Lift table for circular saw with your own hands

The lifting mechanism for the circular saw with his hands

Buying a circular saw is one thing, but the amount of work to be done with the tool is quite another. Not always the construction craftsman imagines how much material will have to saw for a certain period of time.

The opposite can also happen. the need to buy a table for a circular saw occurs immediately after the purchase of the equipment.

But what to do if the need has arisen by accident or the cost of the product in the store is embarrassing? The answer is simple. to make a table for a manual circular saw with their own hands. A step by step consideration of the question. below.

General construction requirements

Mandatory requirements include:

  • Rigidity (stability) of design;
  • smooth, level table surface;
  • safe attachment of the saw;
  • the presence of the blade guard;
  • Unobstructed access to the start and stop buttons.

The presence of additional functions depends on the requirements of the work and the wishes of the master. These include the ability to make quality longitudinal and cross cuts.

It is desirable that the bed of the table included legs, rather than solid sheets of plywood or particle board

In the latter case the working comfort is questionable, because it is uncomfortable for the operator to stand at the machine.

Standard products, of which there are hundreds in the stores, are made of stainless steel. This is an excellent material, but the following is the production of a circular saw table made of wood.

Design of the stationary circular saw

Stationary circular saw is designed for quite large amount of work. The design of the realized variant in two views is shown on the scheme below. It also indicates the main dimensions of the installation, which are recommended to use as a basis for self-assembly.

In the drawing, the numbers correspond to the following structural elements of homemade equipment:

  • 1. frame (bed);
  • 17. switch; 2. side panel;
  • 3. starting device;
  • 4. table height adjustment mechanism, 13. its stops;
  • 5, 6 and 7. two halves of the sawing table with the base;
  • 8. electric motor;
  • 9. motor mounting platform;
  • 10. pins (M10);
  • 11. saw
  • 12. shaft;
  • 14 and 16. respectively driven and driven pulleys;
  • 15. belt;
  • 17. switch.

It is better to place the starting device on a visible place on the panel (made of dielectric material) so that it is freely accessible. It is also recommended to equip the machine with an emergency stop switch. It is convenient if it is of large size.

Focusing on your own needs, you can upgrade the machine, making it with a planer or a planer. For this purpose it is enough to fix a drum with knives on an available shaft, and in a table to make a slot under it of the corresponding size. This will expand the functionality of the created installation: to chip on it saw-timbers, bevel and choose a quarter of the wooden workpieces.

If regular carpentry operations are planned on the homemade equipment, it is recommended to equip it with a coordinate table with several guides. They need to be fixed at different angles. For the organization of productive work it is also necessary to provide the ability to regulate the speed of the electric motor and quick replacement of the discs, if necessary.

A few words about electronics

A circular saw is electrical equipment that operates in the vicinity of a 220-volt power supply. If the user has enough knowledge and experience in electronics he can bypass the saw’s start and stop buttons, and then put them in a convenient place (usually the outside of one of the ribs).

If the circuit seems complicated, it is worth tying the start button with a wire, and turn on the equipment with a power cord. But this way is bad, because it rules out the possibility of quick disconnection in an emergency situation.

Materials and parts selection

When building a home-built circular saw, it is necessary to maintain an optimal balance between its functionality, safety during operation and manufacturing costs. To achieve this it is necessary to choose materials and parts with the right characteristics. To keep costs down, use old or unused equipment you have on hand.

Materials for making the base with a table

To make the bed (frame) you can use a channel or metal angles (size is sufficient from 25×25 mm to 50×50 mm). If these materials are not available, the most economical option is to buy them at a metal recycling center. The legs of the machine can be made of plumbing or metal profile pipes.

Assembling the base, you must also weld spacers in the corners to give the structure rigidity. To make moving the machine easier, you can equip it with sturdy wheels (with a metal rim), equipped with locks. Note that the more massive the unit to be built, the more stable it must be to prevent injury.

The main requirements for the table for a circular saw: resistance to mechanical stress (vibration, shock), the ability to withstand without bending workpieces weighing more than 50 kg and the smoothness of the surface. The sheets of the following materials are characterized by these properties:

If you use moisture-resistant plywood, it is necessary to beat it up with zinc-coated tin beforehand. The use of chipboard or OSB is not recommended because these sheets are not resistant to vibration.

Important! The strength of the table is of great practical importance. If it is cracked or skewed because of deflection, the disc may jam. This can cause not only damage to the workpiece, but also personal injury.

