Lawn mower with a fishing line or knife what is better. type of drive

The better to mow grass. disk (knife) or fishing line?

Greetings to you, friends! Today we will consider the question of what is better to mow grass. disk or fishing line. As you know, on trimmers. both gasoline and electric. both options can be used for mowing. At the same time, many have the question of what is better to use, and in general, why there is both a cutting device. I will give in this article an explanation on this issue.

The main purpose of the disk is a mowing of high and thick grass. He bites into it much more efficiently, so its performance in this case will be greater. In addition, mowing such grass, he does not mean it. it falls to the ground whole. It is for this reason, for example, for hay harvesting you need to work only a disk.

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He will also effectively cope with the young shooting of the shrub if it comes across. As a rule, a fishing line for a trimmer with this shoot cannot cope.

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But when there are no high thickets, but it has already grown to such a height, when it already needs to be crushed, the disk will not help. He simply strokes low grass and almost does not mow. Many at this place recall about the wheeled lawn mower, on which a metal knife is also installed. After all, she knows how to cope with a relatively low lawn. why is the trimmer for the grass is not able to do this?

The thing is that the wheeled lawn mowers have bends that allow him to be a propeller. Due to this, during rotation in the decree, an air flow occurs from the ground up, thanks to which each blade of grass stretches and is easily lends itself to a blade.

When working with a trimmer, such a stream of air does not occur, which is why the disk mows poorly. You should also mention a certain danger. It lies in the fact that during work you can accidentally hurt a stone or another solid item. Because of this, a big return on the hands of the operator may occur, as well as a gearbox, not to mention the disk itself.

In addition, stone fragments can flush along an unpredictable trajectory. Therefore, before the kos, you need to make sure that there are no solid items on the site.

Family mowing

Unlike a knife, she confidently mows relatively low, but already requiring mowing. Therefore, to care for the territory and maintaining it in a neat state, only a fishing line for a trimmer will be needed.

Thick shoots can also be dragged with it, though it will take more time, since it will not work to immediately squint under the root. it is advisable to start a haircut from above, gradually going down. In addition, fishing line in the thickets themselves must be imperious gradually, and not sharply, as can be done with a knife.

In this way, the grass is chopped into small pieces, which is why it cannot be used to harvest hay. But in crushed form, it is evenly distributed over the surface, which many do not even collect it, but leave to rot, since it does not really interfere. Although, if it interferes, then no one forbids to collect it with a rake.

Working with the fishing line will be even safer, since when it gets on the stones and other hard objects, there will be no discomfort and nothing will break down for the grass, unless of course the stone of the mowing head is touched. in this case it is possible to break down.

Lawn mowed: Wheel trolley

A metal knife rotates in its lower part. Features of this device are reflected in the name: such a technique is ideal for caring for large and even lawns. You will spend much less strength if you just roll the cart around the site, and not carry a trimmer for grass on your shoulders.

In addition, the metal knife is much more reliable and durable than the fishing line. No need to constantly monitor its length and buy a new one. it is enough to sharpen occasionally. The lawn mower has another great advantage: the ability to adjust the height. To smoothly shake the trimmer, you need extensive experience.

The “carts” are expensive, but if you do not need a powerful unit for large areas, a simple model of the Bosch Rotak 32 type is quite suitable. Read more about her. to Yulmart. So, we summarize for and against the lawn mower on wheels.


Simplicity of operating at least efforts always even lawn No consumables collect grass in the container


It is difficult for sections with relief is difficult to mow next to trees and pillars of the fence

Trimmer for grass: a braid braid with a drive

The lawn mower. this name also characterizes the device very well: practically this is a braid for grass, only with a rapidly rotating fishing line (or knife) instead of a blade. It is convenient to work on any surface with a trimmer. the relief does not matter. You can mow at least under the level of the earth. the height of the grass depends on how you hold the braid.

Of course, such a device is much more compact than a clumsy cart, it is easier to store. They perfectly fight weeds-if you come to the site once a month, you constantly see thick thickets and want to somehow ennoble them, the gazonocosel cart will most likely be powerless. She will simply crush the grass with her front, as a result, the knife will not be able to work effectively. But the trimmer for the grass easily pares off even thick stems. By the way, and costs cheaper than “cart”. Our advice: do not take models with a capacity of less than 300 watts. Even in the price range of up to 5000 you can find a powerful trimmer for grass from a reliable brand: for example, a 450-vat Makita UR3000.

But there are two problems. Firstly, a trimmer for grass should be worn on yourself. For older people, this may turn out to be an overwhelming task for large sizes of the site. Secondly, the lawn mower simply cuts the grass-after mowing you need to collect it with a rake manually. The lawn mower in this sense is much more practical: in it the grass falls into a special container, which sometimes needs to be shaken.


Compactness is low price. The ability to work on complex reliefs is easy to mow at the fence and next to the trees

What material to take the disk from?

Disks for trimmers are made of these materials:

Plastic. Plastic knives are designed for mowing of dry or tall weed grass such as burdock or nettles. In comparison with metal, they have a low weight, so they can be put on low.power models. In particular, we note that electrical household trimmers for grass can only work with plastic ones (we do not recommend that heavy metal disks). However, you can’t download branches with them, since the knives will break about the first tree.

Steel. Only gasoline trimmers for grass can work with steel disks. Unlike plastic, metal nozzles do a good job of any kind of grass, shrub and shoots of trees. In contact with a solid surface, the blow is extinguished with a coupling. It is also worth noting that special nozzles with winning tips are used to trim grass on rocky soil (only not as thick as on a circle for angular grinder).

lawn, mower, fishing, line, knife, better

So still buy: plastic or steel? If you have an electric trimmer for grass, then without options. only a plastic disk. But motokos can work with both material, so you should pay attention to the type of mowing grass. If there are at least a little overgrown, then it is better to take a steel disk.

What manufacturers deserve trust?

We have chosen the five best for our opinion of manufacturers whose products we used ourselves and which users recommend:

  • Bosch. One of the best producers of lobed discs for trimmers. In principle, loppy disks are more common among products, and not toothe. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the vast majority of mowing equipment has small power. Some models have the opportunity to change only one scenes without replacing the whole disk.
  • Husqvarna. Here are all kinds of disks for thick grass and shrubs, for the spinning and hay. Quality of the discs at a height. True, the price bites a little.
  • Stihl. Here in huge numbers both lobed knives and gear. Disks are made of high.quality steel, for a long time they will not dull even in contact with the ground or solid objects. Cost about the same as Husqvarna.
  • Rezer. The company produces many discs for spinning shoots and shrubs up to 60 mm thick. But it is better to take gear from 40 teeth or more from the discs of this brand, otherwise grass will be wrapped on the nozzle.
  • Champion. There are good discs for a moderate price. If there is no way (or desire) to pay more, but I want a normal disk that will not die from the first stone, nozzles from Champion. a great option.

And what disks for motorcycle do you use? Share your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев?


Upon learning of the main types of lawn mowers, let’s move on to a detailed acquaintance with their characteristics.

    The power of the engine of the lawn mower, the trimmer for grass. In gasoline models, it is measured in horsepower, in electrical. in watts (1 liter.With. = 735 W). The power range of benzocosyles is from 2 to 7.5 liters.With. For a plot with an area of ​​6 acres, there is enough gas ciner with a capacity of 1-1.2 liters.With. (or trimmer for grass with a capacity of 800-1000 W). For the overcrow of the area from 6 acres, units with a power of at least 2 liters are required.C and over 1000 watts, respectively.

Also, when buying, pay attention to the material of the knives (it is desirable that it be steel), as well as the possibility of regulating the handle in height. It is good if the model is equipped with a height height regulator of grass (this applies to wheeled lawn mowers).

Lawn mowers are suitable for perfectly even lawns

How Good Are Your Eyes?

What is mulching?

Lawn mowers mow grass in three main ways. The first. with a removal of grass back or on the sides. With this method, you will have to manually collect grass from the lawn after the end of the mowing. The second method is with a mowed grass in a grass collector, which then needs to be cleaned on your own. And the third known way is mulching. When using it, the grass is crushed into small gruel and evenly scattered along the lawn, naturally fertilizing it. The advantage of such mowing is that the lawn mulched by grass requires 40% less water for watering. However, not everyone likes the type of decaying plant residues. This, as they say, is a matter of taste.

