Lawn Mower Gasoline Manual How to Choose

Lawn Mower Gasoline Manual How to Choose

When we have to choose a gasoline lawn mower (trimmer) for our site, then first of all we pay attention to such parameters as maneuverability and lightness. Today there are a great many lawn mowers, but it is gas trimmers that are in greatest demand, due to several advantages over analogues, for example, electric mowers. They are autonomous and powerful; they only need a certain level of fuel to operate.

Features of choice

So, let’s figure it out, how to choose a gas mower, what should I look for when buying?

The main features of this type of device:

  • Do not require connection to power sources;
  • A short period of time for processing a large area plot;
  • Designed for a plot of more than 3 acres;
  • Easily work even on a site with a complex topography of the soil;
  • Have high power;
  • Can not only mow lawns, but also mow.

All gasoline mowers can be divided into several types depending on their fitness for a particular site, more precisely, its landscape, the size and type of grass planted on it.

    So, domestic lawn mowers are the best suited for small areas up to eight hundred parts, their power reaches five horsepower, the maximum resource is about 500 hours of work.

At the same time, you need to know that, as a rule, companies producing this kind of equipment do not manufacture engines themselves, but install ready-made ones, such as companies such as Tecumseh, Subaru, Briggs Stratton. The only exception is the Honda brand.

Lawn mowers also differ in such parameters as the strip width of the mowed grass and the equipped with the functions of collecting grass and its ejection. The first parameter may be:

    From 42 to 48 centimeters. Such devices process small areas;

The second parameter may include (not include) the equipment with functions for collecting mowed grass in special containers. Grass catchers; ejecting it (usually from the side); mulching. All these functions are mandatory only in combination devices.

Choosing a manual gas mower (trimmer) or self-propelled

Determined by several more aspects:

  • In particular, different models also differ in the volumes and types of containers. Grass catchers.
  • So, fabric containers are very spacious, therefore they are suitable for processing large areas, but they are difficult to wash.
  • A plastic grass collector, on the other hand, is easy to clean or wash, but if it is mounted on a mower that collects more than 50 liters, filling can be difficult.
  • The so-called combined type, where the side surfaces are made of fabric and the bottom (or top) of plastic, can be called the most optimal variant of the grass catcher. This type is usually installed on mowers with a large volume of filling, which belong to the premium class.

About work

Now a few words about the operation of lawn mowers, more precisely, about some of their features in this regard.

Depending on how the height of the mowed grass is regulated for each of the devices, they can be divided into several types:

    Screw-controlled lawn mowers are the cheapest; the specified type of adjustment is presented in the form of several holes of different height, where the axle with wheels is rearranged, to change the height of the bevel;

Lawnmower safety

All lawn mowers also move in different ways, this is due to the difference in drives. Thinking about how to choose a self-propelled gas mower, you need to pay special attention to this aspect:

  • If the device is equipped with front-wheel drive, it will be very maneuverable, however, the front wheels may slip during the filling of the mowed grass tank, since the center of gravity in this case will be shifted back.
  • The rear-wheel drive is more convenient, here the main load falls on the rear wheels.

Another point that you should pay attention to if you are deciding which gas lawn mower to choose is its wheels (preferably a large diameter), as well as the presence of a speed controller.

About security

When purchasing a lawn mower, it is important to remember that in inept hands it can become a dangerous device, despite the seeming harmlessness. After all, after all, gasoline is an explosive substance, the mower’s knife rotates quickly enough, and any objects can fly out from under it. Therefore, you should carefully read the instructions that came with the device and follow the safety rules strictly. In addition, do not forget about the timely maintenance of the mower. Changing the oil, candles, observe personal safety rules when working on the site.