Lawn mower how to choose a hacksaw for wood. How to choose a good chainsaw: Professionals advice

Choosing which wood hacksaw is better: criteria and rating

We tell you how to choose a hacksaw according to the type, shape of the blade, width, length and what characteristics and requirements it is important to pay attention.

The electrical disk saw to work on wood is convenient, functional and copes with many tasks. But it happens that the volume of work is small, there is no way or even desire to mess with the assembly and connecting a rather bulky unit. Woods will help out a hacksaw. which model is better and how to choose a tool, let’s talk in detail in the article.

All about choosing a hacksaw on wood

Different modifications of goods have appeared today, each of them is designed for a certain type of work. Therefore, the choice has become more complicated. We will figure out what to pay attention to when choosing.


The blade is the main element of the adaptation and it determines its characteristics. The length of the canvas is important. It can be in the range from 25 to 50 cm. The longer the canvas, the larger the elements cut the hacksaw. At the same time, the efforts will have to be made less. But there is a minus: a long blade is stronger than spring, which is inconvenient. This is especially noticeable during the processing of solid wood: oak, ash, maple, t.P.

Therefore, the masters recommend adhering to the rule: the length of the panel should be twice as much as the sawing area. This ratio guarantees convenience in processing. Smaller saw will get stuck, it will have to be removed with considerable effort. Too long will begin to spring and jam, it may break. All this will greatly complicate manipulations. For small products, choose a length of 250-300 mm, for large-450-500 mm.

The width of the canvas also matters. Too narrow the plate breaks even with a small bend. It is inconvenient to work with excessively wide tools, you have to make significant efforts. Optimum width for manual saw-100-200 mm. You need to know that for various types of processing, products of a certain width are used. Therefore, masters buy them with sets to choose a suitable blade for different purposes.

For the production of the blade, carbon or alloyed steel is used. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Low.alloy carbon metal was originally used. It is plastic, does not break, but wears out very quickly. The hardened, on the contrary, is not stupid for a long time, but breaks when the bend is loaded. A kind of compromise. bimetallic plates, where the metal is tempered only on a section of the teeth. Bimetallic linen can be bought in every construction store. They are plastic, do not break and do not dull for a long time. But it is impossible to sharpen them again. Hardened metal is poorly sharpened.

Knife.hacksaw Gross Piranha

For professional work, they produce high.altitable panels. They give the highest quality cut, but at the same time very fragile. Softer varieties acquire resistance to bending, but the accuracy of the cut is lost. For saws, the highly alloyed steel of brands M50, M7, M2, M1 are used. Products from it are marked with HSS or HS. These are the most expensive hacksaw cloths.

For household needs, carbon material panels are released. They are plastic, not sensitive to bending, amenable to grinding. True, it is quite difficult to sharply sharpen and dilute the teeth. Not all masters cope with this and, in order not to spoil the saw, turn to professionals for help.

For use in everyday life, it is optimal to choose a metal of medium hardness. It is marked with numbers 45 and HRC letters. A more solid option is suitable: 60-55 HRC.

How to choose a hacksaw on wood

Is a hand tool that spaceships plow the expanses of the universe has become obsolete with his century? As the dynamics of sales and the competition of manufacturers shows. Not by no means. It is still indispensable in many cases. Is it worth it to pull the power grid to where you can go with a hacksaw and a hammer. And if there is no electricity at all yet? In the construction business, relations between manual and power tools, as between theater and cinema: exist in parallel, not only without interfering, but sometimes helping each other.

Fighting for the buyer, firms are improving their model rows. It would seem why invent a bike? However, in practice, there are so many differences in products of the same class that you have to spend some time choosing a model.

To help our readers in this difficult business, we conducted a test of a hacksaw on wood. But before starting the description of the results, you need to talk about some of their (hacksaws) features.

Here are the main provisions that need to be guided when choosing.

Cut material. What material your saw will work on? What are the estimated sizes of processed blanks? Of course, not for every task there is a special saw, but the basic patterns here work very clearly, and an intelligent consultant, knowing the set of your requirements, will certainly select the best option.

