Lawn-mow “Caliber” Bk-1380. Technical Specifications and Operating Rules


Lawnmow BK 1380 “Caliber” is assembled at a domestic plant from components made in China. The trademark “Caliber” entered Russia not so long ago, in 2001, and managed to gain popularity. The main assortment of the brand is power tools and garden equipment, which includes lawn mowers.

This is a household appliance designed for processing small and medium-sized territories (up to 25 acres).

Features of lawn-mowers “Caliber” bK-1380

The “Caliber” gasoline trimmer BK-1380 is a gardening tool for domestic use. With it, you can mow both small and medium-sized lawns, garden areas, park lawns.

Lawn mowing weight 7.8 kg. The 1E40F-5 two-stroke powerplant delivers 1.86 horsepower to the trimmer. The placement of the engine is top, on a rigid collapsible bar. The starting system is manual, from an inertial starter, there is protection against accidental starting.

Lawn mowers can easily cope with grass, weeds and even a single shrub, but its main purpose is to mow the grass stand and delicate mowing of the lawn along curbs, fences and in inaccessible places.

Non-contact electronic ignition, Japanese-made carburetor of membrane type. A manual primer is used to pump the fuel mixture into the carburetor. The clutch is automatic, centrifugal. The bicycle wheel is folding, with vibration protection and remote controls.

Shoulder straps of corset type help to relieve the operator of the lawn mowers as much as possible during operation. As the working body is used:

  • Three-blade knife;
  • Spool with fishing line, diameter of fishing line 2.4 mm.
  • The working width varies depending on the selected cutting tool:
  • 25.5 cm when working with a blade knife:
  • 43 cm when mowing fishing line.

For safety reasons, the cutting elements are covered with a strong protective casing made of plastic.

Characteristics of the petrol trimmer “Caliber” BK-1380

The package for the Caliber lawnmower includes:

  • Three-blade knife;
  • Bullet with fishing line;
  • Tool kit;
  • Protective cover;
  • Tank for mixing fuel;
  • Shoulder straps;
  • Manual.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

Let’s talk about the benefits of a gas trimmer:

  1. High power two-stroke motor.
  2. Mobility.
  3. Power Independence
  4. Protection against accidental start.
  5. Profitability, low fuel consumption.
  6. Versatility, the ability to work with both fishing line and knife.
  7. For medium and small territories.
  8. Working with tools in hard-to-reach places along curbs and fences.
  9. Long service life.
  10. Unpretentiousness, simplicity in work and service.
  11. Vibration protection of the operator.
  12. Affordable price.

Now let’s look at the shortcomings of the Caliber BK-1380 lawn mowers:

  1. Large weight lawn mowers.
  2. Noisiness at work.
  3. Work with explosive liquids.

User manual

When buying a trimmer “Caliber” Bk-1380, be sure to make sure that the instruction manual is included in the kit. This document describes all the information regarding your lawn mowers:

  1. The device of lawn mowers “Caliber” BK-1380.
  2. Assembly Manual
  3. The table with the characteristics of the model BK-1380.
  4. Safety requirements for the operation and maintenance of lawn mowers.
  5. Preparing for the first launch.
  6. Run-in trimmer.
  7. Mower unit maintenance.
  8. Faults characteristic of the “Caliber” BK-1380 trimmers.

Video: Lawn-mow “Caliber” Bk-1380. Technical Specifications and Operating Rules

Preparing the Caliber Lawn Mowers for Use

The entire further “labor activity” of the mower unit will depend on the correct actions of the mower operator before the first start-up. It is enough to correctly prepare for launch. And the life of the trimmer increases:

  • To collect a lawn-mow strictly being guided by descriptions from the instruction;
  • Prepare the fuel mixture (ratio 40/1) from unleaded AI-92 gasoline and motor oil for two-stroke engines;
  • Put on and fasten the cutting element (fishing line, knife) on the spindle;
  • Fix the protective cover on the rod;
  • Check the tightness of all available fasteners;
  • Connect the high voltage wire to the spark plug:
  • Check for contact;
  • Pour fuel mixture into the fuel tank;
  • Put on and adjust the position of the knapsack corset;
  • Start the trimmer according to the instructions;
  • Make sure that the controls are working.

