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Modern market offers a large selection of different models of lawn mowers in a fairly wide price range. But if you need to save money, and there is no desire to mow by hand, you can independently assemble a machine for grass mowing from improvised parts and available materials on the basis of an unused electric motor from various devices. Your own lawn mower with your own hands will cost much cheaper than its factory counterpart. It allows you to take care of lawns, mow the grass in the garden and in the cottage. In addition, you can be satisfied with the creative process itself.

To date, many owners of sites ask the question: how to make a lawn mower with their own hands from improvised means? And this is not surprising, as such devices are in great demand among consumers today, but, unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy a good, practical and high-quality lawn mower for the care of the garden plot, and to have a beautiful green lawn wants every dacha owner. So what to do?

The answer is simple enough. to make this “miracle” of technology through their own efforts, and this article will help you in this. Here you can find answers to all your questions about the process.

over, your attention will be presented several ways to manufacture such a unit, and each of them in its own interesting and unique. So, let’s actually start learning how to create agricultural “masterpieces” with our own hands and without the help of qualified professionals.

From a chainsaw friendship

The first method is that we will use an old and long-needed chainsaw under the world-famous name “Druzhba”, the technical specifications of chain saw Druzhba you learn here. But if you do not have the availability of this model, then you can safely take a chainsaw “Ural” for example, or another model, there is no significant difference in this. Why exactly domestic chainsaws, but not say imported models?

Everything is very simple, because these chainsaws have a high level of power, which we need so much to create a lawn mower, which in the future is well able to cope even with weeds and lawns having a significant amount of stones.

So, before we start to understand the aspects of “create” lawn mower, it is necessary to clarify actually with what the main parts and so-called nodes she will consist, so

  • The main and effective mechanism we will serve as an engine;
  • the frame will be a kind of support for the installation of all the necessary components of the device;
  • The cover of a protective character;
  • blades;
  • the wheels;
  • parts and knobs coming off the spectrum of the control system.

So, let’s begin. In this lawnmower, we will take the engine itself from an old chainsaw, exactly in the assembly. However, if the device does not work, in that case, it will not suit us. You must remember that it is by no means necessary to change anything in its mechanism.Simply taken out of the chainsaw and installed in the moving character cart.

Now let’s see how we can make such a necessary for us cart? To do this, you need to take the angles 25×25, which will have dimensions equal to 500 mm and 600 mm. Weld them together as a frame.

After that, it is necessary in the corners to install the wheels, which are actually designed for your mower, their actual size you determine yourself. With this kind of manipulation you will have a kind of chassis.

After that, you must unscrew the “hand wheel” and the bar from the old chainsaw. As for the handle of our cart, it can be made from water pipes with the direct possibility of height adjustment. Naturally, this adjustment is not such an important need, but it is worth noting that it will be much more convenient to work with the device, especially if it will be operated by different people with different height factor.

Technical characteristics of the Maz 20-ton dump truck says about the functionality and reliability of the machine.

Chainsaws made in Russia have been proving their competitiveness in the world market for many years. Convince yourself by following this link.

Here,we will tell you where the machines are taken by tow truck.

To the made handle you need to screw the so-called “hand wheel”, after that spend an extension of the gas cable, as well as the fuel hose. It is important that the gearbox together with the motor itself should be rotated ninety degrees. This is done so that the shaft itself is located in the lower part, and to do this it is necessary to screw it to the frame as well.

You can do this by using the special hole that is on the gearbox, but in a chainsaw it is used for the bar mount, and also use the two mounting studs of the flywheel housing, which is located in the lower part. In fact, we have completed the base for our device, there is not much left, namely to install the cutting tool.

To make it you need a chainsaw “star” on which a small piece of pipe with the following dimensions: length. 80 mm, diameter. 50 mm should be set in coaxial position. After that, you need to machine this section on a lathe of a turning nature.

But you need another piece, but in this case its length should be 80 mm, while the diameter should be 58 mm. It is necessary to put it exactly on the first piece.