The quality of the cut. Where you need an accurate cut (for example, when repairing furniture) it is better to use a hacksaw with a small tooth. For quick (and rough) sawing, saws with a large tooth and long canvas are designed.

The length of the canvas. The convenience and accuracy of a hacksaw with a small tooth, the length of the canvas practically does not affect. But a large tooth is effective only on energetic sawdust, so that the canvas should be quite long. For a medium.sized tooth, the statement is also true. Such hacksaws have a length of 450 to 500 mm.

The material of the canvas. The canvas, as a rule, is made from high.quality steel. Elementary test of the canvas for strength. bend in an arc equal to half a circle. “Correct” saw after that will definitely restore the original appearance.

Teeth. Each of them. elementary cutter in the form of a wedge. Which of its surfaces is the cutting, depends on the form of sharpening. This determines the circle of problems of the hacksaw. There are special models for longitudinal and for transverse cutting of wood. However, the wood saws with a universal tooth are most common. they can saw wood in both directions.

The dimensions of the teeth are determined by height and width, but another parameter was introduced to simplify. the number of teeth per inch or the number of their peaks per inch (the second per unit is larger than the first). The larger these indicators, the smaller cutters, and vice versa.

An important point. Tribows hardening: if it is, then a saw for a long time (5-6 times longer than usual) will retain its sharpening, without washing even on materials that are not “tough” of a simple hacksaw. But this convenience cannot be used “forever”: the blurted hardened incisors do not re.harvest.

A large role is played by the sawing of the saw. It determines the quality of the cut and ease of work.

The handle of the saw. The shape of the handle should provide a strong grip without slipping. It will be more difficult to saw otherwise, and you can easily earn corns. Most handles. Two.component with rubber inserts. The ergonomic handle effectively transfers the force to the canvas, evenly distributing it over the entire surface.

For the test, we tried to choose the same hacksaws, but it was not possible to fully fulfill this task. However, with all the differences, each of them satisfied the basic requirements: the length of the canvas. no more than 500 mm, the number of teeth per inch. 7-8 (exceptions: Brigadier. 6 teeth and Bahco. 9). All incisors. universal (for longitudinal and transverse sawing) and hardened.

With six such hacksaws, we sawed eight samples of wood of various geometry, humidity and hardness, making several visits for each material. At the same time, the total time of all cuts was measured, including installation movements. By the way, the duration of the initial stage of sawing in different models was seriously different.

All samples were cut transversely, and on pine and birch bars of large size they tried to work and longitudinally to check the versatility of tools.

The original technology used in the 2500XT model we tested is proprietary tooth geometry. XT. In accordance with it, only every third tooth is divorced. He also has a three.phase sharpening, unlike two undiluted, sharpened only in two planes. Having hardened the cutting surface after such processing, they get a hacksaw of increased performance and accuracy. Its canvas very carefully passes any materials, since friction about the side surfaces and the stuck of the teeth at the entrance to the wood are minimized. Among other things, the XT-geometry of the cutting edge provides a high speed of cutting sawdust.

The ergonomic knife handle evenly distributes the force over the entire surface of the canvas and lies comfortably in the palm of his hand: the capture is very dense. The quality of the resulting surfaces changes depending on the pressure: the stronger it is, the more burrs.

Despite the fact that 2500XT is designed to saw out medium.sized materials (according to the manufacturer’s marking), with large samples, it coped with no worse scabula with a large tooth. When working with small blanks, its accuracy is admirable. she can literally “catch” millimeters. And at the very beginning of cutting, no problems arise: sawing begins without a single installation movement and exactly in the selected place.

The hacksaw coped very well with moist material, sawed even faster than dry, but on solid rocks a little “hesitated”. It was more difficult to make longitudinal cuts.

Summary: high.quality hacksaw with excellent “performance”. And although the manufacturer recommends using it for medium.sized blanks, it copes with both large and small samples, in the first case, demonstrating performance, and in the second. accuracy.

