Lawn mower for tall grass with their own hands

How to make a lawn mower from improvised means: the new life of an old vacuum cleaner or a washing machine

Spring. a wonderful time of year when life on the countryside begins to revive after a long winter hibernation. The first buds blossom on the trees, the first spring flowers bloom in the garden, the first young green grass breaks through, the migration of dacha owners to the plots begins.

Over time, the green grass will become impassable thickets in which you can’t even find your pets. To prevent this, you need to periodically mow it. If you do not have a gasoline grass mower or grass trimmer on your plot, then we suggest you make a lawn mower from a vacuum cleaner with your own hands. Maybe someone is laughing now, but what can you do?? The idea is a little “drugged”, but working, original and optimal for our great hack how to make something possibly useful from unnecessary garbage.

Lawn mower is a very handy garden tool. With its help you can maintain the desired level of grass size, and in our case also entertain yourself and the neighbors. To make such a device you will need an old Soviet vacuum cleaner and a little imagination. What can’t be done for the sake of a beautiful and well-groomed garden. As the saying goes: “enough blah-blah, let’s go”!

The process of creation

The initial stage of independent creation of a lawnmower is to select the details. The most important thing is to have a motor. It can be taken from already unused household appliances, you can take out of some power tools:

The minimum required motor rating is 500 V. Better 1000 V. So it will be possible to work at low revolutions. And sharpening knives is less likely to be a chore. The choice of engine is influenced by the diameter of the blade and the overall dimensions of this equipment. The larger the working area for it, the more power the engine should have.

Lawn mower with their own hands: drawings, photos, video

Homemade lawn mower electric: drawings, dimensions, photos, video. Detailed description of how to make a lawn mower with their own hands with a video review of self-made from the author.

If you have a cottage or house in the village, then you probably faced with the fact that periodically you need to mow the grass on the site. Mow the grass by hand scythe rather tedious task and takes a lot of time, this work can be done much faster with a lawn mower.

Purchased options are not cheap, but you can make a homemade lawn mower with your own hands, there is nothing difficult about it, the design of the mower is quite simple and understandable.

Homemade lawn mower.

To make a mower you will need:

  • Electric motor with power of about 1 kW.
  • Switch, capacitor.
  • Cable.
  • Metal (angle or profile pipe, a piece of sheet metal 3 mm thick).
  • Piece of hardened metal 50 cm long, 3 mm thick (for lawn mower blade).
  • 4 small wheels (the wheels of an old baby carriage will do).

The figure provides drawings of lawnmowers with approximate dimensions.

lawn, mower, tall, grass, their

In this construction unit, a 1 kW electric motor (1400 rpm) was used, the motor is installed and bolted to a frame welded from profile pipe. A handle is welded to the frame, on which the engine switch and a socket for cable connection are installed.

Blade made of hardened steel, blade length 50 cm, thickness 3 mm, the knife is curved in the form of a propeller, it is necessary that the laid grass was lifted by airflow and better mowed by the blade.

The edges of the knife should be sharpened on an emery, in the process of mowing the grass, the knife gradually dulls and it is necessary to remove and sharpen it periodically.

The blade is attached with two bolts to the shaft coupling, the coupling itself is fixed on the motor shaft with a screw.

Height of the blade from the ground should be adjusted, for mowing the lawn, the optimal height of the blade. 5. 8 cm. In the back of the mower there is a protection welded strip of metal in case a stone flies out from under the blade.

There are four small plastic wheels on the frame.

Self-made mower with a 1 kW engine, designed for low grass, it is already difficult to mow high grass, for the high grass need a more powerful engine.

I recommend to watch the video of the author who made a lawn mower with his own hands.

Mower from Druzhba chainsaw with their own hands

To get high-quality and durable grass mowing equipment, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the correct algorithm of action. Standard self-propelled lawnmower is collected in the following order:

  • First, the tube must be inserted into the chute of the used bearing, and the gear inside must be stationary;
  • To the end, which remained free, it is necessary to weld 2-centimeter “ears”. After that, you need to drill holes in the “ears”;
  • To make the blades, it is necessary to cut the blade from a hacksaw. It should be cut into several equal pieces;
  • To fix the blades on the rotary disc or on the prepared bar, you need to use rivets. The diameter of the finished structure should be about 40 cm;
  • A rigid frame must then be welded together using a metal angle. The frame should be reinforced with steel struts that will prevent it from breaking when the mower hits a tree or a bench. The dimensions of the support frame must match the dimensions of the chainsaw;
  • Inside the frame you must install a rectangular base. the mower body will rest on it. To make this piece of equipment as well-balanced as possible, all joints must be at right angles and be as stiff as possible;
  • The brackets must be welded to the finished frame to help secure the wheels, handles, and individual metal hooks required to support the entire unit;
  • After that it is necessary to install the wheels;
  • Next, you will need to secure the chainsaw by removing the saw headset beforehand. The tool must be fixed firmly on the frame;
  • Then it is necessary to cut a steel plate along the contour of the finished body. It must be installed above the chainsaw. As a result, you will get a reliable metal cover that will protect the saw from moisture and grass;
  • At the next stage, the manufacturer should screw the pipe with the cutting blades of the homemade mower to the drive sprocket of the chainsaw;
  • At the end, it will remain to install the handles, on which the levers and control buttons of the lawnmower should be placed.
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According to this scheme, not only rotary, but also segmented-finger or chain mower is made. The difference between them lies only in the device and the principle of action of the cutting organ.

