Make Extender For Bosch Rotak Lawn Mowers

Not always a powerful gasoline unit is needed to trim a small area in front of a country house on an even basis, moreover, most often the use of a gasoline lawn mower in such conditions is a waste of money. If you have no problems with electricity in your house, and there is no desire to carry a heavy piece of iron, smelling of gasoline, think about alternative options.

Make Extender For Bosch Rotak Lawn Mowers

Offers from Bosch

The Bosch electric lawnmower by default will be a high-quality and reliable unit capable of cutting grass equally effectively for a long time, if only because Bosch is a global manufacturer of all kinds of electrical systems. In the lawn mower market, Bosch offers the following options:

  • Lawnmower with electric motor, powered by a household network;
  • Battery model with replaceable batteries;
  • A lawn mower with a built-in battery and the ability to work from an electrical outlet.

To tidy up the vegetation in a small garden area, Bosch small-sized lawn mowers with a small grip of mowed grass are good, light and quiet. Ideal for these criteria are cordless lawn mowers with high capacity lithium batteries. In this case, one set of batteries can be put on charge, and the next work as a lawn mower.

Such a scheme, proposed by Bosch, has one small drawback. the cost of one additional set of Bosch batteries will cost slightly less than the Rotak 32LI cordless lawn mower itself.

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Possibilities of rechargeable "Rotak 32LI"

Using battery powered lawn mowers is still a rather unusual way of mowing grass on the lawn. The lawnmower uses batteries with a charge voltage of 36 V. A full charge is enough to mow a section of 30×10 m 2, after which the batteries will have to be sent for charging and wait another 1-1.5 hours.

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Electric Lawn Mower "Rotak 32"

This version of the lawn mower is the most affordable and easiest tool for mowing grass in the yard or on the front lawn. The Bosch Lawnmower Model Rotak 32 will be able to cut or mow grass where it is usually done with a hand tool.

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The mower is equipped with an electric motor of 1.2 kW, it is enough to cut even dry, thick rhizomes near the soil. Bosch engineers did not use the direct landing of rotor knives, but used a downshift, which made it possible to use a light high-speed engine and protect the motor shaft from critical loads. In addition to mechanical protection, the Bosch Lawn Mower has built-in protection against overheating and wiring short circuits.

In the design of this model, Bosch specialists use a large amount of high-strength plastic, so the weight of the mower 6.8 kg turned out to be very small, even in comparison with the standards adopted for electric mowers. The green color of the case and plastic as a material were not chosen by chance. According to the company, plastic has absolute resistance to grass, grass juice, scratches and bumps of small stones, and the green color masks juice stains well.

The model is equipped with a small rigid container for collecting the remains of mowed grass. A volume of 31 dm 3 is enough to collect scraps for 15-20 minutes. Despite its miniature size, the mower has adjustments to the cutting height, however, adjustments have to be made in a slightly unusual way: to reduce or increase the cutting height, it is necessary to rearrange each axis to one of the fixed positions.

Bosch specialists installed two handles in the construction of the unit. Using the first one, you can disconnect the container and transfer it to the place of ejection of grass, using the handle on the body of the mower, you can carry even a physically untrained person.

Rotak 32 controls are standard. To bring the mower into action, it is necessary to drown the button on the panel of the left handle of the handle and press and hold the lever. If the mower breaks out of the hands, the lever will fall into place and the machine will be de-energized.

The disadvantages of the product include a short cord, so when buying it will be correct to purchase also a reel network extension cord with a wire cross section of at least 1 mm 2.


Bosch cordless mowers are currently in the lead, not least thanks to special tools for quickly charging the battery.