Launching a walk -behind tractor after winter Kama. CHAMPION working cultivator

The motor.cultivator does not start the reasons for how to start

It doesn’t matter which motor cultivator and what brand you use in your garden life. the principles of their application are exactly the same. Simply because these units are built on the internal combustion engine and the difference between them is only in the engine appliance. It is clear that 2-stroke engines suggest slightly different requirements for the preparation of fuel, but this is not what it is worth paying to when the cultivator is withdrawn from winter storage. This is a feature of 2 tacters in general. Read the instructions. there is everything about fuel.

You can send a motor-cultivator in different ways, but it is better to wash it and clean it from the ground. However, nothing terrible will happen if you do not, but it is more pleasant to roll out a clean unit from the barn. The soul rejoices! Agree. I was too lazy last year.

Nevertheless, I started his preparation for a new work not by washing (after half an hour it will again be like a pig), but from checking the level of gasoline and oil. As for the fuel level in the gas tank, it is expected little, In the fall, after work, no one added him (why?). So. we add.

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Any share method. I have a simple. Immediately from the canister through a home-made funnel from PET Buthelka. Here, however, you need a certain skill correctly hold and tilt the canister. Otherwise it gurgles so that gasoline will spill on you (and it is smelly) and will not get into the tank. I have a skill, I hold the canister with a traffic jam above and quietly tilt. Therefore, the funnel is so high. But, in principle, a method of any.

Before checking the oil level, you need to put the cultivator on a flat surface. He must stand normally horizontally. Then we unscrew the cork of the oil.packed hole (some may have probes, although I do not remember such) and.

In my case, the level is normal (under the mouth of the hole), the condition of the oil is old, but so far you can not change. Despite the fact that it is sometimes physically stressful to plow the cultivator, its engine does not experience. And because he has a load limiter. a belt gear, which simply slips when it is not possible. So the engines of cultivators work in fairly resort conditions and oil, respectively, also does not get bad.

Now we open fuel supply. If a primer (pumping pump) is provided on the motor, then we pump up the fuel. If there is no primer, then you can open the drain hole of the fuel filter and wait until gasoline flows out of it (after not forget to close it).

I checked the filter in 7 years only once last year. clean. I’m still not processing the fields, but the total area can four hundredths and there was little gasoline through it. So there is no point in changing.

Well, since I don’t have a primer on my cultivator and I didn’t unscrew the filter drain plug (it was too lazy to go to the barn behind the wrench), I would have to work physically. So for about a minute I quickly and smoothly pulled the starting cord.

I am glad that this operation has to be done only once after a long downtime of the unit. And the next day-from half a banter! This is because gasoline from the carburetor has evaporated in six months, but by tomorrow he will not have time.

Breakage, their causes and methods of elimination

There may be several reasons why the unoic tractor does not start:

If you plan to find the cause of the breakdown on your own and eliminate it, then adhere to this sequence of work:

A few more ways to “bring to life” your uno.based tractor:

  • If the starter’s cord easily comes out very easily, the reason can lie in the seal of the cylinder that has worn out, or in the laying between the carburetor and the filter, which is installed incorrectly.
  • If the unit has started, but immediately stalled, the reason may be in poor patency of the sump. Check the tap and clean it. There can also be water in combustible, so fuel must be replaced completely.
  • If you heard characteristic claps, and a flame flies out of the silencer, you need to check the bend of the flywheel. It can be damaged or deformed. It needs to be replaced.
  • If you notice that the one.axine tractor periodically turns off with the accompaniment of cotton, you should check the spark plug. If it is wet, replace it with a new one or clean it. To do this, rinse it, think over and get it.

Always choose only high.quality fuel and oil for your technique. Otherwise, you may encounter problems, up to the point that the car will simply break. Finding the replacement of a spoiled part for the Neva walk.behind tractor is not a problem, but it will already cost certain cash costs.

The launch of any internal combustion engine is directly related to the ignition system. If it has failed, then the engine will not work. In order not to turn to specialists for help and in order to save money, the owner of the walk.behind tractor must learn to exhibit the ignition on his own. It is it that provides timely ignition of the combustible mixture in the cylinder. This happens at the time of maximum compression of the piston, when the compression reaches the greatest density. At this time, Magneto through the candle supplies a spark into the combustion chamber, and the mixture is ignited.

