lawn mower Stihl fs 55 malfunction

Stihl electric braids

There are no problems with fuel when using electric mowers, however, specific safety precautions must be observed when operating a power tool. Special cable retainer prevents unexpected disconnection of the STIHL trimmer from the mains.

Cordless lawn mowers

Stihl cordless lawn mowers, depending on the model’s equipment, provide different operating conditions without recharging. from 12 minutes (model FSA 45) to 420 minutes (model FSA 130). The mowers are available in different configurations: with a 36 V battery and charger and without the specified equipment.

The charging time depends on the size of the battery and the type of charger. The dedicated AL 300 quick charger charges the AP 160 battery in just 25 minutes, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the Stihl FSA 65 cordless lawnmower for about 1 hour.

Which is better. STIHL or Husqvarna

lawn mower Husqvarna 545Rx

The guard for Husqvarna lawn mowers is larger in size, the engine is completely covered with plastic, the unit starts up more smoothly, it picks up the required speed more smoothly. All components are optimally easy and fast to repair.

Stihl starts up worse, its sound is sharper, the color of the plastic gets dirty. At the same time, Stihl lawn mowers use maintenance-free gearboxes that do not require additional lubrication. Huskvarnovsky, however, must be lubricated, then only a long service life is guaranteed. The Stihl piston group withstands not very high-quality fuel mixture, while not failing.

lawn mower Husqvarna 325Rx

A big plus of STIHL trimmers are the ergonomic vibration-damping pads that you can work with for a long time without unpleasant sensations. The fuel consumption of STIHL lawn mowers is 20% lower and the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere is 70% lower. They note that the constantly on ignition on Husqvarna is, in fact, a serious minus, if we proceed from safety measures.

The price of the Stihl lawn mower is much lower than that of Husqvarna counterparts. Nevertheless, the models of both brands are in great demand, which means they have a right to exist. And what choice the consumer makes will depend more on personal preferences than on specific technical characteristics.

Comparative review of the Stihl FS 55 VS Husqvarna 128R lawn mower

Stihl manual lawn mowers range

Stihl lawn mowers are represented by several product categories: cordless and electric trimmers, light and powerful lawn mowers, brush cutters. Depending on the engine power, the STIHL lawnmower can mow soft and hard grass, cut wild thickets and thin trees, improve park and garden areas, use equipment for landscaping, municipal and forestry.

Electric Stihl trimmers

Electric scythes are intended for mowing grass on small lawns, near flower beds, in hard-to-reach places, mowing low soft grass. Trimmer models FSE 52, FSE 60 are perfect for finishing works where there are restrictions on the noise level.

lawn mower STIHL FSA 52 lawn mower STIHL FSA 60

Lawn Mower Model Description

The light STIHL FS55 petrol lawn mower, fully equipped with a knife and a reel with fishing line, will perfectly perform trimming in the summer cottage, it can even cope with thicker weeds in the form of reeds, perennial plants with thick stems, stray grass.

  • Due to the presence of the mowing head model, it is possible to mow grass near obstacles.
  • The complete set with a disc with 2 cutting steel edges allows you to mow tough vegetation.
  • Ergonomic two-handed handle, adjustable in three positions, providing the necessary level of comfort when working on large areas.
  • the Stihl lawn mower is equipped with an anti-vibration system and a special easy-start system.
  • It is very convenient to operate the manual fuel pump: by pressing a button, the operator pumps the required amount of fuel mixture into the carburetor, which reduces the number of starting jerks and makes starting easier.
  • For comfortable and safe work, the basic equipment of the STIHL FS55 lawn mowers includes protective goggles and a special shoulder strap.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

The Stihl FS130 lawn mower is characterized by high reliability, with proper maintenance, it works flawlessly. A big advantage is the ability to mow flawlessly in hard-to-reach areas, where a conventional lawnmower cannot cope. In addition, the trimmer is able to clear the area from shrubs, thin trees.

Of the shortcomings, the owners note the difficulties with starting at low temperatures, the engine may become bugged. To avoid injury and breakage of the trimmer, the owner should carefully study the manual before use, use knives, cutting and saw blades strictly in accordance with the functionality of the Stihl FS130 lawn mowers.

In general, maintenance of Stihl lawn mowers does not present any particular difficulties, for more details on the maintenance and safety rules during operation, see the factory operating manual.

