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In the conditions of our roads, dust often gets into the salon, after shopping in supermarkets there are smudges from packages, traces of children’s shoes are imprinted on the seat. A small nuisance is easy to remove with a car brush.

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Car wash mop

Which brush to choose for cleaning the car interior?

Connoisseurs of tranquility and comfort buy brush grinders for cleaning the interior. The advantages of the devices include effective cleaning, fast operation, the disadvantages are the price.

The exterior gloss and shine of the car will easily spoil the dirty and greasy interior. And the owner of the vehicle will earn a reputation as a slob. To maintain the neat appearance of the car, the driver needs a brush for cleaning the interior of the car.

Gentle skin cleansing brushes

There are 3 types of leather for interior trim (seat, steering wheel, door cards):

  • for premium cars (e.g. nappa);
  • textured leather;
  • eco-leather.

Most often, the latter is found, in the common people called dermantin. Eco-leather is inexpensive and pleasant to the touch. This is the most common upholstery in city cars.

Leather interior care rules:

  • Regular care. Preventive cleaning. once a week, deep cleaning. once every 3 months.
  • Refusal from the advertised miracle means, such as “2 in 1”. Conditioner and cleaner in one bottle. Such care can damage the finish.
  • Mandatory cleansing before defense. Motorists often violate this rule and immediately treat the interior with air conditioning, not even suspecting what sad consequences such negligence can lead to. Bacteria in the pores of the skin are not destroyed without a purifier, but on the contrary, they receive a powerful replenishment with a liquid agent. Seats crack, an unpleasant odor appears in the cabin, and the skin loses its shape and shine.

To wash leather upholstery you will need:

  • brush;
  • microfiber;
  • purifier.

Brush for cleaning leather interior

The purchase of a professional brush is optional: any shoe brush with soft bristles will do.

Follow the rules for cleaning leather interior:

  • First apply the cleaner to the seat (2 zips is enough).
  • Start brushing in a circular motion, lightly pressing the brush down.
  • Once the spray is completely absorbed, wipe the seat with a microfiber.

HOW TO: Use a Detail Brush

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Continue until you wash the entire cabin.

Autech with soft bristles

A universal option for cleaning the interior. Thanks to its soft dense pile, it is safe for all surfaces. Can be used to clean the muffler from adhering dirt or brake pads dust from the discs. Mini mops from the German manufacturer are very convenient for washing the windshield from the inside, but they are more expensive.

Airline AB-F-03

Another device of the Chinese company Airline. The brush is needed to collect dust and small debris. The microfiber product is easy to wash and dries quickly. An irreplaceable thing in every car.

Airline AB-F-01

The brush is used to clean the dust inside the vehicle interior and on its surface. No water or chemicals are needed for work. The product does not leave scratches, fights against germs and fungi, and cleans upholstery from greasy marks.


The dust brush is used for cleaning the inside of the car. The product quickly, easily and efficiently removes dirt from any surfaces. The device consists of a long pile and a plastic handle.

What are?

There are different types of brushes used for cleaning car interiors, shoes, carpets, clothes and other purposes.

Universal brush. Usually these are models with a high density of bristles. Used for delicate cleansing of leather, fabric, plastic. They can be of different sizes. Natural hair is usually used in their manufacture. They are also used to cleanse dirt in hard-to-reach places in the form of blockages and dirt near the emblem.

Toothbrush models. Usually have nylon bristles. Suitable for removing dirt at joints, at seams, as well as in hard-to-reach places. Thanks to the tough yet elastic bristles, dirt can be easily removed without scratching the surface.

Products in the form of paint brushes. They can be used for cleaning the car interior, for cleaning seams, folds, crevices. Suitable for dashboard.

Brush with rubber bristles. Used to remove animal hair from carpets, clothing or car seats. This option can also be used for combing pets.

Models for carpets and carpets. These products have resilient nylon bristles for easy cleaning. Can be used to clean pedals and interior door panels in the car.

