Jigsaw Makita 4327 and 4329 difference

Makita 4324

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A simple and lightweight jigsaw with a reliable 400W motor handles wood and metal with ease. There are four sawing modes. Produces low noise and vibration levels. The case is reliably protected from dust. The speed reaches 3100 strokes per minute. The file is changed using a hex key. Equipped with double insulation.

Makita 4329

Makita’s first professional jigsaw. It is equipped with a pendulum stroke to increase the cutting speed. There is a reliable overload protection. Easily handles wood of various densities and non-ferrous metals. The kit does not include a carrying and storage case. No connection to vacuum cleaner.

Makita 4340

The 720 W professional jigsaw easily handles wood up to 13 cm thick and steel up to 1 cm thick. It has a universal clip that allows you to easily change the saw blade. Can cut up to 45 degrees to either side. Has a stabilization of speed under load, which improves the quality of the cut.

Makita 4350CT

The high-performance 720W jigsaw is lightweight, starts up smoothly and runs almost silently. Performs sawing at an angle of up to 45 degrees in both directions. The heated areas have ventilation openings to reduce the occurrence of overheating. Makita jigsaw roller ensures an even cut.

Makita JV0600K

The electric jigsaw with a powerful 650 W motor is equipped with an accidental start protection and an iron clip in front of the saw for safety. There are three pendulum modes. Copes with a board up to 9 cm thick and aluminum up to 2 cm.The hand does not get tired for a long time while working with it.

Alexander: “I have owned a Makita jigsaw for two years already, during this time nothing broke or fell off. The files are easy to change, smooth running pleases. When cutting, chipboard reduces chips. Insensible vibration and noise levels. The price is adequate. I keep it in a convenient case. I don’t regret the purchase ”.

Nikolay: “Has been plowing for five years already. All parts are durable, I think they will work without breakage for another ten years. Files are suitable for anything from expensive to cheap. Good savings. If it suddenly breaks down, I’ll buy the same one “.

Makita 4327

The tool is equipped with a sturdy base plate for better movement of the jigsaw on the material being cut. It has low vibration and low noise. The start switch is located at hand for convenience. The file can be changed without additional tools. Has an inrush current limiting system.

Electric jigsaw with D-shaped handle Makita 4329

Code: 148334

Article: 4329

4 774 RUR.

  • Electronic speed control
  • 3-stage pendulum stroke
  • Sawing at an angle of up to 45 ° on both sides
  • Built-in vacuum cleaner connection
  • Comfortable D-shaped handle with rubber inserts
  • Without case
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The Makita 4329 electric jigsaw is a professional versatile tool with which you can make straight and curved cuts in almost any material. wood, plastic, steel sheet. There are saw blades that can even cut ceramic tiles. Makita markets its jigsaws as construction tools where perfect precision is not needed. Due to its design, the jigsaw does not have perfect sawing accuracy, and it is better to use a circular saw to get an accurate straight cut. The Makita 4329 jigsaw, unlike its counterpart to the Makita 4328 jigsaw, is equipped with a stiffer combined base plate, which provides better cutting quality.

The Makita 4329 jigsaw is designed to be operated with one hand. For this, a convenient handle with an on / off button is positioned above the motor and gearbox. For long-term operation, the power button can be secured with a latch located on the side of the handle.

Work item,
to be cut
Number on disk
Wood5. 6
Mild steel3. 6
Stainless steel3. 4
Aluminum3. 6

To select the optimal cutting speed, the Makita 4329 jigsaw has a regulator. It is located in front of the handle, where you can reach it with your thumb without removing your hand from the tool. The regulator allows you to select one of six speeds, which is suitable for the work with the desired material. The number of revolutions is adjustable from 500 to 3100 per minute.

The saw attachment unit with protective glass and metal protective bracket is located in the lower front part of the jigsaw. The file is installed very easily. It is enough to unscrew one screw with a hex wrench, which is located at the back of the tool, and install the file in the holder.

The Makita 4329 electric jigsaw is equipped with a 3-stage pendulum system. The regulator is located on the side of the tool body. When one of the pendulum stroke modes is turned on, the file moves not only up and down, but also deviates from the axis. When deviating from the axis, the contact area between the saw and the workpiece increases, respectively, the saw cuts off more material. Thus, the cutting speed increases, however, its quality deteriorates. The maximum deflection of the file is achieved in mode III.

