Lifan engine installation on the Neva single axle tractor

Advantages of the Honda engine

Engine for the Neva MB-1 power tiller

Popular among owners of small plots, the single-axle tractor Neva MB-1 stands out for its ease of operation and maintenance. Due to its small size and low weight the machine is quite maneuverable and due to the large pneumatic wheels it is very passable.

In agriculture the Neva MB-1 power tillers are used for plowing, loosening the soil, harrowing, hilling, as well as planting and harvesting the tuber crops. If necessary, a small trailer can be installed on the model to transport up to 0.5 tons of cargo.

The Neva MB-1 power tiller achieves such versatility thanks to its sufficiently powerful and durable engine. The model is equipped with different engines. it all depends on the year of manufacture and the intended use of the tractor.

In the standard factory equipment of the agricultural machine includes a gasoline power unit of the DM-1 brand. It is a reliable 4-stroke engine with a 25mm output shaft that rotates counterclockwise. The motor consists of 1 chromium-plated cylinder, 76 mm in diameter. Piston stroke range is 70 mm.

The engine of the model is completed with a float-type carburetor, which is designed to enrich fuel with oxygen and stabilize the engine crankshaft speed in any operating mode. Power unit has a foam filter for pre-cleaning intake air.

The engine for the Neva power tiller is started by means of a built-in manual starter. Model ignition. electronic. To stabilize the operating temperature, the factory design of the power tiller includes an air cooling system that draws in air through the work of centrifugal forces.

Characteristics of the DM-1 engine include:

  • volume. 316 cm 3 ;
  • power. 5 l. с.;
  • Rotation speed. 3000 rpm;
  • Torque rating is 13.8 Nm;
  • fuel tank capacity. 4 liters;
  • Capacity of the oil sump. 1,3 liters;
  • Fuel consumption under average loads. 2 l/h.

The engine has small dimensions. The power unit is 40 cm long, 45 cm wide and 47 cm high. Motor weight. 28 kg.

Engines for power tillers and cultivators. technical specifications, user manuals

Lifan 168 f-2 engines with a maximum output of 6.5 liters.с. One of the most popular engines for installation on power tillers. Used both in Russian-made and other manufacturers motorcycles.

Gasoline engine Lifan 168 F-2 designed for installation on small motorized equipment of household level. The engine is best suited for mounting on cultivators and tillers, snow blowers, pumps, generators, snow blowers and other equipment. This model combines durability, economy with moderate cost and ease of use. Country of manufacturer. China.

According to statistics, queries Yandex engines for power tillers Lifan leading in its popularity and relevance. While Honda, Subaru and BS are arguing over who is better, Lifan is conquering the market in this segment. If you decide to buy a particular model through the online store, you will see that the Chinese engines are easier to buy and choose, because they are traded by many more companies.

For those who have the technique with an outdated engine, the engine for the motorblock Lifan 168F-2, with an increased motor life is ideal for retrofitting. For a complete re-equipment, you only need to buy a 2-stroke pulley, pad, belts, throttle cable and a set of fasteners.

These engines are ideal for power tillers, represented on the Russian market Tselina, Neva, Salyut, Favorit, Agat, Kaskad, Ugra, Oka, Volga, Luch, Farmer, Patriot. Almost all of the above manufacturers complete their motor blocks with Lifan gasoline engines.

For all Lifan vehicles we offer 2 years warranty. this fact indicates a sufficiently high quality.

Lifan (Lifan). Official website of dealers in Russia:

LIFAN official representative in Russia.