Preparatory stage

So, you are the owner of a new walk.behind tractor to care for your garden, garden and even a personal plot. The first thing to start with is to check the oil level. Even if you are sure that it is enough there or you were assured in the store that it is in full, you still need to check. If the oil is not enough, you can simply ruin the engine. Also, the car may not start if the oil has been flooded for a long time and has managed to deteriorate. Some engines models, such as Subaru or Lon Chin, have a special sensor, which just shows how much oil in your technique.

After that, it is necessary to fill in the fuel. In the operating instructions, you will find information about which gasoline is suitable for your motoblock model. You can also clarify this information from sellers. Another important point applies to two.stroke engines, where gasoline must be diluted with oil in a certain proportion.

Only after that can you proceed directly to the inspection of the entire walk.behind. That is, you must check all the units, fastening the steering wheel and wheels, the clutch and gas cables, and so on.

How to start a single tractor without a starter?

In some cases, the operation of the motor block becomes impossible due to the breakdown of the starting mechanism. He can fail anywhere, including in the field, far from the house. To solve the problem and start a single tractor, you do not always need to take it back to the garage.

Sometimes the design of agricultural loads allows the launch of their power unit without using the starter.

  • Unscrew the screws and remove the trigger;
  • Clean the place under the standard starter, removing dirt and moisture from it;
  • Under the starter is the crown necessary for the constant connection of the crankshaft of the engine with the starter drum. According to the rim of this crown, you will need to wind any cable, making 4-5 full windings around the element;
  • Lightly pull the free end of the cord over the resistance. this means that the piston rose up;
  • Disconnect the decompressor by transferring its lever to the zero position;
  • Pull the cable abruptly.

When starting a walk.behind tractor without a good starter, the free end of the cord used is strictly forbidden to wind on the finger or wrist. This can lead to serious consequences, up to the fracture of the phalanx of the finger. In addition, while turning on the engine, the cord used should not get into the crown, as it can be tightened with a crankshaft inside the motor compartment.

Launching a walk.behind tractor without a starter

In motoblocks, certain elements often fail. Starters break by one of the first. However, this does not affect the operation of the unit or even to launch it. It is only important to know some secrets:

  • Dismantle the spoiled detail;
  • You will need a strong rope, the length of which will be approximately 1 meter;
  • In the place of the former starter there is a round element, on the wall of which you can see a hole in which you need to stretch the rope and securely fix it;
  • The rope must be wrapped around this round detail several times. As a result, you should have a cable about 40 cm long.

To start the engine, you need to pull the rope hard. If nothing happened the first time, you will have to repeat all the stages again, since the rope does not remain on the details.

Launching a walk.behind tractor after winter

Motoblock owners often face such a problem when the equipment does not want to start after wintering. This is due to storage conditions. If the car was in a cold room with high humidity, then in the end you may encounter a number of serious breakdowns.

Before the first launch in the spring, you must completely replace the oil and fuel. Make sure that the fluids have an ambient temperature. this is extremely important.

Fixing a Craftsman walk behind trimmer that’s not running

You may face the fact that the one.based tractor will refuse to start immediately. And this is a completely normal phenomenon. Let the technique warm up a little. It should warm up and after starting the engine.

If, nevertheless, the start of the walk-behind tractor failed, you need to perform such actions:

  • blow the fuel system. It could remain the remains of gasoline or diesel;
  • Check the spark plug. Contact can even be cleaned slightly with sandpaper;
  • Check all the wires so that there are no breaks or damage.

Preparation of the walk.behind tractor for winter

Before sending one.time tractor for winter storage, you need to carry out a number of procedures for its successful “wintering” and quality work in the spring. First of all, before the onset of frosts, the one.axine tractor should be washed and thoroughly dried, small breakdowns should be eliminated. All working mechanisms and nodes carefully lubricate. The cutting elements of the attachment equipment also clean, sharpen and lubricate.

Store a single.axle tractor should be in a dry ventilated room. There is no need for additional heating.