For cutting mild steel, stainless steel and plastics.
For clean cutting in wood and plywood.
IFor cutting mild steel, aluminum and hardwood.
IIFor clean cutting in wood and plywood.
For fast cutting in aluminum and mild steel.
IIIFor fast cutting in wood and plywood.

To ensure high cutting accuracy, the entire tool structure rests on a smooth base plate. It frees the hand from the need to hold the jigsaw in weight, keeps the distance to the work surface constant. The cutting angle of the Makita 4329 jigsaw can be changed. That is, the cutting plane can be not only vertical, but also inclined. To do this, at the bottom of the base plate, loosen the screw with a hex wrench, move the base plate back and tilt it to the desired angle. Then push the plate back in and tighten the screw. The baseplate angle can be changed to one side or the other up to 45 degrees in 15 degree increments. In the front of the base plate there are slots for installing a parallel stop, used for straight sawing at a short distance from the edge of the workpiece, against which the stop rests.

Inside the body of the Makita 4329 jigsaw, a channel is designed for removing dust with a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is connected to the back of the jigsaw via an adapter. It should be noted that the dust removal system works effectively only when the protective glass is lowered in front of the file.

The body of the Makita 4329 jigsaw is made of impact-resistant plastic. Soft rubber pads prevent the tool from slipping in the hand. And the mechanical counterbalance system reduces vibration levels to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

Rating of the best models of Makita jigsaws

Before giving preference to a specific model, it is necessary to decide what kind of work it will be used for. For professional purposes, it is recommended to consider proposals with a power of 600 watts. The emphasis should be on the presence of a quick-clamping saw mechanism in the jigsaw. Ideally, it is desirable to make a choice in favor of variants with a pendulum motion, so that it will be possible to make accurate cuts in the blade. Not the least important is the depth of cut, especially if the jigsaw will be used for wood.

The basics of Makita jigsaws

Makita electric jigsaws first appeared in early 2000. It should be understood that the design and structure of the apparatus is elementary. Its main components are the body and the handle. In the lower part of the tool there is a working blade, with the help of which the cut is made, as well as the base, which is the support of the apparatus. The body consists of a slider, due to which the blade is fixed and an electric motor, which gives the cutting part a reciprocating motion.

Today it will not be difficult to purchase both a Makita cordless jigsaw and a tool powered by a 220 volt network. The first option is beneficial due to its mobility and the possibility of using it without connecting to a household outlet. Its only drawback is the overpriced and low performance. The second one is the most demanded. These jigsaws have smaller dimensions, high power and compact dimensions.

When choosing a tool for wood, you must pay attention to the following technical characteristics:

  • The frequency of movement is dense, the possibility of its adjustment, ensuring the cutting speed;
  • The declared power, which determines the efficiency of cutting the material, which can be in the range of 450-720 W;
  • Maximum cutting thickness.

A detailed analysis of existing Makita tool offerings will help you make the right choice.

Makita jigsaws: model overview and prices

The Makita tool from the Japanese company is known worldwide for its reliability, high efficiency, economy in terms of energy consumption and ease of use. The existing range of products will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding consumer.

It must be borne in mind that in the process of carrying out any construction work, a very different tool may be required, designed to perform certain tasks. Of greatest interest are universal proposals, which are also jigsaws for wood. In a number of situations, they allow you to replace a conventional circular saw, a hand saw, a router and a number of other accessories.

It should be borne in mind that a jigsaw for wood is usually used for sawing and cutting modern building materials with varying degrees of rigidity. We are talking about plastic, fiberboard, plexiglass, chipboard, sheet aluminum, brick, ceramic tiles. This tool is mainly used for working with wood.

It is important to take into account that almost all jigsaws can cut both straight and curved mowing lines. Usually, the sawing is performed according to the previously prepared markings. Interestingly, the design of the tool provides for the ability to cut elements at different angles, up to 45 degrees. A jigsaw for wood and any other material is not used when logging and cutting all kinds of building components in large quantities.

Makita 4329K

One of the best models is the Makita 4329 K jigsaw. It is usually chosen by DIYers. The tool fits perfectly in the hand, has a comfortable ergonomic body. The Makita 4329 K jigsaw shows high cutting speed in various materials. The work of this proposal is characterized by good accuracy and absence of vibration. It is important to understand that the Makita 4329 K jigsaw has a power of only 450 W, which is not enough for professional use, but enough for the simplest operations.

