Lawn Mower Patriot Pt 53 Lse Overview

Which lawn mowers Patriot are chosen by modern owners of summer cottages and suburban areas, how they differ from the offers of other brands, what are the rules for the care and maintenance. We will consider in this article. A review of self-propelled models of the latest generations will help to make the right choice and give a complete picture of the possibilities of this gardening equipment.


The Patriot lawn mowers owe their appearance on the market primarily to the 1973 US crisis. It was then that today’s manufacturer of garden equipment, known throughout the world, was created. Initially represented by a small workshop and office space, the company quickly increased production capacity and gained worldwide fame.

The initial direction of repairing garden equipment over time gave way to the development of our own lubricants. By 1991, the brand was “ripe” for the release of a line of motors for saws and trimmers. A year later, the Gardens Patriots line was launched. “Garden Patriots.” Since 1997, the company has left only a part of its former name. The company appeared in 1999, and since then a new era has begun in the development of the brand.

Today Patriot is a dynamically developing company with factories in the Russian Federation and China, Italy, Korea. The brand has developed its own network of service centers in the CIS and has plans for the priority transfer of production facilities to Russia.

Among the features that distinguish mowers from this manufacturer are:

  • Maintaining quality at the level of EU and US standards;
  • Use of the latest developments. American engines are on many top models;
  • Reliable anti-corrosion treatment of all parts;
  • A wide range of products. From household non-self-propelled models to semi-professional gasoline;
  • High power, providing effective cutting of grass with stems of different thicknesses;
  • Individual cooling system that allows you to keep the equipment operational for a long time;
  • Manufacturing of steel and plastic cases with high heat resistance.


Among the varieties of lawn mowers brand Patriot The following categories of equipment can be distinguished.

  • Self-propelled and non-self-propelled. Motorized mowers are necessary when working in large areas. They provide a higher speed of passage of the lawn. For home use, mainly non-self-propelled lawn mowers are produced, requiring the use of the muscular power of the operator.
  • Rechargeable. Non-volatile models with a rechargeable battery. The Li-ion battery in the kit lasts a long time, the charge lasts for 60 or more minutes of continuous operation. Depending on the model, they can process lawns with an area of ​​200 to 500 m2.
Lawn Mower Patriot Pt 53 Lse Overview
  • Electric. Low-noise models of lawn mowers, not as powerful as gasoline, but much more environmentally friendly. This type of garden care tools belongs to household, has a non-self-propelled design. Electric mowers depend on the location of the electrical outlet, the length of the cord, have a limited processing area. But they are lighter, do not require complicated maintenance, are convenient to store and mobile.

Lawn Mower Patriot Pt 53 Lse Overview

  • Gasoline. The most powerful options with two-stroke or four-stroke engines of own production or American Briggs Stratton. The technique is characterized by a self-propelled design, the presence of four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. Lawn mowers have a mowing width of 42 to 51 cm.

All types of electric lawn care devices from the Patriot brand are equipped with stainless steel knives, have a rotary type of design that provides pressure on the drum.

Grass mowing occurs when its stems fall into the gap between the rotating element and the deck. Gasoline lawn mowers may come with a fitting for connecting a hose to flush the tool from the inside.

The lineup

The Patriot lawnmower lineup is quite diverse and includes modern high-end equipment for giving or caring for a large garden, estate, football fields and courts. The numerical indices of gasoline variants indicate the swath width; for electric, the first 2 digits indicate the power in kW, the rest indicate the swath width.

Models marked E have an electric motor. Lsi. Gasoline, wheel-driven, LSE additionally have an electric start, powered by an electric accumulator, self-propelled. Models equipped with Briggs motors Stratton (USA), marked with the BS or BSE index, if there is an electric starter. The letter M is used to indicate non-self-propelled gas mowers. The entire PT series is non-self-propelled, except for Premium options.


Among the models of the brand Patriot There are two varieties available in EU countries:

  1. Pt 1232. Going to Hungary. The model has a plastic case and a grass catcher, a brushless induction motor that can handle overloads. A motor power of 1200 W and a swath width of 31 cm ensure efficient processing of small lawns and lawns.
  2. Pt 1537. Budget model, assembled at a Hungarian factory company. All components and assembly according to EU standards. This version has increased swath width. 37 cm, motor power. 1500 watts. The 35 L grass catcher is also enlarged, made of hard polymer material.

Electric mowers produced outside the Russian Federation are represented by the following models, differing only in the power and width of the swath, as well as the capacity of the grass catcher from 35 to 45 l:

  • Pt 1030 E;
  • Pt 1132 E;
  • Pt 1333 E;
  • Pt 1433 E;
  • Pt 1643 E;
  • Pt 1638 E;
  • Pt 1838 E;
  • Pt 2042 E;
  • Pt 2043 E.


All gasoline mower models that are relevant to date, are represented by the Patriot brand in three main series.

  1. The one. Here is a universal model PT 46S with an easy-start system, a wheel drive, a mulching function, a nozzle for easy cleaning with water. The robust steel case is complemented by a large 55 l grass catcher.
  2. Pt. There are models of the Premium category. Pt 48 LSI, PT 53 LSI, with wheel drive, 20% larger grass catcher, increased wheel diameter, 4 operating modes. The remaining versions in the lineup are self-propelled and non-self-propelled units with different engine power. Popular models include: PT 410, PT 41 LM, PT 42 LS, PT 47 LM, PT 47 LS, PT 48 AS, PT 52 LS, PT52 LS, PT 53 LSE.
  3. Briggs Stratton. There are 4 models in the series. Pt 47 BS, PT 52 BS, PT 53 BSE, PT 54 BS. There are versions with an electric battery for automatic start. Original American motors provide high reliability and increased productivity of equipment.