Lubricant for an electric screwdriver what to choose. Description, general information

How to lubricate the gearbox of a Metabo electric screwdriver

Electric screwdriver, like any other mechanism, needs maintenance and care. Users sometimes forget about such a simple procedure as tool lubrication. This article tells you what kind of grease to use on your electric screwdriver and how to do it properly.

There is nothing complicated about the construction of an electric screwdriver. The main thing is to remember the position of the parts when disassembling and reassembling the tool later on:

  • housing. It is often made in the form of a gun. It is conditioned by the convenience in operation and the possibility to work at different angles. The housing itself is made of plastic. it is inexpensive and lightweight.
  • Chuck. Since an electric screwdriver is used for screwing and drilling, it has a chuck. Depending on the model, it can be quick-change or self-clamping. It is located on the end of the spindle, screwed on the thread.
  • Adjustable rotation clutch. To prevent the electric screwdriver from overheating during operation, it has an adjustable rotation clutch. In the event of excessive force on the tool, the ratchet operates and the chuck stops working.
  • Motor. All screwdriver models are equipped with motors. These can be brush and brushless motors. The motor is a hollow cylinder with the rotor and magnets inside. The rotor is supported on small brass supports. On the rotor itself, there are grooves along the circumference. They contain a wire that has a higher permeability. In commutator motors, the brushes are made of graphite or carbon. No brushes in commutatorless motors.
  • Gearbox. Important mechanism of an electric screwdriver. Housed in a separate housing. Planetary gears are several cogwheels with a common rotational axis. Many people wonder what kind of gear in an electric screwdriver and what material is made of. In inexpensive models many parts are made of plastic, which can lead to quick failure. In professional units, the gearbox and other elements are all metal. This greatly reduces the risk of breakage.

The electric screwdriver is powered: for cordless models. from rechargeable batteries. For mains-powered tools, from a 220-volt power supply.

The typical construction of an electric screwdriver

There is nothing complicated about the design of an electric screwdriver. The main thing, during the subsequent disassembly-assembly of the tool, remember the position of the parts:

    Case. It is often made in the form of a gun. This is conditioned by convenience in use and possibility to work at different angles. The housing itself is made of plastic. it is inexpensive and lightweight.

The electric screwdriver is powered by: for cordless models. from rechargeable batteries. For mains tools. from 220 volt power supply.

Domestic manufacturers’ lubricants for machine tool bearings and gearboxes

With the growth of on foreign lubricants, the greases of home producers have become more popular.

Russian producers of lubricants have learned to produce high quality greases suitable for any tools.

Lubricants for gearboxes of grinders, rotary grinders, drills have been developed.

Nanotech Metal Plak Electra products are especially popular. The range of lubricants offered by this company allows you to choose the right lubricant for each unit

Bearing grease for angle grinders

There are three bearings in the construction of the angle grinder. Two bearings are mounted on the rotor of the tool; one bearing is mounted on the shaft of a larger diameter helical pinion.

Bearings already filled with grease are used in the angle grinder. But due to improper use, overheating of the tool, the grease leaks.

How to choose the right grease for angle grinder bearings?

Bearing grease must meet the following requirements

  • increase sliding;
  • reduce friction between the component parts;
  • to distribute heat evenly and act as a coolant;
  • prevent corrosion
  • protect against penetration of dirt and dust
  • operate within the required temperature range of up to 150°C;

The operating conditions of electric motor bearings differ from those of gearbox bearings not only because of temperature requirements, but also because of operating conditions, loads, speeds and speeds.

lubricant, electric, screwdriver, choose

The lubricant for electric motor bearings must have protective properties, preventing penetration of dirt, dust and moisture on the bearing parts.

Russian market offers a wide range of foreign greases intended for bearings working in various conditions. But their cost makes one look for cheaper Russian lubricants of the same quality.

Among domestic greases we can mention such products as: Tsiatim-221, VNIINP-246 (GOST 18852-73), VNIINP-235. Lithium greases are well proven. Lithium greases are well proven

Lithium greases have established themselves well.

With high water repellency, they have a wide temperature range. The role of thickener in them is played by organic and inorganic substances. For closed bearings it is better to use CYATIM-203, VNIINP-242 greases.

Among the pigment greases for electric motor bearings the blue grease VNIIMP-246 and the dark-purple ointment VNIINP-235 are widespread. The first grease is less popular than the second one because of its high price.

At today’s Russian market, domestic producers of lubricants are presented in a wide range of products.