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Jigsaw Makita 4329 K

It should be noted that the regulation of the file feeding frequency is performed by means of the corresponding wheel. Unlike the Makita 4329 K jigsaw, in versions from other manufacturers this function is provided by the start key, which is not always convenient. This feature makes it easy to adjust the desired mode and make work on wood, aluminum, fiberboard and other material incredibly simple.

In addition, the Makita 4329 K jigsaw is equipped with a pendulum stroke, which can also be adjusted. This makes it possible to improve the quality of the cut obtained, as well as to perform it with maximum accuracy. A potential user will be pleased to know that a manual in Russian is included with the Makita 4329 K jigsaw. Among the main advantages, it should be noted:

  • The presence of a number of useful adjustments;
  • Light weight of 1.9 kg;
  • Minimal vibration;
  • Possibility of using 4 positions of the pendulum stroke;
  • Convenient case for Makita jigsaw included;
  • Connecting a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.

Of the minor shortcomings, it should be noted the complexity of the site installation due to its exact angle of inclination. Currently on Makita 4329.

Makita Jigsaws

Electric jigsaw. it is a multifunctional tool that is inferior in its versatility only to a hammer drill. It replaced the arcuate device with a cutting blade clamped between the ends of the arc (see Fig. 1). The invention of the first jigsaw belongs to Bosch. This happened more than 60 years ago (in 1946) and since then most of the world leaders in the production of electrical tools, including Makita, have expanded their range with a wide range of similar products.

A jigsaw, in fact, combines such types of tools as a hacksaw, an “angle grinder”, a milling cutter and a saw (disk, saber and circular). In accordance with its design features, it is designed to create cuts and cuts of all kinds of configurations in materials of different densities.

Electric jigsaws are used in construction, repair and finishing works, as well as in housekeeping. He is capable of such works as:

  • straight (see Fig. 2) and curved sawing (see Fig. 3);
  • sawing at an angle of 45 ° in both directions;
  • spike connection, insertion of simple elements;
  • sawing branches of small diameter and wood waste;
  • longitudinal and cross-cut sawn timber;
  • trim panel sawn timber.

The modern Makita jigsaw can handle many types of materials:

  • different types of wood;
  • chipboard (chipboard);
  • fibreboard (fiberboard);
  • plastic and other types of synthetic materials;
  • sheet metal (aluminum, steel);
  • ceramic tile;
  • laminate;
  • glass;
  • brick.

Of course, solid workpieces, for example, from the same wood, are better processed using a real saw (circular or chain), but even in this case, the Makita jigsaw is quite capable of making fast cuts and precise cuts.

In addition, the ability of the jigsaw to make curly cuts (Makita 4326) found its use in artistic cutting.

The device of the Makita electric jigsaw, by technical standards, is not considered particularly complicated. It is a body, at the top of which there is a handle, and at the bottom a flat sole with a working blade protruding from the front. In the front part of the body there is a vertically placed slider, into which the working blade of the tool is attached. A motor is placed behind the slider, whose rotational movement of the shaft is converted into reciprocating movements of the slider with the help of a gearbox. Modern models are also equipped with the so-called pendulum motion, which allows the saw blade to move not only up and down, but also back and forth.

Steel saws are used as a working blade, classified according to the type of steel and the materials for which they are intended.

Makita jigsaws, like most other tools from this manufacturer, are subdivided into cordless (see Fig. 4) network models (see Fig. 5).

Makita cordless jigsaws are not tied to a stationary power source, they are mobile and compact. The charger slightly increases the weight of the product in comparison with electric models, but this inconvenience is compensated by the ability to use them in any place convenient for you. Makita equips its jigsaws with the most advanced Li-Ion batteries (14.4V Makita BJV140RF and 18V Makita BJV180RF). These batteries are a proprietary Makita design and represent a new generation of technology. They are highly efficient, do not have a “memory effect”, that is, they can be recharged at any time, and have a long service life. In addition, Li-Ion batteries are equipped with a smart charger that recharges quickly and contributes to a longer battery life.

Makita electric jigsaws are used for long, trouble-free work, they are characterized by more power, productivity and a longer service life. They also have less weight (no more than 2.5 kg), significantly lower cost and, as a result, are more in demand.

The main characteristics of Makita jigsaws are: power, revolutions (stroke frequency) and maximum cutting depth (saw stroke).