For all kinds of work (e.g. splitting logs into planks) the table should be equipped with a side support. It performs the same function as the guide bar for hand-held circular saws: it ensures straight cuts in sawn timber. It is used in this application to produce blanks of varying sizes.

The guide stop must be strictly parallel to the disc to prevent it from jamming. It can be made from a wooden bar or a metal angle. In the first case, only hardwood should be used. In order to be able to adjust the working gap, the plunger must be removable. It can be fixed with the help of clamps or in special grooves (screws), made parallel to each other on the worktop.

Choice of motor and control gear

As a drive for the considered version of the homemade circular machine, it is easiest to use a single-phase electric motor. Its power needs to be matched to the load to be applied. An indirect check can be made on the diameter of the blade to be installed:

  • if it is 350 mm, then an electric motor of 1000 W is needed for the machine to work properly;
  • For a blade diameter of 170 mm a motor of 500 W is sufficient.

In the latter case, you can make the driving mechanism from the motor from a washing machine. It is capable of operating for a long time under moderate load. An electric motor from an industrial air handling unit is good for 350mm diameter discs. It must be fixed rigidly to allow the belt drive to mesh properly. For this reason, it will not be possible to reduce vibrations by mounting the motor on shock absorbers: it will always vibrate.

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It is also possible to equip the homemade equipment with a three-phase electric motor (380 V) of suitable power. To start it from 220 V mains it is necessary to install working (phase shifting) and starting capacitors in electric circuit additionally. You should also note that in this case the motor capacity will be less than the rated capacity shown on the motor plate or in the certificate.

Starting equipment should be selected on the basis of motor power, which will determine the maximum current in the circuit. A good option is to use a starter button in conjunction with thermal protection. this will prevent the motor from burning out the windings if the current increases as the disc jams. It is better to install the protection in a separate electric box attached to the side panel of the machine on a convenient side.

All connections must be well insulated, so that the wires do not short out on the base of the home-made electric circular saw. The pushbuttons for switching on and off should be pressed smoothly. Because of the frequent storage of the equipment outdoors it is necessary to protect the electrical part well against getting wet. The easiest way is to cover the machine with oilcloth or a similar impermeable material.

Gear, shaft and disc

To transfer the rotation from the electric motor to the disk, the best option is to use a V-belt in conjunction with pulleys from a car engine. The use of gears is not recommended for safety reasons. This is because if the disc jams, the belt will simply slip, and gear transmission because of its rigidity can cause failure of the entire drive unit.

It is better to entrust the making of the shaft to a specialist, ordering it from a professional turner. Especially when you plan to make your circular electric saw more functional by equipping it with, for example, a planer. But the easiest option is to buy a ready-made factory part. Its example is shown in the photo below.

What to buy?

Now begins the process of making the table itself. The price policy is quite modest because of the relative cheapness of the materials used. You can, of course, buy much more expensive, but it is not necessary because of the rapid wear and tear of this work area. It will be a big plus if you know how to work with wood. To create a homemade table you will need:

plywood sheet (approx. 800×800 mm, 10 mm thick);several pieces of wood at least 100 cm long (50×50 mm);the necessary equipment (drill, electric screwdriver, jigsaw, etc); plywood insert (approx. 800×800 mm thick, 10 mm thick).д.)4pc. 400 x 784mm sheet of wood (for the body); ruler and pencil; wood clamps; self-tapping screws and bolts; plastic ties; 2 metal brackets.

You may have to buy additional building materials (if you want to add something of your own or modernize your future homemade table).

Lift table for my circular saw with my own hands

No woodwork is complete without sawing. A manual circular saw isn’t very handy for my tasks, and I’ve had the urge to make a table for a circular saw for a long time. Т.к. I have a small workshop. then I needed a small table as well. Last week I finally made it. (“Lazy. Engine of progress” It was necessary to saw for the next wooden product, and without it I did not even want to begin) To make a table with a tooling took 4 evenings.

The table is simple, but quite functional.Table dimensions (W520 x D500 x B230 mm), crosscut sled (W580 x D170 x B80 mm)

Stop for crosscut.

For the table top I was able to find a sheet of laminated plywood 9mm at the market. What was very gratifying was that it was perfectly sawed: all sides are strictly 90 o. On the table top I attached my hand-held circular saw BlackDecker CD601. (1100W, 5000rpm, 170mm). The saw can change the depth and angle of cut.

Having perfectly aligned the saw to one of the edges of the table, I fastened it with M4 screws. For this I had to drill the iron base of the circular saw in four places.

For table mounting, any circular saw will do, but if you choose the type of attachment with screws to the base. Then it is better to choose a model with an iron base. Cast can crack.

There is another popular way to attach the circular saw to the table without drilling holes in the base. Attach it with clamps that secure the base, pressing it against the surface. Only this way seemed to me not enough correct in terms of accuracy and reliability of installation and I didn’t use it.

Another important parameter for the manual circular saw. is the possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner. If sawing without a vacuum cleaner. the fine wood dust rises into the air.

I made the base out of 22mm chipboard. I chose the size of the base in such a way, that I could attach the accessories to the edge of the table top.

Sawed the blade on top of the table top. Height. I chose such size of base, that it is possible to fix tooling on the edge of table top. 40mm (Bosh 160mm wood disk). The tabletop reduces the cutting depth by 9 mm. Depth of cut is set on the circular saw. It is convenient, that the disk can be completely hidden in the table.

UPD: IMPORTANT! On a number of budget circular saws it may be that the disc is at an inconspicuous tilt. And all cuts will be beveled. It is obligatory to check with a tool square, that the disk was under 90 grad, relative to the table surface. (it is possible to check the angle relative to the native plate before mounting the saw). If the blade is not at the right angle and there is no possibility to set the ideal angle. it is possible to put some strips of tin plate under the table from one of the sides to reach the ideal angle (it is possible to put washers under the screws to fasten the saw to the table, but this solution is worse)

To make the start of the saw more manageable. put the start button (it turned out that this. the most expensive part of my desk 🙂 )

Inside the table I had a socket for the saw that would be switched with the starter button.

To do this, I fixed the saw button on the handle with a cable tie in the depressed position.

This is how you connect a vacuum cleaner to the saw. Generally the table is ready and you can saw. (made in one evening and one morning).

Of course it is possible to saw without accessories, using slats and clamps, but it’s uncomfortable.

Table for handheld circular saw with lifting mechanism

For changing the depth of cut it is possible to install additionally the mechanism of lifting (elevator).

Let’s mount the lifting mechanism itself from metal sheet, which is fastened to the frame on the machine. Lifting will take place along the rails by tightening the screws.

One way to do it is to install the adjusting rod with lug nuts. Use studs instead of rods. Adjustment handle is made from the plate welded to the end of the stud bolt. At a distance of 4-5 mm from the center make holes for screws. We weld a rod to the edge of the plate with which we will rotate the construction.

Recommendations for simplifying the assembly process

To adjust the belt tension, the electric motor must be mounted so that it can be moved. The easiest way to do this is to make the slots larger than required for the motor mounting bolts. In this case the holes should be enlarged in the direction of the belt tension.

If you follow the diagram completely, you need a more complex belt tensioning mechanism. The process will be carried out by tightening the platform with the electric motor by means of studs and fixing it with locking bolts in the right position (in the drawing these constructive elements are marked with the number 10).

The entire construction and assembly process can be greatly simplified if you make a circular saw. In this case there is no need to install a number of parts (motor, disc, shaft, belt, starter). But the possibilities of the created model will be limited by the power of the tool used.

The self-made circular saw has to be grounded in any case. It is also recommended that a residual-current-operated circuit-breaker or a residual-current-operated circuit-breaker be installed in the switchboard. These measures will protect against electric shock if the body of the machine will be live, for example, due to a breakdown of insulation wires. Accessories for the electric part of the circular saw machine are better to choose so that they were suitable for repair and easy to maintain. Free access to the nodes of the equipment will help to replace faulty parts without problems.

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How to make a circular saw with his own hands from a portable circular saw

If a person lives in a private home or has a cottage-garden plot, then the presence of a stationary circular saw in the arsenal of home masters is not only better, and sometimes it is necessary. Unfortunately, the price of industrially made standards of such a saw does not correspond to the frequency of its domestic use, but for some Russians simply not on s. At the same time, to make a “circular saw” with their own hands is quite easy, using the sewing machine drive or an ordinary electric drill. But the quality of work and the range of operations performed almost all depend on the bed of the circular saw.

Recommendations to simplify the assembly process

To regulate the tension of the belt the electric motor should be installed so that it can be moved. The easiest way to achieve this is to create slots larger than required for the motor mounting bolts. In this case the holes should be enlarged in the direction of the belt tension.

lift, table, circular, your

If you follow the drawing completely, you need to make a more complex belt tensioning mechanism. The process will be carried out by tightening the platform with an electric motor with the help of stud bolts and fixing it with locking bolts in the right position (in the drawing these constructive elements are marked with the number 10).