Brigadier Jetshark 63 203 Price: Retail. 17

Classification of hacksaws by type and size of teeth

The relevance of the choice largely depends on the scope of the tool for which it is bought. And here the dominant factor will be the type of tooths of the canvas.


Such saws are mainly with isosceles-triangular teeth. The angle of sharpening of the hacksaw on wood is 45-55 degrees. The cut is made when the canvas moves forward and in the opposite direction. And although this is one of the most popular models of teeth, it is more practical to use it on dry wood than on a wet. Garden hacksaw for branches, in which the juice is preserved, should have a triangular parallel to the sharpened shape of the teeth. They push the sawdust from the slot, without affecting the speed and efficiency of the canvas. For transverse cut, combined variations of the teeth are also used, when a large semicircular shape permanently changes a smaller triangular. Movement forward makes a guide incision, and in the opposite direction helps to increase the channel and remove the shavings. The clarity of the result directly depends on the angle between these two types. Its reduction contributes to the correctness of the cut.

Carefish for longitudinal cut

This type of saw have hook-shaped teeth with an angle of 45-60 degrees. The cut of this product is one.sided. This prosing of tools is used.

Universal saws

Have compilation teeth, which are quickly blunt and require constant sharpening before every task. But the sharpening of a hand saw on a tree of this type will cost almost like a new product.

Hand saws on wood are classified by three types of denture sizes:

  • Small teeth-2.0-2.5 mm (for accurate sawing of branches and processing of small wooden parts);
  • Middle teeth-3.0-3.5 mm (for cutting products made of medium dimensions);
  • Large teeth-4.0-6.0 mm (for cutting timber and logs).

Sometimes trapezoid teeth are also found. Their advantages in increased strength and wear resistance of the canvas. But how to properly sharpen a hacksaw on a tree of this type, not everyone knows. Therefore, you often have to change the canvas completely, which is unprofitable financially.

Types of garden hacksaws

Manual saws on wood are several species forms: ordinary, narrow, outfit, saber, with butt, ray. Narrow are used when working on blanks in the region of 10 cm. The canvas during pressure often deviates, creating unforeseen directions of the saw.

A hacksaw for trimming trees of a conventional species can have a variety of teeth. But in work with wooden material for the manufacture of furniture, they do weakly without the presence of special stakes used to control the angle of sawing. The advantage is often the equipment of interchangeable canvases. An ideal option of hand.haired hacksaw for pruning branches will be a saber’s saw.

Butt for the stiffness of the determinant of the exact sawdust of the small depth.


Canvas for a ray saw can be changed, which is very practical. And the fastener mechanism will last more than one decade. They are rightfully considered an acceptable replacement of an electrician for the accuracy of the cut and the possibility of installing the angle of operation.

There are four subtypes: transverse; sweeping; spike; kinking.

For horizontal sawing of a tree up to 0.8 m use sweeping saws. Vertical (transverse) cuts with clear side sides are made at any required angle. Flexible tools are made from flexible steel, allowing you to engage in a figurative sharp. And simple details are easy to create with a sip.

What to look for when choosing a technique

Before choosing a lawn mower, it is advisable to get acquainted with the basics of its design. This will make it possible to understand the purpose of the main nodes and navigate in their characteristics.

So, the engine determines the working potential of the device. The higher its power, the greater the temporary load withstands the unit and the larger the shoots with which it copes. True, along with power, the dimensions and weight of the trimmer for grass increase. Today there are two options for a gas mower.


Light and compact engine of simple design, which greatly simplifies its maintenance and possible repair. Simple in operation. The two.stroke motor is highly turned off, this significantly increases its performance. The price is low, budget varieties of gasoline trimmers are equipped with two.stroke engines. There are also significant shortcomings. The device is very noisy when working, distinguishes a large amount of exhaust gases, does not economically consume fuel. He needs a mixture of gasoline and oil, which must independently dilute before pouring into the fuel tank. This is not very convenient, but two.stroke units are in demand more. This is due to their lower price, ease of operation and maintenance.