Power. it is the determining factor that affects the cutting speed, the thickness and density of the workpiece to be cut, and the force of longitudinal pressure on the tool. The higher the power, the faster the tool can cut the workpiece and the greater the thickness of the material it can handle. For Makita jigsaws, the power rating ranges from 450 (Makita 4326) to 720 watts (Makita 4350CT). This power level characterizes the tool as professional and the probability of tool jamming is minimized.

The numerical value of the revolutions (stroke rate) informs about the number of “up-down” cycles performed by the rig per unit of time. The revolutions affect both the cutting speed and the cleanliness of the cut. A number of Makita jigsaw models have a maximum stroke rate of 3100 strokes per minute (Makita 4327).

For optimal use of the tool when working with a particular material, it is supplied with an additional option. speed control. The stepwise adjustment is a wheel with several positions (see Fig. 6), with which, before starting work, the maximum permissible number of saw strokes is fixed. Another type of adjustment is called “smooth”, in this case the frequency of movement of the working blade changes depending on the force of pressing the trigger.

For example, when working with a plastic workpiece, it is better to set the speed small in order to prevent the cut from melting. While for a steel sheet, the heat generated at a high sawing speed can simplify the process of work, since the material will become softer and more pliable.

Review of MAKITA 4329 and Junior models. Comparison of characteristics of MAKITA jigsaws.

The manufacturer always indicates in the technical characteristics of the tool the maximum cutting depth for several types of materials of different densities, in particular for wood and steel. This indicator depends on the design features of the jigsaw, namely on the part of the equipment that is below the sole, and on the amplitude of the saw stroke. In addition, the harder the material, the less the depth of cut will be. Makita electric jigsaws are characterized by a minimum cutting depth. for wood 65 mm, for steel 6 mm (Makita 4329), and maximum. for wood 135 mm, for steel 10 mm (Makita BJV140RFE).

In addition to the main characteristics, each tool has a whole set of additional functions that affect both the technical capabilities of the product and the convenience of working with it.

As mentioned above, most modern models of Makita jigsaws are equipped with a multistage pendulum stroke (Makita 4350 CT). When switching to this mode, the working canvas begins to move not only up and down, but also back and forth. Technically, this becomes possible due to the fact that the fork, on which the support roller is supported, is tilted back, thereby freeing up space for movement. And the higher the step you set, the further the saw blade will move away and the more it will oscillate. The pendulum mode is used to make straight cuts, especially if the workpiece is long, as this increases the speed of work and extends the life of the tooling. Rough cutting of panel board sawn timber, trimming of a large number of boards. some of the examples of using the “pendulum”. However, this affects the quality of the cut, it turns out to be coarser. It is not recommended to switch to the pendulum mode for curved sawing, due to the fact that this can lead to bending of the blade, jamming and even breakage of the tool. Depending on the model, the Makita jigsaw can have a three-position (Makita 4350 FCT) or four-position (Makita BJV140RF) longitudinal oscillation range of the saw.

An increase in labor productivity is also facilitated by well-thought-out adjustment and setting processes of the tool, in particular, changing the working blade or changing the cutting angle. On some Makita jigsaws, this is done using a special hex key (Makita 4329), which is necessarily included in the delivery, on others. with quick-release mechanisms (Makita 4351FCT). The latter method does not require the use of auxiliary tools, which significantly saves working time. The principle of operation of this mechanism is as follows (see Fig. 7): pull the lever, replace the blade and return the latch to its original position. The presence of a quick-change chuck is especially important for those who use an electric jigsaw in their professional activities and who often have to change saws to work with materials of different densities. However, when choosing a saw blade, you should pay attention to its compliance with the quick-clamping method of installation.

Additional features of Makita jigsaws include the function of tilting the support platform (bed). Its ability to take various positions in the range from 0º to 45º in both directions allows for a bevel cut (Makita 4351CT). In addition, in the presence of any obstacles and when working at the very edge of the workpiece, the platform can be shifted back.

In the set of some models (Makita 4350CT), the support platform comes with a protective cover made of non-slip plastic, which eliminates scratches and other damages on the treated surface, which is especially in demand when working with decorative materials.

The correct choice of working equipment also affects the quality of work with a jigsaw. saw blade (saws). The blade can differ in the material of manufacture, its shape, size, sharpening and teeth. In addition, they are selected in accordance with the density of the material being processed and the type of work performed (straight or curved sawing).