Basic rules for the conservation of a walk.behind tractor for the winter:

  • Change the oil in the gearbox and engine.
  • Clean and pour oil filters with oil (if a bath is provided for them).
  • It is recommended to unscrew the spark plug, pour several milliliters of oil into the cylinder and manually scroll through the crankshaft several times.
  • If a battery is installed on the walk.behind tractor, remove it and take it to a warm room. Also several times during the winter, do not forget to recharge it.
  • A special anti.corrosion coating can also be applied to a cleaned and dry one.axle tractor, which can be purchased in specialized stores.

We also offer you to get acquainted with the video that shows the process of preparing a walk.behind tractor for winter:

The correct launch of the walk.behind tractor after winter

Before you start a one.based tractor after long winter downtime, you need to carefully prepare it. First of all, it is necessary to remove the technique from the garage and inspect it. on the metal surfaces of the agricultural machine there should not be foci of corrosion, the appearance of which can be provoked by high humidity. In the case of corrosion forms, it will need to be removed, treated with a special rust converter and paint areas.

  • Drain the old fuel from the tank, as well as remove the old reducer lubricant. The latter must be thoroughly washed and dried. Then you need to fill in fresh fuel and new transmission oil;
  • Rinse the fuel tubes, make sure that they did not lose their tightness and cracks did not appear on their walls;
  • Remove all filter elements provided for in the design, rinse them thoroughly in clean gasoline, dry and install them back. Damaged filters must be replaced;
  • Remove and disassemble the carburetor, blow it with compressed air or rinse it with gasoline. After that, the completely dry parts of the fuel node must be assembled and installed in place;
  • check the drive belts-due to high humidity, cracks could appear on their surface-in this case, the elements must be replaced immediately;
  • to disassemble and inspect the CPG of the power unit. if burrs or traces of rust appeared on the walls of the node, then they will need to be removed;
  • to unscrew and check the candle. there should not be traces of scale and tarry deposits on it. Otherwise, the candle needs to be cleaned and dried. After that, the engine ventilation needs to be carried out, several times sharply pulling the starter cable;
  • check the gap of the ignition system and re.set it if it was broken;
  • inspect the controls and make sure that gas and brake cables are stretched as required for work;
  • Remove, recharge and install the battery back if it is provided in the design of the walk.behind tractor. At the same stage, you need to check the terminals and contacts of the electrical wiring. there should not be traces of oxidation on them;
  • check the tire pressure and pump them as the instruction to the walk.behind tractor indicates;
  • Inspect the chassis of the walk.behind tractor and wrap the weakened bolted mounts;
  • Check the mechanism for connecting a hinged and trailer equipment.

Only after all the listed actions can a walk.behind tractor be launched.

To start a agricultural machine with a gasoline engine, you need:

  • Fully open the gasoline tap. At the same time, the fuel lever should be located in the “Start” position, and the clutch lever is “disconnected” in the position;
  • Carry out pumping with a manual starter, several times sharply pulling his cable over himself;
  • Translate the ignition lever to the “inclusive” position and pull the starter cable several more times;
  • As soon as the engine of the used walk.behind tractor is launched, you will need to quickly transfer the fuel lever to the “work” position.

If an electric starter is provided in the gasoline walk.behind engineer device, then the operator is enough to turn on the ignition and press the engine start button.

Starting a diesel unoic tractor is a little more difficult.

  • Unscrew the crane designed to supply fuel, gradually promoting each standard connection from it;
  • As soon as the fuel reaches the nozzle, you need to open all the values ​​available in the design and install the gas lever in the middle position;
  • Press and hold the decompressor until the fuel pumps to the cylinder;
  • Release the decompressor and begin to carefully pull it until he stands in his starting position;
  • Press the decompressor again and at the same moment quickly pull the starter cable.

After starting the power unit, you need to give him time for complete heating. it may require this from 5 to 10 minutes. It is important not to give one.time tractor with long high loads, since after winter its moving parts should have time to warm up and be covered with a continuous butter.

How to prepare for work one.axle tractor after winter?

In most regions of our vast Motherland, the long.awaited spring came to the court, and many negligent owners have not yet been prepared for work and how they have been thrown into the barn last fall so to this day.