Run the trimmer immediately after the first start.

Break-in period

Break-in duration 5-8 hours. During this time, running-in of all the mechanisms takes place, so the procedure is carried out without loads, half-effort. The operator checks the operation of the trimmer, learns to control it.


Maintenance of the gas trimmer consists of several stages:

  1. Daily care.
  2. Scheduled inspection.
  3. Preparation for long-term storage.

Daily maintenance of the lawn mowers is as follows:

  • Cleaning the trimmer from grass, dust and dirt;
  • Air filter maintenance (every 10 hours);
  • Cleaning the fins of the air intake;
  • Checking the reliability of tightening fasteners;
  • Fuel level control in the tank;
  • Replacement of working bodies, knife sharpening.

Scheduled inspection is carried out:

  • To check-adjust the clearance on the candle;
  • To test the performance of the candles (after 50 hours of operation);
  • To replace the used candle with a new one (if the candle burned out or after 100 hours of operation).

Conservation of the unit is carried out as follows:

  1. Drain the fuel mixture.
  2. Start the engine and remove the remaining mixture in the carburetor.
  3. Remove the knife, wrap it in oiled paper;
  4. With the engine cool, disconnect the high-voltage wire.
  5. Unscrew the spark plug.
  6. Pour 15 ml of high-quality engine oil for two-stroke power plants into the cylinder.
  7. Slowly pull the starter cable and allow the oil to distribute along the inside of the engine.
  8. Screw the candle back.
  9. Clean and surface lawn mowers.
  10. Lubricate the mechanisms.
  11. Store in a dry place.

Problems of lawn-mowers “Caliber” BK-1380

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the problems that are characteristic of trimmers of the Caliber brand.

The engine does not start, stalls:

  • Ignition off;
  • The tank has run out of fuel;
  • Pump fuel with the manual pump button (5 times);
  • Fuel overflow;
  • The spark plug is out of order;
  • Lost carb settings;
  • Clogged air filter;
  • Low-quality fuel mixture;
  • The primer does not pump the mixture;
  • Disconnected high voltage wire;
  • Oil seal wear;
  • Magneto is out of order;
  • The cable does not extend;
  • There is no compression in the cylinder.

The mowing head does not feed the line:

  • The fishing line is over;
  • The head is blocked by grass;
  • The fishing line on the bobbin is tangled up;
  • The head feeds an insufficient amount of fishing line.

The knife does not rotate:

  • Loosened mounting bolts;
  • The knife or protective cover is blocked;
  • The drive is broken.

The motor does not turn off:

  • Damper connector not connected;
  • Electronics failed.

The grass stopped mowing:

  • The blade knife became dull;
  • The fishing line in the cutting head has ended.

The trimmer vibrates violently during operation:

  • Fasteners loose;
  • The knife is deformed;
  • Imbalance of the cutting element has occurred.

Information is provided in the complete instructions for the caliber BK-1380 gas trimmer.


We offer to evaluate the lawnmower “Caliber” BK-1380 in operation by watching a short review:

Vladislav, 39 years old, Odessa

“I bought a trimmer in the spring, while I was collecting it — the coupler on the coupling broke, the hexagonal heads do not hold, they break. I handed it back without starting work! And I advise others. ”

Vladimir, 25 years old, Khmelnitsk

“The motor is good, build quality is disgusting. Shoulder straps immediately changed, the casing, clinging to the bushes, scrolls, the head scattered to the nines, replaced it with another. The arms also did not last long. What price. Such and quality. I repair more often than I work. If I knew. I didn’t buy. It will fail permanently. I will be glad, but I’ll definitely adapt the engine, this is the most valuable in this trimmer. ”

Andrey, 44 years old, Kirov

“My lawn mower has been working for the second month, collected without problems, started up. Mows grass and bushes. The belt is uncomfortable, the starter is a little stuck. The braid is excellent for its price. ”