Lawn Mower Or Trimmer Which Is Better

lawn mower or electric trimmer: choose and compare which is better. Features of professional models

Professional options are designed for industrial use, they are designed to complete a huge amount of work during the day. Such a unit is ideal for the work of public utilities in agriculture. A tool of this nature must have the highest technical performance, no less a high level of build quality.

Professional braids can boast of a powerful engine. from 1.8 HP and more. They are equipped with a steel knife, a trimmer head. The thickness of the head line exceeds the usual options (2.4 mm), the design of the knife assumes equipment with three and four petals. There are knives that visually resemble saw blades, scattered over a large number of teeth. This performance is very appropriate when mowing shrubs.

A distinctive feature of the professional tool lies in the non-separable rod, inside it the shaft moves. At first, this may not seem very convenient, for example, in the case of transporting or storing a tool, because the device has impressive dimensions. Opinion changes from the fact that such a design solution prevents dirt, sand and dust from entering the unit. Thus, the resource is significantly extended. It is worth noting that the connecting mechanisms of the two shaft parts from time to time can deteriorate, loosen, and this causes the formation of backlash.

Considering the shaft located in the center of the rod, directly transmitting the motor torque to the cutting head, it must be emphasized that it can be rigid or flexible.

Types of lawn mowers

Each lawn mower model is designed for a specific task. In addition, there are rules for the operation of these products. According to the characteristics and operating modes, all lawn mowers are conditionally divided into: household and professional. Based on this division, what has a lawn mower, which one to choose depends on where you will use it.

lawn mower or electric trimmer: choose and compare which is better

In agriculture, lawn mowers have also become popular lately. They are indispensable for making hay. A serious choice of models with various functionality and a range of can cause complete bewilderment for an inexperienced user. The technical characteristics of the selected lawn mowers must correspond to the tasks and plans that you set for yourself. Details on how to choose a lawn mower in the ideal price-quality ratio will be discussed in this article.

Features of household models

The purpose of household lawn mowers is to work at home, in the garden, in the garden. The power of such models can rarely exceed 2 hp. Designs can be supplemented with a steel knife blade, trimmer head with line. Sometimes this combination can resemble a professional model, but it is important to notice some features:

A significant difference between the household and professional models is the cost of lawn mowers. Professional models have the highest value. On a plot of up to 15-20 acres in size, it is not at all necessary to use a professional model, you can get by with a household option that will perfectly cope with such a volume.

lawn mower trimmer: the difference

Which is the best of these two tools? lawn mower presents tools that reach high sales volumes every day. The developed models of modern lawn mowers amaze with the variety and perfection of their design. Trimmers and lawn mowers can compete not only in functionality, but also in cost.

Trimmers are ideal for small lawns. Almost weightless, light, like a fluff. electric braids, called trimmers, perfectly show themselves in business. Their main advantage is in cost. These tools are so simple in design that they are cheaper than gasoline-powered lawn mowers. Such are the trimmer, lawn mowers have differences.

Among the advantages of electric trimmers are also structural strength and lightness, no bulky fuel tank, no need to refuel with oil and gasoline. Thus, this tool is silent and environmentally friendly. Usually, trimmers are equipped with a D-shaped handle, which allows the palm to be wrapped tightly around the lever. The electric motor produces an almost imperceptible vibration. The curved shaft is adjustable according to the user. Whatever one may say, the main convenience of the trimmer lies in its lightness.

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Trimmer or clipper. which is better?

Both of these devices are designed for cutting hair, but they are unlikely to fully replace each other. Let’s try to figure out what is the actual difference between a trimmer and a hair clipper?

About hair clippers

To create a man’s hairstyle at home, the most necessary tool is a hair clipper. You cannot do without it. With this device you can cut your hair evenly and neatly without having any skills in hairdressing. Before choosing this technique, you need to know that, according to the type of engine operation, machines are rotary, vibration and battery.

Typewriter Moser 1881-0051

Rotary devices work thanks to the built-in motor. These models are considered to be of higher quality and more expensive. In professional salons, they use rotary machines, since they are hardy and designed for heavy loads. They do an excellent job with thick and coarse hair. The blades in such devices are removable.

Lawn Mower Or Trimmer Which Is Better

Vibrating machines are cheaper and are more often used for personal use. The device works thanks to a special vibration coil. Because of this, they make a lot of noise during operation. The power of the vibration models is low, the device can work without interruption for about 15 minutes and then turns off to cool down. The blades are not removable in such devices. This is bad in terms of maintaining the device.