Currently, the Stihl FS130 lawn mower has been discontinued; instead, a more advanced model of the Stihl FS131 mower is being produced.

Powerful, versatile STIHL petrol lawn mowers

Stihl lawn mowers in this group have power from 1.2 HP. up to 2.2 hp Very productive units, capable of effectively mowing large areas of tall grass, weed thickets, small shrubs, dry felted grass, reeds, nettles.

The presence of a rigid drive shaft on these Stihl lawn mowers allows you to use any attachments as mowing blades: three-blade knives for thickets, special knives for 230/2 grass, saw blades for cutting shrubs and young trees.

lawn mower STIHL FS 130

The advantage of the STIHL range of powerful lawnmowers is the independence of the power supply or charging, the ability to work for a long time at an intensive pace. The popular FS 130 model is equipped with a 4-MIX engine, which develops high tractive effort, quickly deals with thickets and dead wood, easily cuts wild growth, thin trees.

Trimmer petrol / lawn mowers Stihl FS 55. Description of the advantages of the model

  • Ergonomic two-handed handle in silver color. Fits comfortably in the hand, does not slip out during work.
  • The engine control mechanism is built into the handle. This is done to improve the safety of use.
  • Replaceable cutting equipment expands the functionality of the tool. The Stihl FS 55 petrol / lawn mower trimmer includes a disc for hard and overgrown grass, a disc for pruning shrubs.
  • Glasses for the protection of eyes. Provide direct and lateral protection, blown inside, do not create the greenhouse effect of glass, provide a good panoramic view.
  • STIHL shoulder strap. Comfortable use of the trimmer increases productivity, reduces energy loss, evenly distributes the load, and does not put pressure on the shoulder. Frees hands for productive mowing, fixes the scythe during operation.
  • The tank is made of a translucent material that allows the operator to visually monitor the fuel level.
  • Fuel consumption is controlled by a special system. Thanks to her, the trimmer consumes fuel economically, produces little exhaust.
  • Easy trimmer control. No special knowledge or experience is required to work with the tool. The user can easily figure out the buttons on the handle, indicated by generally accepted symbols.
  • Lack of electric drive. The chainsaw works anywhere in a large area without a network connection.
lawn, mower, stihl, malfunction

Trimmer petrol / lawnmower Stihl FS 55. Technical description of the model

  • Total weight 5 kg.
  • Power 1.1 HP.
  • Straight boom design.
  • T-shaped handle design.
  • Cutting tools fishing line, metal disc.
  • Maximum permissible cutting area up to 1000 m2.


The petrol / lawn trimmer Stihl FS 55 is a light, mobile scythe with a large reserve of power. An irreplaceable helper for mowing meadow and ornamental grass, when mowing on undulating or uneven terrain. With the same productivity, the machine shines soft grass and clears thick bushes or overgrown grass. A small bar allows you to mow in hard-to-reach places: along the wall of the house, around bushes, poles, benches.

Running in petrol trimmer / lawn mowers Stihl FS 55. Instructions for users

Trimmer running-in is necessary for subsequent normal and long-term operation. During running-in, the moving parts are rubbed in, the initial resistance in the drive mechanism is increased, to reduce it, the parts are slightly “worn out”. Also, the running-in process gives the beginner the opportunity to learn how to operate the trimmer.

  • Before starting work, prepare a fuel mixture from the recommended brands of oil and gasoline specified in the data sheet. The proportions are approximately as follows: for 2.5 liters of AI.95, add 100 grams of Stihl oil in a red package. For mixing, purchase a container made of plastic resistant to aggressive liquids or an aluminum container. An ordinary canister is always with rusted micro-areas, accumulating in the saw carburetor, rust leads to clogging and breakage of the unit.
  • The cumulative running-in time is from 3 to 4 hours. During this period, it is not recommended to operate the tool at idle speed for more than 15 minutes. Requires constant filling for 20-30 seconds.
  • It is possible to combine running in and perform simple work without load, for example, cutting soft vegetation.
  • Once every six months, the instrument with a warranty period must be brought to the service center for technical inspection and carburetor adjustment.
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The lawn mower is powered by gasoline, which is highly flammable. Therefore, do not smoke in the vicinity while refueling. The engine turns off before refueling. Such manipulations should not be carried out until the engine has cooled down, as fuel can overflow and begin to pose a fire hazard.