If you carry out these operations you will get a telescopic shaft made of pipes that should be connected with special bolts M6 that have the lock nuts. They should be positioned diametrically parallel to one another. As for the holes, you need a few, because this way you can easily make the height adjustment of the grass itself.

Through the work of labor the movement of which will be carried out relative to each other, thus they will be able to compensate, so to speak, the imbalance itself in a certain ratio.

Preparing the shredder’s container

We begin our work on the machine with finalizing the shredder’s container. For this purpose, at the bottom on the outside, it is necessary to perform the marking of four holes in the form of quadrangular trapezoids with rounded corners, located on the perimeter. Drill a 10 mm hole in each of the segments and then saw out the required elements with the jigsaw. For sawing plastic and metal, we recommend using special saws with a fine, frequent tooth. After that, trim the edges of the holes with sandpaper, sticking it on a wooden block of the right shape and size.

In the center of the bottom you must also drill or saw a hole into which the working shaft of the weed trimmer will be inserted.

From the steel mesh cut a circle whose diameter equals the diameter of the bottom of the container.

To make the device work, it is necessary to securely fasten the net at the bottom. To do this, use four scraps of softwood boards and a few self-tapping screws with wide heads. Put planks on the bars between the segments and screw self-tapping screws into the bottom of the tank from the inside. This way, the lumber drawn to the tank will hold the mesh membrane securely in place.

In order to optimize the work of the grass chopper, the convenience of its maintenance, it is better to place the working container at a low height relative to the base of the device. To this end, we will use tubular supports, which are not difficult to make yourself.

For this, you’ll need two one and a half meter long pieces of steel or aluminum tube. Bend them in a U-shape using a pipe bender or a vise. Flatten the tube ends with a hammer on an anvil so that the planes are located at a slight angle to each other. Drill a pair of holes with a diameter of 6.5 or 8.5 millimeters in each of the resulting platform. Attach the foot tubes to the shredder’s tank, mark and drill coaxial holes of the appropriate diameter in the necessary places. After that, connect the tank with the legs with bolts with nuts and washers.

Handmade lawn mower: drawings, photos, video

Homemade electric lawn mower: drawings, dimensions, photos, video. A detailed description of how to make a lawn mower with his own hands with a video review of the self-made from the author.

making, lawn, mower, electric

If you have a dacha or a house in the countryside, then for sure you have faced the fact that periodically you need to mow the grass on the plot. Mowing grass by hand with a scythe is tiresome and time-consuming, but it can be done much faster with a lawnmower.

Purchased options are not cheap, but you can make a homemade lawn mower with your own hands there is nothing difficult about it, the design of the mower is quite simple and clear.

Home-made lawn mower.

To make your lawn mower you will need:

  • Electric motor with a capacity of about 1 kW.
  • Switch, capacitor.
  • Cable.
  • Metal (angled or profiled tube, 3 mm thick piece of sheet metal).
  • A 50 cm long piece of hardened metal, 3 mm thick (for the blade of grass cutter).
  • 4 small wheels (wheels from an old baby carriage will do).

The figure provides drawings of the lawn mower with approximate dimensions.

In this self-made machine we used a 1 kW electric motor (1400 rpm), the motor is mounted and bolted to a frame welded from a profiled tube. Handle bar is welded to the frame, on which the engine switch and a socket for cable connection are installed.

The blade is made of hardened steel, length 50 cm, thickness 3 mm, the blade is curved in the shape of a propeller, it is necessary for the lying grass to be lifted by the air flow and better mowed by the blade.

The blade’s edges need to be sharpened on an emery machine, during mowing the grass, the blade gradually dulls and needs to be periodically removed and resharpened.

The blade is attached to the shaft socket with two bolts and the socket is secured to the motor shaft with a screw.

It is necessary to adjust the height of the blade from the ground; for lawn mowing the optimal height of the blade is 5-8 cm. In the back side of the mower there is a protection welded to it from a strip of metal in case a stone falls out from under the blade.

Four small plastic wheels are fixed on the frame.

Self-made lawn mower with 1 kW motor is designed for low grass, it is already difficult to mow high grass, for the high grass we need a more powerful motor.

