Lawn Mower Won’T Start After Winter

How to start after winter?

Starting a lawn mower after the winter can be quite challenging, since most of the time this type of appliance is stored in sheds where heating is not provided, which means that it is exposed to the harsh winter climate, and sometimes to sudden temperature changes. Therefore, it is necessary to approach this process wisely and take into account all important nuances.

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For example, the first thing to do after a winter shutdown is to check the device’s fuel tank to make sure it is clean and there is no old fuel. If the tank is not empty, then it should be cleaned before refueling. This must be done because adding new fuel to the old one that has survived the winter downtime is unsafe for the device to function. Old fuel, under the influence of the winter temperature regime, can slightly change its composition, which, when mixed with a more recent composition or even with simple operation, can lead to malfunctions.

Further, for safer operation, you should act on the principle of turning on the device with the engine warming up. This allows you to gently prepare your lawnmower for use.

How to start a lawn mower correctly?

  • Step-by-step instructions for starting up
  • Common mistakes
  • Possible breakdowns
  • Instrument operation rules

Every gardener or person who lives in a country house on a permanent basis should have a lawn mower, which will greatly facilitate the maintenance of the lawn located on the site or outside of it.

How To Fix Old Lawn Mower That Won’t Start

And in order for such a technical unit to serve you for many years, it is necessary not only to operate it correctly and carefully, but also to know how to properly start the device and prevent possible breakdowns associated with this process.

Step-by-step instructions for starting up

To easily start the lawn mower, you need to read the step-by-step instructions in more detail, but you also need to take into account the rules for refueling the device with fuel, as well as many other important nuances.

Before starting, only gasoline models need refueling, the engine of which will not work correctly or will not start at all without correctly selected fuel. Therefore, having studied in more detail the technical characteristics of your device, you must also familiarize yourself with the information about the finished fuel or about preparing a special mixture with your own hands.

In the latter case, it is necessary to observe the proportions that are specially calculated for the correct functioning of the mechanism.

Sometimes synthetic oils are used for this. These types of fuel mixtures have a lower cost, but practically do not differ in their quality characteristics. For 100 grams of synthetic oil, it is necessary to use 5 liters of gasoline, so the mixture will have a ratio of 1: 50.

Mixtures with mineral oils have a higher cost, since they are considered more natural and environmentally friendly, but in terms of technical characteristics they are only slightly superior to synthetic options. The proportions when using such materials will be 1: 35, that is, 3.5 liters of gasoline should be used per 100 grams of oil.

There are also options for gasoline lawn mowers where the fuel tank is separate from the oil sump, so no mixing is necessary.

But regardless of the model and type of fuel tank, refueling must be done in the same way. not fill in the fuel completely, but leaving 3-4 centimeters to the edge of the tank.


Depending on the model of the lawnmower, starting will be done in different ways. Therefore, it is necessary to take this into account and, comparing with the individual technical characteristics, proceed to connect the device and start the engine.

And if everything is quite simple with a manual model that works on the principle of a conventional scythe, then when starting a gasoline model, some difficulties may arise.

The petrol lawn mower can be started in two ways. cold or warm engine.

Before starting a cold engine, you must take care of turning off the ignition and transmission systems, and also turn the engine shaft with the starting lever or starter. After that, you can start launching, proceeding as follows:

  • first you need to turn on the ignition;
  • then it is necessary to close the air damper;
  • after that you can safely start starting the engine.

After starting, you need to set the idle speed on the device, using the throttle lever. Then, using the same lever, you need to switch the device to work at low speeds, thereby giving the engine the opportunity to warm up. Then you can safely start operating the mower at full power. It is worth noting that starting the device with a cold engine is permissible, but further operation in this state is undesirable, since this will negatively affect the general condition and functioning of the lawn mower.

Starting the lawnmower with a warm engine is much easier because the process does not require any prior preparation. In this case, actions must be performed in the following sequence:

  • the control lever must be switched to the fuel supply mode at the maximum level;
  • then you need to start the engine;
  • after that you can select the required speed and start work.

These recommendations are suitable for all models, including hand-held lawnmowers that work like a normal scythe.

Possible breakdowns

Despite the difference in the characteristics and appearance of various device models, they still have the same causes of breakdown, so they practically do not differ in the way of elimination.

The most common problem with the device is that it will not start or stall when you press the gas. The reasons lie in the improper functioning of the carburetor or ignition, as well as problems with the filtration system.

If the reasons lie in the operation of the ignition system, then you need to act as follows.

  • Make sure that you are using fully functional spark plugs and that they are free of traces of fuel. If the candle is flooded, it is recommended to thoroughly clean it, since otherwise the operation of the device will be impossible.
  • If the threaded connection is too dry, then problems may arise during starting, because without lubrication with gasoline, a spark cannot appear or its power will not be enough for operation.
  • In case of breakdowns in the ignition system, you should also check the contact between the spark plug and the high-voltage wire, since in its absence, the occurrence of a spark will be impossible, as well as further operation.

If the device stops working after 5-10 minutes after starting operation with a load at high speeds, the reasons may lie in problems with the air and fuel filtration system:

  • the filter can be clogged, so when it heats up, the system stops cleaning properly and turns off;
  • the reason may also lie in the fact that the part responsible for adjusting the pressure in the fuel tank becomes dirty and blocks the fuel supply.

There are also more serious breakdowns that can be quite difficult to deal with.

  • The channels and nozzles of the device can be seriously contaminated, so you cannot do without capital cleaning. And in order to clean them correctly, you need to use professional tools and blow through the parts with a powerful air flow.
  • Often, the gaskets that are an integral part of the system wear out and also fail in the working system. They cannot be repaired, so you just need to replace them.
  • Worn pistons in service can cause damage. That is why it is necessary to follow the details and, if necessary, change them.
  • In addition, the cause of a breakdown may be a leakage in the carburetor space.

Depressurization may cause a drop in pressure and the device will lose its functionality.

Common mistakes

When starting such a technical unit, some problems may arise, and in order to understand why the lawn mower does not start, it is necessary to identify the reasons, and for further work, eliminate them.