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There is a saw blade. homogeneous and combined. Homogeneous files are classified into high-speed steel (HSS) files, which are particularly durable, and high-carbon steel (HCS) files. especially flexible. They are less expensive, but also less productive.

Combined (bimetallic, BiM) files are a product in which the teeth are made of high-speed steel, and the base. from high carbon. This type of file is considered the most durable and stronger.

Having decided on the material of the tooling, you should pay attention to the distance between the teeth. For example, for precise and high-quality work in wood, saws with the smallest tooth pitch are suitable, and for rough and fast cuts. on the contrary, with widely spaced teeth. And to combine the speed and quality of work, a blade with a variable tooth pitch is recommended when the pitch narrows from top to bottom.

To work on ceramics, glass and other similar materials, you should use files with a special abrasive spraying and carbide brazing.

For the convenience of customers, Makita produces file sets that contain the minimum required equipment for various materials. When choosing a working attachment for your jigsaw, do not forget about the correspondence between the type of shank and the tool. Makita files are usually T-shank.

A jigsaw is like any other tool with a saw headset. this is a hazardous device. All Makita tools are equipped with state-of-the-art safety systems that, when combined with correct handling, minimize the likelihood of accidents, work-related injuries and overuse.

Firstly, for long and continuous work, the start button of the jigsaw is equipped with an on-position lock (Makita 4327), the activation of which is designed to reduce the load on the operator’s muscles. This function is also effective for those situations when it is necessary to change the position of the tool or change the working hand.

Secondly, to protect the user from the sharp teeth of the saw blade, Makita equips each jigsaw with a protective screen made of dense transparent plastic. It does not restrict the line of sight of the mowing line and prevents sawdust from spreading.

Thirdly, most models have a built-in dust extraction system with the ability to attach a vacuum cleaner (Makita BJV 40RFE) on both sides. This keeps the work area clean and protects the operator’s respiratory tract from the harmful effects of wood dust.

In addition, thanks to the special counterbalancing mechanisms, Makita jigsaws are characterized by low vibration and low noise level. And the ergonomic handle and rubberized body guarantee a secure grip, which is necessary for full control over the tool during work.

Makita electric jigsaws have two types of body: with a D-shaped (staple) and T-shaped (mushroom) handle. In the case of the D-shaped handle (see Fig. 8), the operator’s palm can only be placed on top of the part. The T-shape (see Fig. 9) is considered more versatile, as it allows you to embrace the “fungus” from either side. This option is intended for particularly difficult work on shaped sawing, as well as for ceiling work and work on inclined surfaces. For normal work, the D-handle is the best choice.

Among all the variety of electric tools, there is an analogue of a jigsaw. this is a Makita reciprocating saw. Its main structural difference is that it is designed to work on weight, while the reciprocating saw is much more powerful and provides a greater cutting depth. Today, this type of instrument is not very much in demand in our country, while in Western countries it is incredibly popular.

The Makita reciprocating saw, like the Makita jigsaw, is versatile and suitable for versatile work, both domestic and industrial. Builder, carpenter, plumber, finisher, lifeguard. far from a complete list of specialists who can appreciate the benefits of this saw. The reciprocating saw is used for a wide variety of materials, including wood (up to 255 mm, Makita BJR181RFE) and steel (up to 130 mm, Makita JR3030T). It is effective for dismantling old pipes, working in hard-to-reach places. It can be used as a replacement for an angle grinder when working with metal, stone or aerated concrete. A reciprocating saw is considered safer than an “angle grinder”, and, in addition, there is less dust from it, which is important if the work is carried out in a room with an already finished finish.

All technical characteristics of Makita reciprocating saws are similar to those already described above with electric jigsaws with minor differences. So, for example, for reciprocating saws, due to their body shape, the presence of an adjustable retractable support sole (up to 5 positions) is characteristic for the most rational use of the hacksaw blade, as well as a safety clutch that protects the mechanism from premature failure and prevents the equipment from jamming in dense material.

Replacing the working blades and adjusting the support sole in a reciprocating saw is carried out, as a rule, without the help of auxiliary tools (Makita JR 3060 T), but only by turning a special lever with a rubber pad.

A variety of saws are used as a cutting blade, which differ in the type of material, shape, size and number of teeth.

