Is it possible to saw dead wood in the forest

What has changed in the law?

  • Before January 1, it was impossible to collect dead wood. This action was considered a violation of the law.
  • The Russians could collect only a few products: berries, mushrooms, nuts, non-wood waste, broken branches and birch bark. If a person illegally collected fallen tree trunks and branches, then he could be punished with fines or imprisonment for up to 2 years. This is stated in article 158 of the Criminal Code of Russia.
  • In order not to receive punishment, a person had to take a special permitting document.
  • It was also required to rent a piece of land.
  • Fallen and dead trees can be dangerous for the forest. Dumped trunks that are not removed at the right time can cause a fire.
  • Under the new legislation, residents can not only collect trees, but also use them at their own discretion. The adopted changes state that felled trees are non-timber resources, and therefore residents can use them.

Why was the turnstile installed at the entrance to the Kasli district administration??

This question is asked by many townspeople and residents of the Kaslinsky district of the Chelyabinsk region. In fact, many municipalities of the region are equipped with such structures, but this will happen in Kasli for the first time. Installation of the turnstile is carried out in accordance with anti-terrorist legislation, according to

“Law on the collection of deadwood” in 2020

In the text of the law, an indication appeared that people can collect some fallen and dried tree trunks. This law was adopted by the State Duma and signed by the President of Russia on April 18, 2020. But in the Forestry Code, changes have appeared not so long ago. From January 1, 2020, residents of Russia can collect trunks and branches of fallen trees and use them for personal needs.

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And also you can watch a video on how to knock down a tree

The legislation of the Russian Federation protects forest trees from uncontrolled felling, therefore, to cut down even a dried plant, you must obtain a special permit and a felling ticket. Violators will receive a fine for cutting a tree in the forest.

Correctly carried out felling not only does not harm the forest, but on the contrary, brings a lot of benefits, because dried and diseased plants are removed, and young shoots are actively developing in the vacant place. The unauthorized felling of even one forest plant is a serious offense, for which a large fine is provided.

Deadwood collection law

However, more on that later. First, about the adopted document. Under the new law, citizens were allowed to collect dead wood for their needs. You do not need to obtain any permissions for this. There is no need for contracts. As for responsibility, those who collect dead wood in the forest cannot be brought to justice.

Is it possible to cut down trees in the forest, including dry and fallen ones, and are there fines for this??

Trees are a strategically important resource that cannot be cut down uncontrollably so as not to worsen an already dire ecological situation.

For illegal deforestation, serious fines and even criminal liability are threatened.

In this article, we will provide answers to various questions regarding cutting or cutting down forest trees.

  • what happens if you cut down a tree in the forest;
  • is it possible to saw and take out dry and felled ones;
  • what are the possible fines for illegal logging.

What is deadwood, or What kind of wood can be collected in the forest?

Since this year, it has been allowed to collect dead wood in the forest for their own needs. If earlier a mandatory permit was required to prepare firewood and brushwood from dead and other inanimate trees, now it seems to be not needed. But it’s not that simple. Let’s try to figure it out together with the Ministry of Natural Resources of Chuvashia.

According to the Forestry Code, deadwood is no longer considered a wood resource. It can be harvested along with stumps, birch bark, bark of trees and shrubs, paws of conifers, moss, reeds and similar forest resources.

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Bob Ross. Golden Rays of Sunshine (Season 28 Episode 4)

The legislation clearly stipulates that from January 1, 2019, it is possible to collect the remains of tree trunks lying on the ground, twigs that are not felling residues in the areas of cutting operations, as well as inanimate trees damaged by pests, windbreaks, snowfields.

That is, the most important condition is that the tree must lie and must be inanimate. Do not touch a dead tree with leaves, even if it is lying. And dead wood without leaves, if it stands, also cannot be chopped off. this threatens with a fine.

Tilted but not fallen trees. as well as the butt parts of windbreak trees (tree trunks from the stump to the place of breaking) are not classified as deadwood, regardless of their condition.

Dead trees and trees felled by the wind with green foliage or needles do not belong to deadwood. as well as felling residues at the sites of timber harvesting.

Can someone use a tree that has been felled long ago. lying on the ground? It is possible, if it is really felled long ago, does not have an owner and is not located in the places of cutting operations.

Deadwood harvesting is carried out throughout the year. On the territory of the republic, it can be collected using an ax and even a chainsaw. As explained in the Ministry of Natural Resources of Chuvashia, the regional law has not established restrictions on the use of personal vehicles and chopping tools, including the use of hand-held, gas-powered and electric saws.

But you can only cut and saw lying dead trees. Because for the felling of forest plantations without appropriate permits or in violation of the established rules, you may be held liable, including criminal.

The rules for collecting dead wood and dead wood in the forest park zones of Cheboksary and in the republican forests are no different.

The volume of the workpiece is not limited. but deadwood can only be collected for personal use, it is forbidden to sell.

However, there are nuances

To avoid any incidents, the Ministry of Natural Resources recommends: before you go to collect dead wood, it is better to first ask permission in the forestry. they will tell you where it is best to do it.

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I Cut Down Every Tree in The Forest

The point is that tenants and foresters harvest timber themselves in accordance with the forest declaration. In addition, the institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Natural Resources are allocated special areas where they harvest wood, including dead wood. Therefore, it is advisable not to enter such areas. If you collect deadwood from these areas, it will be considered theft.

Deadwood can only be taken out along the existing forest road, so again it is better to consult with foresters. they will indicate the place from where it will be easier to transport wood. But on a tractor, it is impossible to pull out trees with a whip, because during transportation you can damage bushes, and administrative liability is provided for this.

In addition, you will need the help of the forestry if law enforcement officers meet on your way. How can you prove that you collected it and did not cut it down? For the transportation of wood, there must be an accompanying document or a contract for the sale and purchase of forest plantations for their own needs. And when collecting deadwood, of course, you will not have this. As a result, you will have to go and show where you got the firewood. That is why it is better to agree in advance with the forestry, so that law enforcement agencies can contact them and resolve the issue with one phone call.

And we must also remember: deadwood is an illiquid wood. which has no value. For example, you will be interested in a pine tree that has fallen, but such a tree just cannot be taken: it will be removed by the foresters themselves or given to tenants for money, since this is liquid timber. According to the law, from January 1, the collection of deadwood is allowed, and already on January 3, responsibility for the theft of windfall and windbreak trees appeared. In general, citizens, follow the rules and do not take anything in the forest.!

Finally, a memo from the Ministry of Natural Resources: what can be taken in the forest and what is not.