Lawn mower with adjustable mowing height

Need the coolest lawn mower?

The Highline 523 VS and Highline 473 SP-A models are powerful and maneuverable machines, with a stainless steel deck and the same robust body, designed for plots of 15-20 ares. They are ideal for lawns and lawns with hilly terrain, as they move independently on the surface, developing a low speed and performing all kinds of functions: mowing, mulching and throwing grass (or collecting it in a large grass catcher). There is only a minimum left for you: to watch, rejoice and direct the “smart” car to the right place.

A complete set of operating functions. the advantageous difference between the Highline series lawn mowers

The unique capabilities of high-quality German AL-KO machines of the Highline series perfectly complement the basic set of functions they perform. Models Highline 523 VS and Highline 473 stand out among the identical garden equipment, performing mulching-chopping of cut grass. The resulting mulch can be collected in a large grass collector to be used as organic fertilizer on other land plots. In this case, rear discharge is activated.

But the Highline functional lawnmowers also have side discharge. Using it, you can spread mulch directly while mowing. to fertilize the lawn. Mulch performs several important tasks, in particular. fertilizing the soil, weakening its heating, and also blocking the evaporation of moisture in dry and hot weather.

“Step on the gas!

Self-propelled lawn mowers Highline 523 VS and Highline 473 SP-A are equipped with rear wheel drive. The wheel drive helps you complete the mowing task much faster and more efficiently. The maneuverability of self-propelled lawn mowers is also increased, they work well even in those areas where there are many obstacles. trees, flower beds.

It is clear that self-propelled mowers are more expensive than non-self-propelled ones, but you benefit from several other indicators:

  • work is done 2-3 times faster;
  • fuel economy (again, due to the speed of work: less gasoline will be consumed in an hour than in three);
  • lack of fatigue. on the contrary, pleasure from work.

ALEKO Hand Push Lawn Mower with Adjustable Cutting Height 5 Blade

AL-KO specialists went further: they created a model with which you can work not only quickly, but in different speed modes. The new Al-Ko Highline 523 VS lawn mower has a speed adjustable from 2.5 to 4.5 km per hour.

The excellent engineering solution aimed at increasing the comfort at work cannot but please the consumer. Indeed, because on a regularly mowed and even lawn, you can accelerate to full speed, “step on the gas”, feeling almost like a racer on the track. and do the work not two, but five times faster.

But for a long time not mowed dense and tough vegetation, slow and solid progress will be required. it is better to slow down the speed to the minimum.

The more powerful the engine, the easier it is to cut the weeds

In self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers, the engine rotates not only the cutting structure, but also the wheels, so part of its power is spent on moving the tool itself.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to such a technical parameter as engine power when choosing a self-propelled lawn mower.

At the same time, remember that the power you need directly depends on the quality and structure of the plantings on your site. It is clear that heavily overgrown plantings, tall and tough grass, but what can I say. even wet grass requires a high power motor. If you overlook this, the lawnmower will tear the grass in shreds instead of cutting.

New lawn mowers from Alco are equipped with high-quality professional engines, with a good motor resource.

The Highline 523 VS (variable speed) model has the well-known and reliable American BS 675 EX Series with a power of 6 hp. He has a ready start system. easy start function, which guarantees easy starting and stable operation for a long time. Recoil starter allows you to instantly start the engine.

The AL-KO Highline 473 SP-A lawn carter has no speed adjustment, so its engine is less powerful. 4.5 hp, the factory AL-KO Pro 140 Quick Start. This high-tech gasoline engine provides high performance, economy, and tool durability. It is equipped with QSS system. This is a quick start function that automatically selects the best ratio of “fuel-air” for different temperature conditions, and therefore, it does not need an air damper and primer (fuel pumping).

Pros of German lawn mowers

  • The Highline 523 VS and Highline 473 lawn mowers are height adjustable: their handle can be locked in one of seven positions, thus adapting to the height of the operator.
  • Tools have robust ball-bearing wheels.
  • For ease of use, there is a voluminous grass catcher.
  • The cutting height is adjusted instantly, without stopping the machine. with one movement of the centralized lever. The choice of height can be made in the range from 3 to 8 cm.
  • Passage width. professional, is 51 cm.