Depending on the power source, Makita reciprocating saws are divided into cordless (Makita BJR141RFE) and electric (Makita JR3030T). The former are equipped with two Li-Ion or Ni-Mh batteries and make it possible to work for a long time away from AC sources, while the latter are more reliable, powerful and indispensable for uninterrupted operation.

In addition, the company’s engineers have implemented their own innovation in one of their models of Makita JR3070CT reciprocating saws. anti-vibration technology AVT. This system provides a comfortable working environment and increases productivity. Technically, AVT technology is a dynamic counterweight system. The counterweight is integrated into the tool body and by its movement reduces the level of vibration harmful to the operator.

Safety when working with jigsaws and Makita reciprocating saws includes a number of generally accepted rules:

  • avoid physical contact with the blade of the tool, regardless of whether it is turned on or not. Sharp teeth of the file can injure, even when inoperative;
  • if possible, use special equipment, in particular protective gloves and goggles;
  • use, firstly, the original equipment, and secondly, the one that corresponds to the material being processed and the type of work being carried out;
  • Observe the rules of transportation and storage of the tool, implying the presence of a case or a protective casing. The branded case is included with some models of jigsaws (Makita BJV180RFE) and reciprocating saws (Makita JR180DWD).

Buying an electric jigsaw and reciprocating saw from an authorized Makita dealer provides two main benefits to the customer. it is guaranteed product quality and guaranteed quality of service.

The guaranteed product quality is confirmed by the following:

  • three years factory warranty for jigsaws and one to three years. for saber saws;
  • post-warranty service;
  • an exclusively new tool;
  • compliance with international standards;
  • a full set of accompanying documentation;
  • the ability to replace the tool upon detection of a factory defect;
  • compliance with the rules of transportation and storage.

The guaranteed quality of service is ensured by the highly qualified personnel of the company, undergoing training and confirmation of their qualifications, the availability of specialized technical literature, as well as due to the existence of a constantly replenished warehouse.

In addition, the clients of the official dealer can always get advice on all issues of interest from the company’s specialists.

Compare models of three jigsaws from Makita: 4324, 4327 and 4329

Introducing the practical and inexpensive Makita tools for sawing wood and other materials: Makita jigsaws 4327, 4329 and 4324. Affordable price and high quality have made these models the most popular with buyers around the world. Often these models are chosen for use in everyday life. An electric jigsaw makes the work of the master several times easier. It does things that other saws and hand tools cannot do. This quality tool is suitable for cutting even dense materials, including MDF, metal and durable plastic.

Makita 4327

Let’s get acquainted with a modern power tool that has an electronic speed control, but is devoid of a pendulum stroke. It also boasts low noise and vibration levels. The design of the base plate allows cutting at the edge of the workpiece and sawing at an angle of 45 degrees to both sides.

Makita 4324

This legendary model is no longer produced, but if we talk about popularity, then, of course, it deserves a separate mention. Purchased many years ago, the 4324 jigsaws still serve their owners faithfully. Low noise and vibration levels, electronic speed control, 3-stage pendulum stroke were highly appreciated by both professionals and amateurs.

Makita 4329

Namely, this model replaced the 4324. The Makita 4329 electric jigsaw received an improved design. The rubber grip is more comfortable. The technical advantages remain the same: electronic speed control and 3-stage pendulum travel. The tilt angle adjustment allows you to make cuts at an angle of 45 degrees to both sides. No problem installing the cutting plate at the edge of the workpiece.

CharacteristicsMakita 4324Makita 4327Makita 4329
Power, W400450450
Stroke length, mmeighteeneighteeneighteen
Cutting depth, wood / steel, mm65/665/665/6
Number of strokes per minute500/3100500/3100500/3100
Weight, kg1.91.91.9

Comparing the technical characteristics of all jigsaws, we can conclude that modern models differ only in equipment. The Makita 4329 has a pendulum stroke, the Makita 4327 does not. There is no doubt that when performing a straight cut, in comparison with the other two, it is the Makita 4329 jigsaw that will show the best result. The old model with a pendulum tool is outperforming not only with improved design, but also with increased power.

An important advantage is the electronic speed control. The tools can be operated at reduced (500 rpm) and standard (3100 rpm) rpm. Operation at reduced speeds allows for good tough cuts and also protects against injury to the user and damage to the machine if the cutting element gets stuck. All Makita jigsaws are equipped with an integrated dust extraction system and a transparent shield.