Products intended for cleaning seats and leather in car interiors. These models are made from horsehair.

Drill bit. When rotating, this nozzle perfectly cleans upholstery and carpets. Also used for rugs, leather parts. A round screwdriver nozzle is also an excellent option, allowing you to clean out dirt in a more delicate way.

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Brushes used to clean tires and wheels. The presence of sand, small stones and dirt trapped in the tire grooves makes it very difficult to wash them. There are various options used to clean wheels and tires. A stiffer bristle brush will clean the tread grooves much more efficiently.

Models with soft nap are used to wash the inner and outer surfaces of car rims. They will remove dirt from tires, wheels and rims using special chemicals.

The most obvious areas to focus on when cleaning a car are the console with switches, steering wheel, vents and other nooks. In this case, it is advisable to use a brush, thanks to which you can quickly and effectively get rid of dust.

Experts advise purchasing a whole set of detailing tools. It can include the same type of brushes and brushes of different sizes. The set may contain either very few brushes or a whole arsenal of models of different shapes and configurations.

A good option would be to purchase a set of 3 rotary brushes for cleaning the interior for a screwdriver with different degrees of rigidity.

In the absence of special devices, you can use non-professional tools. This can be a simple white toothbrush or a natural bristle makeup brush.

Overview of dry cleaning brushes

The use of a variety of brushes and brushes allows you to quickly clean carpets, upholstery or car interiors. Not all of these devices are the same, they are different and are designed to perform different tasks.


A brush or brush for cleaning a car is an essential and necessary accessory. These professional tools greatly simplify the cleaning process itself, while significantly saving time. quickly remove dirt, remove dust, and also get rid of dirt in difficult places to clean.

They are used for cleaning wheels, upholstery inside the cabin, removing dirt from engine compartments.

There are different types of brushes.

Professional tools with stiff nylon bristles. They are used more often for heavily polluted places, for example, carpeting in a car. And you can also use brushes with hard bristles for washing rubber mats and tires.

Brushes made from horse hair. They are suitable for cleaning polished surfaces or removing dust. Thanks to the use of such models, scratches will not appear on the surface, since their bristles are soft and safe.

To work when cleaning delicate areas, use nylon tools with fine bristles. They are suitable for cleaning cup holders, joints of plastic elements, slots.

Close attention should be paid to the products used for car rims. For models with conventional alloy wheels, brushes with a hard bristle are suitable. For discs requiring special care, it is better to take a special “fur” brush. It is also important to use acid-free chemicals in this case.

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The correct choice of a brush or brush will quickly and efficiently clean dirty areas, improving the appearance.

Application Tips

To keep the car interior, carpets or clothing clean, you can use dry cleaning services, or do the work yourself.

Having chosen a product intended for cleaning and working tools, you can safely start working on your own. As improvised tools, brushes and brushes, polishing cloths, absorbent towels, a vacuum cleaner with attachments are used.

Often, drivers use sponges when washing a car. But in the process of working with a sponge, you can leave scratches on the surface with it. When washing with a sponge, it is necessary to wash it in water much more often so that sand and dirt do not remain on it.

In this case, it is advisable to additionally use brushes. They are suitable for washing discs, glass, mirrors, radiator grilles.

Only use specially formulated products to wash the machine. It is forbidden to use regular powder or soap.

Before carrying out work, it is recommended to wet the body by supplying water under significant pressure, or simply by wetting the surface well. Then use detergents. It is recommended to clean the surface from strong dirt with a rotating brush.

When cleaning a car in winter, use models-bites to remove snow, also a scraper with a rubberized or foam rubber pad is suitable for this.

It is better to wipe the car with suede. This material will absorb moisture well without leaving fibers on the surface.

When choosing brushes, it should be borne in mind that models made of natural bristles are less resistant to acids and alkalis. When working with them, it is better to choose products with high resistance to chemicals. In this case, it is better to give preference to synthetic bristle brushes.

Given the large assortment of such products, you can easily choose the most acceptable option, use the materials intended for this for cleaning.


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