Kit for rebuilding a Moto-Block into a mini-tractor

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What a Moto-Block has in common with a minitractor?

To equip a minitractor based on the design of a power tiller allows a sufficient number of common design characteristics between these types of equipment. A single-axle tractor has several basic operating units, including a power unit, controls, transmission and running gear. Engine blocks are equipped with 2 or 4 stroke engines that are distinguished by the type of fuel used. diesel or gasoline. There are also electric models. The controls are levers and buttons, which are located on the control handle to facilitate the operator’s work. Transmission can be toothed, belt-and-chain, gear-and-worm, and hydro.

Minitractors have a similar design structure, including all the same elements. Technical characteristics of the main working components have some differences. The minitractor design consists of engine, transmission, running gear, control elements, aggregation system. Petrol engine of the mini-tractor can have an output of 18 liters.с., and diesel 12 50 l.с. Usually the wheelbase consists of four wheels, but tracked mini-tractors also occur. Transmission on the machine includes clutch, gearbox, main gear, differential, final drives, power take-off system.

Blueprints of the controls of the mini-tractor and power tiller are different, because the first one uses steering and dashboard with levers and buttons. The main difference is that minitractors have a place for the driver. Reconstructing a tractor with his own hands, you can get a higher performance.

A mini tractor from a power tiller with your own hands. the order of making

Before you start making a mini-tractor on the basis of a power tiller, you will need to prepare the necessary materials for the work. The kit for remaking includes:

  • welding machine;
  • screwdrivers and wrenches;
  • An electric drill and a set of different drills;
  • Angle grinder and a set of discs for working with metal;
  • a set of nuts and bolts.

Properly assemble a tractor from a power tiller will help the appropriate drawings. The materials include information on how to connect the parts and which mounting method is required for safe assembly.

Converting a power tiller into a mini-tractor is carried out in the following order:

  • The minitractor on the basis of the power tiller must be equipped with a strong and reliable frame. It must be able to support an extra pair of wheels, plus the load carried by the tractor will put pressure on the supporting structure. To make a sturdy frame, it is best to use metal pipes or angles. Be sure to note that the heavier the frame, the better will be traction of the mini-tractor with the road, and the better will be done plowing. frame wall thickness does not matter too much. the main thing is that they should not bend under the pressure of the load carried, cut blanks for making the frame with an angle grinder. Then all the parts are connected to each other first by bolts, and then finally welded to each other. To make the frame sturdier and stronger, equip it with a crossbar;
  • Immediately after the frame is made, it can be equipped with an attachment mechanism, through which the small tractor will be equipped with additional attachments. You can install the hinge both in the front and in the rear part of the supporting structure. If in the future the manufactured mini-tractor is planned to be used in tandem with a trailer, a towbar should be welded to the rear part of its frame;
  • At the next stage, the self-made machine is equipped with front wheels. For this purpose, it is best to equip the manufactured mini-tractor with two ready-made hubs with the brakes provided on them. Next you need to mount the wheels themselves. To do this, take a piece of steel pipe of a diameter that matches the front axle. Next secure the wheel hubs to the tube. Drill a hole in the central part of the tube, which is necessary for mounting the product to the front of the frame. Then mount the steering rods and adjust them to the frame by means of the worm gear. After mounting the gearbox, install the steering column. The axle in the back of the tractor is mounted through pressed bearing bushes. Wheels used should be no more than 15 inches in diameter. Smaller parts will lead to “burying” the front end of the machine, and wheels that are larger will significantly impair the maneuverability of the minitractor;
  • The next step is to equip the mini-tractor with a motor from a power tiller. It is best to install the motor at the front of the machine, because this way you will improve the balance of the agricultural machine when operating with a loaded trailer. To install the motor, arrange a reliable mounting system. When assembling the motor, do not forget that the PTO shaft must be fixed coaxially to the pulley located on the rear axle of the mini-tractor. The power to the wheels should be transmitted by a belt drive. details about converting a power tiller into a minitractor can be found in the video.
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The tractor made by your own hands should be equipped with a reliable braking system and quality hydrovalve, which is necessary for the trouble-free operation of the unit with the attached equipment.

Kit for converting a power tiller into a mini tractor

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Requirements for power tiller

It would be radically wrong to say that absolutely any single-axle tractor Sadko, Don, Huter, Profi, LANDER, Champion can be transferred into a mini tractor, without loss of performance characteristics. Therefore, not every owner of a power tiller can count on such a conversion.

moto-block, mini-tractor

Here’s a list of things to look out for before thinking about converting to a mini-tractor:

  • Your single-axle tractor must have sufficient engine power, because the load on the mini-tractor will be much higher.
  • With regard to the choice of fuel, the most preference is given to diesel variants, because units running on such fuel, quite well cope with the processing of large areas. In addition, diesel fuel is more economical than gasoline.
  • The weight of your existing tractor is no less important. If you decide to transform it into a mini tractor, the weight of your walking tractor must be considerable, because the machine loads are increasing.
  • Price is also an issue. If you initially plan to convert your single axle tractor to a mini tractor, there is no need to buy expensive models. After all, the original point of such remodeling is to save money, so it is better to stop at an inexpensive model.

Assembling a minitractor from a power tiller

The single-axle tractor is an indispensable assistant in the performance of agricultural tasks. Multifunctional and powerful machine is a small tractor that performs the bulk of the work on the plot. For all the advantages of technology, it has a serious drawback, but the machine will not work without the operator and his physical effort. But such a device can be independently improved. If you follow the recommendations of experts and have a set for modification, you can make a mini-tractor from a power tiller.

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How to make a tractor from a power tiller with his own hands

To assemble a convenient and effective unit, three things are needed:

  • The most complete and accurate understanding of the areas of application of the future mechanism;
  • Drawings and assembly instructions;
  • A set of parts and tools for converting a power block into a mini-tractor.

Since the basis for implementing the idea of converting a mini-tractor from a power tiller is a single-axle tractor proper, the first step in making a homemade mini-tractor is the selection of the primary unit. Some users remake the equipment already available in the farm, while others buy a new one specifically for this purpose. However, you can go a third way. to buy a single-axle tractor, assuming in advance that in the future there may be a desire to convert it into a mini-tractor. In any case, the question arises about what equipment is suitable for this.

In this video we will consider how to make a tractor from a power tiller: