Makita Angle Grinder With Speed Control

Angle grinder 125 mm with variable speed and smooth start: rating of the best models
When choosing a 125 mm angle grinder for your home, be sure to pay attention that it has speed control and a smooth start. To facilitate the selection, we have compiled a rating of the best models, which we selected based on the owners’ feedback. Each of these tools has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss in the article.

Military AG900VS

makita angle grinder with speed control

Convenient and inexpensive angle grinder with a disc diameter of 125 mm and adjustable speed. Despite its very small size, it impresses with its power (900 W). The tool is quick and easy to handle the task at hand, be it grinding or cutting materials.

The ergonomic handle ensures safe working with the angle grinder. The discs can be easily removed and, conversely, fixed on the unit. It provides speed control. The tool does not overheat. The cord is 2.5 meters long.

  • Convenient to operate.
  • Good power.
  • Low price.
  • Small size.
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Hammer USM 1200 E

High-performance angle grinder for discs up to 125 mm diameter. It is distinguished by high productivity, the user can easily perform both cutting and grinding work. The speed control allows you to set the angle grinder to the mode that suits the operator.

A feature of the grinder is the handle, which can be fixed in two positions. Left or right, making it more convenient to use. The spindle lock also makes the unit especially attractive, making it easy to change the equipment.

  • Sufficient power (1200 W).
  • Keeps revs well under load.
  • Spare brushes available.
  • The start button must be pressed throughout the entire operating time.
  • Rigid network wire.

Angle grinder 125 mm with variable speed and smooth start: rating of the best models. Which one to choose?

An angle grinder or simply an “angle grinder” is one of the most demanded and irreplaceable tools in everyday life. It can be used to cut or process surfaces of various materials: brick or ceramic tiles, concrete products, stone and even iron. When starting home repairs, it is advisable to stock up on this tool in advance.

There are more and more manufacturers of such equipment in the world. And each brand strives to make its models as convenient and functional as possible for users. Therefore, it is often very difficult to choose a specific model. Consider the best, in the opinion of buyers, an angle grinder 125 with adjustable speed and smooth start.

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Small angle grinder 125 mm Energomash angle grinder-9012PM

Angle grinder 180mm Sturm AG9018P

Small angle grinder 125 mm.

The lineup of the majority of manufacturers represented in Ukraine: Makita (Makita), DWT (DVT), Proton, Dnipro-M, Stern is presented in sizes: 115, 125, 150, 180 and 230 millimeters. The figure indicates the outer diameter of the installed equipment, on which the rotation speed and power of the electric motor depend.
In everyday life, the tool is classified into: large 230 mm, medium 150, 180 mm and small angle grinder 115, 125 mm. The 125s are believed to be home models and the 230s for construction and industrial use.This judgment is conditional, since the size of the circle only indicates how deep the cut can be made.

Powerful 230mm Titan Large Angle Grinder BUSM26230

One-handed models.

Professional, such as Makita GA5030 or AEG WS10-125, household, such as BauMaster AG-90122X or Dnipro-M MShK-980 differ from other tools. They have a short body: 250-280 mm; light weight: 1.5-2 kg; electric motor power: from 700 to 1000 watts, and girth: 175-190 mm.
The small diameter of the main handle, only 55-60 mm, with a tapered end, allows the small 125 mm single-handed angle grinder to be held even by a worker with a medium palm and short fingers.

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A strong grip is reinforced with ribs on the non-slip plastic of the body, like in Einhell TE-AG 125/750, or with rubber pads, like in Vitals-Master Ls 1272HL.
To turn on without the help and interception with the second hand, the wide Start key is installed on the side and of the slide type, like in the Stanley STGS9125. It does not need to be felt, it is always in the area of ​​the thumb and thus the angle grinder can be operated even with a glove. To increase passive safety on small one-hand angle grinders, keys are installed with a shift force above average, like in Dnipro-M MShK-800.

This tool is useful for short cuts and localized grinding. For example, in a confined space under the bottom of a car, in the engine compartment, in an overhead position or standing on a ladder when the worker can hardly reach the object even with an outstretched hand.
Working with wire brushes with one hand is inconvenient because heavy rigs have a higher moment of inertia and skid.

Small angle grinder 125mm Titan PSUM9125