The main reason for problems when starting the lawn mower may lie in the fact that there is no gasoline in the fuel tank or there is not enough gas to operate the device. In this case, it is obvious what needs to be done. fill the tank with fuel, and in order to prevent such a situation, it is necessary to check the presence of gasoline in advance.

Failure to comply with the rules for preparing fuel mixtures, as well as the use of low-quality raw materials in order to save finances, can also lead to errors when starting and when operating the lawn mower. The way out in this situation is simple. you need to carefully choose the finished fuel, as well as carefully observe the proportions when preparing the mixtures with your own hands.

Starting errors can occur because fuel can flood the spark plugs. This is due to prolonged exposure to the starter rope when the air damper is closed. To prevent this, you must always check it and, if necessary, return it to the correct position.

Naturally, if you start the mower with the ignition off, you may fail, because without this the device cannot function.

Therefore, immediately after putting the air damper in order, do not forget to turn on the ignition, and only then you can safely start work.

Instrument operation rules

Before you start working on the lawn mower, you need to study the instructions for its operation in more detail. But, in addition to this, it is also recommended to adhere to some general rules.

  • Use the device with extreme caution, avoiding contact with hard surfaces and body parts.
  • It is recommended to clean the body and working parts of the device after each use.
  • It is necessary to clean the mower with the use of special professional fluids, after waiting for its engine to cool down, since it is unsafe to clean a hot motor.
  • It is best to take breaks while working. This will prevent the engine from overheating.
  • If you do not plan to operate the device for a long time, it is recommended to drain the remaining fuel and leave the device in idling mode. When the last remaining fuel is used up, the mower will stop working by itself.
  • And, of course, after summer operation, do not forget to properly prepare the device for winter, then it will serve you for many years.

For information on how to properly start the lawn mower, see the next video.

Lawnmower won’t start after winter

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100 amperes
if the current is not enough to start it starts to click
the reason for the click is 100% always a dead battery, or poor contact, see where the sour contacts are, otherwise it cannot be

Lawnmower won’t start after winter

Petrol trimmer won’t start. What to do?

Sometimes the trimmer or lawn mower stops starting at the most inopportune moment, disrupting the planned work at the summer cottage or suburban area. Before contacting a service workshop, you can sometimes try to eliminate the cause of the malfunction yourself.
Let’s take a Husqvarna 128 R trimmer as an example. So, you did everything according to the instructions. with a primer (see Figure 1) pumped fuel into the carburetor, the throttle lever was moved to the “closed” position, you try to start, but the engine does not even “grab”. Moving the throttle (air) valve lever (see Figure 2) to the “Open” position does not give any result. Trimmer won’t start.

Figure 1- Primer (booster pump)

Figure 2-Lawn mowers device: throttle (air) damper, manual starter

One of the most common reasons is excessive priming of fuel, leading to a “flood” of the spark plug. In this case, try to do the following: move the throttle lever to the “open” position, press and hold the throttle trigger while trying to start the trimmer. If after 5-6 attempts to start the trimmer failed, turn out and dry the candle. Check for spark plug between electrodes. To do this, put the spark plug cap on the spark plug, attach the spark plug body to the metal surface of the cylinder and crank the engine with a starter. If there is no spark between the electrodes. replace the spark plug. Before screwing in the spark plug, turn the trimmer with the spark plug hole down and crank the engine 2-3 times with the starter to remove the remaining fuel from the cylinder. Wrap the candle and repeat the steps described at the beginning of the paragraph.
If, after the performed manipulations, the trimmer does not start, then most likely the cause of the malfunction is more serious and you need to contact the specialists of the service workshop. Read more here.

Why the trimmer won’t start. reasons

To determine why the gasoline trimmer does not start well or constantly stalls, it is necessary to consistently check the operation of all the main components of the unit. This is especially important after long-term storage of the lawn mower. So, the main reasons for this behavior of the trimmer are as follows:

  • The culprit that the lawn mower does not start may be a poor-quality oil-gasoline fuel mixture. It must be cooked strictly according to the instructions. Saving is not at all appropriate here, since it can lead to the failure of the entire piston group of the trimmer. Do not prepare too much fuel mixture, as excess gasoline will lose its quality over time.
  • Be aware that petrol trimmers of brands such as Stihl, Husgvarna and some others will not start if they are filled with cheap petrol with a low octane number. Therefore, for such units it is necessary to use only high-quality high-octane fuel.
  • If the trimmer stalls immediately upon start-up, it may have a flooded candle. In this case, you need to unscrew it and dry it thoroughly for half an hour. Then drain the excess fuel that is in the chamber, clean the candle from carbon deposits, put it back and try to start the lawn mower.
  • If your new gasoline trimmer won’t start, there may be a lack of spark. And this happens because the socket where the candle is located is dry and the fuel does not ignite. Lightly moisten the thread of the spark plug with a few drops of gasoline.
  • The gasoline trimmer may stall due to clogged air or fuel filters. It is best to replace such elements with new ones.
  • The exhaust port and breather can also become clogged. Having cleaned these trimmer elements, it will be possible to start the unit without any problems.
  • Another reason why the petrol trimmer won’t start, even when there is a spark, may be a clogged carburetor. In order to clean the channels and nozzles, it is necessary to blow them with compressed air using a compressor. Can be used to clean the carburetor and special rinse.
  • If the carburetor gaskets are worn out, replace them. And if the tightness of this device is broken, you will have to identify the faulty carburetor part and replace it.
  • The trimmer may not start due to wear on the piston group. However, it is better to change such parts of lawn mowers in a service center.

The trimmer, both electric and with an internal combustion engine (ICE), is an indispensable tool in summer and autumn for owners of summer cottages and private houses. With its help weeds, small shrubs are easily removed and the lawn is trimmed. But, like any technique, trimmers fail at the most inopportune moment. To fix faults with his own hands, the user of this technique first needs to determine the reason for their appearance.