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Weight, kg1.9Overall length, mm208
Power cord, m2Power, W400
Cutting depth at 90 ° in steel / wood, mm6/65Saw stroke, mmeighteen
Number of strokes, strokes / min500-3100
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  • Nail file
  • hex wrench

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Makita 4324 electric jigsaw

Produced by

  • Japan is the birthplace of the brand
  • China. country of origin
  • Manufacturer Information Makita is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric and gas powered tools. He began his journey in Japan in 1915, today it supplies products to 160 countries. The activity combines centuries-old traditions and modern technologies. The tool is highly reliable and affordable. The company has 8 factories, including in Europe. Products have been supplied to Russia since 1935. There are service centers throughout the country.

Japanese quality Makita

For almost a century of its existence, the Japanese company Makita has perfectly established itself in the world market. Power tools, generators and garden equipment from this manufacturer are popular with professionals and hobbyists who prefer reliability, high efficiency and maximum comfort in work.

For example, it is useless to look for a Makita HR2450 rotary hammer made in Germany or the UK on sale. This tool comes off only from the conveyors of one of the two Chinese factories, as evidenced by the letters “Y” or “K” at the end of the serial number on the nameplate of the tool itself (packaging and some accessories may be from another manufacturer).

The fact that this information is open confirms once again the transparency of the economic policy of the Makita Group and the responsibility for quality. All new technologies are developed in the homeland of the brand. in Japan, and are improved at the plant in Okazaki, and only after that, under the vigilant supervision of qualified specialists, are they introduced into production at other enterprises, including Chinese.

As for the quality standards, they are the same for all Makita products, regardless of the manufacturer’s geography. All factories have certificates confirming the compliance of the existing quality management system with the ISO 9000: 2000 standards, aimed at satisfying the interests of consumers.

Thus, the quality of the Chinese Makita, unless it is a cheap fake, is on a par with Japanese, English or, for example, German. And to exclude a fake, it is enough to use the services of an authorized Makita dealer. For example, the services of MakitaPro.

The Makita 4324 jigsaw is an excellent example of recognized Japanese quality, which has long been appreciated by both professionals and amateur craftsmen. The model is designed for fast and high-quality sawing (straight and curly) of various materials. from wood to metal. In this case, four sawing modes are provided, set by means of a special lever: progressive sawing, and circular sawing with different amplitudes (pendulum stroke). The pendulum motion allows you to significantly increase the cutting speed and is more in demand for rough sawing wood. The reliable 400 W motor from a renowned manufacturer provides cutting depths of up to 65/6 mm (wood / steel). The saw stroke is 18 mm, and the speed can reach 3100 strokes / min. For the most efficient work with materials of various densities, the Makita 4324 jigsaw provides the possibility of a preliminary six-position setting of the cutting speed.

The robust molded sole of the tool ensures its free movement over the surface to be cut. It is possible to change the position of the sole to ensure an oblique cut in both directions at an angle of up to 45 degrees and its displacement back for sawing in the immediate vicinity of any stop. All adjusting manipulations with the jigsaw, including changing the working attachments, are carried out using the hex key included in the delivery set of the tool.

To ensure high cutting accuracy, it is recommended to purchase guide bars and a splitting device, for the installation of which special grooves are provided in the sole. In order to increase electrical safety, this model is equipped with a reinforced power cord. The double insulation, made in accordance with the current European standards, allows the instrument to be connected to an ungrounded socket. The jigsaw is characterized by low noise and low vibration during operation. To remove sawdust from the working area, it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner by means of a built-in branch pipe at the rear of the tool body. Transparent dust cover prevents sawdust scattering without obstructing the line of sight of the mowing line.

For long-term continuous operation, the possibility of fixing the start switch is provided. Currently, the Makita 4324 jigsaw has been discontinued, it has been replaced by a new, even more advanced, model 4329.


  • Jigsaw
  • File
  • Hex wrench
  • Manual
  • Packaging

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Features of the model

Produced by

  • Japan is the birthplace of the brand
  • China. country of origin
  • Manufacturer Information Makita is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric and gas powered tools. He began his journey in Japan in 1915, today it supplies products to 160 countries. The activity combines centuries-old traditions and modern technologies. The tool is highly reliable and affordable. The company has 8 factories, including in Europe. Products have been supplied to Russia since 1935. There are service centers throughout the country.