The fuel filler cap should be opened with extreme caution, as excessive pressure can cause fuel to splatter. The Stihl FS 55 Lawn Mower, the user manual of which you must read before using the device, is refueled in a well-ventilated area. If fuel is spilled, the device should be immediately cleaned of it so that it does not come into contact with clothing, otherwise the clothing should be changed immediately.

After refueling is complete, tighten the fuel tank screw lock to the full. This will reduce the likelihood of it being unscrewed by motor vibration. If this is not provided, there is a danger of fuel escaping. It is important to pay attention to leaks. If fuel is spilled, then the engine should not be started, otherwise there may be a risk of burns.

lawn, mower, stihl, malfunction


Lawn mowers device

You should be aware of the Stihl FS 55 lawn mowers device if you plan to operate the equipment, let alone repair it. The internal combustion engine in this unit is almost the same as in a chainsaw. However, the tire is last fixed to the engine reducer by a long tubular rod. Inside there is a shaft that transmits the torque from the motor to the working tool. This design is suspended from a strap that is slung over the shoulder. This allows you to keep the tool suspended, which is important when the weight of the chainsaw is sensitive.

A handle is fixed to the bar of the unit, with the help of it you can move the end of the bar with the working tool. the Stihl FS 55 lawn mower, the repair instructions for which are presented in the article, has a protective shield in the form of a casing on the part of the person, which excludes injuries during operation. The tool itself is a round drum with thick line coming out of the holes on both sides. When the drum spins, the line is pulled by centrifugal force and hits the grass, chopping it.

The Stihl FS 55 lawn mower, the technical characteristics of which will be presented to your attention below, has a wear-resistant nylon line. It is periodically renewed by unwinding the coil inside the drum.

Model Description

The aforementioned equipment option costs 13,490 rubles. It is a premium device. With its help, you can take care of the territory on a large suburban area. The equipment lends itself to young and old grass, reeds and weeds, as well as young shrub growth.

Guidelines for holding and guiding the device

the mower must be held securely with both hands. The operator should take a stable position while doing this. You need to grab the handles with both hands. Lawn mowers with a round handle are presented for sale, while the left hand should be on a hill, and the right hand should be on the working handle. If there is a danger of an accident, the motor must be turned off immediately. The engine must run flawlessly when idling. The cutting tool must not rotate after releasing the throttle.

The idle setting needs to be monitored and adjusted from time to time. If the cutting tool continues to rotate at idle speed, the unit must be returned for repair. When guiding the scythe, you must pay attention to obstacles in the form of tree roots and stumps. It is necessary to work while standing on the ground. Do not use a ladder or lifting work platform.

Why choose the FS 55 lawn mower

Customers also love the bike handle, which improves handling comfort. When working, the arms will be wide apart, so it is easier to operate the unit. He is very manoeuvrable. Customers love that the handle and strap can be adjusted to suit the operator’s needs.

The tool can be easily adjusted for comfortable use. The controls are on one handle. You don’t need to reach anywhere, everything is located under the palm of your hand. The Stihl FS 55 lawn mower, according to consumers, is also convenient in that it has a pair of protective covers, one of which is installed for the knife, while the other is for the fishing line. The casing for the latter has a narrowing at the bar.

Starting the motor

The engine is started at a distance of 3 m or more from the place where the device is filled with fuel. These works cannot be carried out indoors. Before starting, you need to take a stable, secure position. At the same time, the motorized device is held as firmly as possible. The cutting tool must not come into contact with the ground or objects, as it can rotate when started.

The unit is serviced by only one person, while there should be no unauthorized persons in an area with a radius of up to 15 m. Failure to do so may result in injury from thrown objects. Starting the engine of the Stihl FS 55 lawn mowers, the characteristics of which are presented in the article, should not be done by hand. After releasing the throttle, the cutting tool will coast for some time. Flammable materials must be kept away from the hot gas stream and the surface of the hot muffler, as this could cause a fire.

Repair instructions

Lawnmower “Stihl FS 55”, the instruction manual of which is supplied in the kit and must be studied by you before starting work, is a high-tech equipment that is not difficult to maintain. You can carry out repairs and adjustments yourself. As for the carburetor, it’s a matter of 5 minutes.

The main problems of a malfunctioning carburetor can be breakdowns and blockages. In order to find out the cause, unscrew the fuel filter cap and remove the mesh filter. If dirt has accumulated on it, then blowing or flushing in gasoline will help. If you find visible changes on the filter, then it should be replaced with a new one.