Lawn mowers and electric trimmers, apart from breakdowns associated with the boom and the mowing head, mostly malfunctions. in the area of ​​the engine.

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How to understand that a candle is flooded on a lawn mower

There are several reasons for flooding a candle on a lawn mower, and any operator needs to know how to determine this? And the sign is the only and simple: the saw mechanism will not start. The first thing that should come to the mind of the operator after the launch has not taken place is that the candle is flooded. This is logical, since a wet candle cannot create a spark, that is, “ignite” the mechanism and it simply will not start.

Why floods candles on a lawnmaker As we already said. from an illiterate start. That is, if its correct sequence is not observed “cold”, then the unit will not work. In practice, it looks like this:

  • at the very first start, the fuel mixture is injected for the first time by the starter and the engine “suffices” it;
  • an inexperienced operator does not notice this and continues to pull the starter further, thereby flooding the part with an abundance of gasoline;
  • it is necessary at the slightest injection to immediately transfer the engine “to hot”.

And if these illiterate attempts are made several times in a row, the tip of the candle may fail. To know if everything is good in the presence of a spark, you need to unscrew it and insert it into the tip. After that, the element must be placed on the block and the starting cord pulled. If a spark is created, then everything is fine with the electrician. The contact between the tip of the candle and the high-voltage wire is also important.

Fuel tank (fuel quality)

Remember that always before starting the unit it is required to checking the availability and quality of fuel. In this case, you should not be greedy and save, as well as “be smart” about the amount of added oil. Everything must be done according to the manual attached to the device, since if the piston group fails, its replacement will cost about 70% of the total cost of the trimmer. Fill in fuel on the basis that you will completely use it up when performing work. The gasoline remaining in the tank loses its properties after a while and can harm the engine. Therefore, do not prepare the mixture for future use and in large quantities. If the lawn mower does not start well, try draining the “old” fuel from the tank and refueling it with fresh mixture.

Important! Filling the device with fuel, the origin of which is unknown, is fraught with negative consequences. Gasoline must be of high quality, purchased at a gas station, and its brand must be at least AI-95.

Insufficient compression

If the compression is insufficient, then in most cases it will not work to start the engine. To check the compression, you can use a car compressor.

What kind of compression should be? Normally, the compression should be not less than 8 kg / cm 2. Although even at 8 kg / cm 2, some engines do not idle and stall, since the fuel is not pumped up sufficiently. In case your lawn mower does not pump above 8 kg / cm 2.then you will have to check the cylinder, piston and rings.

Also, poor compression can be due to loosely screwed carburetor. Check if it staggers. If so, tighten the fasteners that hold it securely. Also, if the carburetor is poorly screwed on, you may notice that gasoline drips during operation.

The trimmer gets very hot

Trimmer overheating can occur for many reasons:

  • gasoline has an octane number that is not indicated in the instructions for the unit;
  • the proportions of gasoline and oil were not observed during the preparation of the fuel mixture;
  • the mixture of fuel and oil was prepared long ago (the mixture cannot be stored for more than 2 weeks);
  • the trimmer works over the time prescribed according to the instructions;
  • a low-power trimmer is used on thick and hard grass, the device works with overload and heats up quickly;
  • shifted towards the boom or stuck on the cassette cover.

The latter happens if you set mowing head unsuitable for the machine. or when the axle moves inward of the boom. These changes make rotation more difficult, the load on the motor increases, and it overheats.

2018 Buyer Choice

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Trimmer ECHO SRM-350ES

Trimmer Hitachi CG22EAS


Trimmer Hammer MTK25B

Benzotrimmer. malfunctions and their elimination. The gasoline trimmer is widely used due to its low cost and ease of use. It is in demand for the care of plots and among summer residents and owners of private houses. Since this tool is used only in the warm season, before starting operation, the tool must be checked and prepared. lubricate the rubbing parts, fill in the fuel mixture, put the cutting attachment. In the work of any equipment, failures and malfunctions occur, in order to eliminate them yourself, you need to understand the structure of your unit and the principle of its operation. To do this, first of all, you need to study the operating instructions, which the seller must attach to the equipment during the sale. Briefly about the benzotrimmer device. A metal tubular rod is attached to the gearbox of a two-stroke internal combustion engine. A shaft passes inside the rod, which transmits torque from the gasoline engine to the cutting mechanism. The cutting headset can rotate at 10,000 to 13,000 rpm. The gearbox housing must have holes for lubrication. For ease of use, the trimmers are equipped with a belt and a shoulder strap. Mowing takes place directly with the cutting head, which is located in the trimmer head, which is the most subject to wear. To replace the line, either wind a new one around the bobbin, or install another spool with the line already wound. A handle is attached to the bar, on which the control levers are located. The cutting mechanism is protected by a special cover. Two-stroke lawn mowers are fueled with a mixture of gasoline and oil, which is poured into the fuel tank. In four strokes. gasoline is poured into the tank, and oil is poured into the crankcase. The engine will not start. If your petrol trimmer does not want to start, first of all check the availability of fuel and its quality. Low quality gasoline can lead to failure of the piston group. And then you are guaranteed an expensive repair. It is also important to properly prepare the fuel mixture. The proportions of gasoline and oil are always indicated in the manual. The mixture must be fresh, as it loses its properties during storage. A common reason that the streamer will not start is a dirty fuel filter. In this case, it is necessary to check the condition of the filter and, if necessary, replace it. Do not operate the tool without a fuel filter. If the engine fails, it is worth checking the air filter as well. In case of contamination, the part is removed, washed in gasoline and put in place. If this is not possible, you can also rinse in water and detergent, dry, moisten with oil, wring out and reinstall. If all of the above has already been tried, and the engine still does not start, then try adjusting its idle speed by tightening the carburetor screw. Quick start. Place the tool so that the air filter is at the top. This trim position ensures that the fuel mixture hits the bottom of the carburetor. If you remove the air filter before starting and pour a few drops of the fuel mixture directly into the carburetor, then reinstall the filter and cover, then most likely the engine will start on the first try. If that doesn’t work, the problem may be with the spark plug. Then you need to unscrew it, check its performance and dry the combustion chamber. A non-working plug can be easily replaced with a new one. But, if the spark plug is in order, the filters are clean, the fuel is fresh, and the scythe will still not start, then you can try to close the air damper, pull the starter once, then open and pull the starter handle several more times. This procedure is repeated three to five times. With careless handling and excessive zeal, the starter can be damaged. If the cable breaks or the handle breaks, then the repair can be done independently, in other cases it is necessary to replace the entire starter. Replacing the spark plug. Replacement should be done when the engine has cooled down. To do this, disconnect the wire from the candle and unscrew it. The plug needs to be replaced if it is heavily soiled or has cracks in the body. Please note that the electrode gap should be 0.6 mm. A new spark plug is inserted into the engine and tightened with a wrench, then the high voltage wire is connected. Engine stalls after starting. Most likely, the carburetor is incorrectly adjusted, or it has been misaligned. That the reason for this can be understood by the vibration during operation. You can adjust the carburetor yourself, following the operating instructions. The trimmer can also stall if the fuel valve is clogged. Then it just clears. If the engine stalls abruptly, it may be difficult to supply fuel to the carburetor. You need to loosen the carburetor valves. Or there is excess air in the carburetor, then you need to add engine speed so that the excess air quickly leaves the fuel system. It is also necessary to check the integrity of the fuel intake hose. If mechanical damage is found (cracks, punctures, etc.), it must be replaced. Cleaning and storage. The ribs of the cylinder and the channels in the gas trimmer housing must be clean, otherwise it is fraught with overheating of the engine. Allow the engine to cool before cleaning. The outer surface is cleaned with a brush. Plastic parts can be cleaned with kerosene and other solvents or special products. For long-term storage, the entire mixture is drained from the fuel tank, then the engine is started to use up the remaining fuel in the carburetor. Store the instrument only in clean condition. If it was not possible to make repairs with your own hands, it is worth evaluating which is more expedient, contacting a service or purchasing a new trimmer.

