ignition switch, apply power to the KZ terminal.

2. Unscrew the spark plug from the cylinder head. Rotating the crankshaft, standing on the side of the cochlea fan, counterclockwise (the direction of rotation is also indicated on the modulator plate), set the piston to its highest position, and then take it back 1-1.5 mm. To rotate the crankshaft, you can use an eccentric with an M6 bolt fixed to it under the internal hexagon.

3. Next, loosen the M6 ​​bolt under the hexagon on the cam, the modulator plate should rotate freely. (IMPORTANT! Do not allow the optical sensor to be exposed to light from artificial sources of light and / or direct sunlight, it may affect its correct operation). Turn the modulator plate in the direction of the arrow as shown below.

4. Set the modulator plate to the “3” position when the LED indicator lights up. It is in this position that sparking occurs on the spark plug. Thus, the ignition moment is set, you can tighten the M6 ​​bolt under the hexagon on the eccentric. Be sure to install a protective rubber plug to prevent the optical sensor from becoming exposed during operation of the scooter.

5. Screw the spark plug into the cylinder head, put on it a high-voltage cap with a wire from the ignition coil.

The process of setting the timing of ignition timing is completed.

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