Powerful motor with a high motor. Works smoothly and quietly, economically consumes fuel. At the same time, the exhaust gases are much less than during the operation of the two.stroke. Equipped with two tanks, one of which is filled with gasoline, in another oil. You do not need to prepare a working mixture.

The disadvantages of four.strokes are significant weight and size. Given that the user has to wear the engine on himself, this is a significant minus. The design is more complicated, so service and possible repair will cost more. And the price of a four.stroke motor is higher. Therefore, in demand, they still lose to two.strokes. Although in the ranking of the best motos for professionals there are always powerful four.strokes.

type of drive

To transmit rotation from the engine to the cutting nozzle, use the drive. It consists of a shaft and a bar. Low.power units are often equipped with curved drives. They are very convenient when choosing obstacles: benches, flower beds, fence. In this case, the shaft is flexible. It is not designed for significant loads, so a large shoots cannot be removed with a curved drive, and even more so shrubby.

Direct drive structures are equipped with a hard shaft. They are not so convenient when working with obstacles, but withstand significant loads. They easily cope with young bushes and hard grass. On sale you can see trimmers for grass with a detachable bar. This is quite convenient because it facilitates transportation and storage. However, a detachable knot is the most vulnerable place where breakdowns most often appear. This must be taken into account when choosing.

Lawn Mowing Tips

How to choose a hacksaw

Before you purchase this tool, check out with it. No need to take the first. How to choose a hacksaw, Komsomolskaya Pravda was told by the handyman Timur Fedoseev. He pointed to the following points:


The most important and logical point. Why do you need a hacksaw. metal, plastic, wood, drywall? There are models on the market for everything. The manufacturer indicates first of all. for what the tool is intended for. Pay attention to this.


One of the most important technical characteristics in the hacksaw. This is the main working detail of the tool and therefore it should be in order. Look at the length of the canvas. the longer it is, the greater the element will capture. But too long hacksaws can spring, they can be uncomfortable. This should also be remembered. For drywall, a miniature canvas is used, as a rule. For plywood, some small boards or metal materials, the average is suitable-25-35 cm. There is a rule. the saw length should twice the diameter of the processed element. Also look at the steel of the canvas. it should be of high quality. So, carbon steel is considered good material. Better to take hardened metal.


Another important component. Fabric with large teeth add speed work, but the saw will not turn out to be the most accurate. The small ones are on the contrary. the sawn is smooth, but you also need to act more accurately. You will not accelerate particularly. Specify for what sawing you need teeth. In cases for longitudinal. they look like hooks. For transverse. isosceles triangles. For mixed. triangular edges are combined with slightly elongated semicircular zazubs. Teeth must be sharpened and divided, they should not bend. Large teeth are more suitable for raw trees and other blanks, small ones-laminate, wood-brown stove and so on. In the same hacksaws for drywall, small teeth are usually used. Pay attention to the step of the teeth. This indicator characterizes the number of teeth per inch the length of the canvas. So, for a neat cut, a step is needed. from 7 to 11. If you need speed. from 1 to 7. For the house the best option-5-6. It is better to take models with hardened teeth. they will last longer.


The most important thing is that it is convenient. Try a hacksaw in your hand before buying it. As for the material, this is most often rubberized plastic. There are simply plastic ones. they are less reliable. Also make sure that the canvas with the handle is well fixed. It should not bend and fall out.


Spare canvas, cover, sharpener, some other elements. All this will not be superfluous. So, with a cover or a “holster” for a hacksaw, it will be more convenient for you to transport it, take with you on a hike or somewhere else. A wonderful option!Choose high.quality and reliable tools. There are doubts. consult with specialists!

Types of steel

Case of any type of steel of various types, including alloyed or carbon. The firmness of the canvas is indicated about the quality of the product. it is checked by the Rockwell method.

Tempered blades of the hacksaw are made of hardened high.quality instrumental steel. They are very hard, but in some situations they are poorly susceptible to the load on the bend. Flexible blades contain hardened steel only on teeth. Zatvulovka. flexible sheet of metal. They are sometimes called bimetallic blades.