One of the typical breakdowns of any automated scythe is the situation when the candle is poured on the trimmer. Almost every second user is faced with this, so you need to get this spare part in advance, be able to bring it to its proper form and understand the elementary reasons: why the element is flooding. So, the main reasons are:

To all that has been said, we want to add that if the situation has already happened to you, we advise you to reduce the supply of fuel so that it does not fall on the candle. The latter must always be dry to create a spark. A filled candle can be from the very first start and not because you are a novice operator. This is partly because they did not read the operating instructions, pulled the starter from memory of working with models of old samples, or illiterately prepared a mixture of gasoline and oil. In fact, there are enough reasons, and all because a lawn mower is a technique and requires elementary endurance, understanding and adaptation.

Malfunctions of electric trimmers

Since the device of an electric mower is much simpler than a motor trimmer, there are few reasons for its failure.

It should be noted that it is better to entrust the elimination of some of them to a specialist.

Basically, the trimmer stops working normally in the following cases:

  • electrical cable malfunction;
  • the control button is faulty;
  • burned out motor stator winding;
  • breakage of contact connections on the engine.

Petrol trimmer does not start well

So what if the petrol trimmer won’t start well or won’t start at all? The most common reason for such a breakdown is poor quality fuel. Remember that, for example, trimmers of the brands “Stihl” and “Husqvarna” are unlikely to start on fuel quality lower than AI-92. You shouldn’t save on fuel, because repair of parts of the cylinder-piston group can be one third of the total cost of the scythe, and sometimes even half. Also, when preparing the fuel mixture, it is necessary to correctly observe the proportions of fuel and oil, which are always indicated in the instructions for the trimmer.

What to do if high-quality fuel is poured into the gas tank, there is a spark, but the tool still refuses to start? It is necessary to check the condition of the candle. It is located in the center of the mower body. It must be carefully unscrewed and make sure there is no plaque on it. If there is, then carefully clean the candle from carbon deposits and dry it.

If the lawn mower does not start even after the methods suggested above, then you need to try to remove the air filter and start the device without it. If the trimmer still does not work, thoroughly dust the old filter or buy a new one.

It also happens that the mower works for a maximum of 5 minutes and then stalls and does not start until it cools down. In this case, try to open the filler cap of the gasoline filler cap. a suction sound should appear. Then screw the cap back on. If you do this manipulation while the trimmer has just started to stall, then the speed will be restored, and you can continue to work. If the mower stalls before opening the lid, then you just need to start it as expected according to the instructions.

Trimmer won’t start after winter

How to be in such a situation? Don’t worry and panic. This is a very common problem that can be solved in just 3-4 minutes. Firstly, if last year’s fuel remains in the gas tank, then it must be drained. Gasoline loses its octave properties after 2 weeks of inactivity. Secondly, you need to start a lawn mower after a long stagnation in a slightly different way. First you need to open the throttle and pump a little fuel mixture into the carburetor, then pull the handle until you feel a little resistance. After that you can start the trimmer.

Trimmer won’t start. Why?

A petrol trimmer is a surprisingly useful thing that can be used to tidy up not only a miniature lawn in the backyard of the house, but also mow a lawn of considerable size without any extra hassle. But, like all things in this world, it tends to break. In this article we will try to figure out what to do in cases where the trimmer refuses to work.

Trimmer starts and stalls

If, when you try to start the trimmer, it starts, but immediately stalls, then the air filter may again be the reason for this. It is necessary to remove it and check if it is clogged with dust. If this is true, then you need to thoroughly clean it or purchase a new one. Also, the problem may lie in the malfunction of the ignition coil. In this case, it is better to take the mower to a service center.

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The lawn mower does not work. How to start it?

If after a long downtime, winter storage, or for some other reason, the lawn mower does not start, do not immediately panic and run to the service center. It is not at all necessary that it has broken, perhaps it simply starts up incorrectly, the system has not been properly operated after a downtime, or the algorithm for preparing for work has not been followed.