    For a small and uneven site (4-6 acres), it is worth choosing a low-power trimmer Eletric for grass. For example, such as ECO GT-800L. It has a power of 800 watts, has a mowing width of 35 cm, and a cutting base is a fishing line for a trimmer. Such an unit weighs only 5.5 kg, the handle is comfortable, folds and adjusted in height.

Main characteristics

Like any other garden tool, a trimmer for grass is selected according to the characteristics. Before buying, you need to evaluate the following parameters:

Power. The performance directly depends on it. The higher it is, the faster you will cope with the task. A 1000 watts spit for grass is quite suitable for periodic work in the garden and in the country.

Type of cutting tools. Most often, a fishing line for a trimmer is used for mowing grass, which is equipped with most trimmers. She copes well with lawn vegetation, but can break if there are hard weeds or bushes on the site. In these cases, it is better to install a knife or disk.

Fastest Way To Tell If The Crankshaft Is Bent On A Lawn Mower

Speasing width. This parameter is of fundamental importance only if you have a large amount of work. If the hay harvesting plans, then you need a tool for working in large areas. When caring for the lawn, the width of the mowing does not matter.

Type of bar. The bar can be a straight line in which the engine is connected to the gearbox using a shaft, or curved, with a cable to connect. Direct modifications are more powerful, reliable and productive. Also, rods are collapsible, indifferent, telescopic.

Type of the handle. Almost all light and not too powerful trimmers for grass are equipped with P- and D-shaped handles. It is convenient to work with them in small areas, but for large areas it is better to choose a U-shaped handle.

The weight. Tools weighing 2 to 9 kg are presented on sale. Choose a model, focusing on your physical capabilities.

Selection of consumables

Fishing line for a trimmer, knives, discs. this is all the consumable material that has to be periodically changed. The most common is a fishing line for a trimmer that is made of nylon. The fishing line for a trimmer is available with a different profile and diameter. The standard option for the lawn is a round consumable. If you have to fight weeds and bushes, then it is better to choose a fishing line for a trimmer in the shape of a star, as well as discs or knives.

The kit can be supplemented with belts, handles, nozzles.

Speasing width

This is a parameter that makes it clear what width of the strip you can mow in one pass. Of course, everyone wants more. But the larger the width (that is, the diameter of the working head), the more bulky and heavier the device. We advise us to focus on 35 cm when working with small areas or kosba between beds, flower beds and other objects. If the area of ​​the lawn is large, it is better to take models by 42-45 cm.


Trammers for grass look very similar, but some can lie great in their hands, while others can be uncomfortable. Of course, when buying a device, ideally, you need to “try” on it. But most stores do not have a trading floor, so let’s pay attention to the key feature. And she is as follows: the bar can be straight or curved. It is more convenient to mow with a straight bar in even areas. But if you have a complex relief, take better curved.

There are not so many trimmers. If you do not have much room for storage or you often carry the device with you in the car, choose an option with a collapsible bar. For those who buy a trimmer for grass for frequent and long.term work, another important advice: specify if there is a belt in the configuration.

No matter how easy the model is, hands begin to get tired after the second mowed hundredth. The belt removes the load from the hands: it can have one strap (the most popular option), two or even represent a whole satchel, as is customary for professional models.

Huter GGT-1900S

The gasoline trimmer for grass is equipped with a 2-tact engine with a capacity of 1900 watts. Designed for cutting grass, thick shoots and shrubs on a garden area or adjoining territory. When mowing grass with fishing line, the width of the capture is 42 cm. The bicycle handle makes a retention of a trimmer for the grass more comfortable, especially when the consideration of significant areas. Electronic ignition simplifies the launch of the tool.

Thanks to the collapsible rod, the trimmer for grass is convenient to store and transport in the trunk of a car. No tools will be needed for its assembly. The trimmer for grass is equipped with a translucent fuel tank with a volume of 0.7 liters for the convenience of tracking fuel consumption.

Black Decker ST1823-QW

Household battery trimmer for grass with a capacity of 18 V is designed for caring and haircuts of grass in small personal plots and in the front garden. The tool is equipped with a 1.5 ah-ion battery battery. E-Drive system increases speed to 9000 rpm. Comfortable two.handed design.

lawn, mower, fishing, line, knife, better

The device is equipped with a telescopic aluminum rod to adjust a comfortable length under the growth of the user, a system of automatic fishing for fishing line, as well as an ergonomic shape, which gives not only convenience, but also safety during operation. Weight. 3.1 kg.