I recommend to watch the video of the author, who made a lawn mower with his own hands.

Homemade lawn mower. how to make a lawn mower with their own hands

If desired, the process of cutting grass can be mechanized, making their own hands homemade mower, using a mechanized blade drive mower electric or gasoline engines of low power (chain saw, moped, scooter).

Such homemade mowers are especially useful for those who have a garden. After all, often the soil in the garden is not recultivated, and the grass cut and shredded by the lawnmower is well distilled and replenishes the stocks of nutrients taken by the trees from the soil.

How to make a lawn mower

Let us tell you how you can make a lawn mower with your own hands. Those who have metalworking skills, at home can make a mechanized lawn mower himself from improvised means.

Suitable for a home-made mower single-phase motors from washing machines, support wheels of worn-out baby carriages, water pipes and steel corners.

It is important to choose the right electric motor to drive the mower blade. Most garden plots have a single-phase AC voltage of 220 V.

It’s therefore easier to run the lawnmower blade with an electric motor from a used washing machine.

A washing machine’s motor rating is usually between 180 and 250 watts. A larger motor is preferable. But even with a 250 watt motor, the cutting width of the lawnmower should not exceed 250 mm. A blade width of 400mm or more requires a drive power of 500750 watts.

Three-phase electric motors connected to a single-phase network in a delta arrangement with a phase-shifting capacitor can be used successfully as the electric drive of a lawn mower blade with a 400 mm working radius.

Capacitor capacity can be selected approximately, considering that for 100 W of electric motor power there should be 6.6 7 μf capacitor capacity.

Electric lawnmower with their own hands

In order to make an electric lawnmower yourself, you can use a motor from some unnecessary device. Motors, which are equipped with household appliances, can quickly burn out. Even vacuum cleaners are equipped with weak motors. For the most comfortable operation of a homemade mower, it is desirable to take a motor with a capacity of not less than one kilowatt.

The blade can be cut from a durable steel alloy. It is also possible to use a circular disk, sharpening it beforehand.

The handle of the device can be used from an old wheelchair or cart. Using a cart or sidecar as a frame greatly simplifies the production of equipment, but all components of the structure must be sufficiently strong. It is also possible to make a handle from pipes, using welding.

It is recommended to lengthen the cord with which you supply the power. The wheels in this case should not be too massive.

First you have to make a frame out of metal. The motor is mounted on it with bolts. At the bottom of the frame is attached a mechanism for cutting, which is connected to the motor. A grass bag can be placed behind it.

Around the blades it is necessary to put a cover for protection. The motor and the connection to the blades must be closed safely, so that the grass does not get into them.

Mechanical lawnmower

The mechanical type equipment makes much less noise, it also does not need power consumption. With such a mower, you can even work in the rain, but it is more difficult to make. The whole problem is that it is very difficult to pick up gears, wheels and blades.

A mower equipped with a pair of blades needs a quick rotation of the blades. It must be created by the movement of the wheels and gears. Creation of such equipment requires from the performer maximum attention and patience.

Tools and materials required

Uniform mowing of the grass is carried out by a variety of devices, which are united under the common name of lawnmower.

To make such a machine yourself, you will need to prepare the tools and some of the materials presented:

  • a power electric or gasoline-powered machine;
  • a mowing board, or a frame;
  • wheels from a wheelbarrow or a three-wheeled child’s bike
  • a handle in the form of a bicycle handlebars, wheelbarrow handles or baby carriages;
  • blades, made of tool steel or a beam-type saw blade.

Depending on the type of lawnmower and the characteristics of the starting material, an electric drill, an angle grinder with a metal disc, an electric jigsaw, a hammer, a vise and pliers, a set of screwdrivers must be used to make the machine.

making, lawn, mower, electric

In order to execute the details according to the drawings as precisely as possible, you will need to prepare a tape measure or ruler, and a pencil or marker. A sanding machine or abrasive stone is used to machine the parts. In order to operate in different modes, the unit is supplemented with a button to turn on and off the device.

To assemble the parts you need a welder, head bolts, lock washers and nuts, as well as metal angles and bars.