Here are a few simple steps, after which, in almost 70% of all cases, the need for specialized maintenance of garden equipment disappears. After the lawn mower is idle, you need to:

  • Drain all gasoline from the machine’s gas tank. Sometimes it stagnates in the system and prevents it from starting effectively.
  • Fill in another, that is, new gasoline using a canister and a watering can. It is necessary to fill in fuel very carefully, not allowing even droplets to fall on the mower engine (they can ignite when the engine heats up). It is recommended to choose high-quality gasoline with an octane number. 92.
  • If provided, you need to pump gasoline with a primer into the carburetor. Turnovers are set to the maximum. The first cold start of the day requires the damper to be set to the Closed position. The next action is to hold down the top button on the mower handle, pull out the starter cord 20 centimeters smoothly, then pull it in your direction with a sharp but measured movement.
  • After the start of the mower, the air damper is set to the “Open” position.
  • You can start mowing the lawn.
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In the case when these manipulations do not help, and the mower has not started, it is worth:

  • check the position of the choke knob as described above in point 1
  • at an outdoor air temperature of more than 33 ° C, it is better to set the air damper regulator to the middle position
  • after the engine has been running for a long time (the engine will warm up) and after the required five-minute break, start the mower with the air damper in the “Open” position
  • check if gasoline gets to the spark plug, if there is a spark
  • check the gasoline in the mower tank, if it was filled for a long time, then it is better to change the fuel to a new one
  • see if the air filter passes through normally, if you need to wash it with gasoline
  • pump fuel into the carburetor with primer

Symptoms of problems

The first thing a user can notice is a deterioration in the quality of the device. The grass is not mowed evenly enough, leaving missing spots on the lawn. This happens because the motor starts to junk, its power decreases. TOP 5 symptoms indicating a problem:

  • Increased vibration of the device.
  • Increased operating noise.
  • The lawnmower starts and stalls.
  • The device turns off by itself.
  • Car whistles.

The main 3 reasons why the lawn mower stalls are improper operation, overload, prolonged operation (engine overheating). The system is cooled down thanks to the air filter, it should be checked every time you use garden technology. What to do to prevent the mower from stalling. before turning on the device, check the presence of gasoline in the tank, whether there is oil. It is recommended to clean the filter after each mowing.

Why the lawnmower won’t start?

Why the lawn mower won’t start, reasons

You can figure out what caused the device to malfunction by disassembling it. This must be done carefully and carefully, there are many small parts inside that are easy to break. There are 2 types of damage: mechanical, electrical. Let’s take a look at the most popular reasons why the mower won’t start and stall:

  • the carburetor is out of order;
  • bolted connections loosened;
  • breakdown of the motor;
  • the moving components of the mechanism (crankshaft, piston) are jammed;
  • blocking of the cutting tool (cylinder) with a foreign object. branches, sticks, hard grass, stones, etc.;
  • the oil and fuel supply system is broken;
  • the spark plug is out of order;
  • stretched, belt broke;
  • small or too large clearance between parts inside the structure;
  • faulty switch of the device;
  • dirty fuel hose, ventilation grilles;
  • clogged air filter.

If you use the petrol lawn mower for a long time without interruption, the device will stall. Why does the lawn mower stall and not start hot? Motor overvoltage occurs. It is better to postpone mowing, let the lawn mower stand, after it has stalled, most likely the reason lies in the overheating of the device.

How to start a lawn mower when the engine stalls at home

It is especially difficult to start the mower after a long period of inactivity. What should the user do when the sado-technician refuses to work:

  • If the device has not been cleaned for a long time, you need to flush the air engine, it is cleaned with gasoline (it is advisable to do this every 24 hours of operation). You can remove the filter from the device and start the unit, if the mower is working, then the reason lies precisely in this.
  • After winter, the remains of old gasoline in the tank can interfere with the operation of the device. The problem is easily eliminated if the fuel is replaced with a new one.
  • An insufficient amount of oil in the crankcase can also be the reason why the gasoline lawn mower will not start. Check its presence, whether there is fuel in the tank.
  • Incorrect position of the air damper during the first start. At temperatures ≥ 30 C, it should be in the middle position or closed. On restart. open.
  • Jamming of the crankshaft, piston. can be eliminated by slightly moving these parts. The main thing is to do it carefully so as not to break the mechanism.
  • Dirt in the breather. the fuel supply stops, you need to clean the part.
  • Dry threaded connection. with this factor there is no ignition spark, lubricate the connection with gasoline.
  • Spark plug malfunction. accumulation of oil on it, plaque. The candle is unscrewed, dries well, cleaned with a nail file. Excess fuel is drained, dried for at least 30 minutes. candle hole. Part may need to be replaced if it cannot be cleaned.
  • The contact of the high-voltage wire and the candle is also checked for the presence of a spark. If the latter does not occur, the malfunction of the ignition system will be identified and eliminated only at the service center.

Prevention of malfunctions

The rules for operating garden equipment are not complicated, if you adhere to these points, the device will last longer than the expected period:

  • Always use a good quality fuel mixture.
  • Do not work in the rain.
  • Prime fuel to carburetor.
  • Pour the required amount of gasoline into the tank, exclude fuel from entering the engine.
  • Mow intermittently. Give the device some time to cool down and rest. The petrol lawn mower will often not start when hot.
  • Clean the complete set of the structure only after the engine has cooled down. Should be cleaned: knives, channels, filters, container. It is advisable to do this with the use of special cleaning solutions. this way it will be possible to avoid corrosion of metal elements.
  • Store the device in a dry, warm room, eliminate moisture ingress.
  • In the course of work, do not put pressure on the device, make smooth forward movements, move along the site. Chaotic back and forth movements. wear out the unit faster.
  • If the device is not used for a long time, you need to replace the fuel with a new one. Gasoline stagnates in the system, does not allow the unit to function normally.

It should be noted that with the onset of cold weather, the car is removed as unnecessary, it is recommended to drain all gasoline for this period (it is explosive during stagnation). How to properly prepare the mower for work after winter: inspect the entire body for defects, drain and replace gasoline, check for oil, start the machine for the first time with the air damper slightly open or closed.