First of all, we open the gas tank cover and look, if there are mice there are there gasoline and whether it neighing from the inside. The good owner, since the fall, was supposed to be poured to the top of gasoline, a bad owner instead of gasoline will find dirt and rust in his tank.

  • If with a tank there is a complete order. we drain the old gasoline from it, blow out the filter and fill the tank with fresh fuel
  • If the tank is garbage and rust. we drain everything that remains in it since last year, remove the tank, thoroughly rinse and put it back

Remove the air filter lid, remove the filter element from the case and produce maintenance in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of your walk-behind tract

The manufacturer of this walk.behind tractor recommends serving an air filter for this regulations:

We look for drain plugs at the bottom of the carburetor and fuel tap. turn them away and wait for the old fuel to drain. As soon as the fuel is dragging. we wrap drain plugs in place, open the fuel valve, wait a few minutes while the fuel reaches into the carburetor and see if the gasoline comes from where.

  • If gasoline leaks, we eliminate the leak
  • If in the area of ​​the carburetor and the crane everything is dry, we proceed to the next stage

We find an oil probe on the engine, twist it from the engine, wipe it dry with a clean cloth, insert it into the engine. take it out and see how many oils are in the engine: the oil should be on the upper probe label

  • If the oil level is insufficient. we add
  • If the oil is already black and stinks of burning and you no longer remember when you changed it for the last time, if you changed it at all? Do not skimp. drain this surrogate right there and fill the new

Check the work of the tension roller of the drive belt:

  • With a completely released movement control lever. the video must be released and not squeeze the belt
  • With a squeezer of traffic control, the video should pull the belt as much as possible

If the video occupies an incorrect position, adjust it to throw the thrust over the links of the adjusting circuit

We take out the pouring cork of the main gearbox and try to measure how much oil is left there and whether it remains at all. Oil can be measured with wire: drive into the gearbox wire. remove and see how much oil is there:

  • If oils are at least a little but there is. roll up with the operating instructions and share to the level
  • If the oil in the gearbox is not, but you have no instructions, pour at least a liter of any oil

Check the condition of the stoppers of drive wheels or milling cutters:

Run the engine, warm it for several minutes, well grate it:

Repair sequence

We check the integrity of the wire from the button (on / off) on the control levers of the walk.behind tractor, to the spark plug. We check the integrity of the wire

Remove the spark plug and clean the contact with sandpaper. Check the gap between the contacts. We unscrew the spark plug

When I collected the same.based tractor and mills, I left the keys in the box, and forgot, so for a long time I was looking for a uniform key that is in the kit.

Having unscrewed the candle I found a case. apparently the quality of gasoline is not very good.

We screw the candle back. The uniform tractor does not start. blowing the fuel supply system

There was a murmur in the tank.After this operation, the one.axic tractor stopped and wound up.

I think that it was still necessary to rinse the fuel filter, It was possible in it blocking that blocked the access of a sufficient amount of fuel into the combustion chamber. In any case, at the moment, the same.based tractor has started and works, and I hope you can also start a single tractor if you do not start.In my case, the same.based tractor did not start and after stripping the candle.Therefore, I opened the damper wire and blew into it.

The simplest ways to revive the Unoa tractor:

This problems and can arise with both old and new equipment. In this case, it will be necessary to eliminate the malfunctions of the engine motor.

One of the possible reasons is the absence of a spark between the electrodes or its breakdown (breakdown). In this case, it is necessary to replace the candle with a new.

If there is a spark, but the engine does not start, check the isolation of the candle. If the candle is wet, the tip is possible (or rather its insulator). Remove the screen and put a new tip.

The frequent breakdowns of the motor block. pops and emissions of flame from the silencer (while the engine does not start). The reason for this may be deformation of the flywheel key. Replace it by dismantling the starter ratchet. Open the clutch body, remove the flywheel, remove the old venerable vene, install a new one and tighten the case.

If, when starting the starter, the starter’s cord is pulled out without an effort, perhaps the cylinder seal is worn out or the laying between the filter and the carburetor is incorrectly installed. To eliminate, replace the seals and check the correctness of their consolidation.