High-quality self-propelled lawn mowers from Al-ko are presented for sale in the Internet hypermarket with bargaining. the official dealer of the German company Al-ko in Ukraine.

How to choose a lawn mower, grass trimmer

  • Brand. A reliable lawnmower cannot be cheap. Renowned manufacturers offer innovative solutions, quality knives and materials. Of course, all this increases the price of the lawn mower.
  • Features of the grass. A low-power device is sufficient for regular lawn treatment. If we are talking about the fight against shrubs and field grass, then in this case you will need a much more powerful unit.
  • Features of the terrain. The wheeled model is good for working on level ground, but not good for steep slopes. This is where a grass trimmer comes in handy.
  • Own physical condition. The grass trimmer and hand lawnmower require stamina and strength from the operator. It is not advisable to use this technique for people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system (including sciatica and other diseases of the spine).
  • Self-propelled lawn mower
  • Non-self-propelled lawn mower
  • grass trimmer

A lawn mower is a lawn mowing tool. It is carried out in the form of a cart with 2 or 4 wheels. A lawn mower usually does not require significant physical effort. The device is equipped with a grass catcher, it is often provided with a mulching function.

  • The mower is a type of lawn mower, which is designed for processing neglected areas, meadows, overgrown lawns, borders. It is used for processing large areas (500-1000 m 2).

The robotic lawnmower is an advanced version of the robotic lawnmower that does the job automatically: the user just needs to set the route and the operating time. If an obstacle or a living creature is encountered on the way of the “smart” robot, the robot will go around it.

Some models are capable of returning to base to recharge the batteries. Sometimes the robot is equipped with a rain sensor and an alarm that is triggered when an attempt is made to “steal” it. There are products powered by solar panels. In general, the robotic lawnmower is characterized by a relatively low performance and is suitable for caring for a “cultivated” lawn.

The grass trimmer is a hand-held lawn mowing tool that resembles a scythe. Consists of a rod, motor, handle, knife and reel. the grass trimmer is used to treat small areas and hard-to-reach places (near trees, roads, houses).

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During operation, the grass trimmer is kept suspended: during operation, the device requires the use of physical force, but the user can independently determine the cutting height. This makes the grass trimmer compares favorably with a lawn mower, in which the adjustment of the cutting height is limited to a few knife positions.

Mini-tractor (rider) is a versatile machine designed for a wide range of garden and park work (including mowing grass and snow removal).

Combisystem. grass trimmer with numerous attachments (including cultivator, snow attachment, knotting attachment). A machine like this is good for small but “difficult” areas.

Movement type

Self-propelled. driven by a gasoline, diesel electric engine. The power of the motor is spent on the rotation of the cutting tool and wheels. Such a lawn mower is much more convenient than a non-self-propelled analogue, since the user does not need to push it. Self-propelled model. the optimal solution for processing large areas.

Non-self-propelled. propelled by the user’s muscle power. Such a lawn mower is cheaper, more compact, more maneuverable and better handles difficult vegetation, but less convenient to work. In particular, to overcome obstacles while driving, you need to make a significant effort.


Cutting Height Adjustment. Determines the height of the grass that will remain after mowing (range 20-100 mm). The adjustment is useful if the operator is working on different areas. In addition, this option allows you to avoid touching the ground with knives on hilly terrain, which prevents damage to the machine.

Adjustment is carried out by manually changing the level of the knife above the ground or synchronously. In the first case, it is required to turn off the machine, but in some models with synchronous adjustment, this operation is performed directly during operation.

Important: in modern technology, the number of levels of cutting height ranges from 3-14. The more of these levels there are in the mower, the more precisely the position of the blade is adjusted to obtain the desired lawn grass height.

Practice shows that no more than 1/3 of the grass height should be cut in one pass. In this case, the lawn will be healthy and beautiful.

Travel Speed ​​Adjustment (Self-Propelled Models). Allows the operator to vary the speed of the mower. So, on a treated lawn, the car can move faster than on a long-unmown area.

Height adjustment of the handle. allows you to adjust the handle to the height of the user. This function provides additional comfort when working with the lawn mower.

Overheating protection. automatically turns off the motor if the maximum permissible temperature is exceeded. Prevents damage to your lawn mower.