Lawn mower with my own hands from a washing machine

To assemble a homemade lawnmower on the basis of a washing machine, the maker will need the same tools and materials as when constructing equipment from a chainsaw. Before starting work, you need to prepare 2 schemes. The first should describe the dimensions and installation principle of all units. The second drawing should show the finished homemade mower with its finished dimensions and appearance.

Lawnmower from the engine from a washing machine is collected with their own hands in this sequence:

  • First it is necessary to weld a strong frame, taking for this purpose a metal angle with dimensions of 25 × 25 mm. To the corners of the ready frame you need to weld 4 racks, to which the wheels will be attached. In the central part of the frame you need to install a steel plate, to the bottom of which will be pre-welded stiffeners. A plate is needed to install the motor from the washing machine. In the back of the structure should be welded U-shaped handle, welded from metal pipes;
  • Next, in the center of the installed plate will need to cut a hole for the motor shaft. The front part of the frame must be equipped with a grid or arc made of soft bending steel. This device will dampen the cutting blade’s energy should it ever break off. The grid must be positioned so that when it is stationary there is a 2 cm gap at the bottom and top of the blade and a 1 cm gap at the front;
  • Then you need to install the motor for the lawnmower. The shaft of the power unit must fit into the hole. A pre-sharpened blade is mounted on it. The upper part of the motor must be covered with a protective cover welded from a steel plate. In the box you will need to drill a few holes for cooling the motor.

During operation, the operator needs to constantly ensure that the mower. made by our own hands. does not cut the power cable. For this purpose, it is best to attach the wire to the handle by clipping it.

How to make a lawn mower

Let’s tell you how you can make a lawn mower with your own hands. Those who have mechanic skills, at home can make a mechanized lawnmower himself from improvised means.

Suitable for a home-made mower single-phase motors from washing machines, support wheels of worn-out baby carriages, water pipes and steel corners.

It is important to choose a suitable electric motor to drive the mower blade. Most garden plots have a single-phase AC voltage of 220 V.

That’s why the easiest way to drive a lawn mower blade is to use an electric motor from a deadbeat washing machine.

The power rating of a washing machine is usually between 180 and 250 watts. A more powerful drive is preferable. But even with a 250 watt motor the working width of the lawnmower should not exceed 250mm. Working width of 400mm or more requires a drive power of 500750 watts.

Three-phase electric motors connected to single-phase network by a delta circuit with a phase shifting capacitor can be used successfully as electric drives for lawn mower blades with 400 mm cutting radius.

Capacitor capacity can be approximated, considering that there must be 6.6 7 μf capacitor capacity per 100 W of electric motor power.

Operating principles of an electric motor

Such a motor can be either a single-phase motor that runs from the normal mains or a three-phase motor that needs additional electricity. When connecting an electric motor, personal safety must always be considered. For a single-phase motor, RCD protection must be installed, and the three-phase motor must have appropriate capacitors.

A drill with a speed of up to 3,000 rpm can also be used for a domestic lawnmower. Assembling the construction, it is necessary to correctly select the power of the haymower to its cutting. A cordless or electric drill mounted on the base or platform will do its job well, and the grass will be mowed.

lawn, mower, tall, grass, their

During operation, you should not forget about the intervals, because you have to give the motor time to rest in order to avoid overheating. Such a tool will easily clear the area of grass and give the lawn an attractive appearance. The platform, on which the engine is mounted, should be of optimal size, so you can mow near the wall.

Mechanical lawn mower

The equipment of the mechanical type makes much less noise, also it does not need power consumption. You can even work with such a mower in the rain, but it is more difficult to make. The whole problem is that it is very difficult to choose gears, wheels and blades.

A mower equipped with a pair of blades needs a quick rotation of the blades. It must be created by the movement of the wheels and gears. The creation of such equipment requires from the performer maximum attention and patience.