The fuel supply pipes may also be damaged. Failure to operate the carburetor starting device may occur due to clearances. Gasoline or acetone is used for flushing. The carburetor can be purged with compressed air using a convenient repair practice. The outlet or inlet pipeline, as well as the throttle body and those places where the carburetor parts are connected, may be depressurized. If you are faced with the aforementioned problem, then you can make sure of it with the help of a soap solution, which is applied to the desired area.

lawn mower STIHL FS 55. German model for domestic use

Stihl has been manufacturing cutting technology for over 85 years. Due to the abundance of assortment, connoisseurs and beginners have plenty to choose from. Recently, the Stihl FS 55 petrol trimmer has appeared on the market, which does not depend on the length of the power cord. It is easy and comfortable to handle on uneven surfaces. You can’t do this on a traditional lawnmower.

Design features

From the owner of the unit, only fuel and oil are required. After refueling, you can safely start processing the territory. Mowing weeds is allowed not only with the use of a head and the presence of a fishing line on it, but also with a knife attachment.

The Stihl FS 55 trimmer comes with the product: a knife for mowing grass with two teeth, shoulder strap, goggles. The weight of the set is. 7.38 kg.


The Stihl FS 55 lawn mower runs on 92 grade gasoline. The device should be filled with engine oil for a two-stroke engine. Oil is poured into the same hole as gasoline. There is a mixing of two substances: fuel and lubricant. A comfortable bicycle-like handlebar makes it easy to control the Stihl FS 55, and the compact, wide shoulder straps evenly distribute the weight of the mechanism throughout the body. Product weight. 5 kg. Due to the two cutting knives that come with the trimmer included, you can easily grind plants to the size of fine dust. The package does not include a double-leaf knife. It allows you to mow and harvest plants for pet food by converting them into hay.

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Among the characteristics, the key ones are distinguished:

the engine has 1 hp; the volume of the motor is 27.2 cubic meters. cm.; fuel type gasoline; line diameter 2.4 mm.; U-shaped handle (like on a bicycle); weight 5.1 kg.; the number of spindle revolutions 9500 rpm; spark plug Bosh WSR 6F; total power 0.75 kW; two-stroke motor; cutting elements: fishing line and knife; fuel tank capacity 0.33 l.; rigid drive shaft; width when mowing 23 cm; sound pressure 94 dB.

Lawnmower model STIHL FS 55
Manufacturer STIHL
Power, hp. one
Working volume, cubic cm 27.2
Sound pressure level dB (A) 94
power, kWt 0.75
Vibration level left / right m / s² 6.8 / 5.6
engine’s type 2-stroke, gasoline
Easy engine start Absent
Weight, kg five
Instructions Download

Scope and application features

lawn mower Stihl FS 55. designed for processing large areas. The device is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Individual models are more often used in agriculture to remove weeds in overgrown areas. lawn mowers. allow you to quickly and effectively eliminate and remove shrubs and other growth. Minimum time spent on work.

Owners of private houses often use a machine to remove grass from their overgrown plots of land. This approach allows you to get rid of shrubs in the shortest possible time and recreate a presentable type of ownership. Often lawnmower owners use the Stihl FS 55 lawnmower to produce large amounts of hay for animal feed.

There are lawn mowers accompanied by a two-stroke and four-stroke engine. Two-stroke devices operate by mixing gasoline with oil. Four-stroke products are accompanied by different reservoirs. Gasoline is poured into the first tank, and oil into the second.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of the device is mobility. The Stihl FS 55 trimmer can be used everywhere. It is allowed to operate on the adjacent territories. Due to the fact that there are no wires in the product, it is easy and convenient to move around the area with it. If there are no wires, then you can not worry that the mechanism may fail during use. The advantages include the fact that the mechanism can be operated in any weather conditions. Safety regulations prohibit using the device in rainy weather. However, in bad weather, it shows itself perfectly in use. Similar electric models are inferior to lawn mowers.

lawn mowers are irreplaceable units that can be useful to all owners of private land. They are suitable when preparing hay for pets, for leveling the lawn in the local area. Industrial tools are often used for agricultural purposes.