Rechargeable models are characterized by quiet operation, compactness, light weight. The main advantage of these machines is that they can also work from the network.

Regardless of the type of motor and power system, each model is equipped with attachments that can be used to adjust the length of the hair.

Whichever model you choose, you have the opportunity not to visit the salon as soon as your hair grows back. It is convenient and profitable (saving the family budget on the face). After the main mass of hair has been trimmed with the machine, this device can be put aside and the trimmer can be picked up. a tool for a finer haircut correction.

What is a trimmer and what is it for?

The trimmer is a modern tool for removing hair from any part of the body. It can be a separate independent device or an additional element of an electric shaver or a hair clipper.

Trimmer Panasonic ER407

The trimmer can be distinguished from the machine by its appearance. This device is one and a half to two times smaller than a standard hair clipper. They weigh less and most often work either from built-in rechargeable batteries or from replaceable batteries. The device is very compact. It is convenient to take it with you on the road. Thanks to the special attachment, the trimmer can be used as an electric shaver.

If the machine is designed for cutting the bulk of the hair, then the trimmer can only simulate a haircut. The working (cutting) area of ​​this device is very small. Therefore, it is easier for them to perform delicate profile work: to create unusual fragments in the hairstyle, trim the temples, form sideburns, shape the beard and mustache, and also remove unnecessary hair from the ears and nose using special attachments. All of the above points apply to the representatives of the strong half of humanity. But there are also women’s trimmers that are designed to correct eyebrows, remove hair in the armpit and bikini area.

The conclusion is as follows: you cannot choose between a hair clipper and a trimmer, since these devices differ in functional terms. It is possible to replace one with another only partially and with a very big stretch. To create your own image without leaving home, and to look “one hundred percent”, fashionable, stylish, well-groomed, you need to have both devices at hand. It might even be worth paying attention to the all-in-one sets.

What is better for giving. a lawn mower or a trimmer?

Gone are the days when, to put things in order on your site, you had to wave a hefty wooden scythe (while being afraid not to mow any part of the body you need) or bowing down to three deaths to work with a sickle until the state of full back extension. The range of garden equipment is now so wide that you can pick up any automated unit to choose from. a lawn mower, trimmer or lawn mower and work at your own pleasure.

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Today we’ll talk about the choice of lawn mowers and trimmers. we will evaluate their pros / cons and find the ideal option for ourselves. But we’ll deal with lawn mowers later. This is a topic for a separate article.

There are certain differences between the lawn mower and trimmer models, both in technical characteristics and in their scope. They are not only electric, but also gasoline. First, let’s find out for ourselves that the trimmer is designed to care for small areas, or for fairly rare use. They are very weak, designed for grass, but are not suitable for dealing with shrubs, roots, large thickets.

Lawn mowers have been specially developed for dense thickets of grass and shrubs. They look like a bar on which the engine is hung on one side, and the cutting tools (disc, line or knives, depending on the configuration) on the other. The line is not suitable for cutting thick grass or bushes. In such cases, knives should be used.

lawn mowers can be both domestic and professional. Professional lawn mowers are distinguished by their high productivity and the ability to work without interruption for quite a long time. Plus, the set of attachments included is truly impressive. These lawn mowers also have improved body ergonomics and a reinforced design.

Professional models of such devices can withstand increased loads and are used in parks and large gardens. The set includes a non-separable bar. And the motor drive is located inside it. These lawn mowers are very large and require a dedicated storage space. However, the design features also make professional lawn mowers practically invulnerable to debris, dust and dirt. Accordingly, the service life of such a lawn mower is significantly lengthened.

Household models are much more compact than professional ones. Their purpose is to care for small areas. over, very rare care. Their power barely reaches 2 l / s, when the professional has such power. the initial one. These lawn mowers are equipped with trimming attachments, either steel blades, or both. They differ among themselves by the type of shaft. straight or flexible. They can also have a split or curved bar. From ourselves, we note that the split rod is more convenient to use due to its compact dimensions in the assembled state.

Lawn mowers have sticks in the form of the letters D, T or J. The sticks in the form of the letter D are the most compact, helping to achieve maneuverability and high working speed. These lawn mowers are suitable for small areas.

A T-shaped lawn mower handle can be used in large open areas as well as for extended use.

J-handle can be used alone or in conjunction with D-handle.

We figured out the handles, now we will consider, perhaps, the most important thing. the type of engine. electric or gasoline. which is better to choose for your site.