Petrol equipment

Homemade device on the basis of a gasoline saw is a great solution to save money. Assembly requires a frame, motor and fuel tank. The power indicators of such equipment allow you to mow dense and coarse grass. The blades can be replaced with a gasoline saw sprocket.

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Do not forget that the use of lawn mower gasoline type should be very carefully, observing all safety requirements, since gasoline is a flammable substance.

Necessary accessories

The simplest version of the lawnmower includes the following parts:

  • blades;
  • engine;
  • wheels;
  • handles for controlling the construction;
  • a protective cover;
  • Frame, on which all the nodes of the mower will be attached;
  • Details for controlling the system: RCD, switch, cable and plug for connecting electricity.

The frame of the lightest model will include a metal sheet with a thickness of 2 to 3 millimeters with a hole in the middle for the passage of the motor shaft. The sheet is aligned with the frame of metal corners. A motor is attached to the sheet from above, a guard with protection is installed at the bottom, wheels are mounted on the sides of the axle, as well as handles for controlling the device.

If the product uses a flange motor, it can be attached to the sheet itself by drilling holes in the latter, which will be identical to the holes in the flange. If the engine is of the classical type, it is necessary to weld or bolt to the sheet a few perpendicular struts from the corner so that they coincide with the legs of the engine.

Special holes are made in the corners to attach the motor. If the holes are created as slots, it will help to align the engine with the frame when fastening. Such an assembly will be very useful for selecting the optimal grass cutting height. It will be easiest to create holes for different motor heights.

The central place of the lawnmower will be a node, which will consist of a mandrel with short blades fixed on its surface (one long blade can also be used).

Choice of motor

The best option in this case will be an asynchronous electric motor with a power of 500 to 600 watts or more. The number of revolutions for such work reaches 3000 per minute. A big advantage of the asynchronous motor model is its quiet operation. The higher the engine speed, the better and smoother the grass is cut.

Generally the quality of mowing will be determined not by the rotation speed of the blades, but by the linear speed of the cutting edge relative to the vegetation. At the same number of revolutions per minute, the linear speed of the cutters becomes higher, based on the size of the grip (diameter of the circle in which the cutting edge rotates).

Therefore, with a large grip (more than forty centimeters), the number of revolutions of the device can be significantly reduced. But in this case the motor power needs to be higher to overcome the increasing resistance. Practice has shown that the serviceable is the following configuration: grip. 50 centimeters, the engine power. 1kW, the number of revolutions per minute. 1500. But a 500 watt motor with a speed of 1500 rpm will also cut the grass, albeit worse. If the motor power is low, the blades need to be resharpened regularly.

For connection of three-phase motor to single-phase system it is necessary to use a principle with operating and starting capacitor. You can easily find information about this connection on the Internet. It will also be easy to find a formula to calculate the required capacitance for capacitors. The most commonly used design is about 200 µF for a 2 kW motor. For a power output of 500-600 W only 60-80 mcf is enough.

Creating a special cover for the engine, you must remember about the holes for cooling the device.

Create a lawn mower with your own efforts, you can use a simple electric drill with up to 3000 revolutions per minute. It will be easy to come up with a method to install the drill to the frame. But you need to understand that in terms of reliability and duration of operation, the drill can not be compared with an asynchronous motor, which is why if you have to mow a large area of the plot with grass, it is best to think in the purchase of a powerful motor.

The drill is best suited to create a separate stand-alone grass trimmer. It will be very easy to install the blades in the drill. The knife with a hole in the center is clamped by a special nut on the bolt, and the bolt is clamped in the drill chuck.

Mechanical lawnmower with their own hands

This type of apparatus is characterized by a significantly lower noise level compared to the motorized types. For its manufacture there is no need to use a power cord, and accordingly, this point immediately makes the process cheaper. A mechanical grass mower can be used even in the rain. And the amount of physical labor and finance required is minimal. The main problem is that it is difficult to select blades, gears and wheels.

Hand lawn mower mechanical has two types of knives:

In order for a mechanical mower to produce a good level of output, a high turnover rate of the cutters is necessary. And this, in turn, depends on the gear movement of the gears to the wheels. The blades need to be as sharpened as far as possible and need to be protected by a blade guard.

It is important to follow safe machine use and care techniques. The first thing to do is to clear the area from stones and other objects that can get in the way

If the knives hit a stone, they can be deformed and scatter in different directions, and it is obviously not safe. After the completion of the mechanical lawnmower knives need to be cleaned, this will prolong their service life.

Blades for lawnmower. Types

This is one of the most important parts, which affects the quality of the unit and the work process as a whole. Blades come in two types. composite and solid.

Solid blades

Such a knife is a steel plate with sharpened working surface along the whole length, in the center there is a hole. A blade consisting of two blades must be balanced, to prevent the shaft of the power unit from breaking during vibration. To avoid rapid blunting, sharpening angle should be not less than 60º.