The main advantages include:

  • comfortable and easy control of the unit;
  • complete set of the mechanism;
  • translucent fuel tank;
  • low emissions and fuel economy, and more. dr.

for the Stihl FS 55 petrol trimmer start at 13,000 rubles. The difference with competitors is the low price. The gasoline two-stroke unit comes without wires. The mechanism processes large areas overgrown with grass and is perfect for a variety of terrain types.

In terms of price and quality of performance of the device, the price is lower than that of competitors. The cost is added up due to the complete set with the presence of knives.

Performance properties

When operating the Stihl FS 55, the owner can regularly monitor the progress of the performance thanks to the multifunction stick. All modules for comfortable control of Stihl FS 55 are built into it. You can operate a gasoline lawn mower regardless of skills. Comfortable grip allows for a secure grip providing a balance between comfort and safety when working with the device.

Simple control will allow you to quickly mow weeds in the most inaccessible places, where the mower will not pass. Thanks to the U-shaped bicycle handle, the owner will be comfortable with the trimmer. This model is especially well suited for large areas where weeds need to be cut. The work will not only be of high quality, but also mobile, easy and comfortable.

The Stihl FS 55 lawn mower starts easily. During a long break in work, it starts up quickly and easily. This characteristic became available after the introduction of a fuel pump, which serves to supply gasoline to the carburetor. Now, the engine starts quickly after a long period of inactivity.


Among the analogues of the Stihl FS 55, the Husqvarna 129R model can be distinguished, accompanied by a two-stroke type of motor, with a power of 0.85 kW and with a gasoline engine.

The Makita EM2600U lawn mower can be very elegant and convenient in implementation. The device is perfect for mowing weeds and shrubs on the adjacent territory of the land plot. Engine power 1.2 HP with an engine volume of 25.7 cubic meters. cm.

The Hitachi CG27EC lawn mower is perfect for cutting grass. Thanks to the built-in S-start system, the motor will start quickly and labor-intensive work will be comfortable. Engine displacement is 26.9 cubic meters. see, with a power of 1.1 hp.

STIHL cordless lawn mowers

Thanks to the Stihl cordless lawnmowers, you can cut the lawn wherever you need it, at any time. Depending on the needs, the group can choose a compact unit for very light work and a more solid one. The youngest model in the family. the STIHL FSA 45 braid is capable of working with a string for 12 minutes, 20 minutes with a plastic knife.

The popular new Stihl FSA 130 cordless lawnmower is a powerful new addition to the AR 3000 battery and the 260/2 hard grass mowing blade for at least 420 minutes. Model weighs only 4.5 kg.

The most popular models are the FSA 56 SET with a battery and a charger, the STIHL FSA 90 lawn mower. The big advantage of battery mowers is their environmental friendliness, mobility, and virtually silent operation. Powerful, electronically controlled brushless motor and 36V battery ensure efficient mowing, especially close to social areas where noise and exhaust fumes are not desirable.

Electric Stihl trimmers

Electric scythes are intended for mowing grass on small lawns, near flower beds, in hard-to-reach places, mowing low soft grass. Trimmer models FSE 52, FSE 60 are perfect for finishing works where there are restrictions on the noise level.

Reliable lawn mower Stihl FS 250

Stihl manual lawn mowers range

Stihl lawn mowers are represented by several product categories: cordless and electric trimmers, light and powerful lawn mowers, brush cutters. Depending on the engine power, the STIHL lawnmower can mow soft and hard grass, cut wild thickets and thin trees, improve park and garden areas, use equipment for landscaping, municipal and forestry.

lawn mowers Stihl

  • Stihl lawn mowers consume a mixture of RON 92 branded gasoline and STIHL two-stroke engine oil in a 50: 1 ratio.
  • There are several brands of branded oil, the best being STIHL HP Ultra. In the case of using non-original engine oil, the fuel mixture is prepared in a ratio of 25: 1.
  • The prepared mixture should not be stored for a long time (no more than 1 month), unlike the original STIHL MotoMix fuel mixture, which retains its properties for up to 2 years.
  • The gear unit is lubricated with STIHL grease and is checked every 100 hours of operation. The air filter is usually changed annually.
  • Sharpening of metal cutting tools is performed as needed, usually a few filing movements are enough.

Brush cutters

Very powerful units with innovative 2.2 hp engines. 3.8 HP are used for professional forest clearing, thinning of forest plantations, in public utilities and parks, landscape design. Brush cutters can work effectively in intensive mode for a long time without compromising the quality of work performed.