The whole construction and assembly process can be greatly simplified, if you make a circular saw. In this case there is no need to mount a number of parts (motor, disc, shaft, belt, starter). But the possibilities of the created model will be limited by the power of the tool used.

In any case it is necessary to ground the self-made circular saw. It is also recommended to additionally install a residual current device or a differential circuit breaker in the switchboard. These measures will protect against electric shock if the machine body is live, for example due to a wire insulation breakdown. Accessories for the electrical part of the circular machine is better to choose so that they were suitable for repair and easy to maintain. Free access to the nodes of the equipment will help to replace faulty parts without problems.

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How to make a circular saw with his own hands from a hand circular saw

If a person lives in a private home or has a cottage-garden, then the presence of the stationary circular saw in the arsenal of home masters is not only better, but sometimes you need. Unfortunately, the price of industrially made standards of such a saw does not correspond to the frequency of its domestic use, and for some Russians simply can not afford. At the same time to make a “circular saw” with their own hands is quite easy, using the drive sewing machine or an ordinary electric drill. But the quality of work and the range of operations performed depends almost entirely on the circular saw bed.

Safety Requirements

One of the causes of injuries when working with a circular saw is cluttering the workplace.

It is also important to monitor the stability, strength of all components, and in case of imbalance. apply measures to correct problems.

Make sure the saw is properly secured before turning it on. If necessary, tighten the self-tapping screws/bolts.

It is strictly forbidden to hold the material close to the place of sawing! Doing so can cause knots and chips to bounce in the eyes or on exposed parts of the body. Be sure to wear goggles before work and long-sleeved clothing.

Making a table for the circular saw is not as difficult as it may seem. If you have a good material at hand, its parameters are chosen correctly, and the power of the tool ranges from 500 to 1000 watts, the above instructions will be the basis of work.

Do not forget that at each step of the table production it is necessary to check the accuracy of your own actions. Otherwise, if there are deviations in size or deformation of the legs when bracing the stiffeners, it will be very difficult to restore stability. Nevertheless, making a table for a circular saw with your own hands is quite a real task for a couple of hours, which thousands of people have already coped with.

The table manufacturing process

Work on the circular saw is very dangerous, for this reason you need to worry about protecting your fingers. Cut out the pusher from a piece of wood or furniture board.

Additions to the design made

Some masters, assembling the table for the manual circular saw according to the unique drawings, completely remove the factory safety guard, and replace the factory platform with a homemade one. If you do not plan to saw at an angle, you can remove all the devices for regulating the slope of the disk. The electric saw is fixed directly on the new base plate, so you can win a couple of millimeters of cutting depth.

Without internal cover it is easier to remove the disk, electric circular saw will not be so clogged with shavings when working with wet boards. Disassembly is time consuming, but it conserves the life of the motor and prevents overloading.

Mounting the circular saw

Little else is left to do. Electric circular saw is placed inside the prepared hole. The sole is bolted in place, and the toothed drive should fit freely into the socket.

Circular saw table almost done. Now it must be treated with a material that protects against moisture, then varnished in several layers (to minimize slipping).

The resulting system can be supplemented with anything at the user’s discretion (a safety cover, a device for adjusting the disc tilt, a carriage, etc.).

Do-it-yourself design

After preparing the sketch of the construction (with inserted dimensions) and purchase the necessary materials, you can begin the work. You should begin with making the frame for the table top. It can be made of profile pipe. Having in the economy welder and grinder, to do it is not difficult at all.

  • Cut the necessary sections of pipe.
  • Weld the sides.
  • Weld the four pieces that connect the sides.
  • All welding and sawing work with a grinding wheel.
  • Adjusting screws are attached to the ends of the legs, allowing you to set the table on a not very flat surface.

for popular models of welding machines

The structure must be painted to give it an aesthetic appearance and protect it from corrosive processes. In the frame will be left to make holes for mounting the table top.

You can also make the table from a bar or planks 10 x 5 cm. To assemble the frame you will need metal angles, dowels and self-tapping screws.

Important! When using workpieces made of wood, you should not forget about their mandatory treatment against the effects of moisture and temperature. Special compounds are available for this purpose.

Old furniture, for example an office table, can also be used as the base for a circular saw. It is only necessary that its base is strong. In most cases, the standard dimensions of such structures are quite suitable for wood sawing work. But it is recommended to install a new table top itself. As an option. to glue two sheets of plywood with a thickness of 1.2 cm. This thickness is sufficient for mounting a saw that weighs about 5 kg.