Units with electric motors have low power, ease of use, including practically silent operation. The only drawback, perhaps, for such models is the constant connection to the power source. However, if, for example, you do not have a car, then getting fuel for a lawn mower that runs on gas will be more difficult than plugging the power cord into an electrical outlet in the case of an electric model.

Petrol trimmers and lawn mowers are not as widespread as electric trimmers, due to the fact that petrol is more difficult to obtain than plugging into an outlet. In addition, gasoline models generate a sufficient level of noise, are heavier and have increased vibration. Petrol models with all this have increased power.

When choosing, be guided by the following indicators, which will help you determine the best option for yourself. For gasoline models, it is necessary to decide on the type of engine. it will be two-stroke or four-stroke. The four-stroke engine is reliable, heavy in weight. Gasoline and oil tanks are different. Such models are more expensive, however, they are more economical due to lower gas consumption.

In two-stroke models, a mixture for filling is used, which is harvested separately. from gasoline and oil in certain proportions. If you expect to rarely use such a lawn mower model, then keep in mind that the mixture tends to deteriorate, so it must be drained when your lawn mower is idle. The two-stroke engine gives the lawn mower lightness, which is especially important if you are not a weightlifter and carrying weights is clearly not your favorite pastime.

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Refueling can be played at any convenient place, even during operation. However, it should be borne in mind that for a two-stroke model, the mixture must be prepared in advance. Durability 4-stroke engine will last longer.

Engine power plays an important role if you are working professionally with a lawn mower or trimmer. In other cases, it will only increase unnecessary spending on fuel or electricity. With a higher engine power, vibration also increases, which creates additional workload. For plots with a scale of 5 to 10 acres, an engine power of 1 kW will be quite sufficient.

What else influences the speed and quality of your work on the garden plot is the number of revolutions that the engine makes. The rule here is quite simple. the cleaner and smoother you want to cut the plants after mowing, the more revolutions of the cutting attachments you should choose. However, do not overdo it here. approach everything reasonably. In the end, no one with a ruler will measure the evenness of the cut of your lawn.

Now it’s worth paying attention to the attachments that come with your lawn mower / trimmer. It can be. fishing line, knives or discs (or all together). The line copes well with tall grass, shows very decent results in an open area. Lawnmowers / trimmers can be equipped with automatic or semi-automatic line feed. Automatic feed means that the mechanism feeds the line and the knife cuts it itself to the correct size. There are options for lawn mowers, where the line feeding and cutting is done manually. But the thickness of the line directly depends on the power of the motor. if the engine is powerful enough, then you can put a line with a thickness of 2.5 mm. The thicker the line, the rougher the grass you can cut.

Knives are used when mowing thick stems, pruning shrubs. Knives with 2 to 4 teeth are suitable for normal pruning. But for weaving grasses and bushes, it is better to take a knife with 8 teeth.

The discs are used in professional lawn mowers and trimmers. With their help, you will cope not only with shrubs, but also with small trees, trunk thickness of about 4 cm.Discs can have outer diameters of 300. 400 mm, and inner diameters. 20. 25.4 mm, thickness ranges from 0.8 to 2 mm. Lawn mowers should also have a special cover to protect you from scattering grass and stem residues.

Lawnmowers / trimmers use different types of shoulder straps. There are straps for one shoulder, but there are. Two at once. With proper load distribution, the shoulders and back are less fatigued during work. Professional models weigh up to 10 kg, so it makes sense to purchase them with backpack-type shoulder straps.

And in conclusion, a couple more words in comparison with lawn mowers and trimmers. If your plot is large, then it is worth purchasing a lawn mower, it will cope better with the task. However, with a lawn mower you will have more worries, because periodically you will have to do its maintenance. Change oil, spark plugs. And the electric trimmer is easier to maintain. in that it is enough to clean and lubricate it. The fuel tank of a domestic lawn mower is designed for approximately 1.5 hours of operation, after which it is necessary to stop work and refuel the unit. When working with an electric model, pay attention to the fact that you are tied with a cord to a power source, so you need to work carefully so as not to touch it. In terms of noise levels, a lawn mower is considerably noisier than an electric trimmer. When working with a lawn mower, you can ignore the weather. it even mows damp plants. But the electric model only needs dry weather and dry material for mowing.

We hope our tips will help you choose the right option for yourself, so as not to overpay extra money when buying. Well, a very wide range of a wide variety of lawn mowers and trimmers is presented on our website.