Lawn mower based on an old washing machine

As you know, Soviet “washing machines” were stamped from hard metal. Their motors are optimal in performance and power for the conceived lawnmower.

The superb steel housing acts as deflector skirt and guide when blowing the grass to the side.

Also two pulleys and a belt are used here, transmitting the momentum from the motor to the mechanism of the knives. Motor is mounted on the platform and connected to only one phase.

Such a unit will work in an area near the house because it is tethered to the mains with an electric cord. To make the machine more mobile, a special coil wire is used. an extension cord with a cross-section corresponding to the power of the motor. Its minimum length is 40 meters.

Advantages and disadvantages of a lawn mower from a washing machine motor

This lawnmower has many advantages that make it the best homemade. It can be made for a couple of hours in your garage, having in stock the most basic things that are lying in the yard every syushkin. And if you do not have, then a neighbor is sure to have some of the materials you need. And so, what we will need for a lawnmower from a washing machine:

  • Washing machine motor
  • 4 wheels of small diameter (stroller, cart)
  • Sheet metal between 2 and 4 mm thick.
  • Small pipe for the handle.
  • Cable, plug, switch.

Why is such a lawn mower has a huge popularity among do-it-yourselfers? The answer is simple:

  • Availability. You can find all the materials you need on site or buy them at a salvage yard for a fraction of the cost.
  • Simplicity of design. Make a lawn mower from a washing machine can be from improvised materials. No complicated calculations or geometric problems. Can be made on the spot with a hammer and screwdriver.
  • Efficiency. Washing machine motor has enough power to cut through all kinds of grass. Another advantage of this engine is a small noise level and smooth running.
  • Repair. If you were able to make such a lawn mower yourself, then you will not have any problems in the repair.

If we take into account the fact that the lawnmower from a washing machine can be made without spending a penny, then what disadvantages can we talk about? They are so insignificant that you can simply turn a blind eye to everything. The most global is the appearance of the entire structure. Despite the fact that it is simple as hell. at the same time it looks a little frightening and unsafe. But this is only at first sight!

Making a lawn mower from a washing machine

For making this device we need an old washing machine, which we don’t need. No, we will not attach the wheels and the cutting blade! We need it as a donor of the electric motor for the lawnmower. Let’s get our thoughts together and set out to work miracles in earnest.

The electric motor. We disassemble the body of the machine and take out the electric motor with the starting relay. It is important to keep the motor wiring intact, so that there will be no problems with connection in the future.

housing. To make a sturdy and durable mower body with our own hands we need metal sheet of at least 4mm. The dimensions of this sheet should be 300 x 400 mm. Preparing the housing for further installation of the engine and wheels.

Note: if you can not find a metal sheet of suitable thickness, you can take a sheet of metal with less thickness, and reinforce its perimeter with a bar or a piece of rebar.

Installing the motor and the starter relay. At this stage of the step-by-step instructions, we install the main element of the lawnmower. the motor from the washing machine. Mark out the housing. We draw two diagonals and find the center of the rectangle. In the center of the lawn mower body from a washing machine we need to make a hole for the motor shaft. Next we mount the motor itself. In our case, it is attached by the regular fixing bolts through spacers of nuts. This is a fairly simple and at the same time reliable way of fixing. Attach the starter relay next to the motor.

the wheels. The wheels are an important part of the mower. There can be two, three or four. The most optimal is 4 wheels. This ensures the maximum stability of the mower device. The wheels should be 10 to 15 cm in diameter. The height of the mowed grass depends on the size of the wheels. We mount the wheel axles in the corners of the rectangular body.

self-made handle. To make our lawnmower easy to handle, we need to make a comfortable handle. You can take a ready handle from a baby carriage or make it yourself from a thin tube. We will go the second way, and make it ourselves. There’s nothing complicated about it. Make a handle so that it is convenient to control the mower. Firmly weld or screw the handle to the body of the mower.