Bag full indicator. informs about the fill level of the grass catcher. As a result, you do not have to stop the mower to find out how full of grass the bag is.

State of charge indication. displays the battery charge level of the unit. This feature allows the operator to monitor the battery status and recharge it in a timely manner.

Catalytic converter. reduces the level of emission of toxic substances into the air.

Anti-vibration system. special gaskets made of polymer materials that reduce vibration that occurs during the operation of the lawn mower.


Operating modes for the cut grass lawnmower:

  • side discharge. convenient when mowing grass on the sides (models with side discharge are most common);
  • collection in a bag (grass collector). eliminates the need to collect cut grass from the site, but requires periodic stops of work to empty the bag;
  • mulching. chopping grass and then spreading it over the lawn. Advantages of mulching: fertilization of the soil, reduction of moisture evaporation in the heat, the problem of disposal of cut grass is solved. However, when mowing a wet lawn, mulch interferes with grass growth. Therefore, it is better to mulch the lawn in dry warm weather.

Cutting width. the larger this parameter, the faster the machine will cover a specific area. At the same time, with an increase in the working width, the dimensions and weight of the device increase. A lawnmower with a narrow working width is better suited for working in hard-to-reach places. Most lawnmowers range in mowing widths from 33-60 cm.

The cutting width depends on the type of drive:

  • manual lawnmower. up to 30 cm;
  • lawn mower with electric motor. 34-36 cm;
  • gasoline lawnmower. over 36 cm.

Recommended cutting widths:

  • 32 cm. for processing an area of ​​200 m 2;
  • 40 cm. for processing an area of ​​350 m 2;
  • 40-45 cm. for processing a site with an area of ​​500 m 2;
  • 45-53 cm. for processing a site with an area of ​​1000 m 2;
  • 53-56 cm. for processing an area of ​​2000 m 2.

Cutting Height. allows you to estimate the height of the grass left over from the mower. The higher the cutting height, the taller the lawn after the machine.

Mowing area. depends on the power of the mower. Low-power devices with limited time of continuous operation will cope with the processing of a small area, but powerful units are capable of mowing spacious lawns.

Mowing speed (productivity). determined by the power of the motor and the width of the mow. The higher the productivity, the faster the machine will solve the problem in a unit of time.

Blade Speed ​​- Determines how suitable the lawnmower is for working in thick and dense vegetation. The higher the speed of rotation of the knife, the more efficient the processing of such lawns.

Cutting system. presented in two types.

  • Rotary. 2/4-bladed knife or line reel mounted on a shaft that rotates around a vertical axis. Thanks to this solution, the knife causes a strong air flow, sucking the cut grass into the bag or throwing it onto the ground. Rotary lawn mowers are most common.
  • Spindle. one knife is rigidly fixed, and the rest are placed on a shaft that rotates around a horizontal axis. Spindle models are inferior in performance to rotary counterparts, but they cut vegetation better: the treated lawn does not turn yellow, does not need watering, the grass remains “velvety”.

Mowers use a scissor cutting system with two serrated blades: one knife is fixed as rigidly as in the spindle version, and the second moves horizontally from side to side.

Barbell (grass trimmers). there are two types:

  • straight. found in powerful trimmers and medium power models, but loses to curved in terms of convenience;
  • curved. used in low-power equipment, but more comfortable to use than a straight bar.

Bag (grass catcher). is performed in several types:

  • hard (plastic). durable and easy to use, but makes the machine heavier;
  • soft (mesh). lightweight and compact, it makes it possible to monitor the filling level, but it is not as convenient to work with it as with a plastic one;
  • combined. combines the advantages of the previous options. Such a grass catcher is easier to unload, and, if necessary, folds up compactly.

Important: When mowing a wet lawn, a hard bag is more practical because wet grass easily sticks to the net and clogs it. As a result, the soft bag will have to be washed or vacuumed.

The bagless lawnmower does not pick up the grass cut, but throws it to the side.

Pay attention to the volume of the bag. The larger the collection box, the less often it needs to be emptied. True, a bulky container is always heavier (this is true even for an empty bag).

