Lawn Mower For Working Near The House

Without exaggeration, we can say that each owner takes care of his plot and makes every effort to ensure that his lawn and the plot near the house is beautiful and even. Today this is not a problem, as the technologies of the modern world are developing at a tremendous speed, thereby allowing each summer resident to personally take care of his plot without the use of special financial costs and efforts, using an electric multifunctional lawn mower for tall grass.

This kind of tool is a kind of device designed specifically for mowing grass growing on the lawn, and which works thanks to the power supply. Rating of electric lawnmowers will help you in choosing an assistant.

In this article, you can familiarize yourself with the main aspects of the operation of the device itself and find out what you first need to pay attention to when choosing such a tool. And, moreover, the best world models of this “unit” will be presented to your attention.

Device features

I would definitely like to draw your attention to the fact that each individual model has engines of different power. First of all, its strength depends on where exactly the manufacturer made its initial installation.

Since, for example, if the engine is located at the bottom of the tool, then in this case its power will be 300-600 watts. And if in the upper area of ​​the mower. 400.1500 watts.

Now let’s talk about what the main parts of the mower are actually a lawn mower for tall grass and weeds. So:

  • Soundboard;
  • Knife;
  • Wheels
  • Grass catcher;
  • Bearings on wheels;
  • Folding handles;
  • Startup system.

Over, such a mower is a real “clean” because during its direct activity it does not produce emissions of a polluting nature. In addition, this kind of device has a small weight, and this feature applies to all models of electric mowers.

Due to its lightness, you can maneuver with it in any direction convenient for you without any problems and efforts. Over, she easy transport and storage, since it takes up very little space.

But to be honest, the lawnmower for tall grass and uneven areas also has a drawback, which is the power cord with which it is equipped. After all, it simply “infringes” and limits the immediate radius of your movement. Over, he may even fall under the mower itself during operation, so he, or rather his location, should be monitored very carefully.

Aspects of Choice

Let’s start by actually sorting out what kind of mowers are, and then consider all the necessary nuances of the tool itself. So, in fact, today you can choose a mower either drum or rotary.

Naturally, there are distinctive aspects between them, namely the difference in parameters, the main of which is the engine, namely its power. It is also important that if you want a very “strong” mower, then it is naturally better for you to choose the rotary type of mower.

However, if even after reading the description of the unit you still doubt it, we advise you to click here and get advice from professionals on how to choose an electric lawn mower.

Territorial area

The next thing you should start from when choosing a device is what area the electric lawn mower should handle for an uneven surface.

Basically, most of the modern sites have an area of ​​not more than five hundred squares, so if you have the same parameters, then best to choose a drum type model. Since this kind of tool has minimal weight indicators, it is easy to maneuver it and moreover you will not have problems with its maintenance.

Tips for choosing a lawn mower, see the.

But if your site has enough overall dimensions, then in this case, stop your choice on the type of rotation. Since this kind of model has a significant number of functional possibilities. Over, you can even purchase a mower of this type, which has the ability to self-propelled. Here I would like to advise you to familiarize yourself with the Makita self-propelled electric lawnmower, which will last you for many years.


For example, the drum type has a “power” of 400 watts. It is worth noting that such an optimal power is quite enough to work on small sizes of sites.

Bevel height

To begin with, we clarify the fact that it is installed in exactly three ways and on each individual model this process is performed in different ways, namely:

Lawn Mower For Working Near The House
  • By axial screwing on the deck to one of the mounts;
  • By changing the location of the lever on each individual wheel;
  • The most convenient is this method, since you can change the height of the required bevel by pressing a button or using a special lever.

It is worth noting that if you select a tool for its further work on uneven areas, then choose mower models that have the last two ways to “set” the bevel.

If we talk about a single type of mower and actually its functionality of the bevel itself, then, for example, the drum type has a level of 12-42 ml, and the rotary type has a level of 18-75 ml.

Weight category

The drum type has a dimension of approximately 13 kg. It is this kind of feature that greatly facilitates the operation of the mower for its owner. If we talk about the type of rotational, then it, in turn, has a weight that reaches almost 40 kg.

If you still don’t want to suffer with a heavy unit, we suggest you take a look at manual electric lawn mowers, detailed information about which you will receive here.

The best mowing machines

And now, let’s actually get acquainted with the high-quality, productive and in-demand devices themselves, which today represent us a huge number of manufacturers.

Self-propelled mower from weeds and grass VIKING MB 2 R

This kind of device performs work related to the processing of plots, and also has the ability to destroy waste that is of a vegetable nature. With special care, it maneuvers around trees, shrubs, and other obstacles.

If we talk about the device itself, then manufacturer made of steel material, which in turn is quite strong and durable.

It is worth noting the fact that this tool does not have the presence of a so-called grass catcher. Since the mower is equipped with a special nozzle, which produces mulching, after which it simply throws the grass, crushed back to the ground. Actually, which can serve as a kind of fertilizer, and if not, then you have to collect the slanted “fertilizer” yourself. If you want to see this process with your own eyes, then watch the introductory about the mower with a mulching.

Also, one cannot disregard the fact that the lawn mower is equipped with a high-rise axial mount, special wheels with double bearings, a unique handle that can be folded, and a special mulching knife, which in turn has an unusual shape.

  • Engine Type. Bs series 450. 3.5 HP;
  • The width of the grip itself is 46 cm;
  • Shear height. 23.77 mm;
  • Weight category. 23 kg;
  • The price is 35.

I would like to mention that Viking lawn mowers are also very popular, despite the fact that they do not work on electricity, because it is not always possible to find a socket for recharging the unit.

Wild and high vegetation petrol lawnmower at Ikra Mogatec Erm 1000

The tool has a high level of optimization, since it has functionality that allows you to perform a significant amount of work in absolutely any conditions, and can also “get” to even the most inaccessible places. Ergonomic lawn mower, which actually has an adjustable convenient handle, thanks to which you can control the mechanism without putting much effort.

Features mowers on.

Therefore, you will feel less tired. Over, this device is equipped with a fairly powerful propulsion system, the indicator of which reaches 1000 watts.

  • Weight category. 12 kg;
  • Processing height. 15-45 cm;
  • Type of device. Not self-propelled;
  • Processing width. 33 cm;
  • Cutting height adjustment. 3 types;
  • Mulching is not;
  • Price category. 40.

To summarize

In fact, such devices are in fact unique, because not only do they have the optimal cost, but also they are quite productive. Which actually makes them indispensable “helpers” in every home.

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Undoubtedly, after reading this article, you could see for yourself. And who knows, maybe one of the above models is of interest to you. Do not doubt that this will be your right choice, and the purchase over the years will delight you and bring pleasure from working with the device.