The early blades were made of carbon steel now called “low.alloy”, and were relatively soft and flexible. They did not break, but wear out quickly. For several decades, the canvas for metal changed, various alloys were used, which were tested in practice.

Highly alloyed metal blades were cut for sure, but they were extremely fragile. This limited their practical application. The milder form of this material was also available. it was highly resistant to loads, greater resistance to breakdown, but it was less rigid, so it bent and as a result was a less accurate cut.

Since the 1980s, bimetallic blades began to be used actively in the manufacture of knife stakes on wood. The advantages were obvious. there was no risk of breakdown. Over time, the price of the product has fallen, so such cutting elements are used as a universal option everywhere.

Carbon steel is usually the most soft and cheap among other types. It began to be used in the manufacture of domestic level tools. The material is valued by masters, because it can be easily sharpened. Most woodworking tools are made of carbon steel, since it is sometimes quite expensive to use other material.

Stainless steel undergoes heat treatment, the coefficient of its hardness is 45. Used for the manufacture of tools with a high.quality cutting edge. Can be operated in difficult conditions, but it is more expensive than carbon.

Highly alloyed is widely used in the production of tools. It is available in various versions: M1, M2, M7 and M50. Among them M1 is the most expensive variety. Although few hacksaws are made of this material, the described type of steel withstands longer operation. Not used for the manufacture of large tools due to the inherent fragility. Hacksaws made of highly alloy steel are often marked with HS or HSS.

Carbide steel using carbide is used in the manufacture of manual tools, since it allows you to perform tasks effectively. Being very firm, the alloy is thoroughly processed so that it can be used in the future, since products can easily break.

Most often, steel hacksaws are made of high.speed steel. The most popular will be BS4659, BM2 or M2.

Model rating

Of the domestic manufacturers, I would like to highlight the Angor model range, which is made of carbide steel. One of the best representatives is the Encor 19183 model, a distinctive feature of which is the size of the teeth of only 2.5 mm. The tool is on sale with a comfortable handle and hardened teeth, which indicates a large operational period of the product.

It is impossible not to distinguish Japanese saws, for example, the Silky Sugowaza model, which is used for the most difficult work, since its size is 6.5 mm. Gardeners and summer residents prefer to purchase such a tool for the formation of a crown of fruit trees, when you want to work quickly without making a lot of effort. A special shape in the form of an arc allows you to easily cut off unnecessary branches.

Swedish hacksaws do not lag behind the quality of domestic. Among them stands out a brand Bahco, which has established itself due to high quality. In the category of a universal tool, the ERGO 2600-19-XT-HP model is highlighted, used for grances of medium thickness.

Technical characteristics of hacksaws

According to GOST, knife.offs on wood intended for carpentry and carpentry (manual sawing of wood) must correspond to certain technical characteristics.

The state standard specifies what materials canvas, pens can be made of, what should be the connection of the working surface with the handle. The permitted dimensions of the tool and its individual parts are also indicated. There are requirements for sharpening and breeding incisors, the minimum-permitted sharpening indicator to the front and back of the tool.

Types of hacksaws on wood

As you wondered how to choose a hacksaw on a tree, first of all you need to build on from what it is purchased for.

  • If you need a hacksaw on a faner, then it is enough to choose a classic. an inexpensive option, where there are always variations with the base and incisors.
  • If the tool is planned to be used for various types of work (repair in the country or in the apartment), then the advantage will be the entry of interchangeable paintings. Changing the working base depending on the goals, it will be possible to perform straight, transverse, curly cuts, cut trees, shrubs with one saw with one saw.

When choosing a hacksaw, it is important to pay attention to all its components, because its operational properties will depend on this. It is better to buy a stainless steel tool. the price is more expensive, but the service life will be longer.

The teeth of the hacksaw are very sharp, so working with it must be observed precautions


The most popular wood hacksaw, based on a wide canvas. The length of the saw can vary, like the number of teeth. Universal in application.

The kit may contain interchangeable canvases, special drifting for sawing wood at different angles. This type of saw is suitable for sawing a wood-cutting plate, work with wood or plywood, for laminate.

