Kettle Bosch twk 8611 does not turn on

Bosch TWK 8611

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Чайник Bosch TWK 8613 не греет! Поиск и устранение неисправностей!

Bosch TWK 8611/8613/8617

Looking for positive and negative reviews of Bosch TWK 8611/8613/8617?

We have collected 232 negative, negative and positive reviews from 11 sources.

We will show you all the pros and cons of Bosch TWK 8611/8613/8617 revealed by users. We hide nothing and post all positive and negative honest customer reviews about Bosch TWK 8611/8613/8617, and offer alternative products similar. Is it worth buying. The decision is yours alone!

Quality of work

The Bosch TWK 8611/8613/8617 boils water fast. If you pour water up to the maximum mark, it will boil in about 4 minutes. We warn you once again that the model can maintain a constant temperature only up to 30 minutes, and not a minute more, this point may be negative for someone, because on the market there are models that can keep such a temperature much higher, though is not very clear why it is needed. The width of the neck allows you to easily clean the kettle. Since the Bosch TWK 8611/8613/8617 is made of plastic, its body does not heat up, there is almost no risk of scalding. another plus of the model. The minimum amount of water you can heat up is 250 ml, so a cup of your favorite drink or just boiling water. Good visibility of the water level.

Plus the model does not require a lot of electricity. There are also negative aspects, such as the loud operation of the model when heating water, we can not call this kettle the quietest on the market, it works quite noisy. The buzzer can not be adjusted, it’s more of a nuisance, but many of them simply can be repulsed.

A review of the Bosch kettle TWK 8611P

At the moment on the market of small household appliances there is a huge number of kettles, which vary greatly in their functional requirements to best meet the needs of their customers.You may ask why I chose this particular kettle?The answer is simple: Price and quality are absolutely right.

kettle, bosch, 8611, does, turn

The upper part of the kettle metal (more matt), on which the logo of the company Bosch is stamped, the bottom part consists of plastic.

Rubberized handle protects against slipping of this device.

The inside of the kettle is plastic, the bottom is stainless steel. The kettle is made of quality plastic, because there is no unpleasant smell of plastic.

There is a button on the top of the kettle for removing the instrument.

On the bottom, there is a control panel which you can use to regulate the level of water heating. The control unit holds the design on rubber feet, which provides an anti-slip system.

Kettle can be rotated around its axis by 360 degrees.

Removable stainless steel scale filter.

The wire is located under the control unit of the kettle and allows you to unwind the desired amount (so that there are no unnecessary wires hanging around your kitchen).

Kettle looks expensive and stylish. Easy to clean.

Power: 2000-2400W TemperatureControl: selectable between 70°C, 80°C, 90°C and 100°C hot water temperature.KeepWarm Function: Maintains the set temperature for half an hour. 360° swivel base with center contact.Concealed heating element.Water level indicator.Three levels of safety: automatic shutoff when water starts to boil, overheat protection in case of lack of water, shutoff when removed from the stand.

Features of use (especially useful for tea lovers and those who do not like to drink boiling water!)

On the control panel, you can set the desired temperature for heating water, which for me is an essential feature. As you know, green tea is brewed at about 80 degrees, black tea. At 90 degrees, puerh at 100 degrees. This function allows you to maximize the aroma of the drink, which gives me and my guests great pleasure. Lots of guests sitting with a mug of tea waiting for it to cool, dying of dehydration. (I exaggerate a little, but the point is clear) You will no longer wait for your tea to cool, and will control the temperature of heating.

A loud buzzer sounds when the kettle is turned on or off.

A feature I hardly ever use. is to maintain the temperature. Although, for some, it may be very useful. For 40 minutes it will maintain the desired temperature.You can observe at the moment of boiling what temperature the water in the kettle has reached. If it is 100 ° C, then as the water heats up, the light indicators on the control box will light up. 70 °C, 80 °C, 90 °C. When the water boils, the kettle will beep and all light indicators will turn off.

This is what boiling water looks like visually:

The kettle’s 3 degrees of safety will help you extend the “life” of your appliance and protect you from unnecessary worry.

There are several ways to turn off the kettle prematurely while boiling/heating water in the appliance:

Press the on/off button twice.

Removing the kettle from the stand while boiling/heating.

Even if the temperature reaches 100°C, you do not risk burning your fingers by touching the kettle body.

Also, the secondary boiling of water is very harmful. The boiling process produces a pathogenic substance that contains the heavy hydrogen isotope. deuterium. Therefore, once you boil water to 100 degrees, you can choose a lower temperature for heating, which will help to eliminate the formation of these isotopes.

Based on all of the above advantages, my choice was this kettle, and I have never regretted it.

Review of the Bosch kettle TWK 8611P

Good afternoon friends! Almost all electric kettles have an unpleasant feature. at one “wonderful moment” they either start leaking or burn out. My old kettle, unfortunately, is no exception to the rule. after 3 years of use it started to leak. Therefore, the need to buy a new.

After studying the market, I settled on the Bosch TWK 8611P kettle.