Weight, kg1.8Power, W450
Speed ​​controlthere isPendulum strokenot
BacklightnotCable length, m2
Saw stroke, mmeighteenSmooth startnot
Number of strokes500-1300Max. cutting thickness (metal), mm6
Max. cutting thickness (wood), mm65Dimensions, mm224x77x197
Tool-free sole inclination adjustmentnotAvailability is fast. deputy. filesnot
Handle shapestaple

Makita 4327 electric jigsaw

We are always glad to see you among our clients!


The perfect tool. the one that pleases. It was not for nothing that I chose the Makita jigsaw for a long time and was satisfied. Testing at work

Makita Corporation is a Japanese company, manufacturer of professional electric and gas powered tools.

I looked closely at the Makita 4329 for a long time:

After my simple Bosch burned out, I decided not to rush into buying a new one and to choose it more carefully. He perfectly sawed slats and laminate, until he collided with an IKEA kitchen countertop, so a more durable device was required at an adequate price. And I found it in the assortment of a Japanese manufacturer.

Wood is my passion, my hobby and my personal psychologist. In my free time I like to create something (maybe it sounds pretentious), spoil it and create it anew. I think the jigsaw is the most versatile power tool of all that is useful in every home.

Which hand jigsaw is better to choose:

I bought mine 4 years ago and his country of assembly is proudly listed as Britain. A patch from the Land of the Rising Sun, under the auspices of global production, is produced all over the world, and now it is sold only in Chinese assembly, but I did not see much difference in quality.

My jigsaw sample is two notches higher than the Makita 4326 and 4327. It features a reinforced sole, speed selection and a full three-stage pendulum blade stroke.

What is a pendulum stroke:

It represents a deviation of the saw blade, not only strictly vertically up and down, but also with some degree back and forth. From experience, I can say that this is an important trifle, for example, if we are talking about cutting a bar by 5 cm, it will be twice as fast to complete the task with it. There is also a drawback. When cutting laminate and delicate materials. the edge is wrinkled, and it is better not to use this pendulum at all (the cut will be smoother).

Tough Operation Test:

He mastered a 3.8 cm thick oak tabletop, on which Nemets threw back his skates. I collect furniture, disassemble pallets, drag it to objects where we make repairs, then bring it home, wash it and put it on the shelf. Although the manufacturer declared the maximum cutting depth of 67 mm, I sawed grooves in an 8 cm bar.

The sole can be tilted up to 45 degrees, but such a cut does not hold up to criticism. Suitable, except for expanded polystyrene.

For materials:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Ceramics
  • Rubber
  • Polystyrene
  • Laminate
  • OSB


  • No case
  • No laser point (this stuff costs a penny, but very convenient)
  • Doesn’t fit my vacuum cleaner (adapter needed)
  • Replacing brushes and wires in the service cost like a whole jigsaw (solved on Aliexpress)

Of the pros:

  • You can connect a vacuum cleaner to remove chips
  • Long durable wire 1.9 m
  • Files from any manufacturer are suitable
  • Secure fixation of the cutting blade
  • Adjustable cutting angle
  • Long-term work without downtime


My jigsaw lives a very active life and does not complain yet. It helps to carry out various tasks around the house: from a simple saw to a round hole in a chipboard, and with the help of special files for ceramics / glass, you can cut tiles.

Example of work:

I quickly sawed the fence in the country

Carved a round hole for the socket

Made a bedside table

Choose files according to the working material from MAKITA, METABO and BOSCH brands. The rest is all disposable, not worth the money and gives an unpredictable result.

I definitely advise!

Makita BO3711. slaughter grinder!

Stanley STDH8013. Trouble-free drill for various jobs

STEINEL HL 1610 S is a great piece that dries, peels off old paint and roasts sausages

Fit AH-621C cheap rotary hammer. my mistake. Don’t repeat it !

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Makita 4329 electric jigsaw

We are always glad to see you among our clients!


  • Jigsaw
  • File
  • Hex wrench
  • Manual
  • Packaging

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Weight, kg1.9Power, W450
Speed ​​controlthere isPendulum strokethere is
BacklightnotCable length, m2
Saw stroke, mmeighteenSmooth startnot
Number of strokes500-3100Max. cutting thickness (metal), mm6
Max. cutting thickness (wood), mm65Dimensions, mm223x77x197
Tool-free sole inclination adjustmentnotAvailability is fast. deputy. filesnot
Handle shapestaple


Features of the model