Classic hacksaw with a plastic handle


The spanish hacksaw has a narrow canvas and teeth close to each other. For certain types of work, there is a model with a double.sided location of the cutting elements.

This type of saw is well suited for neat warring on the pre.marked contours. If necessary, a spacecraft is used to cut holes (round, square and others). When working, you need to be careful. sometimes it can slip out of hands.

Working with an outfound (narrow) hacksaw on wood is very easy and simple

With award

Two.handed hacksaw, whose hands are located on both sides. The size of the working surface is 12-15 cm, the width is 8-10 cm. Outwardly drank similar to a shirt.

The main application includes cutting the spike and groove. At the same time, the saw is suitable for any wood species, even the hardest.


Carpentry manual saw for thinner and accurate cuts. The main advantage is the presence of a metal or brass lug that protects the tool. Thanks to additional protection (lining), you can work with rigid materials, while getting neat cuts. after all, the hacksaw itself has small hot teeth.

It is most convenient to use the shoe hacksaw for removering. The only disadvantage of this model can be called that the training interferes with the cut deeper than the width of the working surface.

Cooling hacksaw is great for working with any lumber


For convenient use, garden saws are often made with a curved blade. This is a great option for work on the house site. All thanks to a special design-a narrowed end with widely placed incisors, which are diluted in a special way, for a comfortable cut of branches and knots.

The material from which a garden saw is made is a strong chromium steel of special hardening, for even cut so as not to damage the bark.

With a garden hacksaw, your garden will always look beautiful and well.groomed


This name was given thanks to similarity with rifle onions. It will fit perfectly to remove small bitches and branches, although it can also cope with more solid material. A distinctive feature of a ray hacksaw. a thin canvas fixed in a single frame on both sides. Dimensions vary from 300 to 910 mm in length.

Good to know! All ray saws relate to tools with a stretched canvas. It is also worth noting that the main tools of labor among the red-breeding carriers include it is the beam hacksaw.

  • The saw is considered fragile enough, but it is not necessary to worry: it is easily restored by replacing the canvas with a new. So, the deficiency in the form of fragility is converted into a dignity. easy repairs and durability.

Important! You need to work with this type of saw carefully, the frame located at an acute angle touches the palm of your hand, which can lead to injury.

lawn, mower, choose, hacksaw, wood, good

Luching manual saw easily cope with the task assigned to it

A wide hacksaw

Great for a cut of large wood, the most effective when cutting across the fibers. This type of hacksaw can still be divided for a longitudinal saw or across.

Teeth of a triangular configuration (may contain a slope of the “slanting sharpening”) with an angle of pointing from 40 ° to 50 ° degrees. Separately equipped with various canvases for comfortable carpentry or locksmithing.

Varieties and their characteristics

Tools for pruning branches set. A novice gardener will have to thoroughly understand all varieties in order to make the right choice for himself. Garden saws are the following types.

  • Classic. have a different length of the canvas and a different number of teeth. In most cases, they are equipped with a change of canvas.
  • Narrow. due to their parameters, allow you to cut any lines or holes. Often located teeth are placed on one or two planes, which makes the tool very convenient to use. The canvas itself should not bend, so you should choose steel.
  • With a leapness. a rib of stiffness is provided, which does not allow a hacksaw to bend during operation. In this regard, it is impossible to make low cuts, since this design does not contribute to this, but thanks to a convenient handle, this option is very comfortable in application.
  • Luchki. use to sawn up knots and gross parts of plants, in addition, you can saw both along and in the ground. Such a modification is quite diverse and in its practicality resembles a small woodworking installation. But it is not easy to control this tool, since it is bulky and has a narrow canvas, which is quite fragile and often breaks.
  • Award. outwardly similar to a shirt, has several handles. This kind of tool is easy to use, it is easy for them to work on different types of trees.
  • Folding. well suits both for working in the garden and for nature hikes thanks to compact sizes and lightweight.

In addition to manual garden tools, there are many other types of saws in specialized retail outlets or online stores:

When applying them, less effort is applied and, in addition, the working hours are significantly saved. Before purchasing, you need to decide on the purpose of the tool. For novice gardeners, it is better to opt for less powerful equipment, since it is much easier in work and does not create special problems in handling it.

The electric chain saw is very simple to handle and the lightest of all mechanical equipment for sawing. The power supply of such a tool comes from the mains and is limited to the length of the cable. A big plus of this option is that they do not throw exhaust gases. Electric saber saw copes well with bitch of any diameter. Chainsaws that have an internal combustion engine provide for refueling the tank with a mixture of gasoline and oil. Tentatively it is enough for an hour and a half. For this reason, such a saw is more practical than its electric counterpart. When buying this type of garden tool, some nuances should be taken into account:

lawn, mower, choose, hacksaw, wood, good

Some experts advise to use the electrical vibrational hacksaw of the Farm brand instead of manual saw. Such a tool is well suited for trees in the spring and autumn periods. Bosch Keo battery saw allows you to perfectly cope with different types of work in the garden or in the country. It easily drinks branches up to 80 mm and a significant plus can be called the presence of a special A-Grip hook, thanks to which such saws are called one-handed, since it is very convenient to work with them with one hand.

There is a soft cover for storage in the set, there is a battery charge indicator. The tool is quite maneuverable, and the switch has several cutting modes depending on the type of material. Charge is enough for three hours of work. In addition, such a saw is light and easy to use. Many people know that using a ladder or staircase in the garden is not very convenient, which creates problems when pruning large plants. In this regard, a special saw on the rod for tall trees has been developed. It has a telescopic handle, which is stretched to different lengths and allows you to work from the ground, without using additional devices. Long maneuverable handle makes it possible to cut branches from different angles.

For women who themselves take care of the garden, an ideal option would be a battery saw for giving. Such a mobile tool thanks to the battery, and weighs relatively little. There are also small electric saws, specially designed for women.

Rating of the best models

Professionals prefer FISKARS and BANKO brands, noting their reliability and high quality. They withstand high loads and at the same time have a long service life. Among the leading manufacturers of garden equipment, the first positions of the rating are held by Finland, Sweden and Japan. The saws that companies from these countries are made are distinguished by endurance and high performance.

If you need to purchase a tool for a small volume, you can buy a budget option. With low loads, such a saw will work for a long time. Among the well.known manufacturers of inexpensive options for garden saws, Gardena and Stanley brands can be distinguished. When choosing the desired tool, the characteristics, parameters and planned loads should be taken into account to eliminate unnecessary breakdowns.

Among the light electric saws for women are most demanded by Bosch and Parma electric hacksaws. They are light, small and easy to use. Mini-saws are in no way inferior to the same garden instruments of standard size-they are the same practical and convenient.

Mini Cordless Chainsaw Review. Is It Any Good?

Which hacksaw is better

A tool intended for carpentry is poorly suitable for caring for trees, and it will not cope with metal blanks at all. There are no universal models, so the VYBOREXPERTA team.RU recommends the following brands taking into account the scope of application:

  • Armero A531/400. for wood work in a home workshop;
  • Gross Piranha 24111. the choice of a professional carpenter;
  • VIRA 801010. for a locksmith workshop;
  • Skrab 28154. for processing tall trees in the garden;
  • Opinel 2. the choice of summer residents and tourists;
  • Stanley Fatmax. a professional solution for complex tasks.

All models presented in the review are worthy of the attention of customers, but only the most reliable, productive and convenient tools were awarded the titles of the best in their class.

Table: Comparison of characteristics

For an independent comparison of all existing models, they consider their technical characteristics. The main indicator of the quality of the manufacture, as well as the step of the teeth, the brand of steel, the length of the canvas. Ergonomic pen affects the convenience of using a hacksaw.

VIRA 801500

How much effort the user will make during operation depends on the quality of execution. For sawing small surfaces, canvases with a length of up to 300 mm are suitable, and with large-scale business work, it is necessary to purchase tools with a length of 450-500 mm.