After making the base, you can proceed to the most important step. the preparation of the surface and installation of the saw.

Table. What you may need for the work.

for popular jigsaws models

In the platform of the purchased unit it is required to drill mounting holes (if the holes were not provided by the design). Remember that after such revision the manufacturer’s official warranty for purchased tools will be lost.

Fibreboard (board made from the finest of wood chips)

According to the required dimensions the tabletop is sawn out. It can be made of plywood 1.8. 2 cm thick, fiberboard, old furniture or a sheet of metal, but this option is rarely used. Particle board in this case is not recommended, as these boards are not characterized by high strength. Plastic should also not be used as a tabletop.

Important! The thickness of the kerf depends directly on the thickness of the table. The larger the size, the shallower the cutting depth of the blade can be, since the disc has a smaller working area.

Edges of the tabletop it is desirable to mill (aesthetics of appearance even for the working devices no one cancelled), then you should pass on the workpiece with a grinder.

A slot is arranged in the table top for the saw blade.

Marking for hardware. The saw is secured to the underside of the tabletop. The pins of the fasteners should not protrude beyond its plane.

The saw is secured to the underside of the table top

Many people do not use the drilling of the platform when installing the saw on the tabletop, but secure it with clamping bars and self-tapping screws.

Turning the table top into working position and fastening it to the base. For fixation, it is recommended to use not only self-tapping screws, but also metal corners, which provide the necessary strength of the structure.

Many craftsmen are not limited to simply mounting the factory tool under the table. To gain a few millimeters in the thickness of the kerf, they completely remove the saw cover, soleplate, saw blade tilt adjustment device (if it is not useful in the future). After that, a homemade platform is made, on which the saw is mounted.

The power control of the tool. To do this you will need: a plug for the socket, a plug to turn on the saw, a standard light switch, a piece of cable, clamps for clamping the trigger on the saw, self-tapping screws and minimal electrical wiring skills.

lift, table, circular, your

On the inside of the table, a power outlet is installed, and the cable for the on/off switch is routed where it is needed. Powered by the nearest power source in the room. The push button for starting the saw is secured in the recessed position with clamps. Exited saw starter controls let you quickly and easily operate the tool.

To work on the table, it is necessary to make the stops and carriage.

Circular table guide carriage

The carriage for sawing small workpieces or cross-cutting lumber can be made from a plywood base and two wooden walls. It will move on two guides, which are made from sections of metal pipe cross section of 2 x 1 cm and installed in the grooves made by the milling machine. The workpieces arranged inside the carriage are very convenient and safe to saw.

The guides for working with blanks can be made of boards, plywood or metal.

Making process

Once all the tools and materials have been purchased, you can proceed to the following steps. Make a quality circular table with your own hands will turn out if you properly perform the work on the drawings, and, in fact, the construction of the structure.

To save time, money, effort and, most importantly, nerves, you can use an old structure as a base. A computer or office desk that is no longer in use, is perfect for the machine, the only thing left is to prepare the work surface.

lift, table, circular, your

The made table will be flat and comfortable to work only if the correct calculations. If you are not confident in your abilities in preparing the drawings, it is worth asking for help from a specialist.


This is the first and very important stage of work, which is also called the preparatory. Correct drawings for the circular installation will avoid many problems at later stages. It is necessary to determine what will be the exact dimensions of the table, and draw them on paper or on the computer.

Important points that must be taken into account in the drawings:

  • The size of the hole in the work surface must be matched to the specific saw model. It’s impossible to make a design that fits all the saws at once. The bed should easily withstand all loads, so only accurate selection of dimensions.
  • The table must be centered. Hanging one part will lead to difficulties in the work. And here the size of the table should be chosen based on the size of the room in which it will be installed, and the personal wishes of the master.
  • The multifunctionality of the table. If the table is planned to be not only a working surface, but also a place for storage of tools and materials, the dimensions of the table top are overdimensioned. Experts recommend even at the stage of drawings to draw a tabletop, the size of more than one square meter.

Contrary to its name, the coffee table is multifunctional. It is used not only as a design element, but also is a full surface for all sorts of small things, a stand.

The things made by our own hands will never go out of fashion. And this concerns not only jewelry. Handmade garden and room furniture is no less popular. This is due to many factors.

What should be the height of the computer desk?

lift, table, circular, your

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