The same.based tractor stalls after winter or after prolonged downtime. In this case, gasoline does not enter the carburetor. The cause of the malfunction is the locking of the locking needle. Precipitation and resinent formations accumulate near it and do not allow to open at the time of starting the engine.

Low.quality or inappropriate gasoline can cause engine malfunction. In this case, the spark gets wet and requires the replacement of the tip. If you feel uncharacteristic for fuel, the smell replace it. If the one.axine tractor does not start and stalls?

After starting, the unoic tractor periodically turns off with the appearance of cotton. Make sure the candle is dry. If a conductive substance appears on it, this can cause the absence of a spark between the electrodes. The candle can be replaced with a new one or clean the old. To do this, it is washed, blown and repaired.

The engine started for a few seconds, and then stalled again. Check the patency of the sump. If the tap is clogged, it needs to be blown and cleaned (using gasoline). Water can also get into the fuel. In this case, it needs to be drained and new.

How to start a cultivator. methods of repair of malfunctions

If the motor.cultivator does not start, then the cause of this may be the malfunctions of several main units of the unit. Below we consider the typical breakdown of the main mechanisms of the household cultivator and the methods of their independent elimination in more detail.

Malfunctions in the ignition system

Elements such as magneto, a candle, a pre.installed cap and a high.voltage wire are most often oxidized, as a result of which they inevitably fail. If dirt and moisture are found on a high.voltage wire, then they are the cause of its breakdown.

A weak spark or its complete absence most often indicates a lack of efficiency in the spark plug, which is why the motor-cultivator refuses to start. In this case, you should check the condition of the gaps and the distance between them. It is best to do this with a special probe. a normal value for work should be 0.8 mm. If there is such a necessity, then you need to completely remove the resulting carpet from the outer surface of the insulator and the metal parts available in the candle.

Planet jr Bp1 walk behind tractor cultivating garlic

The readiness of the engine before launch is affected by the serviceability of the elements of the piston group. Since they constantly work in difficult operating conditions, their surfaces are severely heated, which leads to a breakdown of the ICE cylinder, pistons and rings. If the unit does not start, you will need to check it with the exhaust and inlet valve. It often happens that they do not fit the saddles loosely, and in this case it will be necessary to eliminate the malfunction as soon as possible, and then try to start the cultivator again.

Another detail that often lends itself to breakdowns is a full.time muffler of the cultivator. On the walls of the element inevitably accumulate combustion products and the remnants of the exhaust gases, which leads to the lack of the opportunity to start a cultivator. With a large number of these substances, the engine will stop starting sooner or later. To eliminate this malfunction, you will need to completely remove the muffler and clean it with compressed air from the cylinder.

All of the listed malfunctions and methods of elimination are suitable if motor cultivators of the production of SUNGARDEN, TEXAS and Neva brands are not started. Models from these manufacturers have a simple design, so even a beginner can easily cope with their repair.

Breakage of the carburetor and ways to repair it

Often, the motor-cultivator does not start due to clogging inside the nozzles or a carburetor filter. A sign of this will be an absolutely dry and pure unit sparkling candle. Repair is carried out in the following order:

  • First remove the carburetor of the unit;
  • Disconnect the fuel fitting and blow it with compressed air from the cylinder;
  • After that, blow the combustion chamber and fuel tubes;
  • Install the carburetor in place and try to start a cultivator.

If even after that the cultivator is not started, then the position of the float placed in the combustion chamber of the unit should be checked. The setting of the part is performed using special screws. turning them clockwise, you raise the float, and when turning the screws against the course of the watch, the part is lowered.

The cultivator does not start. engine repair

Another mechanism, the breakdown of which does not allow the cultivator to start, is the engine of the agricultural machine. In the case of the use of poor.quality fuel or non.compliance with the proportions of the preparation of the fuel mixture indicated by the manufacturer, the fuel will begin to fill the light of the ignition, which will lead to the absence of a spark.

In this case, it will be necessary to block the fuel supply, disassemble the motor and thoroughly dry the cylinder. After that, it is necessary to turn out the candle and start the cultivator using a hand starter. In most cases, after the following actions, the cultivator starts up. At the end, you need to screw the candle back and continue the operation of the unit.