Compound knives

In order to produce this kind of knives it is allowed to use steel of lower strength class than for solid types. Sharpening is carried out on the area of the blade 5 cm. during the impact the cutter made of quality material will only bend at an angle of 90º but will not break completely.

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In terms of shape the blades can be curved, trapezoidal, shaped. It prevents the grass from winding around the cutter bar during mowing with a lawn mower. Blade length should not exceed half a metre. Grinding is performed on both sides of the blade. You can also use a solid disc, which is characterized by high durability and reliability of operation.

Handle for mechanical mower and mowing board

Mowing shield at the same time acts as a cover for the cutters and the frame. Its main function is to protect the blades and the mower itself. You can use the bottom of a pot, metal bowl, etc. for this purpose.

Handle for the lawnmower is not a simple detail for holding the machine while mowing the grass, but also an element of control that allows you to set the trajectory of the movement. If you have a motor-powered unit in your hands, be sure to equip the handle with a safety shutoff button.

Where to find the parts

The best choice for an electric lawn mower is a 500 watt or larger motor, used in an older, working condition, from an old household appliance. It could be a vacuum cleaner, a drill, a chainsaw, an angle grinder or a washing machine.

The more power of the motor (ideally 1 kW), the lower the speed of the home-made device. Consequently, the bluntness of the knives will be less.

In addition, the power of the motor determines the working area, i.e.е. The area cut by the knife at a time.

The size of the homemade electric mower depends on the selected motor and the diameter of the blade, also considered one of the main parts, the quality of which affects the result and the service life.

lawn, mower, tall, grass, their

Additional work

To make the front removable grid, steel wire and a soft strip (40×4 mm) are used. To the functions of this part, experts include:

  • protect the motor from damage (in case of cutting element breakage);
  • to prevent the blade from slipping on the motor shaft;
  • Fixing the blades of grass for fast and easy mowing.

Wiring diagram for washer-dryer collector motor.

The grid is made so that it can ensure a 1 cm gap between the blades at the front and a 2 cm gap between the bottom and the top. The cutting element is cut from a steel strip (length 400 mm, dimensions 4×30 mm). The bar is welded to a tube, the inner diameter of which must match the diameter of the motor shaft. 2 holes need to be cut in the pipe (for M6 bolts). Then the blade is sharpened and balanced. To do this it is necessary to suspend the cutter bar behind the axle. Excess metal is removed.

As the knife has a large inertia when running, there is vibration when unbalanced. Considerable inertia is required when a thick knot of wood gets under the cutting element. If the diameter of the knot is 5-8 mm, the lawnmower works without problems.

To fix the blade on the motor shaft, locknuts and lock washers are used. Because of the low power of the power unit, the cutting element will jam, the motor will stop. A thermal switch is provided to protect the last device.

For the manufacture of the control handle of the lawnmower, a half-inch water pipe is used. Shape and parameters depend on the operator’s build. The handle is bolted to the frame. On it are installed hooks for winding the cable.

During the operation of the machine it is recommended to ensure that the cable does not get under the cutting element. Otherwise the operator will be electrocuted. To protect the user from such a situation, it is recommended to install rubber lugs on the handle (additional electric board).

Step-by-step assembly instructions

Depending on the starting materials for the electric lawnmower, these steps will differ. One of the most common options is to assemble the mower from an old washing machine. It will be useful to consider a step by step instruction exactly how to create such a machine.

The actions must take place in this sequence:

  • Making the frame or spars for the engine of the future construction. It should be made of metal or steel sheet 500×500 millimeters.
  • In the central part of the sheet should be drilled a hole under the shaft of an electric motor.
  • From the bottom of the metal sheet (members) you need to weld the corners around the perimeter. You can also fasten them with bolts.
  • Then you need to install the wheels. They can be made yourself from plywood or wood, or removed from old devices. They are placed on a shaft (metal shaft).
  • After that, you need to fix the motor to the platform. To do this, it should either be welded to the pre-mounted metal brackets, or drill holes for the existing holes in the motor itself, and then bolt it down.
  • Next, you need to install a handle to control the structure.
  • Under the platform is mounted a protective cover for control.
  • Metal blade is installed (homemade or prefabricated). It is mounted on the shaft of the electric motor.
  • To protect the motor from grass, a tin can must be installed on the motor shaft.

All mechanical parts are assembled. Next you need to proceed to the electrical circuit design.

lawn, mower, tall, grass, their

The tank for collecting the grass must be installed at the very end. It is made in the form of a box or bag.

Covering the blades with a blade guard is a must, as it will increase safety during work. Such protection should also be done for the motor to avoid debris and its durability as well as durability.