Gear lubricant for angle grinders

Gear lubricant for angle grinder differs from the grease for bearings in the main feature. increased adhesion. It should stick firmly to the gear teeth at high rotation.

Generally, the process of gear lubrication in angle grinders is due to fine splashing of the lubricant and its suspensions. Gearbox is running in oil mist. Therefore, the requirements to the lubricant for gearboxes are somewhat different.

In addition to increased adhesion, gear lubricant must be temperature-resistant and not melt at elevated temperatures.

Gear lubricant for angle grinder with your own hands

Is it possible to make a grease for the gearbox of angle grinder with your own hands

And the answer to this question is yes.

Since the basic technical characteristics of gear lubricants for angle grinders are presented above, they can be taken as a basis for making the right lubricant with your own hands.

The basis of homemade gear lubricant should be a grease with high adhesion. It must adhere firmly to the mating parts.

Grease for CV joints has a higher adhesion. CV joint is a joint in front-wheel drive vehicle, working in conditions of high pollution, shock loads, temperature fluctuations and humidity.

Assuming the basis of grease for CV joints, you need to add liquid grease (MS-20) to give the necessary consistency to the mass. Oil MS-20 must be fed drop by drop, thoroughly mixing the mass with the help of a home-made mixer.

A mixture of Ciatim-221 and TAD-17 grease, where Ciatim is the basis, gives good results.

Do-it-yourself repair

It is not so difficult to repair a gearbox in a home workshop. Repair comes down to disassembly of the unit into individual parts, checking the integrity of their design, blowing and lubrication, followed by re-assembly. The process is divided into the following stages:

  • Separating the gearbox from the motor and taking it out of the electric screwdriver case (usually with the chuck).
  • Unscrewing the housing and removing the locking washer.
  • Consecutive removal of satellite gears and transmission plates (2 or 3, depending on design).
  • To remove the ring gear and check the bearing balls (they can roll all around the seal, but must not roll out of place).

After removing all the parts, they must be cleaned of “old grease”, wiped dry and checked to make sure they are not damaged.

Then masters recommend to put them in reverse order “on dry” and make sure that when the satellites rotate, the chuck spindle also rotates. If it rotates without spinning, it can be reassembled.

First, the bearings are placed in the recesses in the housing, on which the ring gear is installed. Then, one at a time, place the gear plates with the satellites mounted on them and place a lock washer on top.

What kind of grease to lubricate the gearbox of an electric screwdriver

Bosch GWS 1000 angle grinder at work. Photo AllTools.See

In this article we look at the issue of angle grinder lubrication in detail and from different angles. If you are looking for where to buy grease, whether to do it yourself, how to lubricate, or where to find a service center for maintenance, please follow these links.

About the essence of the problem

The pioneers of operating the first angle grinder, which began to arrive in the USSR from the Bulgarian People’s Republic in the 70’s of the twentieth century, will gladly tell you about their meetings with the angle grinder. “It was a good machine, good for everything. But it’s just that it’s very brittle.”Yes, that’s a fact.

The angle grinder, received by a pieceworker, for example, a stapler of steel castings, worked in three shifts with maximum loads and seldom survived up to a year. There was one common cause of failure or even an emergency breakdown of scarce grinders. wear and tear of the gearbox with destruction of the gears.

Repairmen of those years remember: “You take it apart, the engine is as good as new, the bearings are good as new, the brushes are intact, but the gearbox is the end”

The instruction manual for the first bolsters said in plain Russian: “carry out regular maintenance, using the recommended materials for lubricating the bearings and gears, see. list”.

The trouble was that the “recommended materials” were even more scarce than the grinder itself.


When to change the grease

What the condition of my (my) angle grinder is and what maintenance it (them) needs? How to tell? Such a question worries every normal owner of a single angle grinder and every normal owner of the company, on the balance sheet of which “hangs” a fleet of hand-held power tools.

Diagnosis can be made by any user of the angle grinder.

After you have worked with the angle grinder for a few minutes, cut something serious like a 100×4 strip, take the wheel away from the workpiece, turn off the “machine” and listen.

  • The rotation of the wheel slowly slows down, the characteristic noise of the angle grinder becomes quieter, and finally the spindle stops, having made a few nearly silent revolutions before. The gear case is barely warm. You can confidently put “Not required” in the column “Lubrication” of your “diagnostic card” and feel free to clamp the new iron in a vice.
  • The slowing down of rotation is irregular, with “rolls”, the spindle stops without “coasting. Gearbox housing is very warm, almost hot. Summary: Gearbox needs to be topped up or replaced with grease.
  • The rotational speed of the wheel clamped to the spindle drops drastically. A characteristic rattling and grinding noise is heard. The spindle stops with a jolt, sometimes with a bang. Gearbox housing is hot, your hand can barely stand it. Diagnosis: It is no longer possible to lubricate the grinding machine, but to repair the gearbox and replace the spindle gears.