The structure of a gasoline lawn mower

Before you repair the device, you need to figure out what it consists of. There are many models of garden equipment from different brands: self-propelled, non-self-propelled. They all work the same way. The constituent elements of the structure:

  • platform on wheels;
  • gasoline engine (starter, carburetor, ignition and fuel supply system, air damper, filter, piston system, fuel tank.);
  • manual handle;
  • water jet nozzle;
  • cutting elements (knives);
  • grass collector (container);
  • unit for throwing out freshly cut grass;
  • buttons, control levers;
  • body (aluminum, steel, plastic).

Troubleshooting by professionals

The service station is not only for the car, but also for the garden technique. Usually, a service center is contacted in the event of a piston and carburetor malfunction of the device. Why and why the gasoline lawn mower does not start in these cases is determined by the master:

  • Damage to the integrity of the device or individual parts. with a tonometer, using pressure, find the affected area, seal it.
  • Clogging of channels, nozzles. elements are blown with air, cleaning fluids are used.
  • Worn pistons, gasket. replace the assembly part.

Electric starter does not turn on

Ignition button off. red on the right side of the steering wheel.

Dirty contacts in the ignition switch or near the starter button. unscrew the switch and clean the contacts with a special spray gun for electrical installations.

Battery voltage too low: if you hear the characteristic sound of the starter relay start, then charge or replace the battery.

Main fuse or ignition relay blown. check and replace as required.

A malfunction of the starter, for example, due to burnt out stator windings or core. it is unlikely that it will be possible to fix it on your own, so contact the service.

Starter works but engine is quiet

Broken bendex or (after disconnecting the starter) turns it in the opposite direction in a poorly assembled housing or has reverse connections. better let the mechanic see this.

The starter starts the engine slowly

Discharged or poorly connected battery. charge or replace battery, clean clips, check wiring.

Starter motor turns, but engine won’t start

No gasoline in the tank. this is known.

Closed tap. open it or set a “reserve” for it.

Old or dirty fuel in carburetors. empty the float chambers (small screw at the bottom) and refill with fresh fuel.

Fuel vacuum cock does not open. remove hose and turn off engine. If no fuel is flowing, it is most likely the vacuum membrane in the faucet or inlet mower line to blame. Set the valve to the “open” or “reserve” position.

Connect the fuel line or its filter to the tap. disconnect the cord from the tap and check if fuel is leaking through it. If so, it means that the auxiliary fuel filter is clogged and must be replaced. If that doesn’t work, remove and clean the faucet.

Air filter clogged. replace or clean it.

No spark on spark plugs. replace / check plugs and / or wires. Replace ignition coils on older motorcycles.

Defective ignition system or engine electronics. Check battery connection and charging. Try a different battery. Check the ignition system: the contacts must be dry, the cables are in order, and the ground is well connected.

Why the motorcycle won’t start

often than not, some trifle is to blame, although there may be a more serious failure. Here are 16 reasons your car engine may not want to wake up after a winter idle.

Outside the window, the temperature is above zero, the asphalt is dry, like pepper, but if it gets cool, then clothes will save. Now it’s time to start the season! Feeling thirsty to drive, you frantically enter the garage like a young man, before the first date, with your hand trembling with impatience, insert the key into the ignition, turn, press the starter. What happens next is like a punch in the stomach, because instead of the engine music, you hear the silence.

It is not hard to predict that you will swear at first. However, it is definitely early to fall into despair. Instead of getting angry, check a few things, step by step, according to the diagram we are offering you. If you put a working car for the winter, and in the meantime did not raise it (that is, did not spoil something unknowingly), you can cope with most of the reasons why the engine does not work.

Starter relay clicks but engine won’t turn

Discharged battery, poorly connected starter cable or short circuit due to broken cable. check battery, connections, current with a multimeter.

How to start diagnosing lawn mowers

If the lawn mower does not start or immediately stalls after starting, it is necessary to sequentially check all the main components and assemblies. The verification algorithm is as follows:

  • Fuel tank (fuel quality);
  • Candle and candle channel;
  • Air filter;
  • Fuel filter;
  • Breather;
  • Exhaust channel.

These nodes are most often the source of major problems that can be eliminated after a thorough inspection.

We carry out diagnostics of a candle and a candle channel

If the quality of the fuel mixture is not in doubt, and the lawn mower stalls when started, then a flooded spark plug may be the cause. Here, for repairs, an ordinary candle wrench is suitable (every motorist probably has) and a spare candle.

  • We unscrew the candle and wipe it;
  • Dry it thoroughly (do not ignite);
  • We drain the excess fuel in the chamber through the spark plug hole and dry it;
  • We clean the old candle from carbon deposits using a file or a lady’s file;
  • We set a gap with a distance of 1 mm (you can check with any coin);
  • We put everything back in place and try to start the trimmer.

It is necessary to dry the canal for at least 30–40 minutes. Otherwise, there is a risk of re-filling and a new candle.

If the candle is working, the socket where it is located is completely dry, and the lawn mower does not want to start, lubricate the threaded connection with gasoline. It should be slightly damp. No matter how wonderful a spark the candle gives out, there is simply nothing to light up in a dry chamber.

If the trimmer motor still does not start, a reason such as the absence of a spark due to poor contact between the spark plugs and the high-voltage wire should be ruled out. If the connection is of good quality, but there is still no spark, most likely, your ignition unit has “flown”. Here it will not be possible to do without a master, since the part is not repaired, but is sold as a single unit.

Filter diagnostics for lawn mowers

Another reason why the gasoline scythe stalls is the air filter. To eliminate it, try removing the filter and starting the trimmer without it. If possible, then you will have to change the air filter to a new one, or at least blow through and thoroughly clean the old one.

The petrol trimmer may not start due to a dirty fuel filter. This is the next step in our algorithm. Here we check the condition of the filter element and, if necessary, replace it with a new one. When replacing, try not to leave the suction pipe completely without a filter, this is prohibited by any operating instructions. Haste can turn into repair of the engine piston group.

