Installing the Knife On the Stihl 250 Trimmer

Installing the Knife On the Stihl 250 Trimmer

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Brush cutter FS 450 knife 225-24 it is intended for mowing of dense growth in garden plots, cutting of forest crops. The device is equipped with an ElastoStart system for easy starting, as well as a two-handed grip that promotes uniform movement. A satchel on the straps increases comfort during work. All controls are on one handle. It. Quite powerful tool with a knife for thick shoots and an extended rod. The decompression valve reduces the required starting force. Due to this, the load on the joints and muscles of the worker is reduced. The unit is equipped with a manual fuel pump, which pumps fuel into the carburetor. This is convenient if the trimmer has not been used for a long time, because reduces starting jerks at startup. When the air filter is dirty, the compensator prevents the mixture from being oversaturated, so the power remains constant for a long time. The filter must be cleaned when 80% of its surface is clogged. The brush cutter is equipped with an ergonomic two-handed handle that can be adjusted with a T-screw.

To rule brush cutter FS 450 easy and safe thanks to the controls integrated in the handle. Working with this tool is quite convenient and comfortable thanks to the anti-vibration system.

Features and advantages of FS 450:

  • Elastostart Easy Launch System
  • Two-hand adjustable handle
  • Convenience and comfort
  • All controls are on one handle.
  • Extended barbell
  • Decompression valve
  • Manual fuel pump
  • Security
  • Anti-vibration system


Compensator STIHL. Regulator in carburetor. Provides almost constant engine power, exhaust quality and fuel consumption over time despite the increasing pollution of the air filter. Cleaning the air filter is only required if there is a noticeable drop in power. It becomes possible to work for a long time without maintenance.

The decompression valve at engine start releases some of the compressed mixture from the cylinder. As a result, the required thrust on the starter cable is markedly reduced. It becomes easier for the operator to work, and the entire start-up system wears out less intensively.

Anti-vibration system is used in tools for the care of green spaces. Rubber buffers reduce the transmission of harmful vibrations generated by the engine and the rotary cutting tool. Therefore, the handles have an extremely low vibration level. This makes the work convenient and tireless (see illustration: brush cutter).

As a result of compression pressure, when starting two-stroke engines, jerky forces arise that load muscles and joints. The ElastoStart launcher noticeably reduces these harmful effects. A special damping element in the handle of the starting device alternately takes over, then gives off energy, respectively, to the compression process. Thus, the launch occurs evenly, without jolts. (see illustration)