Lines for a trimmer

Trimmer fishing line is made of nylon. The thread can be of different diameters (1.2. 4, 0 mm) and have a triangular or rectangular section.

Among the advantages of the cord, one can highlight the fact that the unit with such a cutting tool has a fairly wide range of herbal mowing (from 40 to 50 cm). Such equipment can be successfully used for mowing grass of any height. The unit with the fishing line will be relevant to perform work in places, which is especially important for owners of small garden plots or adjacent territories on which flower beds, lawns or shops are located. When contacting the cord with trees trunks, it does not cause any harm to them.

In addition to the advantages of a model with a cutting element in the form of a cord, there are some disadvantages. For example, it is suitable for mowing only thin grass. It does not fit for harvesting hard and thick vegetation. When operating devices with a fishing line, you cannot press the head of the unit close to the surface of the earth. This can lead to an increase in the load on the engine, a strong overheating and wear. When we wear a fishing line, it cannot be restored. Will have to buy a new woman. This leads to new expenses.

If the lawn mower is equipped with a cutting element in the form of a knife, it can be made of plastic or metal. Such an unit is suitable for mowing thick and rough grass, thin shrubs and thickets.

Depending on the number of teeth on the knife, several options are known: from 2 to 80 pieces. The more teeth on the disk, the greater the difficulty of working can be performed by the device. High.strength steel is used for the manufacture of a knife, which ensures its strength and a long service life. Unlike fishing line, if the knife is stupid, it does not need to be thrown away. It is enough just to sharpen it, and it is suitable for further use.

If we talk about the disadvantages of models with a cutting element in the form of a knife, it should be mentioned that such units are not adapted for work in places. When a knife is in contact with a solid surface, for example, a foot of a bench or curb, the possibility of its breakdown or cracking is not excluded. Such a knife becomes unsuitable for further operation.

For the manufacture of discs, high.quality steel with attacking winning plates from solid alloy (VK10) is used. Due to this, the discs are highly durable and long.term use without an intermediate Such an unit is designed to mow vegetation with a solid barrel, thin shrub, steamers around the trees. Disk models are relevant both for working in a small garden plot and in large territories.

To perform different types of tasks, select discs of different diameters. Otherwise, the use of motorcycles will be inappropriate and not practical.

Which motorcycle is to choose depending on the tasks set

Before acquiring a certain model, motorcosa is recommended to pay attention to the technical characteristics of the unit. Of no small importance is what goals will be set before the motorcycle.

For example, if it is planned to use equipment not often for working in small areas, you should opt for motorcycles equipped with a cutting element in the form of a cord. Such models will also be relevant to perform grass cleaning between houses or in a small garden plot.

If it is planned to use equipment for harvesting hay for livestock, it is recommended to opt for disk models of motorcycle.

Motokos with a plastic knife is ideal for mowing grass on the sidelines of roads.

Metal knives are acceptable to use motorcycles designed to mow young shrubs, hard grass with thick trunks.

The quality of the work performed and the service life of the device depends on how correctly selected the Motokos model to perform a certain type of work.

The better to mow? Fishing line or knife?

Many users of such an excellent device as a trimmer for grass probably thought about how to choose the right “consumables” for it. This is of course a fishing line for a trimmer (special for trimmers) and special wheels/knives (called differently), which, like a fishing line for a trimmer, perform the function of mowing both grass and small shrubs.

And since the options on the market is unmeasured, at the stage of choice, such a problem may arise that you can simply not choose the right fishing line for a trimmer or disk when the diameter of the fishing line is not suitable for your model of motorcycles or in general, the disk will be with another landing diameter. So at this stage you must be neat and attentive.

And so that this does not happen, you need to view its technical characteristics in your garage or somewhere else (where your trimmer for grass is located). This is necessary so that you can immediately determine the thickness of the fishing line or with the disk shape.