Why the lawn mower won’t start. troubleshooting

Caring for the backyard plot, summer residents periodically encounter the fact that the lawn mower does not start. There are many reasons for tool failure. To correctly diagnose the problem, the owner of a useful unit in the country needs to know the device and the principle of operation of its individual parts.

  • How to start diagnosing lawn mowers
  • Checking the fuel mixture
  • We carry out diagnostics of a candle and a candle channel
  • Filter diagnostics for lawn mowers
  • Breather and exhaust port
  • complex reasons for lawn mowers failure
  • Rules for the operation and storage of lawn mowers

Checking the fuel mixture

Before starting the engine of the gasoline streamer, check the presence and quality of the fuel mixture. Do not save, do not be greedy and do not be clever in this matter. Repair or replacement of the piston group will cost you too much (sometimes up to 70% of the cost of a new tool). Prepare the oil-fuel mixture strictly according to the instructions. Calculate its amount based on real needs. Excess gasoline left over after work loses its quality over time.

Breather and exhaust port

Often, “gentle” branded lawn mowers will not start and stall due to a dirty breather. The main function of this element is to equalize the pressure in the gas tank. When this unit becomes clogged, a vacuum is created in the tank, which prevents the supply of fuel. You can eliminate the malfunction by cleaning the breather. You can use a regular needle for cleaning.

Normal operation of streamers with internal combustion engines can be disrupted due to the ingress of dirt into the exhaust duct or clogging of the muffler mesh. There is such a problem on older generation models. The issue can be resolved by traditional cleaning and removal of the anti-spark grid.

complex reasons for lawn mowers failure

If the step-by-step troubleshooting algorithm does not work, and your scythe still does not start or stalls, it is worth inspecting the carburetor and the engine itself. A clogged carburetor can be one of the reasons for erratic tool performance. There are three main problems here:

  • Clogged ducts or nozzles. All this is cleaned by special washes or blown by a powerful jet of compressed air from the compressor. Do not use needles and wires, as the bore may be damaged;
  • Worn carburetor gasket. Exit. replacement of a failed gasket;
  • Violation of tightness. To check this indicator, you can use an ordinary household tonometer, replacing it with a suitable pressure gauge. Watch the readings: if they do not change, everything is fine, and if the pressure starts to drop, then some part of the carburetor is faulty. We’ll have to find it and replace it with a new one.
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If everything is in order with the carburetor, then the petrol trimmer may not start due to wear of the piston group. If chips, scratches or scuffs are found on the piston or cylinder, they should be replaced. Piston rings are subject to mandatory checks. A small backlash of the piston when rocking the connecting rod indicates that it is time to change the rings. This procedure is best entrusted to the specialists of the service center.

How to remove the trimmer coil with your own hands

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Why the lawn mower or lawn mower won’t start. causes

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Chainsaw carburetor cleaning

Cleaning the carburetor of a chainsaw of any modification, configuration and power takes place according to one traditional and correct scheme, and its need arises as a result of clogging of the part. To understand that

How does the breather affect the ability to start the motor lawn mowers

Having excluded the malfunctions of the lawn mowers filters, as described in the previous publication, it is necessary to check the breather. A breather is a part that is responsible for normalizing the pressure in the tank. As fuel gradually leaves the tank and into the carburetor, the pressure increases (a vacuum is created). To discharge the vacuum inside the tank, a breather is used. a kind of valve that is located on the tool tank lid. This valve has a filter element through which the air entering the tank is filtered.

Over time, the filter becomes clogged and causes a vacuum in the gas tank. It is commonplace, but in 30% of cases, a trimmer malfunction, in the form of the impossibility of starting it, is associated with a clogged breather. The breather on the trimmer can be cleaned and the tool can continue to be used. You can make sure that the cause of the trimmer malfunction is the breather as follows:

  • Unscrew the gas cap
  • If, when unscrewing, air bleeds, then it is already possible with 100% certainty to assume that the breather has failed
  • Screw on the cover and start the mowers engine. If the trimmer starts, but after a while (when the amount of fuel in the tank decreases) it stalls, then it is necessary to clean the breather

You can clean the breather with a regular sewing needle. Many people do not even know about this important detail, therefore, they often do not understand what to do when the lawn mowers engine does not start. Answering the question of the effect of the breather on the start of the motor, it must be said that it has a direct effect. Excessive pressure in the tank prevents fuel from flowing to the carburetor, therefore, the engine will not start.

Trimmer will not start due to carburetor malfunction

One of the hardest reasons lawn mowers cannot start is the carburetor. This mechanism is responsible for the preparation and proper supply of the fuel-air mixture to the cylinder. If the carburetor is clogged or incorrectly adjusted, the mower may not start or be unstable.

How to adjust the carburetor on a lawn mower tell journalists

If the adjustment does not help to restore stable operation of the tool engine, or the trimmer does not start at all, then the carburetor should be removed and repaired. The whole carburetor repair consists in disassembling it, cleaning all channels and components. If necessary? replace the failed parts ^ membranes, filters, etc.

There may be the following types of malfunctions of its faults:

  • Channels and nozzles are clogged. special fluids can be used for cleaning, but it is best to disassemble the mechanism with thorough rinsing. The reason for the clogging of the channels and jets of the carburetor is the storage of the tool with fuel in the tank.
  • Wear of carburetor gaskets. rubber seals contribute to the fact that the tightness of the mechanism is disturbed, as a result of which the serviceability of functioning is impaired
  • Faulty carburetor membranes. they are responsible for pumping fuel into the device

To make sure that the CPG is malfunctioning, a compression test should be performed as described above.

What to do if the braid does not start on the “cold

To begin with, let’s analyze the situation when it is impossible to start the engine of the lawn mowers cold. What does this mean? Surely, many have come across such a situation when the trimmer starts up just fine, but if you just take a short break, a problem arises. This is a problem with starting the engine after it has cooled down. What could be the reason?