At this stage we have already figured out how to make a lawn mower with their own hands, but there is still one more thing, without which the mower can not mow. this knife. This is what we will do in the next section. But now you can see all our efforts that were made to make this device. If you find any doubtful or unreliable places, it is better to remove them before putting the mower into operation to avoid any problems.

Mechanical mower with their own hands

The machine of this type is characterized by much less noise compared to the motor types. There is no need to use a power cord to make it, and accordingly, such a point immediately makes the process cheaper. Mechanical grass mower can be used even in the rain. And the amount of physical labor and finances required is minimal. The main problem is that it is difficult to select blades, gears and wheels.

Manual lawnmower mechanical has two types of blades:

In order for a mechanical mower to give a good level of productivity, it is necessary to ensure a high turnover rate of the cutters. And this, in turn, depends on the transmission movement of the gears to the wheels. Knives need to be sharpened as sharp as possible, and to protect the cover is a must.

Note. The process of making a manual lawn mower mechanical with their own hands is considered difficult, and requires the creator of diligence and care. In this case, the flaws are corrected by trial and error.

It is important to follow the technique of safe use and maintenance of the machine. The first thing to do is to clear the area of stones and other objects that may get in the way. If the knives hit a stone, they can get deformed and fly in different directions, and it is obviously not safe. After completing the operation of the mechanical lawnmower blades need to be cleaned, this will prolong their life.

Lawn mower blades. Types

This is one of the most important parts that affects the quality of the unit and the work process as a whole. There are two kinds of blades. compound and solid.

Solid knives

Such a knife is a steel plate with a sharpened working surface along its entire length, in the center there is a hole. The blade, consisting of two blades, must be balanced to prevent the shaft of the power unit from breaking during vibration. To prevent rapid blunting, the sharpening angle should be at least 60º.

making, lawn, mower, electric

To lay the grass evenly during mowing, it is necessary to bend the back side of the blade on propeller likeness. A gas burner is used for steel processing. A protective cover is fixed in the center of the knife. such a blade works smoothly and smoothly until it hits a rock or a bump for the first time. Blades with folding blades are more durable.

Compound knives

In order to make such kind of knives it is acceptable to use steel of a lower strength class than for solid kinds. Sharpening is carried out on the area of 5 cm of the blade. in a collision, a cutter made of quality material will only bend at a 90º angle, but will not break completely.

Knives can be curved, trapezoidal, or shaped. This prevents the grass from wrapping around the cutter during mowing with a mechanical lawnmower. Length of the blade should not exceed half a meter. Sharpening is done on both sides of the blade. You can also use the one-piece disc, which is highly durable and reliable in operation.

Handle for mechanical lawnmower and mowing board

The mower shield acts as a cover for the cutters and the frame at the same time. Its main function is to protect the blades and the mower itself. You can use the bottom of a pot, metal bowl etc. for this purpose.

making, lawn, mower, electric

Handle for a lawnmower is not just a detail for holding the unit while mowing, but also an element of control, allowing you to specify the path of movement. If you have an engine-powered machine in your hands, you should definitely equip the handle with a safety shutoff button.

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You have an old chain saw “Druzhba” or “Ural”?

Here is an example of people’s ingenuity. Beautiful frame made of angle iron is discarded as scrap metal in the warehouse. Special wheel assemblies with a 180 turn on the pivot were found there. Without such a frame, the platform could be welded together. The outriggered working unit is made with independent drive from the chainsaw by means of a belt drive. The torque is transmitted to the discs, where the cutting tools are 25 cm long metal chains. Lawn mower from a chainsaw with their own hands is effectively used for several years. Made an improved version with a rotary cutter and a two-wheeled frame. It is more productive, but difficult to make.

Each master is proud of his ingenuity and workability of the tool. However, it should be understood that the collective mind of designers, designers create no less functional, but safer tools.

The advantages of homemade tools include:

  • saving the cost of purchasing tools;
  • Usability of parts that have lost their marketable value but are usable
  • Knowing your tool inside out and being able to improve and repair it.

The grass cutting height is not adjustable, and the clearing is not always cut evenly. The lack of a grass catcher box increases manual labour. Heavy tools with narrow wheels tend to spoil the lawn appearance. that’s an objective answer to why it’s better to use a factory-made tool.