Makita GA 5030 angle grinder with grinding wheel. Photo AllTools.Ru

The process of gear wheel wear with insufficient lubrication. “oil starvation”. develops like an avalanche:

  • Noise increases and grows in proportion to tooth thickness deterioration. Wear products mix with the lubricant and reduce its properties.
  • Wear is so severe that tips of the teeth strike one another with changes of load (torque or speed). Lubricant mixed with wear products is not performing its function.
  • When a sharp, peak overloading of the “machine” occurs, the tops of the worn teeth finally meet. Losing its protective properties, the grease from the corners of the body indifferently watches, how the teeth of the driving gear are sheared off, the teeth of the driven gear are cut off.

An autopsy will reveal an accidental failure of the gearbox caused by a lack of lubrication.

Lubrication intervals

Many sources (manufacturers of hand-held power tools, lubricants, authors of manuals and good advice) recommend changing the grease in the gearboxes of angle grinders, drills, and rotary hammers “at least once a year, or more frequently, depending on the intensity of use”.

A professional quality angle grinder that can, as its manual says, “operate at full load for long periods without interruption” simply will not last a year without lubrication.

The Bosch GWS 22-230 H professional angle grinder requires frequent lubrication. Photo by 220Volt

The angle grinder, stored on the shelf in the garage (or in the shed in the country cottage), will serve for more than a year without breakage, if only moisture did not get into the gearbox cavity and did not do its rusty job there.

Decide for yourself, whether to lubricate or not, based on the “intensity of use” and the results of diagnostics, carried out by yourself.

Lubricant characteristics

Lubricant for gearboxes of angle grinders must have a number of properties, sometimes contradictory, in order to fully meet its purpose.

  • high thermal stability, ability to retain lubricating properties in a wide temperature range;
  • High dynamic viscosity at low temperatures preventing leakage from the gearbox
  • Low kinematic viscosity at 120-140 o C, normal working temperature in the gearing during long-term operation;
  • High surface activity to ensure a strong oil film on the rubbing surfaces;
  • Low volatility and resistance to aging. The grease must not dry out and lose its properties for a long time.
  • High extreme pressure properties, friction modifiers in the composition. Especially important in hypoid gears.
  • compatibility with sealing materials, absence of aggressiveness to aluminum alloys (gear housing) and copper alloys (spindle bearings of some models);

Another important quality of grease for the angle grinder gearbox is that it must be waterproof and non-hygroscopic, that is, not to absorb water and not to react with it.

Characteristics and peculiarities of grease for angle grinders

For all hand tools with moving parts, a lubricant with the following characteristics and features is used:

  • It should not contain solid particles, which can cause breakage of moving parts of the mechanism.
  • The temperature at which the lubricant becomes liquid should be over 120 degrees.
  • The oil should not absorb moisture and should form a strong film to protect parts from corrosion.
  • Also, most importantly, the oil should be of such viscosity that it has a chance to adhere to moving parts.

The consistency or viscosity of greases is separated by NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute), with certain cases requiring an oil of a certain thickness. The oil viscosity should be selected according to the speed of the gearbox, the higher the speed, the more fluid the oil must be. Depending on the tool, the viscosity is chosen:

  • Drills, rotary cutters, jigsaws, where the speed of rotation of the gearbox is low. Lubricant with NLGI-2 index, which is very soft.
  • Light torches and impact drills. Class NLGI-1, very soft consistency.
  • angle grinder, circular saws, brush cutters. NLGI-0 grade, semi-liquid in consistency.
  • Heavy rotary hammers, demolition hammers. Class NLGI-00, consistency, liquid.

Design and principle of operation

Gearbox is a complex mechanical transmission unit through which the motor and power unit axis transmits the torque to the chuck.

Two or three gearing stages are installed in the gearbox.