The official representative of LIFAN in Russia

Technical characteristics of the engine lifan 168f-2

Model 168F 168F-2
Dimensions, LxWxH, mm 305x365x335 313x376x335
Dry weight, kg 15 16
Engine type 4-stroke, OHV, single-cylinder, 25º inclined
Cylinder volume (cm3) 163 196
Cylinder diameter, stroke, mm 68х45 68х54
Maximum theoretical power, kW/rpm 4.1(5.5 л.с.)/3600 4.8(6.5 л.с.)/3600
Recommended power, kW/rpm 3.4(4.6 л.с.)/3600 4(5.5 л.с.)/3600
Max. torque, N rpm 9.0/3000 11.0/3000
Fuel consumption, g/kWh 394 394
Cooling system Forced air cooling
Ignition system Non-transistor (TC1)
Spark plug type BRR6ES (NGK), NHSP LD 6RTCU173F
Crankshaft direction Counterclockwise
Adjustable parameters:Spark plug gap Idle speed Valve gap (cold engine) 0.7-0.8 mm1700±150o6./Inlet: 0.15±0.02mm Outlet: 0.20±0.02mm
Starting manual
Fuel tank capacity: 3,6 л
Engine oil volume: 0,6 л
Recommended oil SAE. 30 year old, SAE. 10W. 30 all-season (the same oil is used for modifications with gearbox)
Fuel 10White petrol with octane rating at least 92
Nearest analogues Honda GX-200, Champion CH200K/G200F
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All engines in Lifan 6 series.5 liters c (series include Lifan 168F-2, 168F-2R, 168FD-2R) equipped with automatic decompressor and oil level sensor. Decompressor serves to reduce the engine starting force, and a sensor is used in the engine blocking system when the oil level falls below the set standard.

Graph of the relationship and torque to engine speed

From the graph, you can see that the optimum engine operating conditions are around 2500 rpm

What oil to fill in the Lifan 168F-2 engine

The most correct choice of oil will help determine the engine’s instruction manual. Here’s an excerpt from the manual: Oil. is a key factor in keeping the engine running. Do not use additive oil or 2-stroke oil, t.к. they do not contain enough lubricant, which reduces the life of the engine. Check engine with engine mounted on level groundRecommended oil: SAE. 30 summertime, SAE. 10W. 30 multigrade (cf. Fig) Since viscosity varies with temperature and region, the lubricant should be chosen according to our recommendations. See. Figure.1.Park the engine on a horizontal surface.2.Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean.3.Insert the dipstick back into the neck of the oil sump without screwing on the cap, and measure the oil level.4.If the oil level is low, add the recommended engine oil.5.Reinsert the dipstick.

The engine is equipped with an oil flow control system (oil sensor) The oil flow control system is designed to prevent engine damage due to insufficient oil in the crankcase. When the oil level becomes low, the oil flow control system will stop the engine automatically to prevent damage to the engine while the engine switch remains in the “ON” position.”).

The oil sensor is a part of the system that blocks the engine when the oil level drops below a certain limit. The engine lockout is needed:- If the vehicle tips over or overturns.- Lifan engines are installed as drive not only in vehicles, but also in generators. Generators are usually stationary machines, they do not require continuous monitoring. Therefore, in the event that something should happen to the oil of the alternator during operation, the locking system will prevent it from breaking.

Unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of at least 92 is used. Using unleaded gasoline reduces fouling and prolongs engine life. Never use untreated gasoline or a mixture of gasoline and oil. The fuel must be free of dirt and water. Japanese carburetor installed. Engine runs stably even with low-quality gasoline.If you choose to use gasoline containing alcohol (gasoline-alcohol), make sure that its octane number is not lower than the recommended. There are two types of gasoline alcohol: one. If you decide to use gasoline containing ethanol, make sure it has an octane rating no lower than recommended. Methanol. ethanol must not exceed 10% and methanol. 5%. If more than 5% methanol is in the mixture, it can reduce engine performance and, in addition, damage metal, rubber, and plastic parts.

There is an option to purchase a certified gas module, which makes the engine a dual-fuel gas. Gasoline. The manufacturer’s warranty remains intact in this case.

Recommended spark plugs: BP6ES, BPR6ES (NGK) or NHSPLD F7RTCU. Cleanliness ensures that the engine runs properly and that there is no fouling around the spark plug. Measure spark plug gap with a feeler gauge. The gap should be 0.7 to 0.8 mm Adjust distance by bending the side electrode.