All electric mowers use the same design. They have a platform to mount the motor, the shaft of which is parallel to the ground. On the shaft of the electric device is fixed a knife (or two), with which to mow weeds. For mowing to be of good quality, the speed of the electric cutting tool must be high.

The platform itself is equipped with four wheels and a handle with fixed elements controlling the motor for convenience. It is designed to push the device forward and control the electric mower.

Wheels may be rigid and swivel mounts. In the first case, you have to lift two wheels on the turns. Pivoting ones require less physical strength.

They also “spoil” the lawn less. Therefore, if flowers are planted on the lawn, there are swings, pergolas, etc.д., It is recommended to use swivel wheels. Electric lawnmowers with these wheels are good for taking care of lawns under bushes and trees.

The engine is covered by a casing that simultaneously protects the operator working with an electric lawnmower from getting hurt by accidental objects. The material used for its manufacture, more often is plastic and less often. metal. As you can see, the construction of the electric lawnmower is quite simple.

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The most common breakdowns

Any technique sooner or later fails. It is important to know how you can repair mowers, because not all cases need to go to a service center.

The mower does not cut the grass

Dull or badly damaged knives are most likely to be the cause. To get the best results, simply change the blade every year. Choose the correct knife for your model. Once the knife is blunt, it can be resharpened using an electric grinder or file. Wear safety glasses and gloves when sharpening. Sharpening angle of approximately 30 degrees on both sides.

Simple sharpeners are available in stores. Before installing them, unplug the mower and adjust the cylinder positions so that the maximum cutting clearance is achieved.

In cylindrical mowers, the clearance between the blade and the cylinder must be less than the thickness of the sheet of paper. Some of the most modern models have built-in regulators with notches. In other cases, you’ll have to use wrenches and screwdrivers to make necessary adjustments. Watch for an even gap along the entire length of the cylinder. To check the adjustment, insert a sheet of paper between the cylinder and the blade, rotating the drum slowly by hand. Gradually adjust on both sides until paper cuts cleanly at each point of the fixed blade.

Mower is difficult to move

  • When the mower has difficulty moving across the lawn, you may be trying to remove too much grass and will need to adjust the mowing level. If the rollers or wheels are jammed, inspect them to make sure there are no grass clippings or debris. They most likely need to be removed and cleaned.
  • If an air intake obstruction has formed, the mower’s air cushion will have reduced lift and become difficult to move. Lack of air is causing the motor to overheat. Turn off the power and remove any grass residue from the air intake grilles.

The machine does not turn on at all

Long, wet grass can easily block the blades of grass. Remove the plug from the power supply and use a wooden object to rotate the cylinder to the other side of the blade until the movement is free. This technique cannot be used on gasoline mowers.

The belt that powers cylindrical lawnmowers wears, stretches and can tear over time. Remove the belt cover and check if there is a break or if the belt just came off. Loosen the mounting screws and slide the small drive pulley up to the large pulley. Put the new belt on the small pulley and turn the big pulley slowly, gradually putting the belt on it. Pull the pulley aside to tension the belt, then tighten the screws.

Always check the tension of the belt before installing the cover. the degree of deflection should not exceed 4 mm (this varies slightly depending on the model, consult the user manual for details).

Tearing in the cord

Every time you use it, you unroll, move and fold the cord. This may result in a breakage of the internal wires. On many models, the cord connects before the screw terminals, so you can quickly check and replace it. If double-insulated, connect a two-core cord.

Other models use clamping contacts for easy replacement. Disconnect the power supply, remove the plastic cover. When unscrewing the clamping plate, observe the connection of the cord to the switch to verify that the polarity (color of the wires) is correct.

To disconnect the cord, insert an Allen wrench into each of the holes where the conductors are located. to release the clamp and the conductor. Check where the gap has formed.

If necessary, connect a new cord: twist together all the individual wires of each strand, then insert the twisted ends into the appropriate terminals. Pull lightly to check the connection. Then install the clamping bar, cord bushing and switch cover in place.