Preparation of the walk.behind tractor for winter

The conservation of the walk.behind tractor for the winter begins with a thorough preparation of technology. After the last work, you must clean and wash each part, as well as inspect the entire system for the presence of breakdowns and malfunctions. The worst thing for any car is the presence of water on the details that freezes and damages the metal in winter.

According to the instructions and safety precautions, fuel must be completely drained, but with this opinion many owners of motor blocks absolutely disagree. You can not leave the device without lubricating fluid. the old oil needs to be drained and the new.

The cutting elements during preparation for winter should be cleaned of dirt and sharpened. Hinged elements must also be carefully cleaned and greased. If you notice that the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced before preserving.

In order not to encounter serious breakdowns and damage after cold weather, the uniform tractor must be carefully prepared for winter. This is done in several stages:

  • First you need to prepare a gearbox and engine. It is necessary to drain the old oil and pour new. You can take old oil, but it should be in the state of normal condition. It is thoroughly filtered and poured into the system. After winter, the oil is still completely replaced by a new one, since in a standing state and during the cold it spoils;
  • Remove the candles, pour about 2 cm of oil, and scroll a little;
  • Air filters must be cleaned well. If they are in a bath of oil, they need to be poured with new engine oil;
  • If you have an electric starter in the walk.behind tractor, the battery must be stored exclusively in a warm room. During the winter, charge it periodically;
  • All hung tools, as mentioned above, need to be cleaned, greased with oil, and the cutting parts should be sharpened;
  • Many owners are covered by all the painted parts of the walk.behind tracts with a special polish to protect against decay. It is important before this the product is well cleaned of dirt and dust.

Whether it is necessary to drain gasoline from a walk.behind tractor for the winter?

Fuel capacity is carefully prepared for winter. It is here that the opinions of experts diverge: someone says that it is necessary to dry the tank, draining completely fuel, and someone, on the contrary, advises to fill it completely.

In the first case, corrosion can still appear, because it may turn out that you have not completely dried the fuel tank. However, if it is filled with completely fuel, as in the second version, then the likelihood of a fire increases, and these are much more serious and dangerous problems. We recommend that we adhere to the instructions and do not risk either our lives or our property.

The correct algorithm of actions when starting the cultivator

Modern cultivator combines reliability, high assembly quality and durability of components. However, even the most hardy agricultural units sometimes break. Some malfunctions of motor cultivators can be eliminated with your own hands. To do this, the user must find the exact cause of the breakdown and replace faulty spare parts.

Many breakdowns of modern agricultural loads become the result of incorrect actions when the engine is turned on. As a result, the motor of the motor.cultivator lends itself to increased loads, which leads to accelerated wear and overheating of its main details.

To avoid this, during each launch of the factory engine you need to adhere to the next order of actions:

  • At first, the operator must make sure that the clutch of the cultivator is turned off. In order to prevent a sharp jerk of the unit at the time of the launch of its motor, you need to transfer the gear lever into a neutral position;
  • Then it will be necessary to slowly transfer the standard lever of the fuel system to the “open” position, making sure that there are no fuel leaks in the standard design of the unit;
  • Particular attention should be paid to manipulations with a throttle. It cannot be used in cases where the cultivator motor is warmed up or when it is too hot on the street;
  • Next, the operator must transfer the lever of turning on the cultivator motor to the “launch” position;
  • After that, the throttle position of the throttle must be moved to the right;
  • Then the operator needs to smoothly pull the header’s handle over himself, before the resistance begins. Immediately after this, the starter handle must be sharply pulled up;
  • As soon as the cultivator engine warms up, the lever of the damper position will need to be smoothly transferred to the “open” position.

These actions will help to smoothly start a cultivator. avoiding the breakdowns of its main moving mechanisms.

Why the motor.cultivator does not start?

If difficulties arise with the launch of the agricultural machine, the first thing to do is to check the fuel system.

Most often, the main constructive causes of the malfunction of the economic cultivator are in:

  • clogging of an air filter. as a result, the element does not pass the purified air, which is necessarily needed by a carburetor to enrich fuel;
  • The defect of the cover or fuel tank body. this becomes the cause of fuel leaks;
  • The formation of blockage in the direct fuel supply channel. as a result, fuel does not reach the ICE cylinder;
  • Damage or violation of carburetor settings-because of this, the fuel will not fall into the motor in the amount required for good operation of the agricultural protection.