Body. made of the following materials:

  • plastic. inexpensive, lightweight, not prone to corrosion from grass juice, but quickly fails;
  • metal. outperforms plastic in strength and durability, but it will cost more. At the same time, the steel body is quite heavy and susceptible to corrosion from grass sap. A good choice would be an aluminum case, which is lighter than steel and is not afraid of corrosion, but you will have to fork out for it.
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The deck is the part of the mower body that contains the knives. Made of plastic and metal (steel, aluminum). The material selection criteria are the same as for the enclosure. Deep deck units provide cleaner operation as the cut grass falls into the bag without loss, meaning that it does not spill onto the treated lawn.

Noise level. the lower this parameter, the quieter the lawn mower.

Continuous run time is the length of time the mower has been in operation from refueling or charging the battery. So, for electric battery cars, this parameter is 30 minutes, for gasoline cars. 45-60 minutes.

Wheel drive. lawn mowers are divided into three categories for this parameter:

  • front-wheel drive. have better maneuverability;
  • rear-wheel drive. have good cross-country ability;
  • all-wheel drive. the optimal solution for working on “difficult” terrain.

Important: Purchase a lawnmower with wheel bearings. Unlike wheels on hubs, this option is more durable and more reliable. In addition, the wheels on the bearings rotate easily.

Pay attention to the diameter of the wheels. A lawnmower with large wheels is easier to move around the lawn than its “cousins” with small wheels.

Weight. the lighter the unit, the more convenient it is to work with it. A heavy gasoline lawn mower is not suitable for teens and seniors. Such users are advised to select the electric model.


Electric (from the network). differs in cheapness, compactness, environmental friendliness, low noise and ease of use, since there is no need to fill in oil and fuel and control their level.

A lawn mower with an electric motor loses to a gasoline counterpart in power and mobility. The disadvantage is dependence on weather conditions: the device should not be used after rain or mowed wet grass to avoid electric shock. Work with the appliance requires care so that the blade does not cut the power cord and the cord itself does not become entangled between trees.

The electric lawn mower is the optimal solution for working on a flat area of ​​up to 500 m2 with a power supply. Thick and tall grass is beyond the capacity of such a model.

Important: an extension cord is required to increase the range of the electrical model.

To avoid cutting the cable while operating the electric lawnmower, roll it over your shoulder. It is allowed to use the electric mower only in dry weather and in rubber boots.

Battery electric. has the advantages of the previous version, but is not limited in range, since it does not depend on the mains. This plus turns into a short duration of work and power, and the battery itself is quite heavy and takes a significant amount of time to charge. The battery model is suitable for processing an area of ​​300-600 m2.

Gasoline. powerful, does not depend on the power supply and cable length. The petrol lawnmower can handle large areas and the thickest grass.

A gasoline car is heavier, more expensive and more difficult to maintain (needs fuel, periodic oil changes) than an electric model. Disadvantages include high operating noise and exhaust toxicity, which can cause nausea in some people.

Diesel. compares favorably with gasoline low cost of use (inexpensive fuel, economical fuel consumption). Otherwise, the advantages and disadvantages are the same as that of a gasoline unit.

The petrol and diesel lawn mower is used to treat an area from 700 m 2.

The internal combustion engine is presented in two types.

  • 2-stroke (only gasoline). powerful at a relatively low price, but makes a lot of noise. A 2-stroke engine requires refueling with a mixture of gasoline and oil in a precisely defined proportion (deviation from them will lead to premature engine wear). A machine with a 2-stroke engine will do an excellent job on steep slopes (over 25-30 °).
  • 4-stroke (gasoline and diesel). economical, less noisy and easy to refuel, since gasoline and oil are refueled separately. With the same volume, such a motor is inferior in power to a 2-stroke one. For cutting grass on a steep slope, the 4-stroke model will not work.

Volume. the larger this parameter, the higher the engine power and the performance of the lawn mower. With an increase in engine volume, fuel consumption increases and the total weight of the machine increases.

Fuel tank capacity. the higher this parameter, the longer the gasoline or diesel lawn mower will run without refueling.

Full charge time. depends on the capacity of the battery. Larger battery provides longer battery life. Naturally, such a battery takes longer to charge.

Fuel consumption. directly depends on the engine power. The more powerful the lawn mower, the more “voracious” it is.

RPM. this parameter indicates the resource of the motor. The more revolutions, the longer the mower will run.