Of course, no one ruled out all the above factors, but if the situation occurs constantly, then there is no need to check them. If it starts well on a hot lawn mower, but problems arise on a cold lawn, then you should look for the reasons inside the CPG (cylinder-piston group).

To identify a malfunction, you will need to use a compressometer. We screw the compression gauge into the hole instead of the candle, and after that, we activate the starter handle. We measure the pressure inside the cylinder. compression.

The amount of compression should be about 8-12 atmospheres. After the tool has warmed up (it is enough to work for 15-20 minutes), repeat the check procedure. If the compression on a hot engine is below 8 atmospheres, there seems to be a CPG malfunction. This means that the rings, piston and cylinder walls are worn out.

The situation can be corrected by replacing the CPG. When replacing, it is important to take into account such a recommendation as abundant smearing of parts with engine oil inside the cylinder. This is necessary so that in the first minutes of starting a new cylinder with a piston, no scoring occurs.

When the engine compression decreases, the fuel consumption increases, as well as the performance of the tool decreases. It is possible to work with such a tool, however, wear increases with each subsequent hour of work. One fine day, it will be impossible for the lawn mower to start at all, even when warming up.

Important! Low compression mowers can warm up the engine by pulling the starter handle. When heated, the metal expands, thereby increasing compression.

The engine does not start after winter

Often, with the onset of spring, most lawnmower owners complain about the inability to start the motor of this tool. With what it can be connected? In order for the trimmer to start well in the spring after winter storage, it is necessary to learn how to properly care for it. How to properly store your lawn mower in winter is described in detail at the very end of the material. Now will figure out why after winter it is impossible to start the motor of the tool.

One of the main reasons the lawn mower won’t start after winter is stagnant fuel in the gas tank. If you do not drain the fuel from the tank and leave the tool stored for a long time, then naturally, it will be impossible to start the lawn mower. The properties of a mixture of gasoline and oil fall, therefore, as a fact, we get a malfunction of the instrument. Even if there is a fuel mixture left in the trimmer from last year, it is recommended to drain it and pour in freshly prepared one. After that. run a tool.

Another reason may be a malfunction of the air damper. If you close it manually, the valve itself may not work, so you start the mower with the air damper fully open. In this case, the tool will not start to cold, as there is a large air leak. The video below explains why the trimmer does not start on a cold.

In addition to these reasons for the impossibility of starting the engine of lawn mowers, there are others, which are also important to mention:

  • Damping of the spark plug electrodes. before starting the trimmer after winter, unscrew the spark plug, inspect it, clean it, dry it and set a gap
  • Damage to the high-voltage wire. During the storage of the instrument, the high-voltage wire could crack, be damaged, or it could be gnawed by mice. Make sure the armor wire is intact if the trimmer won’t start after winter
  • Oxidation of wire contacts. This usually happens if the instrument is stored in a damp room.
  • Check the condition of the ignition coil. During the winter, this part could fail and cause a difficult start of the tool
  • Carburetor adjustment. It is recommended to adjust the carburetor after winter. To implement this, the tool must start, therefore, if it is impossible to start, it is recommended to pour 20 grams of the fuel mixture into the spark plug hole, and start the engine
  • Perform all the above actions, since, during long-term storage, the breather hole, filters could clog, as well as corrosion on the walls of the exhaust system

Diagnose the tool, and only after that, you can begin more serious repairs: cleaning the carburetor.

What to do if your lawn mower or trimmer won’t start. The ending journalists in this publication complete an overview of probable malfunctions of lawn mowers and how to fix them.

Clogged muffler

What else could be the reason why it is impossible to start the petrol trimmer engine? Even before resorting to more drastic actions, you should check the serviceability of the muffler or exhaust channel. This does not apply to new trimmers, which have practically no special performance. If the trimmer has been for many years, and at the same time, the tool has not been subjected to diagnostic measures, then the muffler should be checked for clogging.

If the lawn mower muffler is clogged, the exhaust gas has nowhere to go and therefore the engine cannot be started. In an instant, the outlet channel cannot become clogged, therefore, the day before, they should have appeared approximately. such signs:

  • Increasing the volume of the sound of the engine operation, which is associated with overcoming the large resistance of the exhaust gases for their release
  • Black smoke from the muffler. carbon deposits that settle on the walls of the exhaust system
  • Unstable engine operation
  • The motor stalls on its own when idling

This factor can be excluded or confirmed by examining the exhaust system. If the anti-spark mesh has significant blockages, then undoubtedly the reason for the inability to start the engine lies in the exhaust channel. The mesh must be cleaned, only this must be done carefully, since black carbon is a very dangerous carcinogen that can provoke serious diseases of the human respiratory system. To clean the anti-spark mesh and the walls of the trimmer muffler, use special means, and work with protective equipment.

How to store your lawn mower properly and avoid problems with starting it

Its launch depends on the correct approach to storing the trimmer. over, this applies not only to winter long-term storage. When storing lawn mowers and trimmers, there are a number of rules to keep in mind.

  • Before storing the tool in the zipun for winter storage, drain the fuel from the tank. In addition, the remaining fuel must also be removed, and this can be done by starting the engine, letting it run for a while until it stalls
  • Store the tool preferably in a dry place
  • Before starting the engine after a long pause of more than 2-3 months, it is necessary to first inspect the spark plug electrodes, as well as check the main components. the air filter, high-voltage wire, etc.
  • When operating the tool, it must be borne in mind that overheating of the motor negatively affects the service life, so you need to take breaks during work, especially if a trimmer with a two-stroke engine is used for work. Units with four-stroke engines are not only more powerful, but also more durable
  • After winter, first of all, you need to do the following: pour a little oil into the spark plug hole, first moving the piston to the dead center. This is necessary in order to lubricate the parts of the CPG when starting the motor, thereby eliminating their rapid wear.

Only with the right approach to finding the reasons why the trimmer does not start, you can independently find and fix the breakdown. over, for this you do not need to be a specialist at all, and to understand thoroughly the design of gasoline units. Proceed in order in the sequence presented in the material, and it will be as easy as shelling pears to restore the lawn mower.