Installing the Knife On the Husqvarna 323r Trimmer

Installing the Knife On the Husqvarna 323r Trimmer

Cultivator Honda UMK 435 UE DT

The Honda UMK 435T Lawnmower combines state-of-the-art technology with environmental care.

The Honda UMK 435 is the best solution for a small or uneven area. Spit allows not only to mow grass, but also to cut shrubs and tree branches. Its capabilities can pleasantly surprise you!

Honda UMK 435 is designed to make your lawn trimmed faster and better: it is easy to start and easy to use and operate than many other lawn mowers.

4-stroke engines

A distinctive feature of the lawn mowers is the 4-stroke GX35T engine. Revolutionary, miniature and exceptionally light in its class.

Hondagxseries are professional general-purpose gasoline engines designed specifically for long and trouble-free operation; it is a guarantee of reliability and durability.

This engine starts instantly and significantly reduces fuel consumption, unlike analogues.

Using the latest technology

The lawn mow is equipped with a special non-contact bearing. Such bearings are used in the aerospace industry because of their resistance to contamination and their suitability for operation at very high speeds. These are extremely low friction bearings and are very quiet. Their service life significantly exceeds the service life of traditional bearings with contact rubber seals, which are quickly contaminated by dust, subject to overheating and rapid wear.

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A unique drive shaft on six splines, unlike traditionally used keyed joints, gives additional strength, increased torque and power to the working area.

Designed to work in severely contaminated environments shockproof transmission unit stamped steel. Re-machined to provide the best protection against dust.

Semi-automatic Tap`N`Go line feed system

In the head of the lawn mowers, nylon fishing line is fed semi-automatically with a light hit of the mower coil to the ground. There is no need to stop the engine for adjustments, as with similar tools.

To combat truly sustainable vegetation and for professional work, we offer a metal fishing line as an option.

Low vibration and noise

Honda’s 4-stroke engine provides greater acoustic comfort than push-pull counterparts. The GX35 engine is equipped with an electronic ignition control system. Over, it is equipped with a smooth drive with anti-vibration clutch, which protects your hands from vibrations leading to fatigue. Therefore, after completing the work, your hands will not grow numb from fatigue, and you can easily raise a cup of tea or coffee, which is so pleasant after work.

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Works from any angle

The special design allows you to work with any spatial position of the motor (at any angle), which makes it easier to cut in hard-to-reach places: between flower beds, behind farm buildings, along fences, under bushes, etc.

Lightweight and well balanced, it makes it easy to move around during work and with especially less effort to process particularly complex areas

Ergonomic handles

It has an ergonomic U-shaped handle and made of especially durable plastic with a rubber coating, which provides a reliable grip and absorb vibration.

The bicycle handle is adjustable in two planes without the use of tools in order to achieve the most comfortable position and weight distribution.

Simplicity and ease of use

Quick start with ultra-light flywheel, instant set of revolutions, quiet and smooth operation of the engine: when the work is fun, the result exceeds all expectations.

The Honda UMK 435 is equipped with a wide belt-mounted shoulder harness that optimally distributes the load. Leg protection and a quick-release hook holder are also provided for added safety.

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Low maintenance

The use of Honda 4-stroke micromotors significantly reduces operating costs. Gas consumption is less by 50% and oil by 80% compared to lawn mowers with a 2-stroke engine.

It works on AI-92 ordinary unleaded automobile gasoline; mixing gasoline with refueling oil is not required.

Environmental friendliness

The CO2 emission level of Honda lawn mowers is 90% lower than the emissions of classic lawn mowers with a 2-stroke engine, which meets the most stringent American EPA standards in the world, which are also applied in Europe since 2005.

The unpleasant odor and smoke characteristic of devices with a 2-stroke engine are a thing of the past.


The set of lawn mowers includes tools and accessories necessary for easy and safe operation: