Is it possible to mow wet grass with a gasoline lawn mower

Did you know that mowing a wet lawn is much more difficult??

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Is it pleasant for you to look at a smooth, mowed lawn? Did you know that if you mow a wet lawn with a gasoline or electric mower, you are unlikely to get such a perfect result? This is because it is more difficult for wet knives to cut the grass evenly. As a result, this leads to an uneven surface of the lawn. This is especially true for mobile mowers. So if you care about the appearance of your lawn, you should wait until the grass on your site is completely dry.

Wet grass can clog the mower

Wet grass is very sticky! It not only sticks to your shoes, but also to various parts of the mower. As a result, accumulated grass can block the blades and other parts of the mower, making it difficult to mow the lawn further. What’s more, wet grass can even damage your mower.

Wet grass. increased risk of danger

Even if your waterproof shoes are well-soled, you still have the risk of slipping on wet grass while you mow. And with a running lawnmower it can be dangerous. Especially if you are trying to mow the grass quickly.

Lawn mowers that run on electricity are unsafe

We all know that you shouldn’t swim in a river, pond, or sea during a thunderstorm. But why then use an electric lawn mower on a wet lawn? Indeed, in this case, you also run the risk of getting an electric discharge. When you mow wet grass with the electric mower, there is a risk of damage to the mower due to moisture. It can also potentially lead to injury to the person working with the lawn mower.

Is it possible to mow the grass when it is wet?

So, after working days, you escaped to the dacha for the weekend, and your gaze was presented with an unkempt lawn, which you decided to tidy up with the help of an electric or gasoline lawn mower. It would seem that nothing can prevent you from putting your site in order. But did you know that if it has been raining recently and the grass in your area is wet, it is better to put off this venture until the grass is dry? Do you understand that cutting wet grass can be dangerous?

So before you take your lawn mower, put on waterproof shoes, here are a few things to keep in mind:

It can really damage your lawn.

If you decide to mow wet grass in your area, then you should know that you can ruin not only the appearance of the lawn. Grass isn’t the only wet part of your lawn. Together with the grass, the soil is moist. You can damage the soil and grass roots while using the mower. As a result, your lawn can become uneven and become covered with ugly spots throughout the territory.

So with some of the dangers and potential damage you can do to your summer cottage lawn, it is wise to keep the mower away from the grass when it is wet.

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Can I cut wet grass

Mowing a wet lawn with a gasoline-powered lawnmower. if there is no other option

If you are already mowing wet vegetation, then only with a gasoline lawn mower. The tools are distinguished by higher performance indicators, equipped with powerful motors. Despite this, an increased load is still carried out on the working mechanisms. First of all, moving elements, pistons suffer. If there is no other way out besides cutting wet vegetation, use the gasoline unit with care, switch to idle mode every 30-40 seconds to avoid overloading the engine.

Mowing wet grass with an electric lawnmower. why not?

It is strongly discouraged to use an electric lawnmower or grass trimmer for cutting wet grass or working in wet weather. If moisture gets inside the device, it may cause a short circuit. There is a high risk of electric shock. Even if such dangerous consequences can be avoided, still mowing wet vegetation is an additional load on the power unit.

  • Mowing wet grass is an abnormal mode of operation, operation in which accelerates the wear of the device’s components.
  • Wet grass has great resistance to cutting elements, as a result of which they become dull much faster.
  • The motor works under overload conditions, which, of course, affects its functionality and leads to a reduction in the working resource.

Wet grass rushes to the spindle and knives, increasing the load on the engine. No tricks will help in this case. Whatever schemes you use, the electric motor will still suffer. And the risk of short circuit and electric shock is very high.

Why cut wet grass?

Owners of private houses and mansions, in which they live permanently, rarely face the need to mow wet grass, because they can easily wait a couple of hours until it dries up, or postpone mowing for another day. And what to do if you came to the dacha or to a country house to mow the grass, and then it is raining? And if you got out for the whole weekend, but the weather is bad and the grass is wet, it doesn’t have time to dry. It is in such and such situations that users resort to mowing wet vegetation. How justified is this? What are the dangers of mowing a wet lawn? Is it worth the risk? It is important to find answers to these questions before starting work in wet weather.

Arguments against mowing wet grass

Considering the question of whether it is possible to mow wet grass, you need to determine what exactly is being discussed. Vegetation can be wet in such cases:

  • immediately after the rain;
  • while it is raining;
  • the grass is constantly wet due to the fact that the site is located in a lowland or high soil waters.

In the first case, you can use a gasoline lawn mower, but you should work very carefully. In the second, don’t even try, wait for the rain to end. In the third, you first need to resolve the issue of high humidity in the area, and then start mowing grass.

Wet weather is a serious risk factor for lawn mowers. It is better to wait a little and not risk your instrument or your health. In addition, the result when cutting dry grass is much better. Consider the main arguments supporting the fact that you should not mow wet grass.

  • It is much more difficult to move around the territory in wet weather. Increased risk of falling and injury.
  • Mowing the grass will take more time and effort.
  • In the process, the tool becomes very dirty, wet grass accumulates on its body and other parts. It dries up, the mower is more difficult to clean.
  • Green vegetation contains chlorophyll. This substance is responsible for the bright color of the grass. If the lawn is wet, chlorophyll remains on clothes, shoes, and skin. It is difficult to wash it.

So, if you want to protect the tool from damage and extend its service life, and to protect yourself from injury, it is better to give up mowing wet grass, wait until it dries.

How mowing in wet weather harms lawn grass?

Cutting in wet weather harms not only the tool, but the grass itself too. The mower does not cut, but tears wet vegetation. The incised areas on the stems dry up, turn yellow, and this affects the aesthetics of the lawn. The grass on the territory is not scattered evenly, but in bunches. If they are not removed in time, bald spots may appear.

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Is it possible to mow wet grass with a lawn mower?

Caring for an adjoining, garden and park area or a summer cottage takes a lot of time and effort. Simplify your work with a lawn mower designed to cut grass quickly and efficiently. The tool will serve for a long period of time, performing its functions properly, if the user follows the manufacturer’s recommendations for using the mower. So, for example, almost all manufacturers in the instructions indicate that it is not recommended to work in wet weather. Is it really? Is it possible to mow wet grass with an electric or gasoline lawn mower?

How to work if you decide to mow raw grass?

If you urgently need to mow wet grass and cannot be postponed in any way, read the rules for working in wet weather to minimize the risks. Only use a gasoline-powered lawn mower for mowing vegetation. It is absolutely impossible to mow wet grass with a mower with an electric motor.

It is important to maintain the optimum length of the lawn grass. If you mow too much, the vegetation can dry out and turn yellow, which will damage the appearance of the lawn. When planning to mow wet grass, adhere to certain rules and recommendations.

  • Take precautions. Remember to wear goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and hands from injury.
  • Use heavy, waterproof shoes to protect your feet.
  • If the tool makes a lot of noise during operation, which is typical for powerful gasoline units, do not neglect the use of headphones.
  • In a spacious area, mow in squares. First mow it around the perimeter, smoothly move to the center.
  • Check that the mower is working properly. Make sure the integrity of the tool. Refuel the mower with gasoline, add oil if necessary.
  • Remove from the territory all solid objects, debris. The fact is that when the lawn mower hits a stone or wooden block, the cutting elements can ricochet.
  • Check the condition of the knives. If they are blunt, be sure to sharpen them. Replace damaged torches with new ones.
  • During operation, try not to overload the engine. Move around the site smoothly, slowly.
  • Do not run at high revs. Keep in mind that the motor is under heavy load when mowing wet vegetation.

Immediately after work, the tool must be thoroughly cleaned of adhering wet grass. If this is not done, it will simply dry out on the body, and it will be more difficult to tear it off afterwards. The area also needs to be cleared by removing the heaps of grass. This way you can avoid the formation of bald spots.

Manufacturers do not recommend cutting wet grass or working in wet weather. We strongly advise you to follow these guidelines. Otherwise, the instrument may even be removed from warranty service.

Lawn mower

It is clear why this unit is so named. it is a technique for mowing grass on the lawn. Looks like a cart on wheels with special blades and a device for collecting cut grass. Lawn mowers come in different models:

  • with a gasoline engine;
  • powered by the mains;
  • rechargeable;
  • spindle.

As in the case of trimmers, gasoline lawn mowers are mobile, they can work far from home. But they have a lot of weight, are more difficult to use and they also make a lot of noise.

Lawn mowers with an electric motor are lightweight, do not make a lot of noise, are well cleaned, and are absolutely harmless to the environment. The disadvantages include the need for a nearby electrical network.

Rechargeable batteries are good for everyone: there is little noise, the lawn is even, it is easy to work, only the battery lasts for a certain time.

Spindle mowers are those that do not have an engine. The device is designed as if the lawn is being cut with scissors. It turns out very nicely and neatly, but the process is very time consuming.

Why and how often the lawn is cut

Usually lawns are sown with grasses of the family of cereals, and mowing prevents them from flowering and fruiting. This simple technique prolongs the growing season of plants, promotes good rooting, the growth of lateral green shoots and tillering. Regular mowing helps to compact the turf, and the densely growing “cultured” grass prevents weeds from growing and spreading. Throughout the warm period, as a result of timely mowing, the green color of the lawn remains.

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There is no certainty about the frequency of mowing the lawn. This parameter depends on several objective factors:

  • type of sown vegetation;
  • type of soil and feeding;
  • weather;
  • seasonal characteristics of plant growth;
  • purpose of the lawn.

The first lawn mowing activities begin in the spring, after the grass on the planned sown lawn rises to a height of 12-14 cm. It is recommended to mow the overwintered lawn when the greenery rises to 7-10 cm. Depending on the intended purpose of the green cover, the grass is mowed to a level 4-7 cm. Subsequent mowing is recommended every time the grass is pulled up to a height of 2-3 cm above the desired level.

In summer, it is not recommended to mow the lawn too short to avoid early drying of the plants.

How can you mow the grass on the site

Once the lawn grass seeds have been sown, the immediate question is what tools are needed to mow the lawn. A simple oblique to make an even haircut will not work. For this, a large number of different tools have been released:

  • lawn scissors;
  • grass trimmer;
  • lawn mowers.

Mulching function in the lawn mower

In the care of beds and lawns, various methods are used to improve soil fertility. Mulching is essential to keep lawns healthy and prevent soil erosion. Mowed grass has proven itself well as a mulch. From time to time it is recommended to mow the grass and prepare compost from it, which is used as an organic fertilizer for the lawn in winter.

On sale there are wheel units in which the mulching function is already built. With the help of this additional feature, during mowing, the lawnmower mulches grass and uncleaned fallen leaves: the process consists in chopping and carefully throwing organic matter onto the mowed part of the lawn. The advantage of such models is obvious: the lawn is cleared of plant debris, which is recycled back to the soil surface and enriches it. But the cost of a lawn mower with additional features will be higher than the usual model.

Wet grass can clog the mower

Wet grass is very sticky! It not only sticks to your shoes, but also to various parts of the mower. As a result, accumulated grass can block the blades and other parts of the mower, making it difficult to mow the lawn further. What’s more, wet grass can even damage your mower.

Adjusting the cutting height on the lawn mower

The lawn mower constructively involves adjusting the cutting height of the grass. The range may vary from model to model. Equipment manufacturers indicate the minimum and maximum value of this parameter in the accompanying documentation. In inexpensive models of interchangeable positions, heights are most often 3, in more expensive and advanced ones, there may be 5-7 positions of the regulator.

How To Mow A Lawn That Is Wet or Damp

For the care of bumpy lawns, a model with a wider height adjustment range is usually chosen.

The technical solution for choosing the cutting height may differ for different models. There are two types of regulation: manual and mechanical. The first involves stopping the engine and manually changing the governor position. The mechanical method allows you to change the cutting height by pressing a button on the control lever, without the need to interrupt the process.

Is it possible to mow wet grass with a trimmer and lawn mower and how to do it?

Increasingly, summer cottages are becoming not only a territory where you can grow fruits and vegetables, but also a place for recreation. Allocate zones on which they put gazebos with barbecue and break flower beds and lawns. To have such a lawn, not so much effort is needed: water it and cut it in time.