Check that the spark plug washer is in good condition, replace it if necessary. Screw in the spark plug by hand as far as it will go, then tighten it with the special wrench. When installing a new spark plug, tighten the washer by an additional 1/2 turn. If installing a spark plug you have already used, tighten 1/8-1/4 turn.WARNING The spark plug must be carefully installed and tightened. An insufficiently tightened spark plug can overheat and damage the engine. Use only the recommended spark plugs and equivalent. Incorrect spark plug temperature range can damage the engine. Screw the spark plug in carefully so as not to disturb the threads in the cylinder block.

An important feature of the engine is that it is unified with many similar motors and mounts the mounting platform is the same, which does not cause difficulties when replacing the engine. Often mentioned is the fact that Lifan. Honda replica (even sometimes licensed). but this does not correspond to reality. This information is voiced by Honda representatives.

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The installation dimensions of the engine for the lifan 168f-2 motorblock:

Varieties of engines Lifan 168F-2

lifan, engine, installation, neva

Different variants are available:

  • diameter and type of output shaft
  • type and type of gearbox (1/2, 1/6, chain, pinion, with automatic centrifugal clutch)
  • the presence of an electric starter and light coil

Lifan 168F-2 The cheapest package with a 19 or 20 mm shaft connection size.

Lifan 168F-2 The power unit has a tapered shaft outlet, differs from the basic model only by the tapered recess of the crankshaft toe, which provides a more accurate and tight fit of the pulleys.

Lifan 168F-2L This engine has a built-in reduction gear with a landing diameter of the output shaft of 22 mm


Lifan168F-2R The motor is also equipped with a reducing reducer, but with an automatic centrifugal clutch, and the size of a landing of a secondary shaft of the reducer. 20 mm.

Lifan 168FD-2R 7A The most expensive variant of the engine differs not only by the increased to 22 mm diameter of the gearbox output shaft, but also by the presence of an electric starter. At the same time, the rectifier, which is necessary to provide charging of the battery, is not included.

Here are examples of engine modifications:

Deciphering of marking Lifan engines

The brand name is followed by the engine series, which is indicated by corresponding numbers and letters, according to them you can determine the capacity, measured in horsepower:

Series nomenclature is followed by Latin letters and their meanings are as follows:

F. standard engine. Example: Lifan 168 F. this is a 168 series motor in the standard configuration with a conventional manual start.

D. marking of the electric starter. Example: Lifan 168 FD. 168 series engine with manual and electric starter.

R. designation of reduction chain reducer with centrifugal clutch. Example: Lifan 168 F-R is a 680 series motor with manual start, chain reducer and centrifugal clutch. No D indicates a manual start. Lifan 168 FD-R. electric start, chain reduction gear and centrifugal clutch. Centrifugal clutch is the rotation of the shaft when the speed increases. The more throttle you give, the higher the shaft speed.

Соединение двигателя Лифан Lifan C192FD дизель с КПП мотоцикла Урал. Самодельный минитрактор 3

L. there’s a gear reducer on the engine. Example: Lifan 168 F-L. it is a 168 series motor with a gear reducer installed, which reduces the standard speed by half.

S. the engine is designed for use at low temperatures, ideal for winter. For example: Lifan 188 FD(S) engine. 188 series machines with electric start in winter version.

H. the engine has a chain gearbox. Example: Lifan 168 FH. this is a 168 series engine with a chain reducer installed, which lowers the standard speed by half.

V. engine with a vertical crankshaft. Example 1P 54FV. 1P 54. engine series, F. standard manual start, V. vertical shaft.

C. engine that runs on diesel fuel.

In some cases, in the markings of Lifan engines, in particular the series 168, you can see the letter B, for example Lifan 168F-2B. The presence of this letter in the name means that the appearance (design) of the engine has been changed.

The color of Lifan engines may vary by request of the supplying organization Lifan Industry Group Co. Ltd. (reservation: on condition that the batch of engines will be more than 1100 pcs.).

