Installing The Disc On The Lawn Mower

How to put the knife on the trimmer
Before you put the knife on the trimmer, you need to know on which tool which blades are placed. When should you use trimmer knives.

What knives to put on an electric and lawn mower

Before buying and putting a knife on a lawn mower, find out what they are and in what cases they are used. Today manufacturers offer the consumer a large number of types of these consumables. In general, all cutting tools designed for mowing grass can be classified:

  • By the type of material from which it is made;
  • According to the shape of its cutting blades.

The main material for making trimmer knives can be plastic or metal. The use of such consumables largely depends on two parameters:

  • Lawn mowers type;
  • Mowing areas.

For safety reasons, manufacturers do not recommend putting steel knives on electric trimmers. Almost all electric and battery powered lawn mowers are equipped with plastic blades. Depending on the manufacturer, they can be of a solid disc-shaped design, with several blades or in the form of a special mowing head providing for the installation of removable plastic blades.

installing the disc on the lawn mower

Straight bar for petrol trimmer and curved for electric

To put a metal knife on an electric trimmer is not allowed by its design features.

  1. The curved bar of the machine reduces the distance from its working part to the mower‘s feet. In the event of a collision of the blades with a stone or other solid object, the scythe is thrown to the feet.
  2. The high torque we mentioned above, in the event of a metal blade hitting a hard object, transfers a large load to the trimmer flex shaft and its motor. What causes them to fail prematurely.
  3. The trimmer handle most often does not have a restrictive bar acting as a stop. That does not exclude injury to the legs.
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It is these features that make it possible to use only plastic knives on trimmers with electric motors. Upon collision with an obstacle, the blades are destroyed, thereby protecting the mower’s legs from possible injury.

The use of metal knives only on gasoline trimmers is also due to design features.

  1. The straight bar design increases leg clearance for complete safety.
  2. Comfortable U-shaped and J-shaped handles provide a firm grip. The D-shaped handles of the lawn mowers are equipped with a limiter that rests on the mower’s leg, which does not allow the head to come close to the feet when the cutting disc meets a solid obstacle.
  3. The clutch of the gasoline engine allows smooth acceleration to the optimum level. And when the blade hits a hard surface, it can absorb part of the impact.

Thus, gasoline trimmers with a metal blade fitted are best used in large areas. They will successfully cope not only with high coarse grass, weeds, burdocks and nettles, but also with shrubs, as well as young trees.

The shape of the disc blades supplied to the trimmer does not in any way affect the quality of the work performed. Speed ​​does not depend on them either. Triangular, trapezoidal, rectangular shapes are all the marketing ploy of manufacturers.

How to put the knife on the trimmer

With the arrival of summer, many owners of personal plots are worried about the question of how to put the knife on the trimmer. No less relevant are the questions of why and when it is advisable to replace the line on the lawn mower with a more durable cutting element. In our article we will try to disassemble all this and give useful recommendations to summer residents.

Why you need to put the knife on the trimmer

A trimmer with a knife installed on it is most convenient to use for more comfortable mowing of tall and coarse grass in the country. The line on the lawn mower in such cases does not cope. Thin tears very quickly. Using 2.3mm thick cord or homemade rods with cables causes the vegetation to wrap around the spool. This increases the load on the engine. As a result, the piston group and other moving parts of the unit wear out very quickly.

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If the weeds are mowed with an electric trimmer without a knife, only a fishing line, even if it is thick with a curly section, will not solve the problem. There is always a risk of overheating the motor and damaging the flexible shaft. And it’s all about the large torque of the electric motor. Grass wrapped around the spindle creates strong resistance to the shaft, which resembles a speedometer cable, which does not withstand and twists.

In order to protect equipment from premature wear, manufacturers have provided for the possibility of installing special knives on trimmers. The design and shape of the existing cutting elements allows you to easily cope not only with coarse and overgrown grass, but also to successfully deal with young shrub growth.

Widgets about knives for motorcycles

Lawnmower blades for 36-40 teeth (with a playable tatyuvannya)

So, for good reason, the CDs are nice. The stench of positioning yak disks with a playing crane, ale there is a “change”, and it will be seen in 3 days. I smell the stench to do good mowing. Through a large number of teeth, diameter, and then a relief. For a rakhunok of a small trade and a great number of perforations in the disk, you should not pull it as hard as a lawnmower. It’s good. And I, transferred to a CD, not a vicious hair, only on the problem sites themselves.

At that hour, about 10 hectares of important dry life clutching at kitchens, sprinkles, milk water and all kinds of guides, I think, will not dull soon (I don’t wear hair).

I don’t pick up sino, ale willow, sprinkling and іnshі pagoni with a size of 15-20 mm. Koshu disc, build, 255 mm. Zhakh, monster. Vypadkovo not unlike the 25-mm steel cut, which is in the ground. Drank the devil, the productivity of the mayzhe did not fall. Right nіzh. Burdock rіzhe yak is small frozen butter.

I am not guilty of the surface with small wormholes and those who are satisfied, I am not afraid. Smolder. Do not use fittings or stones.

Nіzh for lawn mowers with possible soldering (special dosage)

Installing the disc on the lawn mower

Yak put the disc correctly for gasoline trimmer. On.There are few shortages, but productivity is weak on low grass, especially if it becomes dull, it’s not rіzhe, but ironing. Yak correctly put the knives on the trimmer (lawn mower). The little teeth have little teeth, the grass hangs out from them, in such a way it is more beautiful than two or three-toothed years.

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If I took the trimmer from the people, I stood on the new one with pobiditovy soldering. There, maybe 10 quiet “taps” (about 40) were shed. Ale, the vibor did not get bogged down, becoming a mow. I don’t know how to win. I don’t know it, I don’t know if I have 10 liters of gasoline. I was honored with pratsyuvati cim with a knife (it was not brought before). Perevagi knives with bitty soldering. Light wine (for opening the openings in tili), vin mitsny (it’s not real to bend it), wine maneuvers (light, round), win mowing and sawing everything (mowing everything and sawing chagarnik), with a finger (if you survive the whole flight, all is good to mow), the new one has a great diameter (although it is even bigger), it can be sharpened (if there are no more beaten tips). Shortcomings a knife with bitted soldering. If you trawl in the grass stone or loose, then you can not get in. Me nіzh for trimmer z bitty soldering be helped. I know how to sharpen it, if all the tips of the teeth hit the stones, and the teeth of the knife’s teeth may have become dull, rounded and mowed nasty, I grinded off the emery on the emery backs of the knife’s teeth like this nіzh becoming a mow yak new!

Porіvnyuumo nіzh Windsor with a Husqvarna knife

  1. Win is easier to spin.
  2. It is easier to collapse (easy).
  3. It is easier to sharpen (metal is weak) and it is not worth sharpening food.
  4. Wine is lighter than rosrizak (thinner).
  5. It can be mowed a little, little grass.
  6. A little bit of a lawnmower knife is easy to use: go to the Husqvarna knives.
  7. Ale vin bend, for example, when hitting a hard stump.
  8. Ale u ny less energy for Rubanov.