Power. measured in horsepower (HP) or watts (W). A lawn mower for this parameter is selected depending on the area of ​​the lawn. The more spacious such a site, the more powerful the unit should be:

  • 200-400 m 2. 600-800 W;
  • over 400 m 2. 1000-1600 W.

A more powerful lawnmower will perform better on thicker and thicker grass, but it will cost more and will require more fuel. By weight, such models are heavier than low-power counterparts.

The power of the lawn mower depends on the type of engine:

  • electric. 300-2200 W;
  • gasoline. 2.5-6.7 hp.

Important: to convert horsepower to kilowatts, you should know that 1 liter. s. = 735 W.

Launch type. presented in two options.

  • Manual (pulling the cable). models with a similar launch are light and cheap, but inconvenient, since they require physical effort to launch.
  • Electric starter. lawn mowers with a similar start are more convenient, but heavier and more expensive.

Location (Grass Trimmers). Indicates the power of the tool. grass trimmers with a bottom engine are characterized by low power (300-600 W) and weighing 2-3 kg, but the continuous operation time of such devices is limited to 10-15 minutes. The more powerful (600-1000 W) and heavier models have an overhead motor for tough and dense vegetation.

Drive unit

Manual (mechanical). cheap, environmentally friendly, independent of energy sources, low noise. The hand lawnmower does not require any special maintenance: refueling, cleaning filters and other similar measures. The mechanical model is good for working on uneven ground where the motorized lawnmower can break.

Disadvantages of a manual lawn mower: relatively low speed and quality of lawn processing, the need for physical effort. In addition, manual models are always non-self-propelled. These disadvantages prevent the use of a mechanical model for processing large areas. Yes, and tall grass (more than 10 cm) is beyond the power of such a tool.

The engine does not require physical effort and provides high-quality lawn processing. Cons: higher price, dependence on the availability of fuel or electricity, increased noise level.

The motor lawnmower must be regularly serviced, including keeping the power cable (electric motor) in good condition, changing air filters, filters, and cleaning candles (petrol). Lawn mowers are self-propelled and non-self-propelled. The engine model is a great option for mowing spacious lawns, mowing dense and tall vegetation.


Attachments. expand the functionality of the lawn mower. There are several types of attachments:

  • blade knife. well suited for processing dense vegetation, but when it collides with a solid obstacle it can break, it is used in rotary systems;
  • line reel. not afraid of collisions with hard objects, but ineffective against thick grass, usually used in trimmers;
  • spindle knife. often found in hand-held models;
  • cultivator. used for loosening the soil;
  • milling knife (brush cutter). designed for cutting shrubs, tree branches and other hard vegetation;
  • grass trimmer. a nozzle that is used in mowers;
  • mulch attachment. used for chopping cuttings, which are then scattered on the ground.
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Engine brake. instantly turns off the engine, which is necessary when the lawnmower collides with a solid obstacle. Prevents engine breakdown.

Safety clutch. also protects the engine from damage when hitting a solid object.

Air cushion. involves the movement of the lawnmower with an air stream that lifts it off the ground. This method makes it possible to use the lawn mower on difficult terrain (hills, slopes), and also facilitates its movement due to the lack of friction force. At the same time, in such a device, the cutting height is not set, and the mown grass is simply scattered over the lawn.

Lawn Mower Cut Quality

Shoulder strap. for comfortable work with the hand trimmer.

Folding Handle / Bar. Shrinks the mower / grass trimmer for transport or storage.

Royal wheels. freely turn in the direction of travel, which increases the maneuverability of the lawnmower. These wheels are most often equipped with gasoline models.

What features of a lawn mower will make life easier

One of the most popular elements of landscape design, which some time ago won the hearts of gardeners and our suburban areas, is a lawn with short-cut green grass. In order for the turf to correspond to the status of the owner and serve as an ornament, it is necessary to constantly take care of it: water, fertilize, and you cannot do without a lawn mower. Mowing the grass will be much more pleasant if the lawnmower is equipped with some additional functions. And which ones we will tell you now.

Lawn is a popular landscape solution

Under its own power

Not all vehicles with an engine move by themselves, as we would like. On some models, the motor only turns the blade. Therefore, if you fundamentally do not want to push the lawn mower, you should choose a self-propelled model. Pay attention to this at the stage of purchase, so as not to bite your elbows later. Self-propelled lawn mowers are rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive (SUV lawn mowers, so to speak).