The design of the “domestic” dual-mode electric screwdriver assembly includes:

  • The plastic housing is a small drum that attaches to the chuck. The body itself is fixed in place and the chuck shaft is inserted into a clamp on one of the transfer plates;
  • 2 or 3 gear plates (driver). round metal plate, each side has three lugs for small gears. On the other side of one is a clamp under the chuck shaft, and the other (or the other 2) has another t.н. A “planetary” gear that rotates the three small gears;
  • 6 or 9 small gears (three of each: they can be of the same or different thickness). these are so-called “satellite” gears, which are installed and rotate freely on the ledges of the gear plates. With their teeth they interact with the sun gear located between them and with the ring gear located on the inner surface of the housing;
  • ring gear is a metal ring with teeth on the inside and small projections on one of the rings on the outside. On these protrusions and ball bearings, it is placed on the inside of the housing.
lubricant, electric, screwdriver, choose

The parts are lubricated, assembled in series and placed inside the ring gear, which lies inside the housing drum (it has a seal with recesses for the ball bearings and the gear lugs). After that the surface of the open satellites is closed by a metal washer, in the center of which there is a hole in which the engine shaft with another gear attached to it enters.

During the operation of an electric screwdriver, the gear wheel on the motor shaft rotates the upper satellites, and they, rotating around their axis and, on the ring gear, respectively, transmit motion to the next driver. Depending on the number of plates and small gears. the rotation speed will decrease proportionally.

As can be seen from the structure of the reducer unit. they are subdivided depending on the number of transmission plates into

Reference. The availability of stages determines such an indicator as the number of speed modes of the device, and this, in turn, will affect its cost.

Another indicator by which gearboxes are divided is the material from which its parts are made.

Satellite gears are used in the production of:

  • plastic. Such designs are relatively lighter, but their reliability is lower than their metal counterpart;
  • metal. They are durable, and with proper care and lubrication will run “like clockwork.

7 Best Electric Screwdriver

Important. The disadvantages of metal parts are an extension of their advantages. they are heavier than plastic and more expensive. In this case, if the electric screwdriver is used without violation of operating rules 2-3 times a year, the master is unlikely to feel any difference from the material from which the gearbox parts are made.

What and how to properly lubricate your drill??

What is the best way to lubricate your old drill of soviet make??

No better grease than Lithol-24 is invented for soviet equipment, it should be applied to gearboxes and lubricate the guides and gears in soviet and not only soviet equipment.

Naturally, before lubrication, it is necessary to wipe and dry all parts well (use solvent, diesel fuel, gasoline. no need to!), just clean and wipe dry.

You just put and apply fresh Lithol-24 in gearboxes and pinions and reassemble. that’s all!

Grease Lithol-24 will sustain both high speed and temperature rise, and increased loads and friction, it is laid in the gearbox in large enough volume, as they say masters. the extra will get out!, therefore its operation is designed for a long period, and replacement is actually only in case of repair.

In Soviet times, people and machinery were not spoiled with refinements. swallowed what they gave.

So you can your drill veteran treat what is left of the Soviet era. even simple solidol.

Among modern lubricants for gear mechanisms you can use C.V. joint grease (motorists know what it is), lithol. Boschev greases have proven themselves in the gears.

If you are lucky and come across this

Do not miss the maintenance of the drill this moment: remove as carefully as possible, all the old grease, for there probably are particles of metal from the gears and other dirt penetrated into the tool.

There are many kinds of drills and on purpose (percussion, hammerless, mixer drills and.т.e) and by type of power supply, these are both manual and electric and pneumatic.

Also, drills are different in power, the number of revolutions that it is able to “give out”.

Manufacturers are different, many manufacturers produce their own lubricants and recommend using only them.

In any case, in order to lubricate the drill (its gearbox) to him (the gearbox) must get.

Here too there are a lot of variants, probably your drill should “split” into two parts (I about the case, unscrew the screws fixing the case).

Dismantle it into its components is not necessary.

removed old grease (although this is not always done), thoroughly cleaned from the old grease (rags is convenient), put a new, in general, everything there are no complications.

His “ancient” Soviet drill “Albina” always lubricated with Lithol-24-e, no thought to switch to something more “advanced”, the grease is fully satisfied.


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Let it splash. The gears will be covered by a thin film of oil in operation, and that’s all you need.

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Tribotechnical data: WYMPEL Welding load (n) 2200 Critical load (n) 820 Scuffing index (n) 400 Average service life, hour 5770

Due to the metals in the grease it provides better heat dissipation from the contact zone of the rubbing surfaces and the grease can withstand higher loads and temperatures (up to 130°C for a short time)

I do not know how it should behave in a gearbox in theory, but in practice I have it in a rotary sander, angle grinder, circular saw, screwdriver works fine.

Guys, I’m really glad that there are people here who know about chemistry firsthand