Also, when choosing a fishing line or trimmer for grass, it is worth paying attention not only to the characteristics of your trimmer for the grass, but also to the fact that you are going to mow. For example: for small shrubs, you must definitely purchase a disk, since the fishing line for the trimmer will just crumble about the branch and this will not lead to anything good. And for ordinary mowing low young grass, a fishing line for a small diameter trimmer is suitable, since it is best to cope with such a situation, as a rule, this is 1.2, 1.6 or 2 mm.

Now consider what types of forests and discs are represented in stores or markets.

Discipes of various shapes, from a conventional circle to three or four.pointed star, which are made directly from special steel (and most often covered with diamond chips on top) so that the disk serves as long as possible. For example, Klettfix discs are suitable for absolutely any type of trimmers (electricity) and cost within 500 apiece. And forms and modifications. for every taste.

Many may notice that sometimes the disks for motorcycles are very soft, when they hit the stones, they are flattened. Do not immediately run to the service center and shout about a poor.quality product. Not at all, it was done specifically to reduce the shock load on the engine and its transmission, that is, part of the impact force, the disk takes upon itself, speaking. Similarly, like crash tests of a car-steep foreign cars when a collision are flattened like aluminum to save the driver and passengers, due to the crushing the power of the impact is extinguished.

Forests Laws-Assortment are much larger than disks, since the disk can be used many times, and one skein of fishing line is only enough for a small clearing. Fishing lines differ from each other by several factors.

One of these factors is a diameter. The diameter is different, it also depends on what type of grass you are going to mow. In the market, diameters from 1.2 to 4 mm. A thin fishing line for a trimmer goes for low.power trimmers, most often it is with the lower engine location. The classic version. 2 mm is suitable for most gasoline and electric models. 2.4 mm. already for more powerful. Find out which diameter is suitable for you, you can from the tool passport. Also, branded manufacturers of different diameter of the fishing line have different colors. Take, for example, STIHL. blue 1.6 mm, green. 2 mm, orange. 2.4 mm. It is so easier for the buyer to visually determine which fishing line for the trimmer to take. Well, mowed, for example, green, so in a magazine says, and the seller will realize that 2 mm is needed. And the sale took place. From these “Babin” we cut off 5, 10, 15 or more meters.

And most importantly. on the sale of a fishing line for a trimmer, there are both in babins (small and large), and you can buy “for a cut”. this is how noticeably cheaper. For example, in our store, then if you buy 15 meters in winding, then always ask if you can buy for a cut ”.

The cheapest is made of ordinary plastic. The assortment of forests for trimmers is replenished every day due to great demand. For example, Arnetoli Motor replenishes its assortment of a forest literally every day. And there is one skein of fishing line of medium diameter approximately 60. A more cool fishing line for a trimmer contains all sorts of additives for strength, in particular, aluminum particles are added. All this allows you to extend the life of the trimmer cord. Dear fishing lines are made of high.quality polypropylene, it is flexible and at the same time strong. Serves such a cord several times longer than cheap analogues.

The cross.section of the fishing line is one of the most important nuances. Most often in stores you can see a classic round fishing line for a trimmer, it is suitable for most works, the main thing is to choose the desired diameter. For especially complex areas, it is better to take a fishing line for a trimmer with sharp faces-this is either a 5-pointed star or a square. According to the reviews of the “mowers” a fishing line for a trimmer with faces chop cooler, however, it is torn faster. Most often, such a fishing line for a trimmer is taken by the owners of a trimmer without a knife for pumping a site with thick weeds. burdocks and other muck. In fact, a fishing line for a trimmer with faces will replace the disk.

So that you can clearly understand what sections of the forest are and why they are intended, here is a useful pattern (this is the STIHL brand):

In addition, you can see squares, triangles twisted in the cross section, there are even special notches on the fishing line. all this is done to increase the efficiency of “mowing”. However, it is far from the fact that the most expensive fishing line for a trimmer will cope with your task.

However, the nuances of the cross-section are such that the different species is intended for its specific task. Take, for example, the lawn is young, it only needs to be jammed, and not cut it off. And it is important for us to continue to grow. Therefore, cut off the top will need to be carefully and clean. Perfectly “shakes” the top of the lawn line for a trimmer The so.called “star”. Whereas a square is designed purely for shock loads. chop strong stalks of weeds.