On sale are two versions of this model. white and black. After seeing both versions alive, I bought the white one, because most household appliances are either gray or black, and I wanted something new, non-standard.

The device consists of two parts: a stand with controls and the kettle itself.

It is not completely white: the handle is made of black plastic, the upper part of the handle is glossy and the inner part is soft touch. On top, there is a metal plate, it takes about one-third of the teapot. It is styled as brushed aluminum. The rest of the kettle is white glossy plastic which shows any stains. Next to the handle is a window to monitor the water level. In my opinion, this arrangement of the window is not the most successful, because it is hidden behind quite a massive handle. When filling with water, you have to be careful not to exceed the allowable level. By the way, the kettle is very comfortable to hold, the handle is large, thanks to the rubberized inner surface you will not drop it, even if your hands are wet.

The lid of the kettle is round, made of matte plastic, it opens by pressing the massive round glossy button in the center of it. When open, it is at an angle of about 70 degrees. The lid is big, which has a positive impact on the convenience of washing the kettle inside, my hand fits easily, and I have not a small one. Inside the kettle is a small simple filter. No backlight inside the kettle.

I want to emphasize a very important feature: the walls of the kettle are double. This is a huge plus. When I chose the choice it was the presence of double walls was a must. I often had the situation when I was doing something in the kitchen and accidentally touched the boiling kettle. Not the most pleasant sensation. Thanks to the double walls, the body is warm, not hot. You can pick up the kettle that boiled 5 seconds ago and not get burned! Plus, thanks to the double walls, the water takes longer to cool down.

The second, but no less important criterion for choosing a teapot was the ability to adjust the temperature. I like to drink tea, but not hot. To dilute the boiling water or to catch the moment and have time to turn off the device before the water boils. in my opinion it is not convenient. And it is not right to brew some kinds of tea with boiling water at all. Select the temperature to which you want to heat the water on the base. It is made of white glossy plastic, which instantly gets dirty. On the front panel there are 4 buttons: turn on, 2 keys to select the temperature and turn on the temperature maintenance mode (the kettle will maintain the set temperature for 30 minutes). A temperature scale of 70 to 90 degrees is indicated above. The chosen temperature value is highlighted in red. When you press the buttons and when finishing work, you hear a rather loud squeak, for which many people scold this kettle in reviews. And it does not bother me, although, perhaps, I’m used to it already. The stand allows you to freely rotate the kettle on it. At the bottom, there is a bracket, on which you can wrap the cord, so it does not hang around unnecessarily and does not spoil the appearance.

The kettle boils water rather quickly, and it does it quite quietly, probably due to the thickness of the body. I want to point out that the minimum amount of water that you can use the kettle. 250 ml, not 0.5 liters, like most competitors. You can fill a total of 1.5 liters.

Reviews kettle Bosch TWK8611P

I’ve been using the kettle for 1.5 years, I like the appearance and the function.

Beep after boiling is handy, as often turning on the kettle, you forget that you wanted to drink tea, and it boiled and is silent, but here’s a little reminder, the only thing in the morning a little loud, but it’s not so terrible

The teapot is white, my friends have the same black, and by the marking you can see your fingers the same way.

The different temperature is convenient for fans of different teas, such as yerba mate brewed at 80 degrees, very convenient.

We pour water from the filter, but the sediment still appears, periodically we toss a tablet or citric acid for cleaning and everything is fine, plus the grid is removed near the drain, convenient to wash. The power cord is long, you can put the kettle where it is convenient, and if the outlet is near, as we have, it can be hidden in a tray, so that fewer wires stick out. The kettle can keep the temperature up to 30 minutes, periodically bringing it to a boil. But about the noise. The power is big, so it makes less noise and boils water faster.

The only thing, if you pour water to the brim and it boils, and quickly grab the kettle, the boiling water can splash out of the spout) Kettle is great, if I choose again. would definitely choose it!

Unique kettle! It can save electricity.It’s something I’ve noticed for a long time. I often turn on the kettle, but until it boils, I get distracted and remember it after a while. And clearly it’s repeating itself. So I can boil the kettle 3-4 times until I finally wait and pour myself a drink. I’ve always been amazed at how quickly the water cools down in the kettle. Why not make a thermos kettle? There were thermopumps at the time. but it’s something that doesn’t look like a kettle at all.So there you go. Bosch did! This kettle has double walls. It’s not a thermos yet, but half an hour the water in it stays hot enough to use immediately or boil it in a couple of seconds. That’s why I bought it.And then I got used to set the temperature. Boiled to 100 degrees just once a day to make tea in the teapot. And then I heat the water to 70 or 80 degrees. This is more than enough to drink a hot drink and not have to wait until it cools down.The kettle ends up contributing to your energy savings. In a 3 room apartment with 2 adults and 2 children and an electric stove. I always get by on 150KW per month.

And lastly. I bought it in Poland for 35 on sale. Our price is very overpriced.Unique kettle that keeps heat for a long time.

Bosch TWK8617P Kettle Manual

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