A variety of cutting devices are used as mowing devices on STIHL hedge trimmers: young stock knives and brush knives, discs with chisel teeth. With steel saw blades, Stihl petrol trimmers can cut trees with a trunk thickness of up to 7 cm.

Some versions (FR designation) are equipped with knapsack motors in which the torque is transmitted by means of a special shaft. Stihl boom mowers are designated FS.

The powerful STIHL hedge trimmers FS 490 C-EM, FS 510 C-EM and FS 560 C-EM are equipped with the electronic M-Tronic engine management system, which automatically regulates the flow of fuel mixture and the ignition timing. The use of STIHL 2-MIX technology in engines makes them more economical and environmentally friendly.

Stihl light household lawn mowers

Domestic lawn mowers are the most common segment on the market. Consumers can choose any option they like with a capacity of 0.9 hp or more. up to 1.2 hp This group of STIHL lawn mowers is designed for summer cottages, tidying up tennis courts, lawns, mowing grass in small areas. Ideal complement to a powerful lawnmower when working on larger areas.

Mowing heads AutoCut C5-2, AutoCut 25-2 with a line, two-leaf polymer blades for cutting grass 230 mm are used as a mowing set. Among the most popular models are Stihl FS 56, FS 38, FS 70 С-Е lawn mowers. Available with straight or curved boom. The Stihl FS 55-R petrol trimmer is designed with a round handle for easy movement of the operator between shrubs and trees.

The range of lawn mowers of the company

Since the devices are designed for cutting different grass and in different areas, they are produced with different technical characteristics. This does not mean that the Stihl fs 38 lawn mower is of poor quality compared to its older brother, since its power and continuous operation are much shorter. This means that the first device is designed for small flower beds, while the Stihl fs 130 lawnmower, for example, is designed for large areas.

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Light apparatus

The Shtil company offers both household devices and professional ones. The price of the product depends on its technical characteristics. In addition to the standard equipment specified in the description of the models and detailed instructions, additional accessories for different jobs are always offered.

  • The Stihl fs 38 lawn mower belongs to light models. The volume of the fuel tank is small. 0.33 liters, which provides about half an hour of continuous operation. Power of 0.65 KW allows you to easily mow young and already grown grass. The mowing head with a line acts as a working tool. The head swivels 260 degrees to handle lawn edges near curbs and narrow strips of grass between flowers. It is lightweight. 4 kg, and maneuverable device for flower beds. He is shown in the photo.
  • The fs 55 model is slightly more powerful. 0.75 kW with the same fuel tank volume. It is completed with a knife for cutting grass. This option can successfully deal with weeds. but not dead wood, and long-grown grass. The device weighs more. 5 kg, and is equipped with a two-handed handle. Care and replacement of knives are described in detail in its instructions.
  • The fs 55 has a version with a mowing head. 55 R. Here the handle is round, as the device is designed for maneuvering between flowers and bushes.

Stihl lawn mower review: about models and characteristics

Lawn maintenance is simple: watering the grass is enough, preventing a variety of weeds from appearing and periodically mowing. And if the first two jobs do not cause any particular difficulties, then difficulties arise with a haircut. A scythe is traditionally used to cut grass, but this is a tool that requires experience and considerable.

Choosing Stihl lawn mowers

Shtil lawn mowers can help out.

Benefits of gasoline trimmers

It is clear that to cut tough stems of grass, and even more dead or lignified shoots, you will need not only a strong cutting blade, but also sufficient power. And the latter is determined by the speed of rotation of the shaft and the transmission of force, which, in turn, requires a lot of motor power. Electric and battery motors just can’t be that powerful.

The main disadvantage of the trimmer is the hefty noise. The engine is equipped with an air cooling system, which eliminates sound suppression, which is about 95 dB. Therefore, it is necessary to work with headphones.

  • Anti-vibration protection on Stihl devices is a must. Even the lightweight tool of the Stihl fs 55 lawn mower is equipped with a single-point vibration suppression system.

The price of devices with gasoline engines is, of course, higher, but this technique also provides more opportunities.

Semi-professional models

This includes lawn mowers with both more powerful engines and larger tanks.

  • The fs 250 device is characterized by a lower power. 1.6 kW, but a large fuel tank. 0.64 liters. The set includes a trimmer head and a cutting knife with two blades. The lawn mower is used for cutting grass, removing dead wood, young shrubs. Thanks to the larger tank, it is heavier. 6.3 kg, but also lasts longer. This unit is more suitable for large areas such as a sports field.