If the cultivator used does not start after eliminating all these malfunctions, then it is necessary to carefully check the spark plug. Due to the incorrectly prepared fuel mixture, it can be poured with oil, which will dry out and prevent the formation of a spark. If this happens, then the operator should clean the candle of carbon fiber, rinse it with clean gasoline, dry it thoroughly and screw it back. After that, you need to try again to turn on the internal combustion engine agricultural machine.

In some cases, when examining the cultivator candle, users find that it is completely dry. This indicates the absence of the required fuel supply to the factory engine combustion chamber.

To resume the presentation, you need:

  • Completely drain the old contaminated gasoline from the tank;
  • Rinse the dismantled fuel tank thoroughly;
  • Rinse and dry the fuel filter;
  • Clear the hose by which fuel arrives;
  • Rinse the regular jetlaws of the carburetor;
  • Pour fresh fuel;
  • Open the standard fuel valve and rinse the remaining tubes.

In some cases, an economic motor-cultivator is not started due to factory defects or typical breakdowns in the ignition system used by the manufacturer. The main reason for the malfunction may be a generator, a factory spark plug or its outer cap, as well as a high.voltage cable.

launching, walk, tractor, winter, working, cultivator

The no less common problem of the factory ignition system of the cultivator used is a weak spark. The first thing to do in this case is to check the standard electrodes and the gap exhibited by the plant, using a special probe for this. When the gap is more than 0.8 mm, it will be necessary to clean the insulator from dried up.

Another typical reason for the breakdown of the agricultural machine is a malfunction of the parts of the piston group. During operation, the valve, ring and cylinder are amenable to increased heating and intensive friction. It is these details that are responsible for compression, therefore, in case of wear, the degree of compression inside the ICE cylinder will decrease significantly.

The owner of the motor.cultivator must constantly monitor the state of the intake and standard graduation valves. In working condition, they should fit as closely as possible to the factory saddles. If this does not happen, then the details will need to be replaced.

Another reason because of which an economic cultivator often does not start is an accumulation of soot on the internal walls of the built-in metal muffler. In case of their strong clogging, exhaust gases will not be able to go out and will accumulate in the engine compartment of the agricultural machine. Thorough muffler cleaning will help to solve this problem.

Launching a walk.behind tractor after winter

Such machines tend to start poorly after wintering. First of all, the working capacity of the walk.behind tractor after winter is affected by the conditions for storing equipment in the cold time. If the car winter in a cold and cheese garage, then this can lead to serious problems.

Before the first in the season, it is recommended to change the oil and fuel with the launch of a walk.behind tractor. It is also necessary to make sure that the operational characteristics of the technical fluids used correspond to the ambient temperature. It is also recommended to read the instructions again to comply with all proportions.

There is a great probability that the unoic tractor will not immediately start. This is normal, you need to give the details to warm up well. In addition, it is necessary to warm up the one.axle tractor and after the engine starts. During the winter, the fuel could thicken, so it is better not to immediately intensively use the machine.

Recommendations for launching individual motoblock models

To start the uniform tractor of the Neva brand, you need to take the following steps:

  • Translate the ignition toggle switch to the ON position;
  • Close the air damper and open the benzovran;
  • Put the gas handle on ¾ from the maximum;
  • Pull the starter cable;
  • Open an air damper (in cold weather it is better to open gradually for a minute).

To start the machine “Patriot”, follow the following actions:

  • Bring the gas handle to the maximum position;
  • Several times pull the cable for purging, and then sharply and shortly. to start the engine;
  • Adjust the gas handle.

You can start the Unoa Tractor of the Ural brand in the following way:

  • Put the gear handle in a neutral position;
  • Open Benzokran;
  • Close the throttle almost to the stop and cover the air damper (if the engine does not cool, you do not need to cover the air damper);
  • Take the engine using the cord.

When starting and operating motor blocks, follow the instructions for them. This will help to avoid breakdowns and extend the operational period of equipment.