If you do not want to push the lawn mower, pay attention to the self-propelled models

Quick start

Another cool feature that all electric models have is the quick start of the mower at the push of a button. Now you will not surprise the gardener with this, but some time ago she did not always meet, so we will mention her for the sake of historical justice. Gasoline lawn mowers still cannot always please with a quick start. they have to pull the starter rope in the old fashioned way.

It is convenient to start the lawnmower with a button


From the collector, the wise gardener moves the grass to the compost bin or uses it to mulch the beds. Another “advanced” way to dispose of cut grass is to mulch the lawn itself. This feature will reduce your turf fertilization costs. And lo and behold! There are lawn mowers with mulching function, which additionally grind the cut grass and immediately spread it over the surface of the lawn, that is, you simultaneously mow and mulch the lawn.

Mulching function might be useful

Collecting herbs

Mowers can handle cut grass in different ways. The first option is to simply scatter it: the grass flies out through the nozzle to the side or back. This is not very convenient, since after mowing, you will have to thoroughly equip with a rake.

In the second case, the cut grass falls into a special container. a grass collector. Its capacity will determine how often you have to interrupt your work in order to throw out the contents. Hence the simple rule: the larger the collector, the better. Its volume is indicated in liters: a 30-40 liter grass catcher (Denzel GC-1500 lawn mower) is quite enough for an average garden of six hundred with a small lawn.

Detachable lawn mower grass catcher. In the photo, Denzel GC-1500 mower with 40 l grass catcher

The grass catcher can be made of plastic, fabric and fine mesh. The latter is convenient in that through the transparent material you can monitor the filling and timely make “PIT-stops” during the mowing process.

Mowing Height: Setting Correct Mowing Height On Lawn Mower

Handle height adjustment

This function is very simple, but it can be extremely useful when different family members take turns mowing the lawn. Adjusting the handle height (Denzel lawn mower 1000 W) can be very helpful in such cases. A trifle, it would seem, but nice! And if the handle also folds, then the price of such a lawn mower will not be. Models with foldable handles are easier to transport and store. take up less space.

Models with foldable handles take up less storage and transport space. Photo mower Denzel GC-1100

Adjusting the cutting height

“Why change the cutting height at all?”. the first question that arises from the buyer, carefully studying the technical characteristics of his future assistant. But why Lawns are of different types, for example, sports are usually cut very short (30 mm), so that they create a hard surface that is resistant to trampling. For an ordinary country lawn, a grass height of 40-50 mm is preferable. That is, if you have a playground on the site, sown with grass, and a lawn in front of a flower garden, the height adjustment function will definitely come in handy.

The most popular are rotary lawn mowers (with knives / knife or fishing line rotating over the surface of the lawn). It is easiest to adjust the cutting height in them, and some models allow you to mow the grass quite high. this will be of interest to the owners of a Moorish (meadow) lawn with flowering plants. Adjustment of the cutting height, depending on the model, can be done in two ways:

Each lawn needs an individual approach

  • manual. To do this, you will need to unscrew each wheel and reinstall it in a different hole. This type of adjustment is usually done on affordable household models. It requires stopping the car and turning it over. Also, models with manual wheel axle leveling have a limited choice of height options. most often there are less than 3 of them.
  • mechanical. It is done by turning the lever. The position can be changed on all four wheels at once or on each separately. The operation does not take much time and can be performed without stopping the engine, literally on the go. Professional devices and premium models are equipped with this function. As a rule, units with this method of height adjustment have a greater number of cutting height variations. in the range from 20 to 120 mm. The Denzel 1400 W electric lawn mower allows you to set the cutting height of the grass in five positions: 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm.

It is more convenient to adjust the cutting height with a lever. In the photo Denzel GC-1100 mower

On drum mowers, the cutting height is also adjustable, but to a lesser extent. They can cut grass lower than rotary ones, and that is why they are used for sports lawns. very short haircuts (up to 30 mm) are in fashion there. But such models are not suitable for those who cannot constantly control the height of the grass stand and periodically allow the lawn to “overgrow”.

Drum mowers can cut grass lower than rotary lawn mowers