The video shows how the devices work.

12 comments on the entry “Review of Stihl lawn mowers: about models and characteristics”

    Konstantin Shapovalov 09/21/2018

I myself took the Stihl fs 250 trimmer for the sake of power. We needed a scythe, which, if desired, can be cut through the forest. In the end, I got what I needed, but I was still pleasantly surprised by the speed of work and reliability. Not a single malfunction in three years. Respect to the manufacturer. Of the minuses, I would call only noise, but this is fixable with headphones

Oh, I have FS55 at my dacha. I took it for a long time, even before the crisis. It got shaken a bit, of course, but it still works properly. Well, no wonder, the brand is well-known, the quality is monitored

Regarding the noise of the Stihl petrol trimmer. everything is learned by comparison. Compared to electric braids, yes, they are noisy, and if we compare with some kind of Deshman models, then Calms will be quieter. Personally, how many times have I worked with my fs55 on Sunday morning and not a single complaint from neighbors.

Broken (won’t start) Stihl FS55 gas trimmer diagnoses and fix

Something like that is mainly written about the FS 250 braid, but just a little bit about the small ones. We have a 250th in production at the wipers and indeed Stihl made a good braid, but low-power models are more suitable for the house, and there is practically nothing about them. Dry review, but Stihl itself is not a bad company

from all that is listed in this article, I can advise the stihl fs 55 model from personal experience. and at the price of norms, and it works well. at the dacha every summer I use it for mowing the site. while there were no problems, I changed the candle once and bought another knife separately. has been serving for probably 5 years, since the dacha was bought

If anyone is interested, the Stihl FS 130 is also a good device, we recently bought one. He even came up to me. as an amateur who had never mowed grass with trimmers before)) At first, of course, it’s unusual, you need to fill your hand and learn how to pull the belt over your shoulders normally, so that it is convenient, but you can quickly get used to it) According to the characteristics, it seems to be quite good, at least not wedges in dense weeds, the main thing is to squeeze the gas to full

I bought FS 130 2 years ago, I still use it. Powerful yet lightweight trimmer. You can mow the grass and cut out the bush, kill the dead wood not thick or reeds. The set includes a head, a disc and a knife with three blades, that is, everything you need, you do not need to buy anything except fishing line. Starts up easily, almost always from 1 time. I do not regret that I chose FS 130, Stihl made an excellent device as always

I tried a lot of models of calm lawn mowers and in the end chose the Stihl FS 70 C-E because of its high power and tank volume. Plus, in addition to the trimmer head, the kit also includes a cutting knife. I use it mainly for mowing grass on the site, I have 30 acres. Several times over the summer it has been steadily. In the fall, I mowed the potato tops, trimmed the bushes on the lawn. Handy tool, not heavy, just right for my needs

I picked up a braid with the expectation that it was easier, the guy I was not my first youth)) I chose Stihl FS 38 with a small tank, only 330 ml. You can mow down narrow strips, even in flower beds without damaging the flowers. Basically, the grass is mowing young or already grown. There were no problems with the scythe, it works flawlessly

For the second year I have been mowing a plot at the Stihl FS55 construction site. I took it for 16 thousand from the officials. I work on the line. I do not use knives, as I do not allow the grass to grow. I mow at least once every 2 weeks. On the technical side, no problem. The handles are comfortable, hands are not tanned. The spit starts up well if you follow the instructions. Do not forget to close the flap and pump up fuel.

I don’t know how the other technique is at Calm, but the braids are very durable in terms of the engine and carb. The only problem that catches up with the FS-55 Calm almost every season of work is the quickly crumbling mowing head. I work at the distance of the path, mowing the path between the paths. You have to wear a braid mainly over rubble. The head rotates and hits the gravel. It breaks quickly. Probably any braid would break.

I took an electric trimer to replace it. For 20 years behind the site, 5 acres of land were empty, overgrown with weeds. Until the mother-in-law decided to ennoble and make the garden. the trimmer did not fit, as there were no knives in the kit. Yes, and in itself is weak and already outdated. Took Stihl FS-55. With the blades, I shaved all the weeds under the root in 2 hours. The scythe is not weak, rather powerful. The instruction is detailed, I assembled it myself without jambs. Took a heap of original oils.