Subaru engine oil change with Subaru engine oil

Since Subaru is one of the most common engines with which owners are replacing the old engines of power tillers Neva, we will consider separately the requirements of Subaru manufacturer to the characteristics of engine oils.

The oil recommended by the manufacturer is SAE 10W-30 for summertime in moderate climates and SAE 5W-30 in cold regions and in winter. Manufacturer-recommended performance class. SE or higher (optimal. SG, SH, SJ). So if you have a Neva single axle tractor with a Subaru engine, it’s important to consider these requirements.

Engine for power tiller

Manufacturers of gasoline four-stroke single-cylinder engines, such as Subaru, Honda, BriggsStratton and others divide their products into: consumer (domestic) and professional (commercial). There are also a transitional line of “semi-professional” models.

The main difference between them is the motor life. If a professional engine for a motorblock at maximum load in working conditions before the first overhaul can work 1500 motor-hours, the service life of a domestic motor is usually no more than 700 hours. That is why serious operation implies the use of a professional engine for the power tiller.

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Rules of Usage

The basis. to buy the engine correctly, trace how it is installed on a single-axle tractor. And also to follow the instructions competently, to take care of the engine during its operation. The first thing to do even before buying the product. get expert advice on the peculiarities of using the machine. It is important to read the installation and operating manual thoroughly to avoid operating errors. It is necessary to conduct systematic preventive maintenance. change the oil, clean components.

When you can see that the engine is not functioning steadily, seek help from a service center. The warranty document will come in handy. Causes of failure are many, so if there are no repair skills, it is right not to fix it yourself, so as not to worsen the situation. A pro will definitely find the cause, determine whether it is necessary to replace the oil seal on the crankshaft, whether to use a different fuel, whether it is necessary to replace the wire inside.

Engines from the company Lifan, what are they?

Chinese company Lifan has existed for quite a long time, because the company was founded in 1992 and continues to evolve up to this day. At the same time Lifan is considered one of the major, to be exact one of the leading companies in Chinese motor market.

The company itself develops not only engines. Its main business is the production of cars, motorcycles and other motor vehicles. The company has a really great experience in the development of engines for a variety of equipment.

In Russia, this company is famous for its Chinese motors for power tillers, because it is quite a developed type of motor technology, which is widely used. If it used to say on the product “manufactured in China”, Many Russians recoiled at this idea, because the rule was that anything Chinese was of low quality. Now it is the opposite, with the growth of the Chinese market, the quality of products has increased significantly, while the price of the product is still very reasonable.

What does replacing the engine on a Neva mb1 or mb2 power tiller

It is possible to change the motor on Neva motor blocks not only to the version of the brand, but also to a different one, for example, more or less powerful. At the same time what to pick up the motor to the motor-block Neva need to know. The models with DM 1K engine were produced in the starting set. The upgraded Neva power tillers can be equipped with foreign brand engines:

lifan, engine, installation, neva

Replacing the engine on the Neva MB-2 power tiller with a foreign one will increase the service life, but such models are the most expensive. Therefore, if you need to replace the engine on your Neva power tiller, you should understand that such motors are durable, wear-resistant, but their price is higher. It is important to know what are the alternatives to engines made in Japan. it is necessary to take into account whether the engine will be replaced by yourself or at a service station. There are a large number of replacement options. The replacement is selected on the basis of price/performance symbiosis, suitability for repair, weather conditions, and other considerations. It is possible to seek the advice of an expert.

Oil in the engine

If you have a single-axle tractor to help you, it is essential to keep an eye on its technical condition. Oil is a very important compound that needs to be changed on time. It is responsible in the engine for lubrication, sealing, cooling and cleaning of all parts of the engine.

When the unit is in constant operation, there can be a burnout of the oil remaining in the cylinder and oxidation, causing the single axle tractor to begin to smoke. Also substances with resins are deposited in the parts, resulting in contamination. Therefore, it is recommended to use good foreign lubricants, which already have in their composition the necessary additives.